‘Satan Is After the Children’—Christian Influencer Says ‘Yoga Barbie’ Can Lead to Demonic Possession by HongKongPhooey in NotTheOnion

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wait till he finds out the schools are teaching kids that "gender" is real, sexual activity is great at any age (literal grooming being done in schools) but biological sex or sexual dimorphism is not.

Stanford University says harvesting blood and organs from children could help adults achieve “immortality” by ROSS921 in conspiracy

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and yet they want to create a hell on earth to live forever in. Brilliant!

ACLU Claims “Males, Females” Do Not Exist in Court Docs by NoMorePatriarchy in GenderCritical

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I look forward to Wolf's response because if the court rules reasonably and not cowardly the legal fiction of gender as a trait absent of sex might end. At the very least the sex-denialism would end and then you'd have the fake trait of gender stand along side the real trait of sex at least for a time. If so the fight over what pronouns refer to and what "identity" is might have to be had. Identity in some way must at least refer to how some outside party can determine if a given physical person matches the documents naming them and that has matching physically observable traits like eye color, skin color, sex and age. The idea of "Identity" being some inner trait seems odd because you already know who you are and never needed words or social categories or outside validation to realize you are you. It's just stupid.

So near yet so far by Chocolatepudding in GenderCritical

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Not really, just getting further and further away: "The TL:DR is that yes, it's a me problem. Trans women are beautiful and unique, it's our business what we wear, and haters are gonna hate anyway so I need to get over myself. And I promise I'm working on it."

How ridiculous. He specifically mentioned dressing age-inappropriately which is real for anyone not just cross-dressing liars. It's also why it's so much about grooming of kids.

Breastfeeding counsellor SACKED as ‘mother’ deemed ‘hate speech’ by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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They took "woman", then "female", now they just eliminate "mother". How is this sustainable? How close do they think we are to like total apocalypse and comets crashing down on every city and the sun exploding? Honestly how can any pretend the society they are creating is livable?

Triple Vaxxed Stephen Colbert Gets Covid Twice In Three Weeks by Chipit in NotTheOnion

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If he got the jab (I just wonder how high up someone had to be be to exempt as opposed to being uncooperative) then yes, if he end up being a victim to the damage it does they'll either pretend it away, or treat him like a martyr to the plandemic not to the jab.

Social Media by Questionable in conspiracy

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Interesting, so I'd say yes if they were raised Jewish then that is going to be theme in their works, just like someone raised Catholic will probably use that kind of mystery-focus or mysticism that someone raised Baptist would not.

Social Media by Questionable in conspiracy

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yeah, all that crazy fantasy and hippie and maybe anachronistic aspects of it either pull you in or not. I'm not drawn to it anymore either, but they do get some interesting bands. Coppelius blow my mind.

Critical Childhood Studies: New Academic Field Dismantles Safeguarding by NoMorePatriarchy in news

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If they all flock to this fake field of not-really-study-just-making-up-bs, it will be easier to identify them and arrest them for what they obviously are all into.

Triple Vaxxed Stephen Colbert Gets Covid Twice In Three Weeks by Chipit in NotTheOnion

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I don't buy it. I think he's so much of a psyop that he's constantly having covid is meant to frighten his audience into being willing to kill the unvaxxed and get jabbed twice a day. What ever dirt they got on him, I wish he'd grow a pair 'fess up like the Catholic he presents himself as and take the punishment so he can just speak the truth. He isn't stupid, so I have less tolerance than sympathy for him and very little of that.

“Trans Porn” Creators Sentenced Over Sadistic Sexual Abuse of 7-Year-Old Girl by divingrightintowork in TheseAreNotOurCrimes

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It's willful stupidity to not start with the assumption that people who claim to be trans are not mentally ill. Trans-porn creators must be crazy 3x over. All of them.

Social Media by Questionable in conspiracy

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I haven't seen most of them, I just noticed. I looked at their IMDB page. I'm surprised the Hudsucker Proxy is theirs. I loved that but haven't seen in it so very long.

Hail Caesar is so good. I don't really think the Christianity is the major theme in Hail Caesar, the proletariat screen writers, and the easily duped actor I think is a bigger theme. How different is Ryan Reynolds or Channing Tatum (the actor in the sailor suit getting on the Russian sub in a very surreal scene they are so good at sticking into their movies with no real setup or explaination) and George Clooney? But, it's just a day at the office for the guy who slaps sense into Clooney, so that it is a very wierd "slice of life" movie is pretty neat.

Raisin Arizona I loved. Buster Scrubs takes a turn they love to take in their movies, and the afterlife scene and what I'd call mysticism around that scene is really worth just appreciating for how they did it. For some reason it, the ending, reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth.

Barton Fink deals with I guess a Judaeo-Christian theme but but it really is more like Karma. That movie leaves you with a lot to wrestle with, well me anyway. No Country for Old Men, is that a slice of life movie from Tommy Lee Jone's character's point of view where the embodiment of evil is just what this guy deals with? It's a well made movie. I didn't really get the villain but I guess blind evil isn't really understandable. So much randomness in their movies and how it is intertwined with fate. They definitely have a point of view that is unique.

I didn't know that True Grit remake was theirs. I'm going to have to watch it soon.

How "Jewish" are they though? I guess they are culturally Jewish, but are they religious? I assume they're American so they probably have a perspective on Christianity that reflects what every forms were dominate where they grew up, unless they grew up in a Jewish neighborhood. The distribution of types of Christianity in the US is uneven, you have areas where Lutherans are everywhere, some areas where Catholics are everywhere, the south is largely Baptist and I think Methodist. So, I wonder, if religion is a big part of the areas they explore in their movies (but maybe it's just spirituality, which is easy to explore in the arts because creation has some mystery to it for sure) what mix they were exposed to or drawn to might impact that.

Clean supremacy by jet199 in Transbarrassment

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I imagine in ten years you'll look ten years older. Women have a ton of pressure on them about their skin care, I seriously hope guys don't roped into that (well not too much anyway)

Social Media by Questionable in conspiracy

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I used to be somewhat of a political activist. In the arts, in the US anyway, a lot of people are very politcal in the slactivist lazy meme for opinions way. I think it has to do with the way artists need some kind of empathy and sensativity to be expressive, so they are easily swayed.

Yes, I'm from the US. I've been to the Netherlands, to Amsterdam and Den Hague. I liked it a lot even though I didn't really partake in any much of the illicit activities.

I'm not sure why I drifted into politics, but I guess that is usually the biggest obstacle when people get together. I agree that "tribes" should mostly about activities and localities. I used to want to go to Castlefest which is held in the Netherlands because it looks crazy and fun and crazy, with some good bands and a lot probably not so good.

Social Media by Questionable in conspiracy

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Well, after say 10 minutes or so you can get pretty much anyone to say "it's all bullshit anyway" or some variation on "psy-op" on just about any topic. I don't know what chantards are though, so I feel like maybe lingo might be the issue.

Actually I think "lingo" is an issue everywhere. I used to travel in very "left" and labor-based circles back when it was about tangible things and not social issues and identity bs. I later ended up around more middle-class artsy and educated beyond their intelligence (and usefulness really) self-proclaimed left circles (what frauds!). Now I'm around a variety of right-leaning to MAGA and other very right-wing people. The difference between economic "left" back then and "MAGA" now is just in the vocabulary and the historical understanding of how we got where we are. The social-issues left and the social-issues right will probably never see eye to eye on much of anything because their starting points a so far off.

At least the maga crowd and the old labor based left are starting from the point of view of a pay check and their local issues. They just don't speak the same lingo and don't have the same perspective on history. And I mean perspective, they are looking at the same historical events from different places. I think for example one way to unite them is to point out how the USSR was a failure, and how the Bolsheviks chose to cheat and manipulate things to gain power and how that was the seeds of their own downfall and in-fighting and paranoia. Similarly the French Revolution can be looked at the way Archbishop Lefevre sees it, when he asks "which one do you mean?" and he points to all the deaths caused by each of them because some manipulative group (stone-cutters at least in the first one if not others) set the classes against each other and probably created the class differences and social indifferences behind them. Ultimately we have to united, and we have to see each other's problems from each other's points of view and whittle our way down to the actual objective truths of any matters.

But the psyops go that far back if not much much futher.

