Politics and Religion by The_In-Betweener in Memetics

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My gramp's top shelf maxim. His second blunderbuster is "If we came from monkeys then how come there are monkeys around today?" Always a classic.

/r/CringeAnarchy has been banned by Fire in MeanwhileOnReddit

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What a cock of scud crack. This is like the fall of Rome but with barely maintained sanitation and double the hubris.

Saidit is worse than reddit with censorship. by Troll in SaidIt

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Avocados of violence.

What's Your Fetish? by JasonCarswell in Sex

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I had a lucid dream last night where I picked up a packet of codeine and noticed the barcode was horizontal. Suddenly I realized I was in a dream and I called on a line of models to test-fuck. Human fleshlights. I felt like God in Crowley terms.

What's Your Fetish? by JasonCarswell in Sex

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Loli? Fucking pedo lolocaust denial