Kid on Bike Crushed by Truck by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A little hard to see, but from an alternate angle from another camera, a kid on a bike (on the left side) is seen trying to suddenly cross the road from the blind side of a truck that's in the process of making a turn. The kid on the bike charges on, only to be crushed by the truck.

Never cross the road where you're not supposed to, especially from the blind side of a vehicle.

Man Crushed by Excavator by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A man in white shirt stands on a road, looking at a distance while an excavator advances. The claw drops something and the man doesn't seem to notice it. The claw then goes down, hitting the man and knocking him down to the ground. The excavator reverses and as if to finish the job, the claw goes down and crushes the man.

Based on the video's title, it seems like the man and the driver of the excavator fought before this video was recorded. It does look like it's murder and the excavator operator's actions seemed to really be targeting the guy in white.

Woman Blown Away and Slammed Violently by Beirut Explosion Shock Wave by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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On the video in what seems to be an apartment complex, a door opens when suddenly, a woman gets blown away and slammed against the rails in an extremely violent manner, demonstrating the power of the explosion which occurred at Beirut. You can see the woman's back get bent as the entire building shakes and dust falls all over the place. The power from the shockwave combined with the trauma of being slammed at high speeds against a metal rail and her back being bent and probably spinal cord broken at different places must have caused her death.

This is probably the closest we'll see a human being getting punched by Incredible Hulk.

My regret ... An introductory research was opened to determine the circumstances of a road user intentionally colliding with minors, which resulted in the death of one of them. by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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Oh so from what I understand, some naughty kids were throwing eggs at passing vehicles, but one vehicle wouldn't take this shit and so the driver just ran over the kids.

Scooter Passenger Crushed After Scooter Driver Hits Side of Truck by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A scooter driver with a passenger, attempts to rush and squeeze between a truck and a bus. The scooter driver instead hits the side of the truck, causing the scooter to fall. The passenger unfortunately gets crushed by the truck's wheels while the driver survives. The driver gets up, seemingly calm, even after seeing the crushed remains of his passenger.

For people who drive small vehicles like scooters, motorcycles, bikes, it's really not a good idea to try and squeeze between two bigger vehicles in an attempt to rush to get to your destination faster. Not everyone will see you, and most importantly, it's very easy to knock your small vehicle out of balance due to its light weight. If you go down, you become like that passenger, ground human meat on the asphalt.

I drive for a living (well not during the coronavirus situation we have now), but I see at least 2 or 3 motorcyclists in a week at least, who come close to getting turned into road patty. It's worse when these motorcyclists are going too fast, especially when traffic's stopped or slow. Coming fast from a far distance, vehicles in front might not notice them at first because the mirror won't show them. If these vehicles decide to switch lanes or move a little bit, the speeding motorcyclist might get clipped, causing them to get thrown far away and end up broken in all sorts of ways, or thrown under other vehicles to be crushed and shredded.

Girl Crushed After Skipping Into Truck's Path by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A girl is seen fooling around the side of the road, seemingly curious about a front loader vehicle. A truck approaches, but the girl suddenly skips out into the truck's path and gets crushed.

In a lot of these videos where kids get crushed by vehicles, it's always the kid who just suddenly races towards the road or jumps out from a hidden area. I always ask "WHY?!", but I guess we'll never know because kids simply do what they want to do whenever, and usually at the worst possible moment.

Man Tries to Save Falling Box, Gets Crushed by Own Forklift in Perfect Circle by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A man lifts some boxes using a forklift, but when one of them starts falling, the man gets off the forklift to try to save it. The forklift remains operational and accelerates in a circular path, running him over once. The forklift still isn't done and continues on its circular path and this time, it crushes and drags the man in a circular path as blood from the man is used to paint a perfect circle of death on the ground.

Man shot dead in Bronx while walking with 4-year-old daughter by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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Nobody said anything about no crime happening before people started protesting evil cops killing people. That is false, crime or illegal activities have been performed since the dawn of humanity.

The idea is this - No cops to enforce law, criminals become braver to commit crimes. The less cops around, the greater the success of committing crime and not getting caught. If there are cops around, the less likely criminals will commit crimes because there's a good chance they'll be caught.

You don't need to have an "original" idea about this as this is not a case of composing fiction, this is an issue of analyzing a situation. Common sense is the only thing required.