Designer of Underwear to 'Flatten' Boys Genitals Accused of Child Abuse - Women Are Human by firebird in GenderCritical

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Off topic but as soon as I scrolled down a bit and saw the forehead, I knew it was a dude. I know people have posted comments about how the shape or structure of the skull was a dead give away, but I just always figured I'm clueless enough for that to not be the tell for me and never really thought about it. This pic really leaped out at me though with the Austin Power's line "that's a man, baby"

How to be a woman by Rage-Xion in GenderCritical

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That's frightening. Especially since we know the actual ending is the dude claiming to be prettier than the actual woman and thus more of a woman because reality has been replaced by a set of objectifying criteria.

I heard Jordan Peterson talking about the idea I think he called "Construct verification", that when you want to investigate some idea you have to try to make sure it is a real phenomena and that it is not just a term for a non-real idea that is actually described better by some existing idea. The obvious thing is that gender is a non-real idea that is better described in nearly all instances by sex and sex based differeces. Instead of seeing the way society treats people differently based on sex, gender ideology pretends it is an innate property of people that creates the difference. Instead of "if A then B", they say "If B, then A" or they extend the "If" to an "If and only If"-- bad logic. But if "B" is "they treat you the way they treat women", then they do a bait and switch and say "if you act according to some stereotype then you are that which they stereotype".

There is no core being with complexities that result in real individuality in their view, no real person, just what society projects on a person. And that is used to hide the simple fact that a bunch of guys addicted to porn lost their literal minds and demand everyone indulge their fantasy. If Socrates is right, they are really engaged in a cry for help no matter how much they protest otherwise (where Socrates thinks the criminal wants criminal justice as much as anyone else, to correct their errors and to deal with their guilt)

Is Wikipedia an open encyclopedia or a covert disinformation operation? The primary goal of these covert campaigns appears to be promoting establishment and industry positions while destroying the reputation of critics. by Chipit in censorship

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the latter. It's been dominated by inteligence agencies for quite a while, just like colleges newspapers, all legacy news media, and the bigger online news media outlets. Knowledge is power, so that can't just flow freely to anyone now can it?

Bill Cooper says the Pope is in charge of the New World Order on his radio show(1996) [3.13] by doginventer in conspiracy

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If he were really in charge, you'd never know it. The current pope was put there by a group called the "Saint Gallen Mafia" but they are beholden to some other people. Bugnini who wrote the new mass used by the church is said to be more than just a freemason, and that the mass he wrote was written by others long before him (It matches closely something written by masons in the 20s).

I agree the pope sucks, pretty much they all have done something to make things worse since VII and some would argue tangibly that Pius XII as he got older and may have been held hostage in his waning years did damage as well. John XXIII, Paul VI, and Francis were/are disasters. JPII is a mixed bag only by comparison and Benedict did his damage before he was pope even though he comes off as a "conservative" among the post-conciliar popes and theologians. His idea of dividing the pope's office into two distinct offices with different roles might be being played out now as his resignation is sketchy in the details (see Edmund Maza's work on this). In any event they all took or are all taking the church far from what Leo XIII and Pius X were trying to preserve.

If anything, the popes have choosen to be door men for the real powers at work.

Clean supremacy by jet199 in Transbarrassment

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not that I know if this matters, but I wonder if it is soap or detergent. I know there's a difference between the two and that difference mattered back before the knew what they were getting into by mass producing detergents. That's all I remember from some environmental stuff I read so long ago it was when environmentalism was about pollution and no CO2 24-7

Social Media by Questionable in conspiracy

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great movie!

Social Media by Questionable in conspiracy

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Keep looking, and keep talking. You don't marry the first woman who is nice to you (wait I suspect most actually do that), and you don't find your "tribe" online or on your first trip outside. I find it easy to strike up conversations irl though so maybe what I'm saying isn't applicable. Someone I was running around with one day said to me "how does that always happen with you?" and I was like "what?" She was saying I always end up in long deep conversations with total strangers, and I just thought that was normal. I still think it is, kinda. I know I'm not the only one, I know people who do it much better and more often than I.

Breaking: FDA "Stops" T1D Stem Cell Trial by cottoneyejoe in news

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Honestly the way they are so intent on making everything a hell on earth, living forever would be a fitting punishment.

"you can't support letting gay people having the same rights as straight people unless you also support me identifying as a Pokémon" by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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Which letters in the alphabet people's acronym stand for mental illness? Which letters are for the stupid contingent of "queerness"?

Time Columnist Denounces Free Speech as a White Man’s “Obsession” by cottoneyejoe in NotTheOnion

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"Columnists" not interested in free speech should instead become farmers who are not interested in food, unless Gates bought up all the available farm land for exactly the same reason.

CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Politico, other reporters test positive for COVID-19 after attending White House Correspondents' Dinner where nobody was wearing masks, despite them lecturing us constantly about it. "You get what you fucking deserve" -- Joker (2019) by Chipit in news

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I'm not wiling to let their supposed but certainly meaningless test result be an excuse to shut down everything, again. No one should care they claim to have tested positive, not even for the schadenfreude

"But HOW CAN YOU TELL" by jet199 in SuperStraight

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"How can you tell" without being a genital inspector (not true as your link shows) is irrelevant to the fact that there are differences.

It's the flip side to the argument that "if you pass then what difference does it make" fooling people or lying is not licence to fool people or to lie.

Don’t Say “They” | City Journal by WildApples in GenderCritical

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the problem with the stupid "x" instead of an indication of a person's sex on ID documents is that it diminishes the usefulness of the document to please narcissists or liars. The purpose of any ID document is not some ego stroke of the identified, but to make so the state or some authority can pin down if the person holding the document is the person identified on it. Imagine the trouble coming for bar owners when they go to check someone's ID and a guy puts on a wig and walks in with his older sister's id.

As a biology student, I must ask, just exactly what hole in the ground are all of these morons crawling out of? by CleverFoolOfEarth in GenderCritical

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Do "gaslighters" believe the lies they tell? No. They spew BS not because they think they are right, that is not the point. They do it to make people accept lies. So, these people come from the same place all bullshit artists come from: a place of deception.

As a biology student, I must ask, just exactly what hole in the ground are all of these morons crawling out of? by CleverFoolOfEarth in GenderCritical

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"gender dysphoria" is a condition, trans is a lie.

"This is a CDC Issue, It Should Not Have Been a Court Issue" - Fauci Insists the CDC Should be Above Federal Courts and Law (VIDEO) by Questionable in Coronavirus

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As if the CDC is above the law of the land. There is no law if he prevails, just unjust and unaccountable rule. Imagine if judges could just admit every time the government brings something to the courts or responds to something in the courts "you fuckers are always lying and corrupt. Your statements are not deemed trustworthy" which is the opposite of the bending over backwards pretending the government acts in good faith.

Anti-vaxers afraid they might "catch" the vaccine from being around vaccinated people. Gads. by JasonCarswell in science

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the problem is people are not taught critical thinking, logic, rhetoric, or understand how to read sentences, before their overwhelmed by bs and emotional manipulation.

Libs of Tik Tok by P-38lightning in memes

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they all drink yerba mate

JK Rowling excluded from Platinum Jubilee list of great reads in wake of transgender row by Aletheia in GenderCritical

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This is a woman who got an entire generation of kids into reading during an era when other forms of media and entertainment were preferred to books.

Wow. When you put it that way, the truthful way that is, her accomplishment is really staggering.

Just use the whole damn alphabet, then no one has to put up with this nonsense. by Wherearethesane in TumblrInAction

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I love the idea that the term "traditionally originated" from somewhere because it's gibberish posing as knowledge or wisdom. It either originated from somewhere or it may be part of some specific tradition, but putting the two terms together does nothing but confuse. I think what they are saying is "well, it's from that culture but we're cherry picking and now it is ours and we are theirs and they are us and we are all together cu-co-ca-choo".

It's almost like they opened a pandora's box of identities so overflowing they can't find themselves anymore.

A Masterclass by Deep Purple by raven9 in music

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It's funny how the song Lazy, about a guy who don't get out of bed, is filled with chops that require real work to play well, but a lot of Deep Purple tunes are like that. Playing the riff to Burn well is kind of a rite of passage.

