I Don't Often Complain About Reddit by beermeem in MeanwhileOnReddit

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From their perspective, they are fighting literally Hitler. When you're as far left as that, anyone to the right of Mao Zedong looks like a nazi to you.

You are either woke — aware to the evils of the world and the path for dealing with them — or shamefully asleep. It's not up for discussion. You just have to wake up. Opponents argue their case from a place of prejudice and bad faith.

There is no reason to listen to people if they are evil. In fact, it would violate minimum standards of decency to allow evil a chance to infect others. We have a moral responsibility to silence, repudiate, and eliminate evil.

You'll notice that publicly they speak of egalitarianism and equity, and here they are openly advertising for elitism and they only hire on merit. Note this maxim and repeat it: Whenever they talk about equality, they are never talking about themselves. It explains so much.

Saidit IP2 being racist and harassing brigading to get streamer banned off streaming platform by mrgisCool in help

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What is this "I'm telling MOM!" attitude?

Authoritarianism, it looks like. The kind of person who would report a black kids' lemonade stand to the government because they don't have a certificate from the health department to sell fresh juices.

What does everyone think lies in the future of Reddit? by legendgamer320 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yeah, it's going to get worse and worse, and by 2-3 months before the election, you won't be able to hear any dissident voices at all. The entire internet will be shouting to elect Biden or whoever they rig their nomination for. This won't go away after the election, it will be the new normal. They don't see any value from letting dissidents speak.

Biden: ‘An AK-47 Won’t Protect You From The Government’ by MassTooter in politics

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It worked pretty well in Afghanistan.

19 years and the US government still can't win.

I barely used Reddit anymore - I only visit Crypto subreddits from time. I haven't spoken about politics on Reddit for over a year. I have 15 people following me on Reddit, and every post/comment I make, they respond calling me a "Nazi, and telling me to leave Reddit", attempting to scare me off. by Enza in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Clearly harassment, and clearly against Reddit TOS. Keep reporting them.

Yeah, these people really are mentally ill. This is like therapy for them. They have to create a false world that they can live in, and let out all the hatred of The Other they have inside.

we seriously need a real downvote button on this site by michael123 in Ice_Poseidon2

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Downvoting causes posts not to be visible, and is easily abused by brigading/bots/etc. It was deliberately removed from saidit for a reason.