Man shot dead in Bronx while walking with 4-year-old daughter by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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This is what happens when you defund or remove police. Criminals get emboldened to commit crimes, whether random or planned. Not all cops are evil but there's this vocal group who really believes all cops are guilty and should be removed. They're only saying that because they haven't been victimized by criminals yet.

Look what happened at the case on the freeway where a car ran over two "protesters" in the pitch dark of the night. What did the protesters do when they saw their pals get run over? They screamed to call the police... the same police they want to be defunded and removed. Isn't it ironic that the first one they immediately wanted to call for help were the same people they wanted to be taken out? This tells me that these people don't really understand what they want and they're just doing this anti-police display as a form of virtue signaling. If they truly don't believe in the police anymore, then they wouldn't be calling for them and they'd have their own way of dealing with crimes. But no, we see time and time again that these people, at the first sign of being victimized by criminals, immediately call on the cops.

Worker Gets on Crushing Machine, Gets Crushed by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A worker (can't tell if it's actually man or woman), is seen removing some kind of long piece of metal (or wood) from a machine that seemed to crush things. The worker inexplicably gets on the machine while it's still active and ends up getting crushed by the machine. Fellow workers immediately come to the rescue, but it's too late. The guy who released the machine sees the aftermath of the accident and slaps both his knees before crouching. Another guy grabs the piece of metal or wood from earlier and slams it on the table to express his shock.

Another sad death that could have been easily prevented by not getting into an active machine that could crush you easily.

Truck Rams 20 Motorcyclists, 6 Crushed to Death by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A bunch of motorcyclists come to a stop at the traffic light. Unfortunately for them, a giant truck trying to beat the red light fails to stop and ploughs through them. Six people were crushed to death while majority got injured.

More info here:

Woman Seemingly Inexperienced Handling Gun, Shot By Robber by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A woman enters a room holding a gun as a robber wearing a helmet follows her. The woman aims her gun at the robber and seems to attempt to shoot him, but it looks like the safety of the gun was on. The robber uses this opportunity and shoots her dead.

From my point of view, a person whose last time handling a gun was decades ago (and only a revolver at that), it looked like the woman didn't know how to use a gun. Aside from the strange way she was holding it in front of her, the fact that she seemingly forgot to remove the safety, which prevented her from shooting the robber, got her killed in the end. In my opinion, she doesn't seem like someone who was properly trained on how to use it.

I imagine the lesson here is that if you're gonna use a gun, then you better make sure you're prepared to shoot to kill, otherwise you're gonna be the one who's dead.

Man Crushed by Malfunctioning Circular Machine by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A worker seems to press a button or a switch which causes a circular machine to rise, carrying some kind of hanging parts with it. The worker decides to get close to check out the hanging stuff, when suddenly, the circular machine comes crashing down, squishing the poor worker like an insect.

In this scenario, what should have been the best safety precaution? Maybe the worker shouldn't have gotten close to the machine until it was stopped and fully secured? One thing I learned from watching many industrial death videos is that there's a higher chance of getting crushed by a machine while it's still running and you start messing with it or simply staying anywhere near it. While a machine is moving, it probably doesn't have that many safety features or in the case of this machine, it still hasn't reached the place where it could be secured.

Mother Throws Baby First Before Jumping to Death by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A mother stands at the top of a building, holding her baby. She suddenly throws it before jumping to death herself. A very short video of unfortunate deaths loaded with so many questions that will probably never get answered.

Woman Crashes into Glass Door, Bleeds to Death by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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In the video, a woman is seen rushing to the exit of a bank. Unfortunately for her, instead of the door opening when she pushes against it, she ends up crashing into it in a horrible way that she ends up getting sliced by the broken glass. She has a hard time getting up and once she does, people realize that she's bleeding badly. She gets put on a chair and someone tries to put pressure on her wounds. It seems to work at first, but later on she bleeds so much that the floor gets covered in blood. Later on, some guy with a giant piece of cloth wraps her in it and takes her away.

Lesson - whenever you're trying to exit a room with glass doors, do not rush and do not bump your body against the glass or you might end up breaking it and getting sliced in all the wrong places.

