Accept - Burning by muellermeierschulz in music

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The original recording of "Burning" is notable for a fake live performance; it was recorded with crowd noise mixed in instead of being recorded at a concert.

Is it wrong to join an MLM? by RatherSmallPotato in whatever

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Nothing is wrong with selling products and services.

As long as it's the same as helping people by solving their problems.

One requirement for MLMs is a big margin because all the people in the chain needs to get paid their commission. That should result in mostly high price levels.

If you think the product or service is nonetheless a great solution and you selling to them is helping to solve their problems - everything is fine. Than do it. Great to sell someone a new IPhone or a Patek which makes them happy.

But, if you think, product/service is not so great, if you wouldn't buy it for yourself or won't sell it to your closest friends or your family, that would mean you would not get paid for helping, but for lying. I would not recommend that.