According to big alcohol: your life is worth $300,000 by TheAmeliaMay in Prohibition

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I drank every Sunday for many years with my mother. Sadly, the drinking caught up to her. She was just a few months shy of 99 years old.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have 4 terms for outlets airing Oprah interview by steveben in news

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Extra Gay

I tried to help my "trapped brother" Prince William: Prince Harry says by steveben in news

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Serena Williams pays touching tribute to 'selfless friend' Meghan Markle after Oprah interview by steveben in news

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According to big alcohol: your life is worth $300,000 by TheAmeliaMay in Prohibition

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Wut chu sayin? Can I keep drinking bourbon?

Cop Chases Down Teen for No Bicycle Light, Shoots Him in Back as He Lies Facedown on Ground by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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The "kid" could have done any of several things that would have led to his survival.

Cop turns on lights: Stop and say: "Can I help you officer"

Cop: you need a light if you are going to ride in the middle of the street at night"

Kid: "OK thanks, bye"

2nd - What kind of a retarded fuckwit runs from the cops and displays a gun openly? Not the cops faoult the kid was a total retard.

Our Demands. Yes: Demands. by SaveIt in whatever

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Wut? The? Fuk?

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful” by AirSeddit88 in conspiracy

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Looks like they'll have to resort to the new Chinese "Anal Swab".

New York Times Says Critical Thinking Won't Help Against Misinformation (18:20) ~ HighImpactFlix by JasonCarswell in propaganda

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(((They))) would know. The lying fucks are masters of manipulation.

Join a community for the centre & centre right, discuss anything at by Chipit in SocialMedia

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Dr. David James Carswell, my father, died of "COVID". by JasonCarswell in CriticalThoughts

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@JasonCarswell To answer your questions: 1st) I'm located in the Pacific Northwest, USA. 2nd) I haven't discussed this with the kid if Covid and Influenza A are the same. To me, they clearly are clearly counting the flu strain deaths as Covid deaths.

Here is something I didn't know. Last time the pup was here he told me that the flu shot you could have gotten last year was to address 4 different flus. One of which (this is the interesting part) was the flu of 1918 that was the worst worldwide pandemic ever. Turns out that H1N1 strain of flu is what they call that these days, it never went away - we just adjusted to it. The flu shot addressed that and 3 other flu's. I looked it up and he was correct per the CDC

I will likely get the Covid shot as my boy recommends it and he got his first one back in December. I have never received a flu shot in my life (unless they snuck one in when I went in the military and they gave me a crap load of shots all at once before I deployed overseas). Whereas my mother had received EVERY seasonal flu shot EVERY year stretching back to the 60's, 50-60 years. Then about 3 years back she stopped getting them as it was too much trouble to get into the doctors office. It didn't seem to bother her health in any regards - her mental facilities were top notch and sharp right up to the time she passed.

Remember that when speaking "truth to power", it is the willow that survives the typhoon. The mighty Oak snaps from the force, but the willow gently bends and survives. The Germans tried to be Oaks, and they were utterly destroyed and reviled to this day for the effort. Meme's are being a willow and yours are fucking excellent! Not a skill that I have, you clearly do. Take care of yourself Fren.

How to bypass Youtube's Comment censorship. by Jesus-Christ in whatever

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It's a temporary solution to a serious permeant problem.

Thank you for making us aware of it though.

Dr. David James Carswell, my father, died of "COVID". by JasonCarswell in CriticalThoughts

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You write well, thank you for sharing that. My mom caught the flu at the very start of the year early Jan 2020. They were calling it Influenza A at that time. My brother got it as well and his test also claimed it was Influenza A. Influenza A was here before Covid and killed slightly over 10000 US citizens a MONTH until April 4th 2020 when the CDC stopped counting it as "flu season was suppose to be over". Influenza A deaths then dropped to zero overnight....Covid of course was skyrocketing. Identical symptoms. Interesting.

Because my mom was in Hospice for other things, and being 99 years old with a DNR, they didn't put her on a respirator, although she was wheezing, hacking and coughing and barely breathing for days. It looked like it was checkout time, but she pulled out. Eventually dieing of a bunch of other things, none related to the flu or covid. My boy works in the Covid ward of the hospital, he knows its a real thing and I would not intimate otherwise, especially to him, but there is an element of horseshittery with it.

