QuestDiagnostics Covid test product page says it may not be helpful if "Trying to diagnose COVID-19" by discountmeat in conspiracy

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A publicly traded company like Quest would be held accountable by investors if they lied about this, and that's why they declare publicly that it's not a useful test.

"The students won't cheat in exams if they value their learning more than we value their grades." - Richard Feynman by muellermeierschulz in quotes

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Students will put more value on learning when they are learning more valuable things.

Coronavirus Causes Weaponized 'Tentacles' To Sprout From Infected Cells, Directly Inject Virus Into New Ones by Questionable in conspiracy

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From the article: Our hypothesis is that these speed up infection."

This isn't science until it's scientific. Until then it's just a hypothesis.

My friend was muted on Saidit by danuker in censorship

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Banning people like him represents the glory of saidit.

Why is the... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Do you have context on this?