Cori Bush surpasses $300K spent on private security as she continues calls to defund the police by [deleted] in news

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I thought republicans want to privatizing everything. Maybe they just say it openly. Dems are always sneaky about what they think.

It's apparently gay to not want to fuck a dude in a skirt. Clown World, y'all. by CleverFoolOfEarth in SuperStraight

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So he's using gay-slurs to insult straight people. That's one hell of team you got there "LGTPQIA+2".

Trans talk for 5 year olds by Chocolatepudding in GenderCritical

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Is there such a thing a s Freudian-slip typo. He wants to make a buck telling five year olds about being trans.

I'll help: Hey Skippy and Scout (the fictional nephew and niece he's addressing), so I bet you've been hearing a lot about people saying they are trans. Well let me tell you what you need to know. They are liars trying to convince people they are some thing that does not exist, when they are just people like you or me. Yep! They might be boys or they might be girls, men, or women, but they are pretending they are not what they are. Sometimes there are enough people around them them helping them repeat the lie that they believe it. Sometimes people who are around these liars start to become confused about themselves, wondering if they really are a boy or a girl. We should feel sorry for those people, but like anything else we should only speak the truth to fix the problem. They might go on and on about some feeling they have inside them, or sense of always knowing they were somehow not what they obviously are, but they are lying. We all have feelings, we all have thoughts, and they have very wide ranges. We can think about anything, and we can imagine we feel like anything at all, but it doesn't change what we are. We are all people. Some are born boys and some are born girls, and we know which are which when they are born. It's obvious to anyone who's helped change a diaper. No amount of lying can change that."

Someone should get those kids he's talking about a copy of Johnny the Walrus.

A culture of systemic grooming by BravoVictor in funny

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It's actually much more true in every way than the anti-racism it mocks.

HUGE: Professor Wins $400,000 From University That Harassed Him Over Pronoun Use by [deleted] in news

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Not to be overly picky, but I think the phrase "biological sex" is already a compromise too far with TRAs. It's what sex a person is and it is real, unlike their psychological sense of some gender that is not real and not observable. So: "psychological sense of some gender" is probably a better phrase that "gender identity" which makes a lie seem too real.

Railway map of Antarctica by Chipit in maps

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Is that the weekend and holiday schedule map?

BLM co-founder: Charity transparency laws are 'triggering' by jet199 in NotTheOnion

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Mo other people's money, mo problems.

After Devastating Losses, Disney CEO Admits Company Made ‘A Huge Mistake’ Going Woke by [deleted] in news

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Saying what you really think is never a mistake. I'm grateful Disney made it very clear what they stand for.

That's misgendering in his opinion by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Did he ask his genitals their preferred pronouns? How does he know his genitals' gender? Why do they always conflate sex and gender? I mean if his sex organ isn't sexed, why would it be gendered? It's probably an inanimate object to everyone except his own hands.

Saidit API cross-post from Reddit script? by BravoVictor in AskSaidIt

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No. In any sub, if the mods see your your posts in other subs that they don't like they ban you. I got banned from a number of subs because I participated in a GC sub, because reddit is run by trannys and pedos and groomers and pervs.

This is not throwing the baby out with the bath water, because that puddle reddit is in is not bath water but their own jizz.

You're changing the subject when you start talking about "we" banning non-right-wing content. There's plenty of politically left people here. There's also pervs just like on Reddit here, there's everything even procensorship people.

We have few users because most people don't care that reddit is run by pervs and chased off anyone who points out that it's run by pervs. We have good users here instead. I come here for the content and because this is where people went when they banned all the GC content.

You should go back to reddit, the nasty stuff there doesn't seem to effect you, and you can have the big platform with many people posting about many things. People here could have played nice with Reddit and stayed if they wanted that.

And in case this needs to be said for clarity: fuck reddit.

Good news everyone in the UK: Conversion therapy: Ban to go ahead "but not include trans people" by SnowAssMan in GenderCritical

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The obvious thing is that trans relies on converting any gender-nonconforming kid into the gender-woo bs, so banning gay conversion therapy attacks their modus operandi

Saidit API cross-post from Reddit script? by BravoVictor in AskSaidIt

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I agree, but I think the solution is build the alternative, not import the original because it would drive traffic to the place that very likely was run by people pushing grooming and pedo bs. I don't think it is a left or right thing, I think it is, for me, that reddit and the other big social media companies not only push creepy stuff (well, reddit and twitter anyway, and youtube, so maybe not facebook) but that they also shutup any dissent even in the non-political or non-creepy subs. I would not want to drive traffic there or create a kind of bleacher seats from which to watch what the guys on the big sites are doing.

Saidit API cross-post from Reddit script? by BravoVictor in AskSaidIt

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WE left reddit, why bring it here? Leave the pervs and the groomers and the ones OK with that there. Leave reddit at reddit, unless you want to ruin this place.

Edgy teenager poetry: otherkin edition by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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He thinks he has fur under his skin?

These people sound possessed, or like wannabe-possessed.

Please, please, please, please, please be troll by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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Where's Chris Hansen when you need him?

Edgy teenager poetry: otherkin edition part 2, now with delusions of grandeur by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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so, it's a religion.

Why are TRAs so often weirdly racist? by CleverFoolOfEarth in GenderCritical

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Repulsive cries for help like this are so sad. The need for help is obvious. But the gag reflex kicks in on sight, making it difficult.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul's boxing career? by TheJoint in AskSaidIt

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but there is some talk that he will face Julio Caeser Chavez Jr

Well, either way, he should face someone who will get more than a payday for winning. The bad leg being targeted tactically (or stategically I guess) in MMA doesn't apply in boxing BUT the foot work needed in boxing is complicated and critical. that would be compromised and could be taken advantage of strategically by a boxer.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul's boxing career? by TheJoint in AskSaidIt

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A lot of MMA guys end up with drug problems, even while fighting but once retired they can go off the rails fast. Boxers too, but I think less so.

I think he's not really pursuing a boxing career if he's 4-0 and planing on fighting a 46 year old drug addict. Also, if no boxer who is building a career is seeking him for a fight, it might be that he's be a waste of their time.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul's boxing career? by TheJoint in AskSaidIt

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Wow. well no point in dissing that. But I do think if he wants to call himself a boxer, and just a fighter, he should box boxers who are not washed up but seeking to build their career. It is very common for a boxer's manager to chose opponents carefully the same way a classical piano teacher chooses what pieces for students to tackle next. So it makes sense for a youtuber to move into the ring in this kind of a manner. But, he should be taking on progressively better opponents, who either have a style he can deal with or who have something he can learn via training and finally in the ring to grow from. But how much potential he has really depends on a lot of factors-- but that should dictate what path he follows in choosing opponents.

Should this site have another vote button to voice disagreements by HenryGeorgeOfficial in AskSaidIt

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You can use words, like you did above. That's better, I think, than labeling something. Most likely you would not think everything is "disinfo", so pinning down where departures from agreement starts is probably more useful. That's how Socrates did it!

Also, you move the goal post. You're title is about disagreement, but you want a label for what you think is "disinfo". You can get that on youtube or facebook or probably twitter or reddit (I'm guessing, I only look at youtube of those 4)

What is "Disinfo"? The question brings me back to what I asked above, because such a label obscures what is potentially incorrect. Everything can't be incorrect, and if some wrong thing could ruin or render useless some bit of reading or a video, then we would have to throw out all of the scientific literature in the world because there are mistakes and bad assumptions and faulty data and all sorts of things in either every paper or in the papers they cite. Many papers start with incorrect statements in their introductions, but you keep reading and deal with what they did and how they did it and assess that before even considering their conclusions. Obviously they can't get conclusions right if their methods are bad or data flawed, but they can (and often do) have good data and good methods and crap for conclusions. Often they add in sentences into their conclusions that have nothing to do with their work. That used to be frowned upon, but funders of studies can't keep their hands or pens or word processing software out of the papers they paid for.

Should you label this as "disinfo"?

Zelenskyy Says Post-war Ukraine Will Emulate Israel, Won't Be 'Liberal, European'. "We will become a ‘big Israel’ with its own face. We will not be surprised if we have representatives of the Armed Forces or the National Guard in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons." by Chipit in WorldNews

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The similarity is the bombing the shit of out them, "citizenship" is irrelevant. But hey, if you want to excuse either, that's you're choice.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul's boxing career? by TheJoint in AskSaidIt

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What's his record? He boxed a basketball player? I don't think that should count in this context unless the basketball player has also switched careers to prize fighting. But wait, he's BOXED two washed up MMA fighters? So that's not even their sport either. Boxing has very strict rules compared to MMA, so ... has he boxed any actual boxers?