Like you, I saw more suspicious things go on with the news in the last 4 years than I can recount. It's made me damned suspicious of all news sources now, but especially any from Jewish sources. Do you not find it interesting that the Ukrainian Scandal, where all of the major players are of the Hebraic persuasion: Alexander Vindman- jewish, both current and former US ambassadors- jewish, Burisma- Jewish, and all of the other jewish players who made 2 billion dollars of US taxpayer money disappear and when Trump tried to start a process to claw some of it back they all but locked him up and turned all of the normies on to Trump via lies in the media. BTW, I like jewish folks, I've worked for and side by side with many, have some jewish friends still - so no rancor from me about "Da jews" like some of these folks on Saidit and Poal, but that doesn't mean I want to be preyed on by anyone and when they catch people doing it they should be prosecuted.

Stunning. Absofuckinglutly mind blowingly stunning what's been occuring. I don't know about food Crisis, but thank you for the heads up. Being of the prepper persuasion I have a good 6-8 months built up of stores and have started terraforming the local greenspaces and parks with edible food. Anyway, best to you sir!

[Documentary] FDR and Pearl Harbor: Conspiracy? (2004) by Archivist in TheArchive

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Worthwhile read on this subject: "Operation Snow"

The Jesuits were responsible for the creation of the anti-Semitic myths, which started with their demonization of the Jews and the Rothschilds in their magazine La Civilita Cattolica as part of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy. by HibikiBlack in Jesuits

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To recap. A jewish guy wrote a book that was published by a jewish publishing house, that you linked to a jewish newspaper review of which is behind a paywall, basically blaming the Catholics for how people perceive the jews?

Tell me, @HibikiBlack: what "anti-semitic myths" are you specifically referring to?

Hawaii Has A Lot Of Agricultural Land. Very Little Of It Is Used For Growing Food: The amount of land used for farming in Hawaii has shrunk dramatically since the 1930s. by madazzahatter808 in Hawaii

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2 words...Sugar Cane. It went buh by. Move to the Dominican Republic if you want to work sugar cane. Fact. Jack.

Three ways you can help fight spam on SaidIt! by TheAmeliaMay in SaidIt

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Post-impeachment, NYT finally retracts their earlier lie about Officer Sicknick killed by Trumpster with fire extinguisher by beece in news

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I can see that reading is difficult for you Neocolin. Try and do this, read first, then try and refute. Try and not be such a smarmy dumbfuck too.

YouTube is now blocking links to American Thinker. When one attempts to post a comment to a YouTube video or to reply to someone else’s comment that includes a link to American Thinker, the comment cannot be posted. by Chipit in censorship

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Not long ago American Thinker got rid of comments. They said that they had to due to big tech threats.

Mass Effect remaster interview – changing FemShep Ass Visibility but not the ending by scrubking in KotakuInAction

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Can you send it to an archive site? It won't allow me to read it as I use an ad blocker.

Canadian Government Lists Proud Boys As A TERRORIST GROUP by scrubking in politics

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And Antifa is a social service agency.


$28 by AmericanMuskrat in whatever

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..and the big boys dropped their shit onto the small boys they'd encouraged to get onboard the buy silver train and just like that, silver is back in the $26 range the very next day. Amazing.

‘The Most Popular President Ever’ Is Getting DESTROYED By ‘Dislikes’ On YouTube. by beece in politics

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The claim is that Trump received more votes than any President in history (73Million). Biden got more than Trump (81million) Ergo: most popular= most voats.

Dems Want A "War on 'Domestic' Terror"; Plus to "De-program" Trump Supporters (14:19) ~ Ben Swann by JasonCarswell in Agenda21_Agenda2030

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Anything worth saying 4 times is worth saying 5 times, but really, at 5 times, perhaps it's time to call it a day.

Dems Want A "War on 'Domestic' Terror"; Plus to "De-program" Trump Supporters (14:19) ~ Ben Swann by JasonCarswell in Surveillance

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Anything worth saying 3 times is worth saying 4 times.

Dems Want A "War on 'Domestic' Terror"; Plus to "De-program" Trump Supporters (14:19) ~ Ben Swann by JasonCarswell in Tyranny

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Anything worth saying once is worth saying twice.

TheDonald has been taken down by TheJamesRocket in news

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Bamm, for the win. Good job lads.

Gab just called out Trump pardoning Israeli spies and retweeted a post mentioning demographics by Oingo in debatealtright

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" Jan 20 Israeli spies, rappers, and Kushner’s friends and family made out like bandits with the pardons."

Yes, It Was a Stolen Election - Frontpagemag by 77777777777777777777 in politics

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Now Frontpage mag has been erased from the "Wayback Machine". Interesting, is causation correlation? Regardless, De Gone: 1984 is here.