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That one was also saying straight men should be forced to go on dates/fuck transwomen.

Zinnia is a frootloop.

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Laugh all you want, these ideas are going mainstream soon.

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it can try but it's like the attempt by Fat Acceptance to do so.

Guess what - men still aren't attracted to fat women and still avoid them when it comes to sex and dating.

Same thing for men fucking other men, which is what trannies are. You can't force hetero men to fuck other men, no matter the attempt to mainstream it. Trannies are mentally ill - I hope they get the help they need.

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Same thing for men fucking other men, which is what trannies are.

Except for the ones who are incels who figured out the cheat code of guilting woke lesbians into sex with guys wearing panties.

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ok you got me there lol

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I'm not laughing.

I thought the notion of trans children was a handful of crazies in california and the idea would horrify most people and never become a thing. That was before I even knew hormone blockers were a thing. This was only like 5 years ago. Now it's absurdly common, and we just had a guy "elected" who's explicitly said he's down with 8 year olds transitioning..

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Probably not. Tucker Carlson had an actor that came on to say that men should breast feed more often.

They are propagating these stupid narratives for a reason.

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Tucker does that phony shit way too much and I don't see how people don't see right through it.

That said, trans kids was a fringe weird idea like five years ago, and now it looks like we'll be having a president who's down with it. If someone told me drag queen story hour would be a thing five years ago, I would have laughed in their face.

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I'm titillated. What's the reason?

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To make it seem that these views are more commonplace than they really are.

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yeah he nip'd that one in the bud.

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You realize by hating on them and giving them the spotlight like this, you are helping to spread those ideas, right? This is the first time a lot of people are hearing of this idea, is from your post.

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In contrast, the reason things have gone so far is because the average person, who would otherwise reject, rightfully, has no idea that any of this shit is even going on.

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Remaining in ignorance while they do their work isn't an option. That's how this problem got so bad in the first place: we didn't take them seriously and now look at how tragic it is.

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No, no... they're not. Go outside, talk to your community. Not one personnis doing this here. It will never be mainstream. The media wants you to think it is.

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forced to go on dates/fuck transwomen.


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Would you also like your Christmas package pre-raped?

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Jason... why?

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Rape it in a bow. Tis the season to be jolly with your balls and Holly.

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I want to believe this is a troll, but Poe's Law...

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Poe's law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author's intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the views being parodied.

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Sadly no. Zinnia is actually that batshit.

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I'm trans, and this shit pisses me off. Putting children on hormone blockers is abuse! It stunts their growth, and ironically makes them incapable of "aquir[ing] that ability" because hormones are a huge factor in whether or not someone is trans.

And naturally, hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgery are both no-gos for children too, especially the latter, which I believe should be banned until age twenty-five (since it's permanent and life-changing).

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It's funny that it's middle aged men pushing that these drugs should be available so kids can pass better when they grow up but most of these kids are now female. The main side effect of these drugs is they stunt growth. For FTM trans height is the main tell. This is why they look like 12 year old boys with moustaches drawn on. For girls with gender dysphoria they actually make it much harder to pass. Can anyone name a single benefit of these drugs for female trans kids? Yet they are they main people being prescribed them.

I mean there is a theory that peados find these child-like women attractive, the drugs also stop your brain maturing and drop your IQ, so that could be a factor.

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They also don't develop sexual maturity, so no orgasms. It seems creepy... like keeping kids sexually immature forever but constantly trying to make them live up to an expectation that they can't meet, so they'll always be looking for approval. Super weird.

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Like we do with pet dogs and cats.

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There's a trans guy who works at the coffee shop next door to my house, and they've never done anything to harm me, but they make me uneasy as fuck. They look like a tiny framed fourteen year old girl, but with a beard and mustache.

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Can you imagine what Ellen Page would look like if she took testosterone. I mean people often don't get how tiny actresses are and think they are just model thin. No, they are tiny in every way, fragile and bird like.

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Next gen hobbit sex slaves.