Child Electrocuted After Touching Low Hanging Power Line by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A child playfully walks around, clinging to poles and a machine while some adults clean the area. The child grabs on to a low hanging power line, causing her to get electrocuted for quite a long time. A seemingly pregnant woman finally notices the child being unresponsive. Upon seeing the child still holding on to the power line, the woman realizes what just happened and uses her broom to break the kid's grip on the power line. A passing motorcyclist gets hailed and the man jumps in to take the body of the child somewhere, probably to take her to a hospital.

After the child was gone, adults crowd around the killer power line, recklessly extending their hands to point at it. A few of them got so close it seemed like there were going to be more electrocuted dead people. People wouldn't stop getting close to the power line that others with a bit more sense of survival had to pull them away to prevent more deaths.

Dallas Man Defends Business From "Peaceful Protesters" (AKA Rioters/Looters), Gets Killed by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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That's the sad part. You're an innocent man trying to protect your home or business or your neighborhood from a huge number of rioters. You only have some kind of sword, no gun. You try to chase them away. The rioters think "Holy shit, he's fighting back, let's kill him!" and they do so. And the rioters have the audacity to think they have the right to do that when THEY are the ones causing trouble and danger in the first place. I really hope this poor man and his family gets justice.

It makes me feel bad that innocent people would have to kneel down and bow to these rioters if they want to survive, because fighting back means getting ganged up on and killed.

Dallas Man Defends Business From "Peaceful Protesters" (AKA Rioters/Looters), Gets Killed by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Actual News Source:

First of all, for those who don't know, a man named George Floyd, a black man, was recently killed by a murderous cop in the city Minneapolis. Although George was already on the ground and restrained, the cop still wouldn't take off his knee from George's neck. George couldn't breathe, lost consciousness, and died after around 7 or 8 minutes of being held in that position. This sparked outrage among people and protests began. Eventually, protests led to rioting and looting by people who saw this as an opportunity to steal from businesses and burn them down.

This innocent man decided to protect his business and his neighborhood, so when the rioters/looters came, he tried to chase them away with a sword. The rioters/looters ganged up on him, threw rocks and him, beat him up with skateboards, kicked and punched him in the head. He lay there twisted and lifeless with injuries on his head.

What angers me the most is that there are people who would use George's death as a reason to "protest" (the meaning of the word seems to have become synonymous to rioting and looting) and there are actually people who support the use of violence and destruction of property. Tell me, in what way does stealing from people and destroying their livelihoods going to help you get this so called "justice" for George? How is stealing and the destruction of livelihoods supposed to help in your fight against "racism"? How does stealing from a Fedex Truck help get justice for George and fight racism? No, these activities don't actually help at all because these are criminal acts fueled by selfishness.

These rioters/looters are all bullshit. They never really cared about George. They never really cared about racism. If they really cared, then they wouldn't be hurting people and destroying businesses. They would be out there peacefully protesting instead of doing destructive crime. People who support these rioters/looters/criminals should think for a moment and ask the following questions:

"What if I lost my JOB because they burned down my work place?"

"What if my family or friends got killed because they got in the way of these rioters/looters?"

"What if they target my home next?"

These rioters/looters act all shocked and victimized when they see one of their own get dragged and crushed by a scared driver of a Fedex truck trying to get away. These criminals act as if they've done nothing wrong when they get hurt or killed by people or cops defending themselves. These rioters/looters act like entitled brats who believe they are always in the right and they can just do whatever they want. They are selfish, horrible people.

Minneapolis police suffocate a black man to death by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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They already had the guy restrained. Shouldn't the next move be to check for weapons? That knee to neck move for that long period seemed unnecessary. It would've been a different story if that guy was still walking around, had a knife or a gun, and started rushing towards the cops. In that situation, killing the guy would be legitimate. This one though, isn't, because they already had the guy restrained.

In a lot of videos where I saw some dude was being restrained, the moment they find no weapons on him, they usually remove the pressure on the guy's neck. Sometimes they still keep him down or they put him against a wall. First time I've seen one like this where the cop just continued to put pressure on the guy's neck until he died.

Kid Falls Out of Stroller, Gets Crushed by Car, Mother Doesn't Realize It by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A mother pulls a stroller with a child in it while crossing the road with another younger child in front of a stopped vehicle. The child in the stroller falls to the ground, unnoticed by both mother and driver. The vehicle moves forward and crushes the fallen child. The driver stops his car to check what happened but sees that the mother seemed to be ok as well as the child beside her. The driver goes on his way thinking that everything's fine. At this point, the mother still hasn't noticed the dead body left near the side of the road. Nobody else in the vicinity seemed to care.

