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It looks like the automoderator already links to SaidIt directly

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What does that mean? I avoid Reddit.

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The OP says WatchRedditDie posts should link out to reddit alternatives. It looks like they already do.

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Like an automated bot?

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Yep, exactly. It's a bot that comments it on every thread.

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I'm still breaking my reddit addiction, honestly the reddit sync user interface is a lot more pleasant than saidit. Anyone know if saidit has more pleasant UIs comparable to sync?

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it looks like sync is open source, so it could most likely be ported to work here

All we have is the RedReader app. A few other things got started but never materialized.

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If you're serious about this, I have a potential solution. It's something I've been tossing around for a while and don't have the focus, not the energy, time, motivation, etc.

Start a sub, call it say, /s/SaidItFundraising. Have an open discussion about how to raise funds for SaidIt, how to do it transparently and openly, while also being able to maintain your anonymity. Everyone can add their 2 cents and we can see how the chips fall. I would love for all the funding to be as transparent as possible, but that's me. I think it might be important for trust. However, I understand if a little faith is necessary. I would suck to get burned and were that to happen it would be more than twice as difficult to get it going again.

Part of that discussion would revolve around what to do with the funds, what the priorities are, and how we can best help magnora7 and d3rr accomplish their goals - and of course the wishes of the community. You throw your idea for a SaidIt-Sync-Port thingy and see if it's popular or not.

Regardless how long this crisis lasts, it seems clear they are intending to have waves of it, so the Winter doesn't bode well. Among the masses, here or in general, there must be coders looking to earn. Therefore, we post code-bounties. Do the code, verify it works, and get your reward.

I think this idea has a lot of potential.

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    While I'm not against ads, magnora7 is set against them, and with good reason. Without ads it's easier to claim that he's not bending to commercial interests. Behind the scenes who can tell, but at least it appears legit, and until I have evidence and reason to doubt, I'd say SaidIt is legitimately free of corruption, whatever that may mean to you. Trust but verify (unless it's authority with a shitty record).

    If no one else has, by the time I'm ready, I will open an online store for my own project - with an additional section of SaidIt-related products to help support their expenses, as well as provide merch and promotional materials to folks. (Of course, only with magnora7 and d3rr's blessing.) I can't speak for others who might do a store, but I would start a sub to openly and transparently discuss, develop, and manage the store, including transparent finances.

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    I hope we can establish a beachhead here, then we could start brigading leftist Reddit subs like they do to ours. If we brigade from here reddit can’t do anything about it.

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    Not cool.

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    Yeah, that would make us equivalent to Reddit.

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    Bad idea, it would give them an incentive to attack saidit.

    OTOH, I would cry a river if the reddit subs that AHS minions approve were to get the same treatment they already give the ones they don't approve of.

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    it cant, because the mods there are in panic mod and autodelting everything in comments within the hour.

    They tucked their dick into their panties and lettign AHS and the EVIL anitoperations squad take control there is no fixing reddit, youtube, google, fakebook, twatter, and any of these shill social media sites. they are publishers operating ILLEGALLY under platforms.

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    It's hard for me to give up Reddit so long as some of my favorite subs show no sign of moving off it. (These are mostly subs that never attract the attention of the bad guys in AHS.)

    It would also be nice if we had downvoting. And if RES worked here.

    And I would really like the ability to mute specific users. Because some people are assholes and there's at least one on saidit.