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I don't know. Video was fairly damning on it's own.

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And its meaning was pretty clear back then as well.

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Trump suggests to a foreign leader he should reopen an investigation into corruption involving a company Biden's son works for and we get a year of hysterical coverage and an impeachment.

Biden openly brags at the CFR about strong arming the same government over a loan until they fire a prosecutor who in his own words was involved in an investigation involving a company employing Biden's son and nothing but crickets.

This is why everyone hates the press.

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The prosecutor was not investigating his son.

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He was investigating the company which hired Bidens son to get Biden to stop the investigation. What part of that is not blatant corruption?

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The part where none of it is true?

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A) Prosecutor said he was investigating B) Financial records showed the payments These are incontrovertible.

C) Direct email correspondence of Hunter's laptop now shows direct coordination to use Hunter to petition Joe to end prosecution. Or do you think the personal photos (crackpipe) are fake, even with the public (and secret) timelines adding up?

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A) Yeah, he does say. He has nothing to lose by lying, and is probably being paid by Russia to lie. Independent Ukrainian investigators have determined he was lying. Guys who worked for him say he's lying.

B) What records? I haven't heard about this so I'm not sure what you are talking about.

C) The emails are a straight up desperation ploy by Trump and co. You seriously think he dropped off his laptop at Guiliani's friend's place? Like even for conspiracy theories this one is a stretch.

And yes Hunter Biden has done drugs. So what? Hunter isn't running. Actually maybe it's a good thing and will encourage Joe to end the war on drugs.

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A) 'the russians are paying him off' is a bit over the top. I would expect you to say he is just salty for being (justly or unjustly) fired. Also he has coworkers (underlings) who corroborate his story. But I suppose muh Russia applies to them. B) lol C) Owner is no Guiliani friend. Someone didn't see the press conference before the final debate. D) now you're going to tell me the sex tapes are a conspiracy theory too. How much evidence do you need?

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Why should I care about Hunter Biden sex tapes? Is Hunter running for president?

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I, too, like my leader's family not held to as high as standard as mine.