Parents, please secure your kids in their strollers to prevent things like this from happening. Also, make sure you always have full view of the stroller and the kid. This accident could've been prevented if only she was pushing the stroller properly as she would've seen what's happening with the kid.

Man making a video about train safety is killed by a train by DoctorsHateHim in WatchPeopleDie

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Was he totally distracted to the point that he'd fail to notice a bigass noisy train coming right at him?

Man Gives in to Peer Pressure to Swim Across Lake, Drowns by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A man was being pressured by his friends to swim across the lake in exchange for some money. The man was very hesitant and it took a very long time before his friends could convince him to take the challenge. The man finally jumps into the water and seems to swim very fast, but suddenly he slows down and starts flailing his arms all around. His buddies think he's messing around at first before realizing he's actually drowning. Panic ensues as the owner of the camera recording the event drops the phone and rushes with everyone to rescue their drowning friend. Unfortunately they couldn't recover him. The police eventually found the body later.

Lesson: If you're being pressured to do something and you're not comfortable with it, don't do it no matter what anyone says even if it means losing the chance to make money. If you're a friend, don't pressure your buddy into doing something they're not comfortable doing especially if it's dangerous, as it could end up like the tragedy in this video.

Father Kills Daughter by Throwing Her Off of Roof by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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According to the story, the dad got mad at his little daughter so he beat her up. In order to hide her bruises and injuries, he took his daughter to the roof and threw her down to "hide" the evidence.

Very bad dad.

Girl Commits Suicide by Train, Man Tries to Stop Train by Holding Its Side by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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I don't know. Recently they got shut down, when they re-opened they already required log-in and there's no way to sign up.

Man Tries to Fix Piled Up Mess, Gets Crushed by Rising Machine by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Man Tries to Fix Piled Up Mess, Gets Crushed by Rising Machine by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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I only really post what seems interesting to me. Usually videos of people getting crushed by machines that are supposed to help them with work, or children getting destroyed due to negligent parents. The more emotional pain or show of human reaction, the better.

Worst video I've seen hmm. Hard to answer. There's this one video I found where the mother hanged herself in front of her two kids. The two children freaked out and tried to put a chair under their mom to save her, but since they were very small, they couldn't do it. Eventually, the mom started doing the weird movements that people running out of oxygen do (their arms and hands move in a jitterish manner as if they're zombies/ghosts) and this freaked out the children even more and they started running away while crying. Definitely not a gore video, but the thought that a parent would subject her kids to her own suicide is very terrible. Gore is just gore, there's no emotional shock to them (or maybe I've become too desensitized). People are just walking meat bags that get crushed or squirt out the insides when something heavy lands on us. Emotionally charged deaths like that suicide in front of children are where it's at when it comes to memorability.

The unintentionally funniest death video I've seen was something from China. Some young adult was behind a store's counter that was owned by his dad. His mom was sitting on a couch nearby. His dad goes up to him and they argue about some crap. The dad pulls out a gun and puts it in front of the son while saying something like "If you're not happy then kill yourself". Dad walks away, son grabs the gun and shoots himself in the head, resulting in death. Father looks back and realizes his son actually took his "Kill yourself" statement seriously. Father, for some weird reason, decides to roll over to the ground and do leg lifts as if he's exercising. The mom gets up from her couch, then also rolls to the ground and flops around like a fish out of water. The mom eventually remembers she's human and not a fish, so she gets back up and she takes the gun away. The father continues doing leg lift exercises before rolling over to stand up, and then getting back down to repeat some more leg lifts. It's a sad scene, but seeing the father and the mother flop around like fish and do leg lifting exercises made me laugh due to the strangeness.

Man Tries to Fix Piled Up Mess, Gets Crushed by Rising Machine by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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While working on a conveyor belt machine of sorts, wood or cardboard started piling up near the exit. The man tries to free up the piled up mess, only for the machine to start rising on its own. The man gets trapped and crushed in the frame of the machine and he seems to get stretched badly. His work buddies immediately rescue him but it's already too late.

This is definitely a warning to never try and fix problems while machines are still active.

