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The real problem is that society(at least in the US and Western Europe) has deemed this to be acceptable. This insanity is the logical extension of society's validation of the very notion of "being born in the wrong body". That never should have happened. Once that happened, the floodgates opened and here we all are, bombarded with the gender woo woo bullshit on a daily basis.

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Do "gaslighters" believe the lies they tell? No. They spew BS not because they think they are right, that is not the point. They do it to make people accept lies. So, these people come from the same place all bullshit artists come from: a place of deception.

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From a biology student to another, I need to share some of my weirder thoughts that came up while reading this. Do you think that these people would accept unisexual mosses as the same as biological human females? I mean, if the only criteria is that they go through mitosis and meiosis, then the definition is very, very broad. Why not classify EVERYTHING as female, since all cells almost exclusively go through the same mitosis and meiosis?!

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I daresay they haven't thought that far past their own asses

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Extremist trans ideology is like a religion. Once you buy into it, the ideology matters more than objective reality. People are also afraid to push back from this anti-science nonsense for fear of being labelled 'transphobic'.