Interview with a Catholic EXORCIST | Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti by Teresa Yanaros by FlippyKing in Hail_Mary

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I am posting this video here, because Mary does come up in a couple of contexts. Her role in exorcisms is mentioned, as it is in many accounts from exorcists. Just how real the supernatural is becomes clear, as it does in the accounts of psychologists who are not religious when dealing with drug addicts and prisoners in prisons. It's really astonishing, but that is another topic. Also though, the interviewer has had a direct experience with Our Lady of Guadeloupe, so that's amazing.

If you look here in Hail Mary you will also see a video from an Eastern Orthodox priest talking about why Jesus gives Mary anything she asks. It's amazing and brings so much of what Catholicism and Orthodoxy are about into focus. She was the only one who could bring the supernatural into the natural world. The prayers the Angelus and the Magnificat both spell it out so well, and they are just biblical scripture.

A simple, very effective devotion, The Three Hail Marys Devotion. by FlippyKing in Hail_Mary

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This is another take on the devotion of saying three Hail Marys, with a little history.

When I first saw the title of the video, I thought "we only do 3? Since when???" If we say the Prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we do three Hail Mary's at the end of it (plus a Glory Be). We do the Angelus Prayer (so 3 more), we say 5 decades of the Rosary (so, fifty plus the three at the start for an increase in Faith Hope and Charity), and we say the 3 Hail Mary's (I'm up to 62 Hail Marys here)

But the Three Hail Marys devotion is as I think I said above is a surprisingly effective way of getting help avoiding sin. It doesn't make a lot of sense, because it is literally supernatural. It just works if you are trying and serious about it. If you don't want it, no amount of help will help. She really is there, she really is real, and if you ask and are serious, she's really there for you even if you do not see or hear her or you don't get all the toys you want. This life is never the point, the situations we're born into or we end up in are our crosses to bear in trying to make the world better and help others. Everything else is not the point.

If you gather from other parts of this little sub, then you see there is something powerful there for us if we take it but we have to believe and we have to want "Thy" (God's!) will be done, not ours. That is the tough one to get our head around. "What's the harm in ... " any number of things may not be apparent to us, but some things become more clear if we try to stick to the rules and learn. The harm to others becomes obvious. But, the harm we do to our selves starts to become clear too.

The idea that there is such a thing a spiritual sickness becomes self evident, and you can't like "unsee it" once you do. There's a reason saints reject the world and their own weaknesses in such stark and surprising words, and long for heaven so fervently. Everything does not become clear, it can't; but so much does. Does that make anything easier? I'm not sure.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul's boxing career? by TheJoint in AskSaidIt

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Before I can answer that, I have to ask two questions.




In what world does this make sense? by CleverFoolOfEarth in GenderCritical

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Give that "girldick" a pap smear and see how long this "transfemme" phase lasts.

Does anyone want to tell her? by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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also, not having "bottom disphoria"?

The world is incoherent. Someone predicted this a very long time ago.

Does anyone want to tell her? by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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"She said no, and explained to me that being a woman in society is largely affected by what clothing you wear, and she wanted the freedom to wear whatever she wanted anytime."

"being" is "affected by" ??? Beings are affec-- you know what? Just no. What the hell is this sentence? Women are affected by, yes. We all are I guess to some extent. But my "being" something, where the being is clearly used as a verb, is not affected by any of this. Wear what ever you want! My God, David Bowie, Steven Tyler, the NY Dolls: wear what you want. The clothing makes THE MAN is the saying for crying out loud, but it's a lie like everything else.

British hospitals asking men if they are pregnant before getting scans by TheRealPanzer in Europe

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I could not take a doctor seriously if the doctor asked me if I was pregnant. I'd laugh for a good while and leave. My medical exam would be over, and the doctor would have failed.

British GPs will be paid to prescribe hormones to people claiming to be trans by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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"... in the first scheme of its kind in the UK"

Scheme is right. No pay out for stopping a misdiagnosis? No pay out for saving a person from taking unneeded drugs?

Patient: Doctor! I think I broke my leg!

Doctor: I'll do the diagnosing around here. ... Nope, you need cross-sex hormones!


Patient: Doctor. I just hate all the creepy looks I get and the unwanted advances from guys now. Even my teachers are leering at me.

Doctor: It's perfectly understandable. You don't like it because you're really a straight man in a woman's body, but not the old fashioned way a straight man would get into a woman's body. Here's some testosterone!


Patient: Doctor! I think I'm a woman trapped in man's body!

Doctor: OK! You do the diagnosing around here after all. Here's your estrogen.

Holy fuck, something so stupid that it actually makes me feel a little bit sorry for socialists! by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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It's funny how the proper and efficient ordering of the words in that phrase is offensive and was done away with long ago.

TikToker is so close and yet so very far from realizing that trans is all a load of mental illness latching onto stereotypes nobody is obligated to uphold. by CleverFoolOfEarth in GenderCritical

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It's all either envy or jealously or "covetousness" which are all simultaneously psychological and spiritual disorders that if not dealt with fully turn into hate.

IT. IS. A. MENTAL. ILLNESS (if not more. seriously maybe that's why psychologists and psychiatrists sold out and bought into the bs. Nah, it's the money. But dealing with it might be more than what just the psychs can handle, especially if all the crazy stuff they do in their imaginations while beating off on their path towards full-on AGP is considered normal or healthy by the psychs)

Teilhard de Chardin and his relation with executive-secretary of UNESCO Julian Huxley. Evolution and Darwinism. (X-post from s/Jesuits) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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but does it explain it away? If you want to design a steam engine, you need to do your design calculations in terms of the concept of pressure. Trajectories of molecules have way too much irrelevant detail. So macroscopic thermodynamic properties, such as pressure and temperature, have micro-foundations.

Uhmmm ... what? on what ever scale you are building a steam engine, you deal with the factors appropriate for it. "micro-foundations", whatever they might be, do not matter. Where ever they matter, deal with them there, right? (are you speaking of plasma? or smaller, like quantum level? Each of those levels are different, and plasma is plasma, so all the steam engine ideas go out the window). It seems like you found a non sequitur to distract you.

You really should not use the word Egregores when you mean culture, and I do think you mean culture. You may not want to deal in supernatural or the psychic but by using that word you are doing exactly that. Some who believe in the supernatural see such forces manipulating people into doing things they don't believe in because they don't believe, whether it is into lying because even if they think it is bad to lie they have to weigh it against keeping their bosses happy or getting away with something big, or into doing far worse things. If you don't believe in it, then reject the vocabulary of it. I assure you there is ample vocabulary for what you are talking about without it.

Have you studied any cultural anthropology? Within that field there are many sub-disciplines and many schools of thought applied to it, like "structuralism", "post-structuralism", "materialism", and so on. I prefer the materialism approach, grounding cultural factors in the day-to-day lives and material survival of the population.

I agree culture is complicated, but two things to bear in mind: they are individual cultures meant to pair a population to an environment which includes neighboring populations and neighboring cultures as well as the geography and technology they have. To many people see some idea in a culture as if it is on an a la carte menu and try to adopt the idea as if they can really use it in their culture. To me, that is the "bad" cultural appropriation, whereas a heavy metal band using Afro-Cuban rhythms (WELL!) is not (but using them badly or in a mismatched way should be punishable, but that's just my opinion).

I don't see your stance as controversial, I just think you have not really looked at the fields of study that already cover these ideas, and are pulling unrelated vocabulary into it because of that. Early humans leading lives dominated by tribal warfare is not exactly the case, only where populations grew and became competing populations or populations out of balance with their resources. In other places, further up your "evolution" of cultures, some populations in stable regions just engaged in child sacrifice to their gods to deal with it. Then some wars appear to have been started to stop that practice. Some think the Etruscan's (source word for Europe I believe, so hmmmm....) and Carthaginians both started as colonies of the Phoneticians who were attacked for that practice and wanted to just kill kids to their gods in peace. If you want egregores, there is where you should be looking, the supernatural.

