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(Verse 1)
What is this that I can't see

With icy hands taking hold on me

I am death and none can excel

I'll open the doors to heaven or hell


Oh. death, oh, death, can 't you spare me over till another year?

Oh, death, oh, death, please spare me over till another year

(Verse 2)

Oh. death, someone would pray

Couldn’t you call some other day

God's children prayed. the preacher's preached

The time of mercy is out of your reach

I'll fix your feet so you can't walk

I'll lock your jaws so you can't talk, Close your eyes so you can 't see

This very hour come go with me

Death, I come to take the soul

Leave the body and leave it cold, To drop the flesh oft of the frame

The earth and worms both have a claim


(Verse 3)

My mother come to my bed

Place a cold towel upon my head, My head is warm, my feet is cold

Death is moving upon my soul

Oh, death, how you treating me Close my eyes so I can 't see

You hurt my body. you make me cold

You 're ruling my life right out of my soul


(Verse 4)

Oh, death, please consider my age

Please don 't take me at this stage

My wealth is all at your command

If you will move your icy hand

The old, the young, the rich or poor

Are all alike with me, you know

No wealth, no land, no silver, no gold

Nothing satisfies me but your soul
Ralph Stanleys version from "O Brother, Where art thou?" is my favourite version of this song