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I'm against transgenderism. But it's your life. If transgenders unify against transhumanism than that's a plus

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It probably ain't gon'o happen, though, because most transfolks are brainwashed idiots — which is a major reason their 'Community' left me behind. They do whatever the DNC tells them to do, while insisting they're free; I don't buy it.

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The reassignment surgery should be a no go for adults too. You want breast implants, fine. But chopping off your penis and scrambling your sexual organs around into a Frankenstein's monster of a pretend organ is seriously sick and should not be encouraged.

I'm not saying trans people don't exist, but cutting off your dick and stabbing a hole in yourself is not a vagina.

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If you're over the age of twenty-five, I believe you should be allowed to have cosmetic surgeries. Your doctor can say no, but I don't want to give the government that power.

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I'm genuinely torn. If it's legal, I think it should be heavily discouraged. Again, I'm not talking about breast implants, which I consider cosmetic.

I mean cutting up your dick and basically drilling a hole in yourself to pretend is a vagina. That's more than cosmetic, that's functional. It's like if the new trend amongst young people were to be having their legs removed. I don't think anyone encouraging it is trying to help these people, I think there are genuinely evil people out there trying to convince people to do something horrific to themselves.

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Yeah, I discourage having surgery, especially in regards to genitalia. This is a major reason why I oppose state laws that require surgery to change your sex marker, because they promote doing it. I know it's supposed to be a "compromise", but in reality it helps no one. Even banning sex marker changes would be better.

If you want a real compromise, how about we have a marker for sex, which can never be changed, and a marker for gender or pronouns, which can? It won't make both sides completely happy, but at least it won't entirely upset them either. I'm gon'o admit: this my ideal solution, so perhaps it's biased, but I'm a centrist, so perhaps not.

But the fake vaginas ain't really functional, because you can't have children with them. You can have sex with them, but that makes it more of a sex toy than an organ. That's another reason I don't like it, because other than state laws requiring surgery for a sex marker change, there's really no'n other than fetishism that drives people to have these surgeries.

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I want to cut of my penis, cut it in half and sew it on my shoulder blades so that over the next 10 years I can stretch them out into dick wings. Either that, or sew it on my forehead to be a unicorn.

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I do appreciate hearing from sane trans people.

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Thanks, I wish more of us weren't brainwashed idiots.

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I agree, kids aren't mentally and physically ready for hormone blockers, and anyone that makes their kids trans for only fame or to seem special should honestly be ashamed of themselves.

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Definitely, that would be child abuse — even if the kid asks for it, because they can't consent.

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Yep, kids can't consent to making serious decisions.

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That's so'm the left will never understand.

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Sigh I'm glad I'm not associating with far left loonies that say really harmful beliefs and ideas.

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Yeah... and this ain't even far-left, it's mainstream. Pedophilia is mainstream in both parties, it's just that the Republicans try to hide it.

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God dammit, why, just why. I still hate the human race for not fixing itself. I give up.

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American is fucked, man.

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It really is by the sounds of it.

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I think you're the minority of the minority, and other trans people would probably call you names for that (perfectly reasonable) view.

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Definitely. I've been called a Nazi for being pro-life... the irony is lost on them.

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Interesting. I'm pro choice politically because I don't think the government should be allowed to force women to deal with a medical condition (pregnancy) on their terms. Same as how im pretty gc/radfem but I'd never support a ban on gender affirming care of any kind for adults.

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Putting children on hormone blockers is abuse!

We used to not be able to stop puberty and allow children a choice. Now we can. They can always go through puberty later if they make the choice to be cis.

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Nope puberty blockers destroy bone density and cause an IQ drop of up to 10 points and both things are not reversible.

Puberty is a complex process in which multiple things have to happen at the same time. If you stop it it can't happen again later, the human body clock simply doesn't work like that.

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I had puberty 3 times yesterday.

