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Before I can answer that, I have to ask two questions.




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Jake Paul is a youtuber that has been fought 2 washed up MMA Fighters and a former 3x NBA Slam Dunk Champion.

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What's his record? He boxed a basketball player? I don't think that should count in this context unless the basketball player has also switched careers to prize fighting. But wait, he's BOXED two washed up MMA fighters? So that's not even their sport either. Boxing has very strict rules compared to MMA, so ... has he boxed any actual boxers?

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Nope but there is some talk that he will face Julio Caeser Chavez Jr a one time world middleweight champion who was 53-6 but Julio lost to Anderson Silva another washed up mma fighter who was a couple of times the P4P best UFC fighter until he snapped his leg and then lost most of his MMA bouts because his opponent targeted his leg. Anderson does look like a legit boxer but the Dude is 46. Julio also has a drug problem.

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A lot of MMA guys end up with drug problems, even while fighting but once retired they can go off the rails fast. Boxers too, but I think less so.

I think he's not really pursuing a boxing career if he's 4-0 and planing on fighting a 46 year old drug addict. Also, if no boxer who is building a career is seeking him for a fight, it might be that he's be a waste of their time.

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Silva isn't a drug addict while Caeser Chavez Jr is.

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but there is some talk that he will face Julio Caeser Chavez Jr

Well, either way, he should face someone who will get more than a payday for winning. The bad leg being targeted tactically (or stategically I guess) in MMA doesn't apply in boxing BUT the foot work needed in boxing is complicated and critical. that would be compromised and could be taken advantage of strategically by a boxer.

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Paul is 4-0 3 KOS.

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Wow. well no point in dissing that. But I do think if he wants to call himself a boxer, and just a fighter, he should box boxers who are not washed up but seeking to build their career. It is very common for a boxer's manager to chose opponents carefully the same way a classical piano teacher chooses what pieces for students to tackle next. So it makes sense for a youtuber to move into the ring in this kind of a manner. But, he should be taking on progressively better opponents, who either have a style he can deal with or who have something he can learn via training and finally in the ring to grow from. But how much potential he has really depends on a lot of factors-- but that should dictate what path he follows in choosing opponents.

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I hate him because he bangs hot chicks while I rot.

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A scammer earning while he can and will one day laugh at us.

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I think it’s rigged. I think it might now be rigged. But confident it is.

I also really enjoy the fights. They have been fantastic for me. Lots of fun.