You misunderstand those who go and fight in very ancient, prehistoric, times because you are overgeneralizing. For example, there are those, well me and others who I stole these ideas from, who see the "viking" age and their gods are reflecting a very real and material reality in far-northern Europe. Fact is that the viking age was a time of a massive population boom related to solar cycles and warming. Land owners and farmers were stable enough and they tended to worship Thor. The "father-god" was Tyr going far back. Look at all the cities with Tyr as a suffix. But, Odin was the god of adventure (to put it loosely. I do not want to type an essay in an essay) and of shamanism. Those young men who had no land of their own had to fight for their place. Tyr was a god of war, but also of self-sacrifice the way a father would for his children. Tyr has one hand which he allowed to be bitten off by a massive wolf as the others subdued it, he gave the hand as a sign of trust to distract it actually. But, that's Tyr. Odin was also a god of war, but of the glory of it and conquest, not of the defense of one's farm or home. So, different times and different people seeking different ends make different god, or raise up different ones. The young men who needed riches and wives and food needed to go and get the means to purchase it, or to immigrate (hello British Isles, then Normandy, and eventually Iceland) new lands. (The Immigrant Song is about that) The young men who needed to do that to survive, because over population in farmable Scandinavia forced them into it. They did not choose child sacrifice that I know of, but did sacrifice slaves and adults, but not on a scale that would deal with the problem. Those young men went raiding and either died or stayed or came home rich enough to buy food and shelter until they needed to go do it again. Dying in battle was an honor because coming back empty handed and defeated was almost as much of a death sentence, but generally (danes especially) never thought of dying for the sake of going into valhalla when they could retreat, regroup, and find an easier target. Heroism was always secondary to pragmatism.

The biological basis you look for is probably hungry mouths to feed, and you should not need egregores when material reality suffices. You need propaganda to get people to fight the way you have them fighting. The people atop those fighting forces who will never risk getting hurt, (so not Richard the Lion-hearted, Alexander the Great, etc. Different processes at work there, but overpopulation in specific local areats is at work there too) do believe in egregores or at least the supernatural even if they do not use such words. That's why they enforce rituals on their populations every where they can from schools to courts to political events. You can not believe in the supernatural and still study the use of egregores as the word is correctly defined because those who use them think they are real. But that is separate from culture. Most of what you talk about is culture.

Honestly Christianity, with it's stance that "Love" is the will for another's best well being without regard to the self and lust and sexual attraction is a disordering of love such that it wants from the other a kind of sexual devouring and satisfaction of a sexual appetite that at best is mutual satisfaction that should only be used for reproduction and not satisfying of urges. It's no different than to eat to survive not to be a glutton. It pulls the rug out from under your war ideas and your "tribal" war. Materialist approach to cultural anthropology explains your war, and Christianity attempts to deal with the drive towards those material problems without mass child sacrifice.

You can't really talk about surrendering agency without considering what is gained in return. Kids who repeat what teachers say unquestioningly give up agency to receive approval (ego-strokes in the transactional analysis approach to pysch). Plenty of adults do it for money or security. Whole generations of female sci-fi writers wrote of characters without agency because they grew up in a culture that forced women to give up agency for security (for food, for shelter, hopefully from violence) and be home-makers. You can kind of tell when someone is writing based on the characters they write. No egregores needed to understand tossing away agency in a deal with ... someone anyway.

Editor-in-chief Libby Emmons delivers a speech during the annual Commission on the Status of Women by FlippyKing in therearetwogenders

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A great speech from Libby Emmons about the mess women are in over gender.

She is right about women, feminists anyway, hating "gender" and being trapped but that is because society did things like not allow women to have credit cards without a husband's approval or own property or all sorts of things. The history of public women's restrooms is rather eye opening.

Check Out This Megathread Explaining EXACTLY Why The Left Is So Intently Pushing Sex On Your Kids. It's not about diddling kids. It's about capturing the minds of impressionable children and creating a generation of Red Guards determined to destroy our culture. by Chipit in NotTheOnion

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The part about a Christian school and a Christian teacher who "read a paper" and decided to stop using "mom" "dad" and "parents" shows how badly adults are trained into accepting responsibility or in their love of truth. One of the best exercises, not that we saw it as that, I did with my peers in college was to go through the NYTs science section each week and pick apart the bad assumptions in the articles about published papers in peer reviewed journals. Now, they right articles about preprints, so the errors will be greater. But, each paper is AT BEST a pointer at some truth, not "the" truth. What is true needs verification, reproducible and a whole host of things.

One who loves truth guards it jealously. We are not sluts for ideas, but we seek and cling to the truth. We don't toss aside our minds each time we read and article even if it seems plausible. That poor teacher, with no anchor holding it fast while the tides of bullshit come in and out. Those poor kids thinking the teacher was anchored in reality.

It took a generation raised on shitty ideas and taught no critical thinking to create teachers who fall for this, who then give rise to a generation that produces a teachers that aggressive about pushing this crap. These errors have been in the making for a very long time.

Teachers at Eau Claire School District in Wisconsin were told not to reveal a pupil's sexual orientation and gender identity to parents if they confided in them. Staff were told 'Remember, parents are not entitled to know their kids' identities. That knowledge must be earned.' by Chipit in news

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"Board superintendent Michael Johnson says the policy is to ensure students feel safe particularly if they are 'unable to be themselves' while at home"

This fails on so many levels, but what is underneath it, and what is the real first enemy to fight in this is a denial of objective reality. Objectivism vs subjectivism is the first battle, and this battle goes back at least the 1500s so we've got a fight on our hands.

A student feels safe in school when they know they will not be attacked physically or yelled at, mocked or bullied. This does not include being corrected when wrong. How to correct someone when they are wrong is probably a lost art, because you have to start from a point of agreement to get to the point where the wrong diverges from the correct, where an idea that has the quality of truth (the quality of adhering to and reflecting the thing the idea describes) and the error diverge. A wrong answer, a wrong statement, a mis-identification or a mistaken identity, are probably not where the error begins. You can only correct an error where it begins-- this is why you have to re-set clocks regularly because the source of that error is not correctable.

In arithmetic or math (two different things and we should start enforcing a recognition of that fact) classes you do not just see if the answer is right or wrong but you must find where the error occured in order to correct it. It is not memorizing a date in history, it is a thinking process that must be trained. This makes it more like an art, and like rhetoric and not like history or social studies. Part of the "common core" bs in teaching math reflects the fact, either intentionally or not, that most teachers are not good at math. So, they do not allow the student to workout the problem on paper in the way they see fit and ask them only to work out the problem on paper clearly and display the answer clearly so the student's work can be checked. Instead, very specific steps of how to solve a problem may be solved are expected to be adhered to and the teacher is not to grant licence to the student to solve the problem in a more appropriate way. This puts the process backwards. You learn alternate ways to solve problems only after you learn and understand the way YOU solve the problem, provlded you learn to solve the problem. Common core is a 'my way or the highway' approach that is just another authoritarian part of schooling. While a specific way to solve a problem appears to adhere to objective reality, it is also a denial of the objectively observable nature of each potential problem solver, forcing them to adhere to one way of doing things. Teachers teach students, or they should. Indoctrinators do not teach, the assess and reward conformity. Teachers who can not really do math can not look at how any given student solves a problem and assess it on its own merits. They can not see where that student's method is well suited for one group of problems but ill suited for another. They instead, must use a rubric and not their intellect to assess the student. That they are over worked is not exactly the point, but the point is that the standardized testing treat all kids the same and subject them to the same standard because the only standard that matters is one determined by those who are at the top of society looking at students as products they either want or do not. Schools that serve communities will train the wide range of kids they have to meet their own full potential, not to adhere to the box someone in Washington creates. It denies the objective reality of each kid and instead prioritizes one way which literally could be replaced by another just as good but is not until it is and we have 'meet the new boss (method) same as the old' in its arbitrariness.

Denying objective reality, schools replace sex with gender and parents with themselves. The implication in the quote is that the schools have earned some right over the kids that the parents have not earned. You do not earn rights. You have them because of responsibilities, this is something we have lost sight of, but what a right is can be defined well by very few. What we think of as rights is usually licence. You have the licence to beat off to animae all day long, but to call that a right makes a mockery of what ever you should be doing to better yourself and assist those around your-- responsibilities you have even if you shirk them. The parents have rights over their kids because they have a responsibility to them. The school is a collection of people who have jobs dealing with your kids. Their rights and responsibilities lie elsewhere and NOT on your kids.