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It's still extremely harmful. Look at Jazz Jennings. He went on puberty blockers and therefore only ever grew a micro-penis. When he eventually got surgery to get a "vagina", he didn't have enough penile tissue to turn it inside out to make a neo-vag. The poor kid had to go through multiple surgeries, take skin off his thighs, and be in constant pressure/pain. He also will never have an orgasm, never have children, doesn't know what sexual stimulation or arousal is, etc.

Even if he didn't get the surgery and changed his mind, he'd still have a micro-penis and diminished sexual maturity/arousal.

And to top that off, he'll never be a woman no matter how many surgeries he gets. There is no surgery that can turn a male into a fully functional female, or vice versa. He still looks like a boy, even after all that. Telling children they can change sex is a lie.

It's a horrible life.

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what 'choice'? You're either born with a penis or born with a vagina. Delusional attempts by liberal idiots only result in mental illness, insanity, and suicide.

stopping puberty is child abuse Any parent who does should have their children taken from them and the parents summarily executed for child sex crimes.

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I'm willing to accept two different scenarios: one where gender and sex are the same thing, and another where transgenderism exists along side transracialism, trans-specism, and even people who identify as an adjective (such as orange) for an infinitely-brief lapse of time.

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Well, I'm actually a Decepticon and will piss wherever the hell I want to because ALL HAIL MEGATRON!!

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I identify as the president of the united states, so don't stop me from having a sleepover in the white house.

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They can always go through puberty later if they make the choice to be cis.

That's what we call "stunting growth".

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People think "puberty blockers" work like the pause button on their Nintendo switch.

Just start and stop whenever you want with no consequences whatsoever.

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Don't argue with science.

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It sounds like you're promoting child abuse to me because delaying puberty until 20 does not have the same result as puberty occurring naturally at 12.

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That's not how it works. PB's have been shown to have some pretty severe side effects including long lasting problems with bone density and who knows what else, all to chase after something that they can never truly achieve. If you're fully grown, as in 25+, then go for it, but medically unnecessary/cosmetic drugs and surgeries should be a hard NO for kids.

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I think you mentioned that once before. Trans but not transhuman, I assume. Punny, I know.

What ability?

Ever see this? /s/MovieAnalysis/comments/6z0g/thoughts_on_gross_movies_1212_nyx_fears/

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Not gon'o lie, a lot of my comments are just the same thing reworded.

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I didn't know Nyx had transed. The content still seems okay. Sometimes he'd do great content. I'd drifted away for a long time.

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

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Nyx Fears is a YouTube channel hosted by Nyx a goth dude who's now apparently a goth chick.

I wasn't a super fan but I viewed his content, as always with everyone hoping for great stuff, on regular basis for a while and somehow drifted away.

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Ok okay.

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"Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny." -Sam Hyde.

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If you have kids, block social media at the router level. None of this shit was even thought about pre-twitter. Twitter allows these psychos to seem far more influential than they really are.

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That's actually the main advice to parents whose kids suddenly come out as trans. Almost always they've been groomed online and once they step away from that bubble they realise it's nonsense.

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Thanks for the daily reminder of why i don't have twitter.

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Those aren't people, they're bots.

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Oh they're people.

The kind of lovely people who would beat the shit out of you in real life just for looking at them funny.

And we're letting those people tell doctors how to medicate kids and write our laws for us.

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Twitter, sure. Real life? Few.

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Even if it was magically 100% safe it would be an asinine waste of resources, time, effort, and bodily integrity.

It would be akin to removing everyone's appendix at birth on the slim chance they'll get appendicitis someday.

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Or foreskin. Or tonsils.

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Interesting... but your tiny png file doesn't provide much context or much information at all. Why bother including the png link? It doesn't provide enough information to add anything to your statement. If anything it brings it into question more than it would otherwise.

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selfish lunatics just trying to keep people young looking for their own pedo desires

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Is it time to start shooting these freaks yet?

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In fairness, this is one person, not 'people'. Let's not overblow the problem.

Unless of course this guy's pronouns are 'they/them'. Then I guess he qualifies as people.