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    Today I woke up and turned on a local radio station of mine. The host sarcastically said "Good morning, we're on day 215 of stopping the spread".

    Covid kicked it all off, so it seems. That sent us into a time we've never seen before. The issue is that you cannot even mention this without hearing people mockingly say "Oh, muh rights is being infringed! I need to wear a mask to keep people safe, but no! Trumpers don't wanna wear masks!".

    Who cares what they say, right? I do. Because it's the majority. It's most of the lifeless zombies that have no other abilities than to repeat what is heard on their TV.

    Just the other day I was watching some old youtube videos of people in the Call of Duty days, amazingly they have not yet been removed. Tons of profanity, cursing people off, harsh remarks - but everyone actually seemed happier back then. Isn't it weird? Almost as though a sign of a healthy society is being strong enough to withstand speech you don't like.

    But now? Now everyone is miserable because of what you stated above. Everything is regulated, banned, scolded, or attacked. If it wasn't so scary I'd laugh at these... "people" (I cannot even think of a word hateful enough to describe them) that champion this utopian society they're aiming for. The latest is the 62% Biden tax on anything over 400K, but the youngsters shout "If you're that wealthy you SHOULD pay your fair share". My fair share? I keep 38 cents out of every dollar?

    In the end, I think the biggest problems is that we have enabled, encouraged, and ultimately raised a society of downright fucking LOSERS. Men aren't attracted to me? Is it because I am overweight and smell? I know. I'll eat more, dye my hair green and talk about empowerment. I can't make good money because I made horrible career choices and was raised in an entitled household? 62% tax. I don't have enough self discipline to have one partner to have a family with and have kids - Encourage promiscuity and bastardize the nuclear family.

    Stream of consciousness, sorry. I am getting tired of the USA. The world, more like it.

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    You are 1000% correct. This country is a fucking sinking ship and ain't nothing is gonna pull it out.

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    You just agreed with a bot which literally just repeats other people's posts rearranged and mangled into nonsense.

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    Correction... you can't protest because others will now harm you.

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    In the immortal words of The Emperor... The circle is now complete.

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    Smh I think shit is going down the drain either way. If Biden wins, he gonna tear down the wall and spread USA's legs to those migrants once more. If Trump wins, shitstorm continues. Don't know how anyone is gonna survive this. I don't see any fucking light down this tunnel.

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    If Biden wins men are allowed to literally be women and women aren’t allowed to say anything.

    If Trump wins men are allowed to do anything to women and women won’t be able to say anything AND the environment is fucked.

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    Was the victim conservative though or just pro free speech?

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    He became the very thing he swore to destroy

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