Man Walks Under Huge, Heavy Thing Being Lifted, Gets Crushed by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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In another display of life's tendency to have "Final Destination" moments, a man doesn't seem to notice that there's a huge, heavy thing being lifted by a machine right in front of his path. Just as he passes under it, the machine lifting the heavy object fails, causing the man to immediately get crushed by whatever it was.

There are so many videos like this that I've seen through the years and it's really amazing how cruel coincidences in life can be. Instead of winning the lottery or having something nice happen to you by random chance, you can get crushed, stabbed, become part of an accident, become a random victim of crime, or be part of war's collateral damage. Everything you've lived for, every feeling of joy, pain, love, it all ceases to exist the moment you get chosen as an unwilling participant in this terrible roulette of death.

If there is such a thing as destiny, then some people simply have been born to suffer horrible deaths for the amusement of the "gods".

Kid Runs Outside Gate, Trips Just as Van Passes By, Gets Crushed and Partly Scalped by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A vehicle honking is first heard at the start of the video. A child then runs outside the gate while saying something (maybe gibberish). Just as the kid reaches the road, he trips over exactly just as a van passes by and gets crushed by the rear wheel. A woman under the red thing (maybe a little vehicle?) gets out, but sees the unmoving child, causing her to freak out. She takes the body of the kid and hugs it, while a piece of the kid's scalp is left on the ground.

This is a very deadly reminder to always keep exits and entrances locked when you have little kids running around. You never know what can crush them at any moment.

Cyclist on Rightmost Lane Crushed by Truck Making Right Turn from Second to the Right Lane by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A cyclist on the far right lane heads straight while the truck on his left decides to make a right turn. Truck driver fails to notice (or maybe ignores?) the cyclist and hits him. Cyclist goes under the truck, body squished by the first time a wheel goes over him, while his head is forced to eject his brain matter when the second tire finally gets him there.

I'm a bit confused about their road. The truck's lane shows that it allows the truck to head left, straight, or right. But isn't the path going to the right a bit too small to allow two lanes to make a right turn at the same time? Or maybe that's not where he's supposed to make a right turn and there's another path where he should've done it? Chinese traffic movement is a bit confusing to me.

The cyclist looked like his intention was to move forward from his lane, so he probably thought the truck was gonna move forward or turn right somewhere else. He didn't look like he was expecting that truck to make a right turn right at that spot. Very strange.

Here in the US, I haven't encountered any roads like that. At least from what I've seen on the road, if the two rightmost lanes are allowed to make a right turn, then the rightmost lane is only allowed to make a right turn (it has a Right Turn Only sign), while the second rightmost lane can only move forward or make a right turn to the middle or outermost lane. The road would also have two or more lanes instead of just one of course.

Female driver drives over a scooterist by DoctorsHateHim in WatchPeopleDie

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I wonder if the lady's a feminist. That's one way to kill the patriarchy.

Man Works Grinder Without Protection, Throat Gets Slit by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Despite using an extremely dangerous tool that can cut through stone, metal, and other hard objects, the worker did not wear any protective gear at all. The grinder's guard also seems to be missing, something that could have saved him. Unfortunately for him, the chance of something going wrong happened at the worst possible time. Something caused the grinder to bounce back to his throat while he was still operating it, and since he had no protection at all, he was forced to face the consequences of operating deadly tools without meeting proper safety protocols.

No matter what you do, always do your best to have yourself protected... even on the internet.

Video: In the new one, he killed his girlfriend and committed suicide by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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Interesting how after he shot himself in the head, his hand automatically went into "I have a headache" mode.

Man falls to his death after son-in-law opens elevator doors early by Troy in WatchPeopleDie

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Why the hell did the old man just walk in without even looking if the elevator's actually there? It's right in front of him. Normal people wouldn't go inside an elevator without seeing if it's actually there. If it's dark, the more reason you shouldn't walk into it. It's common sense.

Man falls to his death after accidentally being pushed off a balcony by Troy in WatchPeopleDie

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"Yeeeeeah! We badass mang! We badass mang! OH SHIT!!!"

Warning: Don't sit where you could potentially fall to your death.

Woman Defies Safety Regulations, Goes Under Industrial Lift, Gets Crushed by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Here you go ->

As always, when visiting websites that aren't kid friendly (such as... death sites), always use adblock plugins and the like. The original link works properly without cancerous stuff with basic adblock and ublock origin.

