Why Speaking English May Spread More Coronavirus Than Some Other Languages by HegeMoney in propaganda

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Now I know why everyone hates people with lisps!

If you live in a Blue State, Donnie doesn't care if you die! by DIMP in politics

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Almost everyone I know has had COVID and none have died, none were hospitalized even. I think Trump's point is blue states purposely pushed COVID-positive cases back into nursing homes where it spread to a vulnerable population - thus making deaths increase. So by saying that if you took out the blue state numbers, that are terrible, the rest of the country really didn't get hit bad by the virus. They protected vulnerable populations. The real issue is blue states purposely killed people. Even if Trump doesn't care if you die, the Democrats literally tried to kill as many people as possible.

Slave owner by realpanzer in politics

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There is an absolute narrative in this country that white people are evil and largely based on slavery. But whites were also enslaved in Africa from the 1500s to the 1800s on a massive scale. I never once learned this in school - and I have a master degree. I was reading a fictional book that talked extensively about these white slaves and I had to look it up to see if it was based on fact. Incredible.



19 Black Families Purchase 97 Acres Of Land To Build A Safe City For Black People by kesh in whatever

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I have many conflicting thoughts after reading this article. One odd thing is what spurred this. A killing of a single black man by white men. Why not the daily barrage of black on black crime? Will the city prohibit guns from entering the community? I wonder how they will keep it safe. I wonder if white people are prohibited from visiting. They have every right to do this and while I find it kind of sad that blacks and whites can't live even in the same cities, perhaps it is for the best to simply choose to segregate.

NPR: One Author's Argument 'In Defense Of Looting' by SierraKiloBravo in news

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That was one of the most clueless interviews I've ever read. I wish bad things would happen to that person and her family.

How To Survive When You're The Target Of An Angry Mob | Zero Hedge by christnmusicreleases in politics

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Pick up the chair and slam it on the weak link, WWF style.

"I Have A Right To Make Sure That My Home Is Secure": Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Defends Ban On Protesters On Her Block by realpanzer in politics

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Tomorrow night she'll light paper bags with shit in them on fire on every single doorstep in town. She'll point her finger at each one and laugh. They'll still vote for her.

US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID cure by christnmusicreleases in Collusion

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There's definitely some hokie pokie going on with this virus and the powers that be's responses to it.

What's a big coincidence you have experienced? by JFVG in AskSaidIt

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There are no big coincidences. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d4wPaBNryA

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Grants Felons Voting Rights by scrubking in politics

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She's a little bit hotter than I would have thought.

Coronavirus pandemic is closing Black-owned businesses at an outsized rate. (Opinion: This article fails to mention the extreme shut-down measures implemented by Democrats. Could it be that Democrats are trying to inflict pain on blacks to keep them from voting for Trump? Gee that can't be!) by rubberbiscuit in news

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The article goes on and on about how black businesses tend to be clustered in areas with high COVID rates, but they fail to mention that they are also clustered in Democrat controlled areas, where they were very extreme about shutting down and staying home. Yet this failed to stop the spread and hurt businesses at the same time. Personally, I feel like this was done on purpose to hurt black people. Democrats need poor black people to stay in power, and the Trump economy was helping black people more than any other group in terms of net growth.

DC Coronavirus Rules Don’t Apply to Sharpton’s 100,000 BLM March by scrubking in politics

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Are we allowed to cheer if he gets coronavirus or is that only for conservative blacks that get it?

People are *fucking pissed* that Jeffrey Epstein said his girls “Couldn’t Be Black”. Jewish people like Epstein like white girls the most. by Chipit in news

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With all the press about "white privilege" lately, it really should be "pretty privilege". Especially when hiring women, the better looking ones are going to be hired first. They're going to make the sale. People want to be around attractive people. It's why attractive blacks are successful. Attractive Asians, and attractive whites. The percentage of attractive whites is simply higher than for blacks. There's your privilege.

Black Man Yelling All Lives Matter & a bunch of white people scream at him. We live in a clown world. by rubberbiscuit in WorldPolitics

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This is funnier than anything Trevor Noah has ever even dreamed of.

BREAKING: Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweets For First Time - The Donald - America First by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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If somehow Trump does remain President, he should say "I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" in a British accent.

Passengers cheer as ‘Karen’ is kicked off flight for refusing to wear mask by Nemacolin in news

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I agree with all your sentiments. One addition: Exceptions given if she refuses to wear a mask if she also refuses to wear any clothes.

Predominantly white mob terrorizes predominantly black dining patrons for BLM. Clown world. by rubberbiscuit in politics

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I uploaded the video here: https://vimeo.com/439411713

EDIT: Those sons of bitches deleted it and blocked my account. I just freakin opened it up! Bastard globalist fucks. We truly live in Orwell's 1984.

