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I don't get it.

What if you're trying to purchase something with cash, and the police legally confiscate it through civil forfeiture?

Your robber could then legally take your possessions.

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I always see you being upset on Chipit's posts. What's the issue between you two? Or, rather, your issue with them?

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He's a shill who posts divisive decisive propaganda.

His job appears to be heavily posting right wing material to discourage reddit lefties from being interested in the site, because there are numerous posts containing material that Reddit censors (and others).

Some of his content is ok, but it's heavily sock puppeted with upvotes, so it appears disproportionally relative to others. It's overrated.

He used to have another user name "Snow". Who pretended to be a Chinese transgender, or some other nonsense.
Snow attempted to create the conditions for real problems here.

Chipshit miraculously found the mischief Snow was manufacturing elsewhere.
It was so far beyond improbable, that it was a joke.

I like it here. Chipshit has made an effort to mess things up here. That's a problem for me, so I'm going to continue to notify others of the disingenuous nature of his material.

Some titles are intellectually sophisticated, and it's apparent someone has sent him material to post.

Many are laughable, and stupid. These ones appear to be his legitimate personal contributions, as they actually match his comment writing style.
The guy is a dunce.

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There is no way ChipIt is Snow. Really? ChipIt is NOWHERE near as bad as Snow. Way back on, we used to have this user welcomerain. I always thought Snow was like that user. ChipIt is just sort of chippy. Hard for me to believe that Snow would have the self control to become ChipIt. But who am I to say.

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The chances of Chipshit miraculously finding snow's mischief funny business is zero.

It's far beyond improbable.

Additionally, if Chipshit was a well-intentioned person, then it's safe to assume he would have PM'd M7 (and/or d3rr) and notified him, so M7/d3rr could investigate it, and resolve any issues.

Instead, Chipshit posted the made up bullshit here, twice.

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I agree. ChipIt is not Snow.

WTF is a DM? /u/magnora7 owns and runs this site and he deserves all the credit in the world for the effort put into this. But -- and I'm certain he'll agree with me here -- he isn't some god who needs to be catered to. He's someone who enjoys intellectual give and take and he's doing his best to foment that.

Like I'm gonna DM him and ask what I can and cannot post? Fuck intentions. Don't assume shit.

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he isn't some god who needs to be catered to.


I'm simply pointing out that Chipshit decided to make this fraudulent nonsense into a public spectacle, twice. The first mention was overlooked, so he reposted again and sensationalized the submission title to maximize attention.

This is not something that a decent person would do if they had any concern for the community.

Chipshit deliberately acted to publicly smear the reputation of the community. His actions publicly supports the stated intent of Snow's libelous fabrications.

You are free to believe this is an improbable coincidence.

I agree. ChipIt is not Snow.

Who is it that you agree with???

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Playing the opposition. I remember Snow.

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I'm sorry. Neither you nor Chipit have the capacity to be shills or controlled opposition. Neither of you have the detachment, nor debate skills to promote any ideology. The two of you are just throwing around terms like sock puppets an propaganda as slurs and insults. Most likely you are just feeding into the endorphin loop mentality of social media from your phones. Now allow me to show you what a proper reply could have looked like.

"We disagree on a wide variety of topics that we are highly invest in."

Instead, you literally called him a dunce.

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Neither you nor Chipit have the capacity to be shills or controlled opposition.

Well the good news is I agree that I don't have what it takes to be controlled opposition. I call it like I see it, but can change my position when significant new info is available.

Chipshit isn't controlled opposition either.
He's a generic divide-and-conquer stooge. These types don't need to be particularly clever.
They just need to push out the propaganda that they're given, and repeat the ideas they've been indoctrinated with.

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leftists always assume the motivations of right wing people.

most right wingers just want people to think instead of emotively react

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In this context: is it safe to assume that you're placing me in the right winger category?

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I hadn't thought about it really. I tend to insult or praise people directly, instead of beating about the bush.

Pick whichever suits :D

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Tom_Bombadil is a man with severe personal problems who has decided that I am the personification of all that is wrong in his life. Instead of working on and solving his life's problems, he instead stalks, harasses and abuses me on this website.

That's really all there is to know; he gets to stand up righteously to his problems in a way that doesn't fix them. It's like a kind of self-therapy.

Tom_Bombadil is a sad man with a sad life who spends his time on a website berating people for imaginary offenses. I'm sorry his life is like this. I hope he gets better.

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Tom_Bombadil is a man with severe personal problems

Says the Chinese transgender

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Do yourself a sold, and read back your own statement as a rebuttal to the very same statement you just made. You honestly don't seem to be speaking or debating in good faith. It reads like you are virtue signalling, throwing shade, and projecting. Man now that fills out the bingo card.

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Virtue signaling? No? I'm not falsely pretending to have a belief and broadcasting publicly I have it. I think you don't understand what virtue signaling is.

I get the idea it's something that people have used successfully against you, because you are virtue signaling, and that made you angry so you want to accuse others.

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Boosh! Boosh! Boosh! I'm not wearing pants!

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Frisky dingo was a great show.
Predecessor to archer.

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He thinks he is a shill. I have my suspicions as well. Everytime I post a long post exposing Zionism he is always there telling me it is too long or not persuasive enough. A few times he has called my mentally ill, crazy and insane.

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Sorry to say but while I agree with a lot of what you have to say, sometimes you do kinda come off that way. I mean, not that we all don't occasionally.

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Examples would be nice. Mentally ill and insane are strong words.

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Those are your words, not mine.

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What up? Jesus! ;-)

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It is. Your writing is terrible. You couldn't persuade a person to leave a burning building.

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So true.

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Did you deliberately miss the point, or did you have to twist your mind into a pretzel to do it?

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That's an exceptionally weak rebuttal. Even by your standards.

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Did you deliberately miss the point or did you have to twist your mind into a pretzel to do it?

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Good argument!

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Stop! Don't touch me there, it's my no-no square!

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Your is square? Mine's a circle. A Circle of Choice.

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Does anyone know whether that campaign really did "cost" € 2.5M (meaning, they made that silly video and pocketed in the money)? Or was the claim about the 2.5M just bogus?

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The problem is that i don't think the democrats have banned murder yet.

So in theory they can simply murder you and your belongings are up for grabs unless you keep a copy of your will on you and the robber is able to read English.

Quite a conundrum.

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i don't think the democrats have banned murder yet.


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Lol, wat? They banned class murder but when it comes to both Republicans and Democrats hijacked by ZioCons and MIC, drone bombing a town and killing innocents is just collateral.

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Many Dem states have castle laws. Meaning you can shoot someone if he is stealing your property or comes i to you abode ate night etc. but as a Yeshua believer I don't believe anyone should shoot someone for simply treaspassing.

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That is true, but the robber can take it illegally.

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oh no, the community de-escalation squad is on strike again :(