Untrained Street Boxer Gets Punched Hard, Hits Head on Ground, Convulses to Death by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Note: If you're on the internet, then you should be using adblocks and similar software to protect yourself from pop-ups, ESPECIALLY if you are visiting questionable sites such as ones that host death videos and pornography. You are not visiting kid friendly sites like Disney. Anything goes in these death sites, you are not guaranteed that their advertising banners won't send you all sorts of shitty ass ads and malware. They have no standard of web security and safety. Going into websites without any sort of adblock is like trying to stick your dick into a bunch filthy, disease ridden whores who just finished a thousand man gangbang complete with creampies, and then wondering why the hell you got AIDS and whatever sickness afterwards. Be smart.

In the video, two men wearing 16oz boxing gloves (they're bigger than the usual 8oz boxing gloves used by professionals in real matches) are seen flailing around trying to hit each other. One guy successfully avoids a punch and counters with an overhand chopping punch to the top of the other man's head. This causes the guy to lose control of his body and fall back down. Unfortunately for him, they're fighting on the streets, and so without the safety of a proper boxing ring, the back of his head hits the ground hard as he lands, possibly contributing to the severity of his brain damage. The man starts convulsing and dies.

Woman Defies Safety Regulations, Goes Under Industrial Lift, Gets Crushed by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Based on the story, what happened was the lady was transporting stuff via lift when something fell and went under the lift. She made the lift go up, got out of the lift and went under it to reach for whatever she was trying to retrieve. Lift unexpectedly goes down and crushes her.

Reversing Truck Crushes Non-Moving Child, Man Immediately Buries Blood and Brain Matter Under Dirt by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A child's standing outside the gate of a home and sees the reversing truck. The child doesn't get out of the way for some reason and gets crushed by the truck. The child's head surrenders to the weight of the truck and sprays blood and brain matter. After the truck has fully reversed and is offscreen, a man (probably the driver?) runs and picks up the body of the lifeless child. He then returns to the scene of the accident with a cleaning tool and sweeps and buries the blood and brain matter under the dirt.

Seeing children get crushed by vehicles is nothing new, but what gets me here is the fact that the guy, for some reason, thought it was the appropriate time to clean up the accident scene. Never have I seen anyone perform an impromptu clean-up right after a death has occurred. I wonder what went through that guy's mind. Also, what in the world was that kid thinking? Based on what we've seen of the child, he seems to be grown enough to know to get out of the way of vehicles and not stay where they pass. Aside from that, why did the kid not move at all when he could have done so at any given moment?!

Mother Hangs Self in Front of Kids by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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This is a very strange video. There's a chair on top of a bed and a woman just finished preparing the rope to hang herself with. Her daughter seems to be the one who's filming the entire thing. Suddenly, the daughter gets up on the chair with the mom and the daughter for some reason, pretends to kick the chair backwards. She gets off the chair and the mom proceeds to get off the chair to hang herself. The daughter and her son freak out. The daughter can be heard saying "puta" a couple of times (which I think is Spanish for "whore") and she tries to help her mom. She calls on her brother to apparently grab the chair (she said silya or however you spell in which I think means "chair"). The boy sets back up the chair but the daughter's too small and too weak to put the mom back on the chair. The boy stands on the chair and tries to get the attention of their mom, but it's too late. The daughter and son both cry and sit on the bed as they watch their mom continue with her dying process. When the mom started doing the weird, intense outstretched arm and hand movement that people who get hanged do, it freaks out the daughter (she screams "puta" again) and she and her brother both run away crying.

I wonder what's the story that eventually led to this woman's decision to kill herself in front of her kids.

Young woman transmits his suicide live through Facebook Live, in Chiapas, Mexico by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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I wonder why some suicidal people decide to broadcast or show others their deaths.

Wannabe Hero Accidentally Causes Suicidal Man to Fall by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A heroic man tried saving a suicidal man from jumping to death. He grabbed the suicidal man's shirt by surprise, but this spooked the guy, causing him to lose his balance. The suicidal man then instinctively grabs hold on to whatever he could in order to prevent falling until he finally loses his grip and accomplishes his original mission.

Something tells me the suicidal man didn't really want to die because of how he still tried to hold on to dear life. Maybe he was just seeking attention or looking for someone to talk about his problems with. Unfortunately, being surprised from behind by someone will really cause anyone to lose their balance. I wonder if the wannabe hero feels guilty.