EDIT 2: I uploaded the video mp4 to a file sharing site if you really want to try to see it: https://ufile.io/ox2ggj9r

EDIT 3: Dailymotion seems to have allowed it. fingers crossed: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7v2khu

Another great example of how lies propagate on Reddit by TruthTeller in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Predominantly white mob terrorizes predominantly black dining patrons for BLM. Clown world. by rubberbiscuit in politics

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Sorry my man, I have an app at work that can direct link to the video so if I remember I'll do that tomorrow and link it up for you

BLM and USA elections by [deleted] in politics

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wait, you mean predominantly white angry mobs that terrorize predominantly black citizens are actually NOT for black lives? https://www.instagram.com/tv/CChuSeWJxm5/

Bari Weiss Resigns From New York Times, Citing ‘Illiberal Environment’ by Iam1ofMany in news

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Read her entire resignation letter. It is a powerful piece in and of itself, regardless of what you think of her: https://www.bariweiss.com/resignation-letter

Bari Weiss Resigns From New York Times, Citing ‘Illiberal Environment’ by Iam1ofMany in news

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Nice way to deflect the fact that the New York Times and virtually all "main stream" media outlets are now rabidly anti-American, anti-capitalist, and race-baiting propaganda.

Wanna help this site? Stop focusing on Reddit and start focusing on posting some truth. by mongre in SaidIt

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Well I appreciate the thought but I'd rather just live my life out without really knowing all the finer details. Thanks though for confirming.

The Prevention of Literature, George Orwell, 1946 by Adallindis in censorship

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Thanks for posting that was really interesting. I had not seen this before. Incidentally while reading I basically substituted "social media" or online for "books". Scary times we are living in right now. I hope most individuals in the world remember to raise a glass for freedom!

Leftists now implementing “systemic racism” against white people as retaliation for perceived injustices that were dealt with decades ago by christnmusicreleases in politics

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It's so stupid! In the long run though, as long as capitalistic ideals remain, it won't matter. Because the best companies will survive. And to be the best companies you need the best employees. So I am not saying white people are the best employees. That will remain to be seen. But a company that hires solely based on race isn't hiring solely based on skill. Imagine an NFL team that just wanted white players. They might not be very good. Just like a hospital that only wanted black doctors. They might not be very good. Maybe Indians, Asians, and whites are better doctors. Eventually even black people who have heart attacks will know to tell the ambulance to take them to the non-black people hospital. And the black hospital will go under. Same should happen at NBC, or Amazon, or Target, or Universal. If you hire shit people, your product will become shit. So they had better be careful about worrying about quotas and just hire good people.

Democrats Call For Labels Warning Consumers If A Company's CEO Voted For Trump by scrubking in politics

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I'm not a Democrat but I like this idea. I want to know what companies to support. This would make it easier. I already know to avoid Nike, Gillette, NFL, NBA, Starbucks, and Disney is about to make this list. But it's hard work keeping up with all of this.

Black Lives Matter is the black KKK. Or worse. They've literally killed more people than the KKK in 2020. by suckitreddit in whatever

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How many people have the KKK killed in 2020? 2019? 2010-2020? 2000-2020? I mean seriously, I would think I would have heard of 1. I don't think the media would EVER stop reporting on it if a KKK member killed a black person. That Charlottesville guy that killed that white woman (but she was given the treatment of a black person since se died on their behalf) was on the news for months. I honestly want to know. Does the KKK still kill people?

Wanna help this site? Stop focusing on Reddit and start focusing on posting some truth. by mongre in SaidIt

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You are absolutely right. Perhaps a subscription fee would help minimize that risk, but I don't think I would have paid even $1 per month for reddit. LOL. Most people probably wouldn't and whoever is guiding the agenda has seemingly unendless resources (controlling all these social media companies, paying rioters all across the globe, etc). It is truly stunning and sad. Their willingness to spend - they must have world domination, world slavery, or something along those lines as their end goal. There is no other reason to do it.

JK Rowlings handprints in Edinburgh have red paint thrown over them because she has "blood on her hands" by trw365 in GenderCritical

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If I was there I would take the flag and throw it in the trash. But, be aware, this simple act is likely to lead to prison time.

Central Park 911 dog lady charged, facing 1 year in jail for her 911 call by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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At worst what she did was similar to filing a fake police report (ahem cough Jussie Smollett). And I don't think she actually filed it, just called 911. 2 very different outcomes from our government based solely on race. At this rate, liberal whites in NY and CA might end up becoming conservatives before November. Unless they are all already in jail.

Don Lemon's five things to think about within the black community by Intuit in politics

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Don Lemon is either a total phony or a complete idiot (maybe both). I wonder if he gets really mad at his wife for throwing a penny out the window when he sends $100,000 to a phony Nigerian bank account. "Now honey, please don't deflect. You threw that penny out the window and that is wrong and wasteful. Don't bring up the Nigerian bank account, as that has nothing to do with your wasteful and frivolous behavior"!