Who determines if the school has earned any licence (not rights) over your kids? The hiring of a teacher is an extension of trust, not a declaration of anything earned. Does each parent grant individually some authority over kids (responsibility always lies with the parent, responsibility can not be delegated, only authority) to teachers on a case by case basis? If only. No, the state has taken your kids, to train them to fill the role in the economy you play unless the state and those who the state serves see some exploitable talent in your kid. Why schools in some neighborhoods "fail" by the state's standards, and by the neighborhood's standards as well usually, is no mystery: the neighborhood has no control over itself and over its economy and over it's culture, at best the community has tiny control over small subcultures with in it (churches, a high school sports team (oh no here comes wilLiAm Thomas), a gardening club maybe) or counter-cultures or small-time criminal enterprises. Nothing outside of those small cultural and subcultural endeavors "earn" anything for or from the community. The schools serve the state's purpose, which in turn serves who ever is the state's master, and the community submits their kids to it often in a failed attempt to appease false and evil 'gods' for a better future that no one honestly believes can happen anymore without divine intervention.

A gender identity is a false identity. It breaks the most obvious thing about "identity": you are identified by your characteristics. Your identity is not you. It is how we know you are you as we define you. If you do not like that, we failed you. If you do not like you, we failed you. Or, we lied to you to set up a bigger failure. When we look at these poor kids, we probably feel sympathy but we should see some failure and root it out. When we look at these poor adults, and see them as perverts, we should also some failure (probably a porn addiction for these guys who end up in dresses and forcing the world to tolerate each new offense until the correction they subconsciously are crying for is given) and root it out. That will mean rooting out the drug company's and the industries that prey on this failure.

We lie to our kids by sending them to schools. Now it seems clear we lie when we pretend the schools are not poisoning our communities. This poisoning by schools with kids parallels the poisoning by social media and all media (as talk radio in the 90s which really went back to the earliest days of radio) of our own minds. Oh, your mind isn't poisoned? Not everyone is poisoned, some are stronger than others, the canary in the coal mine dies before the miners so they can escape in time. Not every one was killed or suffered from the jab, or they're in denial about it. Too many can not hear or read a statement with out translating it into something they are insulted by or find "problematic", without flying into an emotional reaction instead of stepping back and being rational and seeking the point of agreement before the departure into disagreement. Too many can't because too many accept the lie that everything is subjective and there is no objective reality, even if they don't realize they bought that line of bullshit.

Grilling school board candidates, school superintendents, teachers, mentors, on their adherence to objective reality seems like asking what color the sky is, but it is needed. Grilling, not just asking. Looking to see if they are just saying it or if they believe it, being an inquisition about it. Seems extreme? Well, whose responsibility are the kids? Then the right to do so is self-evident.

Why Disney doesn't care what parents think. Adult immaturity is much more profitable than catering to kids. Its business model is acquiring and developing intellectual properties that an older audience is deeply invested in. Adult fandom instead of kid fandom. by Chipit in OpinionPieces

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Great article that is plainly stating an obvious truth that for many is only obvious once it is seen-- because so much of what we see on screens is meant to obscure that truth and dress up lies in truth-ish clothing (I can't use Colbert's word anymore, fuck pray for that guy while ignoring his bs)

Weird, huh? by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Why is it "important"? To shelter the lie from the truth?

Why Jordan Peterson exists by jet199 in Transbarrassment

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I don't know. Which is the bigger mess? The room? Maybe. The dude? Yeah, the dude. He's the bigger mess.

When you ask the universe for a sign but you just can't see it by jet199 in Transbarrassment

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Is this the poster for the new Predator movie? Predator vs Children? Into sports and marvel? yeah, I bet. who says that? You'd say the sport or the character, unless you're lying, or grooming. The Predator used to be hard to see in the first movies. All these series go down hill.

Why is it always transwomen who want to divide children and parents and never transmen? 🤔 by jet199 in Transbarrassment

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They also want to take away the words to describe what is going on: man woman, gay, "pan", bi, all confused and jumbled together because what is is not and what one identifies as though malleable especially in kids will be twisted and broken before the kid has a fighting chance. I cant imagine what their minds will be like if these monsters are not stopped.

I don't think there's much lower than trying to take the word "mother" away from the person who actually grew and gave birth to your kids by jet199 in Transbarrassment

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She says she'll call him anything but Mom, if that's resentful then what's accommodating? Also, what's "Mom"? Do women just get called "mom", or just actual mom and dudes who want to usurp the title. The mom gave birth, she's not just a parent. That might be step mom.

First it was "we want woman, not female", they they were like "Oh, we'll take female from you also", now Mom? It's amazing how this is an endless spiral into the depths of hell. There's no pleasing these people because it's not an actual want they have but a mental illness.

It is not much different than "I just want my drugs tonight. Just tonight, stop being an asshole. Yes I stole your money last night. I needed my drugs last night too. No I don't have a problem. OK, I have a problem, but I need them tonight: that's the problem. You're the problem for not giving me drugs."

Senator Grassley and Senator Johnson weigh in on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal by AXXA in news

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As soon as Mike Bloomberg says "President Harris: stand up, wipe your chin and take the oval office for yourself"

Video: Biden Bumbles Around Fake White House Set, Admits “Not Sure Why” As He Gets ANOTHER COVID Shot by [deleted] in news

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It's safer! That's the only way I'd get one.

How to fulfill the FIRST SATURDAY devotion in just ONE HOUR by FlippyKing in Hail_Mary

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While I squander time finding the next-most earliest apparition of Our Lady, (and not post as a result, sorry) this is still very important for us to do.

Our Lady at Fatima gave us specific instructions. She further gave Sister Lucy after that more details and more things we are to do. I think "she told us to" is really all the reason needed but I also think, and this thought I guess comes first, that anyone looking at Fatima seriously can not deny something supernatural was occurring there and that the Blessed Mary Mother Of God did appear to those kids and did tell them specific things. They thought Russia was a sick kid is some neighboring village when she told them we have to pray for Russia and all that.

There's a bible story about a king who had some kind of sickness. He was told to -- I dont' know lie down on the ground somewhere, or take a bath in some specific place, something like that-- do something very easy to do. He balked at the idea. His advisor asked him if the instruction was complicated and seemed like a cure, would he do it? The king said yes. So the advisor said, well King maybe do this easy thing and just accept the gift. In Jesus' life, the miracles he performed involved some sort of, usually very small, ritual almost always. So making a gesture is not out of the ordinary.

Here, Our Lady gave us relatively simple tasks and the promise she made for this are big. She always gives more than she asks even if she seems to ask a lot (really though? Some prayers? confess sins ie be humble and own up to our own failings as people? Make peace with those around us before asking for some supernatural imposition of peace? Acknowledge that we're all in this together and we are our brother's keepers?If that's too much, we're screwed.)

Don't believe? OK. Maybe you don't. I ask you to try it anyway. This Saturday, take the time to say some Hail Marys and meditate on some Mysteries of the Rosary. But, consider it real and a mystery that is beyond our understanding if that makes it easier (as that is what it is anyway).

Just consider that a young woman in occupied Palestine heard an angel (Gabriel) deliver to her a message from God. Consider that she said, after suspicion and incredulity, "behold the handmaiden of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to thy word" or something along those lines and that "she conceived by the Holy Spirit". That she conceived a baby (Jesus) but also that she conceived in her mind the commitment she was making. There was a bigger plan at work and she had a role in it. She thought it through as best she could probably, anyone would. You see how this is applicable to us, right?

Say some Hail Marys (ten please, but really I'll take a few but it's not me your saying this to so consider that) if you are not really into this and just trying it because I'm asking (THANKS, btw!), and think about what it meant for her to hear an Angel and to accept a role in this.

Move on to the next mystery you'll consider while saying some Hail Marys: maybe (hopefully) her visitation to her pregnant cousin Elizabeth. (It's called the Visitation, the last one was called the Annunciation). She's pregnant, right? It was common for pregnant women to help each other. How else would one learn and who else knew about the birth process? So, think about this a bit. She sought allies or mentors and she helped out someone who was pregnant while she was going to need such help when she was ready to give birth. It's just very reasonable so far.

