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WE left reddit, why bring it here? Leave the pervs and the groomers and the ones OK with that there. Leave reddit at reddit, unless you want to ruin this place.

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Because not all subs are political or push pedophila. And I'm not trying to bring Reddit users here. Just non-political posts.

The strength of a lot of the left's social media are in its non-political content. Most people don't go to Reddit because they want to see child porn.

They go to Reddit because they're interested in, say, guitars, or astronomy, or home improvement...and then Reddit mods subvert them by introducing them to leftist politics. Conservative leaning sites that have only political content will always lag behind because they'll only attract that very narrow slice of society that's explicitly interested in conservative politics.

For example, I used to frequent /r/bitcoin a lot. It rarely gets political, and its users post a lot of useful news about Bitcoin, and of course a lot of circlejerky memes. Then a handful of users drank the media's koolaid over Ukraine and started posting that we need to go to war with Russia. When I posted a link to a Times article explaining that a lot of Ukrainians are literal Nazis, so we probably shouldn't pick a dog in this fight, I was banned by a mod for pushing "Russian disinformation".

Not a big deal. There are tons of Bitcoin forums online that aren't fun by leftist faggots strong-arming their politics on everyone. And if I can siphon off their most popular posts and put them here or elsewhere, I'll use their own effort against them.

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I agree, but I think the solution is build the alternative, not import the original because it would drive traffic to the place that very likely was run by people pushing grooming and pedo bs. I don't think it is a left or right thing, I think it is, for me, that reddit and the other big social media companies not only push creepy stuff (well, reddit and twitter anyway, and youtube, so maybe not facebook) but that they also shutup any dissent even in the non-political or non-creepy subs. I would not want to drive traffic there or create a kind of bleacher seats from which to watch what the guys on the big sites are doing.

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Again, non-political subs don't push grooming and pedo bs. You're right that occasionally a political link slips in, but those can be removed, whereas they can't on Reddit. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

If we ban all content that's not right-leaning politics, we'll have virtually no content and constantly have very few users, because not everyone's into that.

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No. In any sub, if the mods see your your posts in other subs that they don't like they ban you. I got banned from a number of subs because I participated in a GC sub, because reddit is run by trannys and pedos and groomers and pervs.

This is not throwing the baby out with the bath water, because that puddle reddit is in is not bath water but their own jizz.

You're changing the subject when you start talking about "we" banning non-right-wing content. There's plenty of politically left people here. There's also pervs just like on Reddit here, there's everything even procensorship people.

We have few users because most people don't care that reddit is run by pervs and chased off anyone who points out that it's run by pervs. We have good users here instead. I come here for the content and because this is where people went when they banned all the GC content.

You should go back to reddit, the nasty stuff there doesn't seem to effect you, and you can have the big platform with many people posting about many things. People here could have played nice with Reddit and stayed if they wanted that.

And in case this needs to be said for clarity: fuck reddit.