If Trump wins the election how much worse will censorship be by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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Well I hope if he wins when the twitter mob gets mad about whatever XYZ company does, says, or produces, the XYZ company executives tell the twitter mob to fuck off.

Why I stopped believing the media by WooWhoVintage in politics

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For me it was 2010. BP oil spill. I saw first hand the bull shit they were spewing. Haven't believed them since.

I'll Vote Trump in the Election: Here's Why You Should Too by Tarrock in politics

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I have wondered in recent days if the Democrats do want Trump to win. Think about it, Trump win = more money pumped into Democrats yet again. Trump loses, Dems money dries up. And with the way the Dems are bending over backwards for looters, rioters and criminals, it makes one think they are either bat shit crazy (which is a distinct possibility) or are hoping to lose.

Reddit banning GC caused me to Peak by PostmodernJukebox in GenderCritical

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Hi, I'm not sure I'm allowed to post here, but a quick welcome should be OK. I left reddit a few months ago simply because of the fascistic moderation. I'm just an ordinary man and this morning I saw all these posts on "Gender Critical". I never heard the term, and I read a few of the posts and - well I never really felt dumb before, but I was like, what language is this??? Anyway I did some definition and urban dictionary searches and have a little better understanding now. So, I'm glad you all were able to find a new platform, and I think it will be a home for you. Plus you've introduced at least one man (likely many others) to what you are all about and gain my support for whatever that is worth. OK I'll leave now and let you all do your thing. Best wishes!

Hi All. Today is my 9 year cakeday on Reddit, but I was banned from R/conspiracy for posting info on BLM, so I'll be posting here from now on. by Left_Reddit in conspiracy

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I like it here. Keep in mind a great post will get 20 points but really what difference does it make? The fact that people like your post or not, does it really matter whether it's 20 people or 1,000? Especially when the 1,000 are centered on censorship and psychotic wackos.

Reddit and Hate Speech by ManWithABanana in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Aaaand , I'm done with reddit.

Dinesh D'Souza: "The #SeattleAutonomousZone gives me an idea. We might consider a long-term plan to create our own autonomous zone, with our own media, our own movies, our own education system." by Aureus in politics

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I've thought of making my house an autonomous zone, basically nothing would change except I would no longer need to pay property tax.

Katie Hopkins permanently suspended from Twitter by Wahwah in censorship

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Twitter does not apply rule evenly. They are a horrible example to the world and it runs me that anyone continues to use them in any way.

#DisneyMagicMoments: Check Out This Magical Sunrise from Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort by PacoTLM in Disney

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Thanks for sharing!

Number of cities in Europe which held a George Floyd protest by Chipit in maps

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In Russia they are laughing. " You veak Amereecans it takes 7 meenutes to kill someone standing on their neck. We can kill in 30 czeconds easy.

Bill Gates: Eugenicist, GMO fag, Epstein buddy, storer of "buddy's" underground child porno tapes, billionaire that doesn't solve world hunger, genital mutilating dick cream churner, and an inventor of nothing(mouse was invented in the 60s). by Reddit_Defends_Pedos in conspiracy

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Microsoft exchange's email site for MS outlook is msexchangeoutlook.com. M sex change outlook. Kinda strange.

Rep. Ilhan Omar announces death of father-in-law from COVID-19 complications by Tarrock in politics

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Actually sad news. I didn't know him so even though his daughter is a piece of shit, he may have been a totally nice person.

Huge Mob Of Blacks Publicly "Lynching" Whites In Ocean City, MD by MassTooter in politics

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That horrible white racist could have injured one of those freedom fighters' fists. He should be hunted down and prosecuted.

Economic pain worsens for Minneapolis as businesses exit after riots by codedtestament in WorldNews

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One thing I can say for that mayor is he is an Olympic champion level pussy.

"Do y'all understand the fear that went through ruling class when the people burnt a police station to the ground?? And while they tricked some of you into worrying about property & respectable protest, the people learned lessons about their power that they will never forget." by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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The comments to that tweet, lol. "Overthrow the government!" Same exact comment, "we need medicare 4 all". What a dipshit.

World's Latest Communist Country Discovers Why Communism Always Fails by [deleted] in whatever

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Isn't this what America is? We have social security, medicare, medicaid, and welfare. I think the only issue is medicaid needs some additional funds.

"Black Lives Matter, which has received $650,000 from Soros-controlled groups over the past year..." by magnora7 in WorldNews

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I still don't understand why the CIA doesn't just take Soros out. Then when people protest (right), claim "We know nothing!". But seriously he is a threat to American security.

Trump supporters pumping thousands into AOC's primary opponent's coffers: report by Tarrock in politics

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Sometimes I feel like AOC is the best advertisement for Republicans that anyone could ever invent, so hand her a microphone and leave her be.

the best crime movie ever made in the seventy by roma10 in Movies

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I'm partial to James Bond so with that bias I liked You Only Live Twice. It has a 70s vibe to me even though I think it was filmed in the late 1960s. I like the setting in Japan as well.