After bus robbery, people beat thief to death in Manaus by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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Was he wearing polkadot panties?! For such a hardass thief, I wasn't expecting to see that.

Anyway, I'm always happy whenever true justice like this is served. Entitled thieves who beat up or kill innocents just to take whatever they want, they definitely deserve to be treated the same way. That stomp around the 1 minute mark probably did the most damage. When he was under the bus, I was hoping it would accelerate or reverse in order to crush him.

Guy Tries to Squeeze in Between Truck and Motorcycle, Gets Crushed by Truck by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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The video isn't very clear because it was shot at night in the Philippines. Look at the 14 second mark, at the very bottom, you'll notice a guy wearing a red shirt trying to squeeze between a truck and a motorcycle that's trying to go across the road. As he tries to move, the truck starts moving forward and his leg gets caught by a giant wheel. He then gets pulled under and gets crushed by the truck. The motorcycle that was blocking the man's path immediately panics and dashes across the lanes while a woman who might know the man, suddenly charges into the scene and couldn't decide between raising her arms or holding her head so she just jumps in place while trying to do both. More people surround the scene of the dead guy and decide to pull out their phones to record it.

Anyway, their traffic situation seems like a nightmare. Why are there people walking on the actual lanes where vehicles are supposed to move? Why are there motorcyclists trying to squeeze between tight spaces where there are trucks all around them? The motorcyclist blocking the dead guy's path must have felt guilty and traumatized that's why he seemed to escape.

Girl Commits Suicide by Train, Man Tries to Stop Train by Holding Its Side by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Another video with very interesting human reactions. A girl stands in front of a train to get crushed by it. A man sees this and tries to stop the train by pointlessly holding on to its side. Some people really have a strong desire to save a life that they end up doing irrational things. Unfortunately for this man, the girl was already crushed before the train came to a complete halt.

Motorcycle driver runs down his next door neighbour with a loaned car by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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I wonder what kind of issue they had with a clothesline. Anyway, it's really important not to piss people off because you never know how crazy they can become. To a normal person, a clothesline problem is not something worth killing someone over, but to some people, it can become the trigger to push them just beyond the limit. Never let pride or ego rule over peace and stability or "saving face".

Son Shoots Himself After Father Gives Him Gun by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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I've noticed the makeshift crop top thing from other countries as well, not just China (I imagine this is from China). In the Philippines, when local thugs would challenge each other, they would raise their shirts to make that kind of makeshift crop top when trying to intimidate rivals or people. Some just completely throw their shirts down. They'd get into a brawl with their crop tops and then sometimes stab each other's exposed bodies. I guess that crop top move is just posturing as if to say "Hey, I'm a tough guy, look at this body!".

Son Shoots Himself After Father Gives Him Gun by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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According to what I remember, the story of this video is that the son was having problems with his dad. The dad then goes to the son and puts a gun right in front of him as if to say "If you're really tired of this life then kill yourself". The son takes the gun and actually shoots himself in the head. In the video, you can see the very interesting reaction of the dad and a woman who seems to be the mom. The father immediately smacks the son's head as if to reprimand him, causing the son to fall to the ground. He checks on his son and immediately realizes that his son took his suicide challenge and is already dead. The mother tries to get out of her chair but falls to the ground and flops around like a fish, while the father also falls to the ground and starts doing leg lifts in what seems to be an expression of regret. The mom quickly regains her composure and takes the gun away.

Dude kills random old guy in the street by Shitstick69 in WatchPeopleDie

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I remember the story behind this was that the shooter got dumped or left (or cheated on?) by his woman, so in an act of anger, he picked out a random person to kill and then showed it to his girl. He told the girl that a random person died because of her.

Thief shot man dead while robbing him of his phone by roger in WatchPeopleDie

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Whenever I see a thief killing a victim like that, I wish the criminal a very horrifying death. It's just unfair to the victim to have his stuff he worked for and his very life taken just because some lazy ass loser wants something to buy drugs with or whatever.

Doctor drops dead during an operation in China by roger in WatchPeopleDie

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Maybe it was a heart attack? I wonder what happened afterwards. Who continued the operation on the original patient? It would suck if the patient also died.