Next, she gives birth. The conception, God's plan, comes to fruition or at least the next step does. The fruit of her womb is born, Jesus. But this is just the beginning of it all. Say your Hail Marys over this mystery that seems just as real and every day as any other birth. If you have kids, then you know how much this is barely a beginning.

You can find how to pray the Rosary many places on line, you can find videos to do it along with but I don't recommend them (they either take to long you can' t really mediate with them without a ton of practice and finding the right ones) and I don't thinks she's asking anyone to do that if they do not know the mysteries to mediate on. She has said (I forget which apparition) that one good decade (ten Hail Marys) and good meditating is better than just saying the words without mediating. I sometimes find it hard to meditate while saying it, not always though. Often time is the problem. When it is not, but I find meditating hard while saying it, I mediate a bit before and after the 10 Hail Marys. There are ways to read and say bible passages that spell out the mysteries before each Hail Mary, but I think if you don't really do this then just meditating on them earnestly at face value is a good start.

If you are doing this because I asked, and not really up on all this Catholicism stuff, then THANK YOU! If you don't get a mystery, pick another and mediate on that. She asked for 5 decades to be prayed and meditated on. Technically she might not have asked for all the prayers before and after, but I don't know that for sure. So, if you're new to this and just trying it please consider up to 5 mysteries while saying some Hail Marys. Not more. I won't ask you that. But consider them and consider her real when you do this. 15 minutes on some of the mysteries, 5 if you can. 10 Hail Marys on them, or at least some of them, if you can. A couple on the others of the 5 if you can.

Ask her to help you understand. If you do this Saturday, thank you. If you mean it, then thank you thank you. Take a minute or two Sunday to reflect on that, because if you did ask her to help you understand you have to make yourself available to her to understand.

If you give her this time, and really do it and really mean it, and drop your ego and noise that might be going on in your mind or around you (this is not hard but there is some things that are just conducive to meditating and listening and praying and a lot of things that are not). Altered states are not helpful for this, not drug induced, not cranking up Sabbath or P-Funk, not anything other than natural calming meditative quite. Just, the same way you'd give your attention fully to someone else in life, give her that in the prayer on Saturday and if you want her to help you understand then a couple of minutes a day morning or night (or both really) to be open to her to answer you some how. She might answer that way. She might put something in your life or come across in a more social way or some other way. Discern cautiously, as she did when she questioned Gabriel, but don't look gift horses in the mouth either. If you did this right, with the right state of mind, humble, open, and not prideful or anything like that, I know she'll answer quietly. It is the supernatural we're talking about. The life everlasting is an afterlife, and while here in this life it is not sex drugs and rock and roll that is offered, think Thomas Merton not Taylor Hawkins.

If you struggle in life, try this. if the world seems a mess (well, it is), try this. It's simple really compared to our struggles or the mess of the world. So, why not try it?

Teilhard de Chardin and his relation with executive-secretary of UNESCO Julian Huxley. Evolution and Darwinism. (X-post from s/Jesuits) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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I hope you did not think I was suggesting you not talk about this stuff. I also don't want to skip around and respond to your ideas in a scattered way, but I am going to do that.

I don't think you can say humans have co-evolved along side Christianity. I don't know that humans are substantially different than we've been for an extremely long time, like since before Gobekli Tepe. Our evolution as viewed from the fossil record is more complex than we thought it was, and that complexity is not simplifying yet. It certainly does not seem to be the case that we evolved in Africa and spread from there in successive waves. Changes happened and populations appear have popped up in a number of places, and a variety of interactions seem to be indicated. The difficulty with any fossil record, especially for species that live above ground or out of water, is erosion erases the record as soon as it occurs. We can not expect a complete picture, but the picture is complicated already. It may not ever become clear.

I also don't think taking a zoomed out view is especially useful, because we as a group do not evolve, but individuals pass on traits and culture and all that. We right now are incredibly comfortable, we are one carrington event away from mass chaos and losing many people in a very short period of time. What ever cultural things we accumulated to get along in that comfort, and what ever ideas we have in our brains and what ever patterns became imprinted on the plasticity of our brains in those contexts, they will leave quickly as we adapt. We adapt fast. Changes to Native American cultures on the Great Plains after the horse was reintroduced prove this. Their mobility and dependence on the horse, the new conflicts it created with "neighbors" who were once at a distance, created a culture that if we accept their way of telling it always was. One tribe, or a few maybe, had a 5-direction way of seeing the world that was described and a analogized as being on a horse (I forget the details of it. Sorry, but it took something practical about being on a horse and generalized into a metaphysical concept. It really fascinated it me, a long time ago, but it slipped my mind now. Sorry.)

A problem I have with your approach to these ideas, a reason I don't really feel like I would gain from entertaining them for very long though I used to entertain them a bit, is that you or I do not stand outside the humans you see networking or the "one" who tries to take a zoomed-out view of themselves and where they actually are. We simply can't be objective about it, at best we can only pretend to be above it all when we are fully in it even in the thought experiment. It might be a matter of ordering ourselves. You and I sit in a particular place in time, in history, and geographically. And we are different people with different means and different ways of meeting our needs. We both have the luxury of entertaining these ideas, at least to some extent. Those contexts matter, because it will influence what ideas we might consider worth investigating and which to blow off.

I think, correct me please, that this noosphere is analogous or a new interpretation of some psychic connection between (all? some?) humans. That it sounds like a big, all encompassing, egregore: I agree. That idea, egregore, was greatly explored by people who are probably peers of de Chardin, Annie Besant wrote about them. They are ideas from occult circles, and I think they are attempts to put a modern (for then) psychological understanding to rituals and to their "magic" and to their uses of their imaginations to contact entities that could be called supernatural, and to observable phenomena resulting from group dynamics. Group dynamics was important at that time, because the art (well, science probably even back then) of propaganda was an important endeavor. It's all part of a Victorian or post-Victorian grappling with industrialization, Victorian "spiritualism", mass-everything (mass media, mass-manufacturing, wars on global scales, notions of morality and of sex and sexed differences), cultures from very different parts of the world beginning to communicate with each other, advances in every field of study so fast that they could not check each other or grow together harmoniously. Oh, and the mass manufacturing and the industrialization created a new class of people with so little to do, that they could entertain these ideas all day long.

Back then, even though anyone with the free time and funding to entertain these ideas could, so long as the found their way into those circles: they all knew they had to approach these things with a sound mind. It was recommended they could do these things, but only if they were working with a psychologist who understood what they were trying to do, and they were to proceed cautiously. Well, cautiously enough either to fool others or fool themselves, because really who would not open Pandora's box immediately (regardless of what we think her "box" is. I think it's at least at double entendre for ... her cookie)? They knew they risked mental illness. I think Lovecraft wrote along those lines but I don't know. And well, here we are.

But egregores are, if they exist, psychic or supernatural, not computer bits and not cultures. I think where you talking about them among IBM employees or religions (one could equally say nations, or neighborhoods), you are over-complicating cultures. IBM and all very big companies that are selective in who they hire do actively create a culture. Those leather-bound day planners (I forget the specific company a lot of the big corps used) were a big part of it, as it tried to balance the person's life and committments so that work could be tended to properly without cheating the others. Good executives make bad decisions when their kids are ignored the thought went, for a while it went that way anyway.

If you want to say religions do create them, well "maybe" but I'll say they have to exist and be create-able. I don't see how both of those could ever really be proven. If they exist and if they exist in the "noosphere" (what, is this the 90s again?) or in the supernatural or in psychic realms or where ever they exist, what else exists there? It stands to reason that the first egregore created by people (or trilobites or whatever) and placed in this space where it exists joined what ever else was there already, or are we the only ones that can do that? I don't want to run with anyone elses' idea on this, but just to consider what's probable or possible. But, I'm not sure you are talking about egregores, I think you're really just talking about culture.

Religious doctrine is not all that different than Stoicism or the rules one has to live by to wrestle in high school or college (wrestle well anyway, unless just "gifted"). It's no different than the world view held by horse-riding cultures, or agricultural cultures, or cultures with so much free time they to this. Classical musicians have "doctrines" they adhere to, it's a culture or a sub-culture. They train in very specific ways, go through the same "jury" and competition systems, they train their ears and hands and whole bodies (alexander technique usually), their voices, learn piano even if they never intend to play piano, and study similar aspects of history to round out their musicianship. It's culture (sub culture), not an egregore.

