The UK's Upcoming Porn Ban Explained - TLDR News by JasonCarswell in Sex

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The argument about the content being darker on lesser known and uncontrolled sites shouldn't even be the core point. Imagine the beefy amount of malware and phishing scams galore.

Another point that isn't really being addressed is how the UK is cracking down on the online pharmacies big time. At the beginning of April they made Gabapentin and Pregabalin controlled substances. I'm prescribed them and because I'm not on repeat I have to meet with my GP each time. When I know one of us will be away a while I order a pack online. We'll start clocking a rise in withdrawal-related deaths soon enough.

Watch this space but I reckon within the year they'll control codeine. They'll start with dihydrocodeine tartrate and then over time get rid of Phosphate by dosage until the only available medicine is 8/500mg, or even just paracetamol. I don't want to get political in this because I'm having a tanked seal of a time but I pray for a Lib Dem government to completely reform the drug and privacy policies in this anomic shitbrained dystopia.