Saidit IP2 being racist and harassing brigading to get streamer banned off streaming platform by mrgisCool in help

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What is this "I'm telling MOM!" attitude?

Authoritarianism, it looks like. The kind of person who would report a black kids' lemonade stand to the government because they don't have a certificate from the health department to sell fresh juices.

Biden: ‘An AK-47 Won’t Protect You From The Government’ by MassTooter in politics

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It worked pretty well in Afghanistan.

19 years and the US government still can't win.

we seriously need a real downvote button on this site by michael123 in Ice_Poseidon2

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Downvoting causes posts not to be visible, and is easily abused by brigading/bots/etc. It was deliberately removed from saidit for a reason.

Reckon there will ever be a saidit meetup? by Jesus-Christ in AskSaidIt

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Hell no I want to stay the hell away from most of you.

The /s/Incels sub looks stupid. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Nobody wants to be castrated. You're not contradicting me, you are confirming my point that the world wishes harm on these men and is repulsed by the idea of them reproducing. As the UN says every human has the right to do.

Have you seen the movie Joker? It's about how abusing the lowest in society creates the very monsters you fear they are.

The Dangerous Rise Of Men Who Won’t Date “Woke” Women by Tarrock in politics

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Wow, this was serious. I thought it was a parody for sure.

Feminists are just angry they can't get a date. Femcels.

British Muslims prepare to leave UK after Boris Johnson wins election by useless_aether in Europe

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When you support the narrative but not in the right manner by useless_aether in funny

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Also tell them that as soon as a third worlders feet cross the border, he gains an enormous carbon footprint. Thus it's better for the planet to keep them at home, where their carbon footprint is tiny.

Watch heads explode as people who have argued both sides come to the realization that you're right.

The /s/Incels sub looks stupid. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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See what I mean? You had the same reaction to them as Nazis did to Jews.

we seriously need a real downvote button on this site by michael123 in Ice_Poseidon2

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A downvote button allows censorship. Isn't that why you left Reddit in the first place?

Can you guys make voting like reddit why does a downvote have to be a happy face and count as a 'fun' vote, thats retarded by shadow_wolf7 in SaidIt

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This is a SJW site? Uhhh...

OK either this account is deliberately trolling for outraged responses, or is a complete idiot. I am missing Reddit Enhancement Suite's ability to put custom tags on users because I'm going to forget this guy and it's not good that I do.

The /s/Incels sub looks stupid. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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The root of this is the disgust reaction we have to lesser males.

It's better for everyone if they don't reproduce, so naturally we despise them. Our whole species would be improved if they ran off and died face down in a ditch somewhere. The idea that they would be having sex and thus pass on their inferior genes to children is offensive and harmful to us all.

Of course we don't want to listen to them. Of course hearing their cries of pain grates on our nerves. Literally nobody cares about them.

We used to have these things called wars in which we sent millions of these worthless men to an early grave. But we've given up on that and what do you know, suddenly they have a voice. So we resort to silencing them. You said it right when you feel like they want to marry a millionaire - you feel they want way too much and wish with all your being that they will never achieve their goals.

They are The Other.

Simpsons actor says he will no longer voice Apu by Nemacolin in news

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The real story here: that show is still on‽