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Great collection. The media is totally guilty of these crimes.

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Lol, funny how quick they are to pick this up as a struggle for freedom by the Chinese, when they were just as quick to forget that Hong Kong even exists.

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Incredible isn't it. What's left of professional journalism?

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Dead or living in another country still being fucked with by the CIA.

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Good job chipit's tiny down syndrome head is too small for the concept of "context", otherwise he might wonder, why aren't there still anti-lockdown protests in USA, CA, AU and UK but there are in CN? Could there be some differences in the situations which would explain the difference in narrative? Thankfully for chipit, he wasn't born with the same thinking power as the rest of us, so he's never bothered by problems like that

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If I were a monkey, I would throw poop at you.

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Using personal insults to run interference for the corrupt US establishment again.

I'm starting to notice a pattern with this account.

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Ok I'll put aside insults and you can explain why you think there's no relevant contextual difference between what the people in communist china are protesting about, and what the people in USA were protesting about.

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Of course, when the CIA stokes unrest, it is always good. When the American people protest, it is always bad. Simple as.

If you're in favor of the powerful and against the little guy, like you are evidently paid to be.

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But you're not in lockdown. Because between wherever you live versus the chicoms only one government never lifted the lockdowns. Which is another difference in context which might explain the puzzle in your shitty meme.

Of course, when the CIA stokes unrest

Well first of all, it's not the CIA doing this, you've said you believe these protests are caused by lockdowns. So typical that chipit can't keep an idea straight for two lines of text.

Okay so what if it is the CIA. If this is the dreaded color revolution that the CIA apparently waited until now to that a bad thing, in your view? Or a good thing that the chicoms might be overthrown? Wouldn't chipit say it's a good thing? How have you broken your own narrative twice in one shitty retarded post?

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Oh look, the shill is attacking the little guy and defending the powerful again. What a surprise.

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Nice way to avoid answering.

So is this a color revolution as you implied? Or are they mad about lockdowns as you also implied? Is it a good thing to overthrow the CCP for lockdowns or bad because its the CIA?

It's difficult for you to hold a consistent thought, I know, but I'm willing to give feedback if you want to try

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I don't engage with paid posters who break TOS by hurling insults. Make arguments.

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So chipit do you think what's happening in China is a colour revolution? Or not?

And is it a good thing? Or not?

Did the US, UK, AU and CA ever come out of lockdowns? Did China? Do you think the discrepancy might be a factor behind the puzzle in headlines in your OP?

Do you think the fact that 99% of the western population knowing that, unlike China, we would emerge from lockdowns was a driving force in the type of headlines the protestors got? And vice versa for China?

Make your arguments, chipit, don't just slander me

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