If we can create egregores as something above and separate from just cultural things, the questions are: 1) do other species do this, or is this some new thing unique to ours; 2) when did we acquire this; and 3) what purpose does it serve? How evolution happens is still debated, in fact new fronts in that battle of ideas have opened relatively recently. Lamarckian ideas are making a come back as other mechanisms do not explain what are seen in some species (bacteria, but they count). But, how this skill was acquired can not be glossed over either when "when" is being considered because it has to serve a purpose. It can't just be communication. Our ability to yell or grunt to share the idea that a pack of wolves is approaching, and the expansion of that vocabulary does not need it. We also do not need to communicate with those far away from us (really). If anything it's a distraction, it might be a maladaptation more than some new thing.

So, I'm just not seeing it, and certainly not seeing it above culture. I do have a perspective on religion, but not one that could see an egregore as anything other than either culture or as some other thing separate from the religion and perhaps the religion's ability to connect efficaciously with the supernatural. All religions, as far as I know, claim a purpose of understanding some aspect of the supernatural and to place us in a specific relationship to that. The religion would not see the "thing" that exists between their members and the supernatural as something created the way an egregore or a culture are created because they would see the supernatural as preceding the individual in the religion. To assume they are wrong, but to assume the thing exists in some other way seems presumptuous.

But, I think de Chardin was a snake oil sales man, and I think his "evolution" and his being a biologist/Jesuit was not really what he was on about. I think he was repackaging Victorian or post Victorian spiritualism, theosophy and occult (Golden Dawn type) stuff as a sort of bridge between then, and along side the "New Thought" movement (Phineas Quimby, Emmit Fox, Neville Goddard, Florence Scovel Shinn), and the New Age movement we still see today. These ideas morphed into the crooks of the prosperity gospel, and into the shallow kind of faux-mysticism around people playing with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics in ways that are laughable if not criminal (for the same reasons the prosperity gospel should be criminal).

Teilhard de Chardin and his relation with executive-secretary of UNESCO Julian Huxley. Evolution and Darwinism. (X-post from s/Jesuits) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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He had bad ideas. I wish there was some other way to say that, but I can't find it. I can think a priest who was studied in biology (but he was a priest and not a scientist) along time ago (I think he lived roughly from 1880 to 1955 but I could be off) could be very enthusiastic about the developments in all the scientific fields of study. Too many were enthusiastic about applying "Darwinism" or evolution to everything. Social Darwinism was just taking already held bad ideas and dressing them up as sciency. Eugenics ran with some very bad ideas as well. Evolutionary psychology is BS, regardless of how applicable the ideas seem to be to some periods of history or the present. (I think it fails but tries to be a more serious cultural anthropology)

But De Chardin thought matter would evolve into spirit, he thought God was evolving and our flesh and everything was evolving into spirit. Uhm, no. There's nothing anywhere to indicate that, there's no way to see that, it is not even pseudoscience.

If that was the only bad idea he had though, no one would be thinking about him. Instead he has been a big influence in confusing his fans with hopeful ambiguities and new age bs before there was a new age. By thinking God and matter are both evolving, he pulls the rug out from under objectivism, and I think subjectivism too, by making everything an ever-moving target. There can be no truth and no reality that is coherent with the past if the goal is this unseeable evolution of both God and matter.

If you think "well, there's no God anway, so what?" In a sense he is agreeing with you because the finished product of what he thinks is God is not done evolving and neither are we or all matter. New Age people take about ascended beings, but before that was a thing, or at least before it was trendy and when it was either not an idea or it was just Golden Dawn etc "occult" stuff, he was using the idea of evolution to describe this idea he essentially dreamed up. Or, he recieved it in a weird and creepy vision where a spirit attacked him saying he (de Chardin) could save the spirit. Uhm, ... no.

Genderbending a fictional character is transphobic, says idiot. Oh Lord, I remember this from when it was Tumblr discourse when I was a cringey teenager. It hasn't gotten any less stupid. by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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Or, when you want your drawing to be recognized by the audience as something it should look like that thing. Exaggerated actual traits communicate those ideas more quickly. Thinking a "certain gender" doesn't have to look a certain way implies gender is a real thing you can draw. We are sexually dimorphic, we not gender anything.

Encouraging people to lie to doctors. Brilliant, ten outta ten. Goddamn Tumblr Diaspora logic sucks. by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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Lie. That's the world we live in. Just lie. about everything.

Poll Showing Views Based on Vaccine Status - Propaganda in Canada (10:38) ~ Clyde Do Something by JasonCarswell in propaganda

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Governments see the people as their enemy.

I LOVE the bar on the far left on the first chart (6 minutes or so in) where the more they are jabbed, the more the don't know or don't respond.

All y'all gotta see this, doesn't matter where on the political spectrum you are, it's important news by CleverFoolOfEarth in PoliticalCompassMemes

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It shows how all power is an illusion and those who appear to have power are really the ones who have said: "See? look. You have dirt on us. Any power we have is yours! We can work together!"

One has to wonder: who does Klaus Swab owe his secrets too?

Not news by aaarrgh in news

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They see huge deposits of natural gas at the other end of this conflict. If it goes on forever: they win. If they get central Asia's gas: they win. If everyone in the world sees through the BS: they win anyway because they have the weapons, the air and sea power, the air waves, the courts, and everything else that exerts power. I hope they are wrong.

According to Twitter poll, 7O% believe that a woman can have a penis. by Rage-Xion in GenderCritical

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I remember when I would check an online forum for a professional I was in once a week. The consensus that would develop among about 20-30 participants became the standard that had to be argued against regardless of how well or poorly (as in logic and data) the consensus was established because it had been voiced by those who were always quick to jump in to the discussion. You'd have 4 or 5 posts all saying the same thing before anyone even would ask a question.

When I noticed this trend, after a while, I developed a hypothesis: these guys are all working in IT in some way and they were on the computer all day. When I suggested that the assumptions they all were making together had more to do with them all being computer jockeys of some kind and that the views of most of our field were underrepresented because they were not on the computer all day and many (at that time) didn't really use them still. They didn't really accept that conclusion based mainly on the idea that they thought they were really no different than the other people in this field even if they were on computers much of the day.

The assumption that "we the normal ones, we're just like everyone else" is a bad assumption and it is manipulated by those who know they are not. Especially when it is so easy to divide the world into us'es and thems. This isn't just that twitter is a cesspool but the fact that it is filled with bots and fake accounts and sock puppets matters in that poll. But also, twitter creates a "norm" that people fall into and have to argue against regardless of how poorly that new norm is established. It's why lawyers of all types, judges, prosectors, defense attorneys, corporate lawyers, property lawyers, entertainment lawyers, experts in maritime law or bird law, all make hell on earth for those who are not in their fields regardless of if they can see it or not. It's why real estate is such a crooked field (Glen Gary Glen Ross is based on his experiences in that field) where inspectors and agents and everyone in the field has to play along to get more work, and the client (the mark, the sucker, the noob) comes and goes through their whole industry maybe 2 or three times in their lives.

The difference is that twitter does nothing, it's gossip mostly only occassionally passing as sharing information or ideas. It might be that it can only descend into what it has become.

Here's a new idea! by Chocolatepudding in GenderCritical

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They need a new dictionary published 4 times a day to keep up with what words mean, how they vote on what each word means, tally up the votes, write up and publish the results in time before the next one needs publishing is beyond me. If they do puul it off it, some might think the whole process is rigged, by drug companies and people who think that things happening on the internet are real.

These idiots don't even know what a period is and they think we're "gatekeeping" them just to be mean. What happened to Twitter that people on it can be this stupid? by CleverFoolOfEarth in GenderCritical

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I was told by a guy that he knew what it was like to be in the military because he was in a frat. I did not deny his experience. I didn't even point out he had no idea what he was talking about. He was my boss.

"I just bought a football."

"That's a basketball."

"How dare you deny my experience."


Judge: "say that again prosecutor."

Prosecutor: "that person is guilty."

Judge: "Good enough for me."

Accused: "wait, don't I get a fair trial."

Judge: "how can I deny the prosecutor's experience?"