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I might make some other music subs at a later date.

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Phenomenal job organizing the genres in the sidebox!

Thank you thank you thank you!

cc /u/magnora7, /u/d3rr, /u/Stankmango


New: /s/BroStep_GlitchHop

In the sidebox of BroStep_GlitchHop I've listed a few more electronica genres I'd hope to see made by me or anyone:

CyberGoth | Dark dystopian sci-fi electronica

EpicMusic | Emotionally uplifting from Classical to Electronica to Scores to Soundtracks

FunkHouse | House music with a funky soul groove

LavaLounge | Acid Jazz, Chillout, Crooners, Easy Listening, Lounge Core, Mellow Swing, Retro Rockabilly, Space Age Bachelor Pad, Spy Craft, Surf Songs, Tiki Lounge, Ultra Lounge, and Vintage Vibes

ProgressiveTrance | Progressive House and Dream Trance with motivating peaks and builds


I also have non-electronica music subs I hope to see:




ActivistAnthems or TruthTrax or FightThePower (or some name to be determined) | Not to be confused with conservative-only BasedMusic, this is anything vaguely resistance oriented

Celts_And_Pirates | Folk and/or world music may overlap with celtic, but this sub will be completely dedicated to maritime jigs and reels, beer-drinking songs, movie soundtracks, and of course Irish, Scottish, and even some Scandinavian classics, new and old and ancient

ClassicRock | Overlaps with some 60s, 70s, and onward

HippyVibes | Not to be confused with Classic Rock or early 60s music - it's a very specific generally optimistic period


Plus a couple more music subs that require a bit more explaining via example (hinted below), when I get around to it. And some more music genre subs that aren't very pressing since I don't have much to share or they're not important enough to me.

IMO, /s/RockAndRoll need not be limited to just American music, and it should not include honky-tonk, blues, or jazz. They are all very distinct genres. I'm not a fan of honky-tonk, country, western, or blues, and only like some jazz, but I respect them all enough to know they deserve their own subs, though the first 3 could be one. (I have another special related themed sub, but I'll have to establish the tone (mirror my playlist) to avoid confusion before allowing others to contribute.) It might also be worth redefining /s/RockAndRoll to be 50s & 60s and creating /s/Rock for non-ClassicRock music from pop-rock to alt-rock and more.

Lastly, there's a whole discussion to be had about Swing, considering there are several sub-genres: East-Coast, West-Coast, Electro-Swing, /s/musica, etc.

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Sorry to get back to you so late, Jason boy. I've been away from Saidit for a spell. Anyway, I just managed to squeeze Brostep_Glitchhop into the music sidebar but we will no longer be able to cram anything else due to the character limit. It seems just over 1000 is all it can take so any more suggestions will need to have a stickied post perhaps.

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s/postrock too dead right now

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    Yeah we know, just use google with the added search term ""

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    I got a few from that, thanks. Sadly, this search does capture many of them - must be a Google-related issue.

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    Oh really? Interesting. Does the same search on duckduckgo yield different results?

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    Looks different. Hard to say how many though as DDG doesn't give the total number of results.

    A more concise search term, if the engine supports it, would be something like

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      Or use whatever search engine you like, google is just the best at searching within a website, even though I disagree with a lot of what they do as a company

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        Definitely, both internally on Saidit and across the search engine landscape.

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        I'm the latest mod in the sub, thanks to the senior mods for the invite. I have added my music subs to the sidebar list: /s/ChristianMusic, /s/Folk, /s/Pop, /s/Seasonal, and /s/WorldMusic. We have a pretty sizable list here at /s/Music, but nothing compared to Reddit's. I think there are a lot more music subs out there across Saidit, so let's beef up this list!

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          Great sub, added and subscribed.