Was all just a dream? by zyxzevn in funny

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Edit: sorry, just realized it said "ants" not bananas. I'll just leave this up though

Close to me. I thought it said cinnamon sauce and that's not made in the wild.

Why does America have so many politicians that become wealthier after-office than they were before-office? by stallfedcalf in AskSaidIt

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Let's just say they get time off for 'good behaviour'.

Chinese Police Have Filmed Dozens of Forced Confessions, Often After Torture: Report by 1donteven in China

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I had to look up what a 'tiger chair' was and whether it was like the sweat boxes told of the North Korean detention camps and I found this article from 2015

The Occult World of Aleister Crowley by ruperttaylor in Occult

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150 children a year? Crowley had dead junk if he was firing as little spunk as that.

If browsers were women ... by realpanzer in Humor

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Brave is the sonsy missy that sells ecstasy at lava lounges. She's too jaded from playing the field so she hides in the corner so nobody can touch her apart from her clients who are willing to put their trust in her gurning crypto-pyramid schemes.

Are you male or female? by zevena in AskSaidIt

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The real question is am I the only mashed up taffy knocking about on here? Any other proper Welsh butty boys in the house?

What is something you wont miss from reddit? by Javascript in AskSaidIt

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tl;dr: the user base

This is another salient point that I think is substantive to bring forth to the teeny clubhouse round table we got going on. All of us saidheads (I hope) possess the tittle of attention to trawl through more than two paragraphs without needing a footnote summary. Not casting aspersions on you, Enza, although you're pretty gay for liking spiderman.

Drug Used to treat Alcoholism Useful in the Fight Against COVID-19: Study by Stankmango in Coronavirus

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They used benzos and anti-convulsants on my uncle when he was admitted for poisoning.

What is something you wont miss from reddit? by Javascript in AskSaidIt

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The sweaty freshet of meme culture spilling into every thread. "You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar", "this guy fucks", "I bet you're fun at parties." and the innumerable stolen inside gags that top the actually relevant interesting points.

The second straw for me is when WPD got blacked. That's not too bad, content wise, because I know most of the sites they get it from. The final straw was cringeanarchy. I'm one of the CA migrants. Now there were no memes half a percent as funny as the ones posted there.

I was more of a lurker so I don't give as much of a shaven shit as the others getting juiced and xehandled by the petty contrarians and gangs of four.

So many dead new subs... by medium_tomato in whatever

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Stoner metal, surf rock, etc. are welcome in my bushy tush/shaven haven /s/RockyAcid

Wanna help this site? Stop focusing on Reddit and start focusing on posting some truth. by mongre in SaidIt

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Guessing around 60k. Everybody was automatically subsammed to every non-nsfw subsammy in the first few waves of migration.