Person crushed to death against a wall by a bus by roger in WatchPeopleDie

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Wonder what state of mind the driver was in. Forgetting to put the gear in reverse is something that happens to people every now and then, but you usually never accelerate that fast. Little kid was lucky at the end.

2 Killed, 2 Wounded In Chicago Gas Station Shooting by mossberg91 in WatchPeopleDie

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Were those two guys really friends? Whoever was the friend of the guy in green jacket, he definitely used his buddy as a meat shield. Just look at those two guys who literally held the guy in green jacket to use him as cover. I guess if ever there's a shooting, it's best to get away from people because they'll probably use you as a meat shield, especially when you're in front of them..

Car hits motorcycle by SubSaharanBeast in WatchPeopleDie

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Right into the camera! I wonder if the motorcyclist was conscious as he spun around in the air.

Mag emptied into robber by SubSaharanBeast in WatchPeopleDie

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I wonder if that criminal actually had a loaded gun. The moment he saw the store guy pointing a gun at him, he just cowered and didn't even try to use his gun. Anyway I'm glad the store guy had a gun, otherwise he could've been the victim of a beating or shooting if that gun was actually loaded. Criminal totally deserved each bullet.

[Archive] Man shot and killed by father-son duo in Abilene Texas (graphic) by zoristtot in WatchPeopleDie

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What were they fighting about again? A mattress, an alley? Couldn't really understand much since all I could hear was some dude screaming like he's a WWE wrestler. "WHATCHU' GUN' DO WHEN THE HULKAMANIACS PULL THEIR GUNS ON YOU?!"

Anyway I think the big dude should've just walked away since those guys had firearms. The lady sounded very confident, until big dude got downed. She suddenly screamed like a storm alarm.

Find me the video where a donkey/goat eating little chickens straight out of a bowl or sth? by jizzyaccent in WatchPeopleDie

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It's a goat. Since no animals are allowed here, just check your pm.

Worker Tries to Fix Stone Crushing Machine, Gets Crushed Instead by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Yeah, it must have been a scary, painful death. I don't think you can die right away when it's just your feet that's being crushed first. At some point, the poor guy probably lost all hope of being saved and just let go of the edge that he was holding on to (unless the machine just slurped him forcefully).

Worker Tries to Fix Stone Crushing Machine, Gets Crushed Instead by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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A thick rock seems to have blocked the stone crushing machine so a worker goes in and tries to free it up. Unfortunately for him, he gets eaten by the machine which seems to have suddenly started without warning. His co-workers could only run away, probably in an attempt to stop the machine but it's already too late.

Looking for video by Cromerososa129 in WatchPeopleDie

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Cardi B Blames Trump for ‘Danger’ With Iran, Says She’s Moving to Nigeria by steveben in news

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Nigerians beware! She'll pretend to be a prostitute and then steal your money! That's what she did in the past.

Looking for video by Cromerososa129 in WatchPeopleDie

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A gunman robs a jewellers inside of a mall in Thailand, killing 3 people in the process. by Griffter in WatchPeopleDie

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That criminal deserves to be captured by maniacs and then raped three times a day for his entire life with a baseball bat laced with AIDS and rusty nails.

Speeding motorcyclist crashes into turning car. by ReaganAbe in WatchPeopleDie

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Yeah, it looked like he was doing that stunt move. I wonder if it's intentional or if it was a result of the sudden fear that took over him so he pulled the front of his bike up.

Dozens killed in attack on military academy in Libya's Tripoli by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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What surprised me was that a lot of them still managed to get up and survive despite being where the explosion was.

Pole provides karma by DoctorsHateHim in WatchPeopleDie

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Why were they pulling on the pole anyway? Was this some kind of protest? I saw a guy in a mask.

Georgia Mom Drops Baby On Concrete To Fight Another Woman. (Baby Dies, RIP) by AndrewG42 in WatchPeopleDie

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Not fit to be a parent. She even put the blame on a relative, what the hell. Such selfish trash.

Looking for video by Cromerososa129 in WatchPeopleDie

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Looking for video by Cromerososa129 in WatchPeopleDie

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Here you go:

As far as I can remember, it's the mom who was taking the video of the school event. They weren't told that the zipline event was part of the school activities but they went with it anyway. Unfortunately, the ropes snapped and the kid fell. Forgot where the story came from, it's from another site but that source I gave you is the same video.