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like a religion.

It is a dogma.

Welcome to SaidIt, where you'll still see a lot of politics and stuff to care about, but you'll have the freedom not to and to rant as you see fit.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) includes the few site-wide rules:

We now know what you don't like. What are you interested in? Perhaps I/we can point out some of those topical subs that you may like.

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Tldr. Shalom goy.

Enjoy your stay.

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Stop using reddit, it's full of pedophiles, mods are pedos and admins hire known pedos and allow pedophilia apologist. Unless you are a pedo yourself, you cannot in good conscience continue to use that website. They are depraved. I know there are good communities but it's about principles now.

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I know there are good communities but it's about principles now.

Well said.

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It is not enough to not be political. To not be political is political. We must be actively anti-political.

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To be anti-political is political, silly billy

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I gave up long ago, I still read the crap and creat a one time account to post my opinion. As I see reddit and all reddit "people" think alike and has no place for opposing opinions.

No just for shits and grins you should creat an account just to post opposing opinions, I personally add hay Kapo mods keep trying to ban me.

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all reddit "people" think alike

Yup. Here's how I see reddit

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This is brilliant. (Saiditors also repeat stupid statements.) The stupid 13-year-old responses seem to change every few years, but these have been used for 6+ years:

I did nazi that coming

that escalated quickly

seems legit

I like you

this will get buried but brace yourselves

some men want to watch the world burn

when you see it

kill it with fire

shut up and take my money

like a BOSS

you magnificent bastard

checks out

I regret that I only have one upvote to give for this

cool story, bro

why we can't have nice things

my faith in humanity...

you're doing God's work

tree fiddy


this is my first post, be gentle

I have the weirdest boner right now

I'll be in my bunk with dat ass

oh, you!

now kith

never stick your dick in crazy

what did I just read?


you had one job


I can't fap to this

that's enough internet for me today

OP is a fag

2/10, would not bang



right in the feels

risky click

I see what you did there

circlejerk must be leaking


I'll just leave this here

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This guy reddits

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Unfortunately reddit people are not as smart.

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Welcome to the Breakfast Club.

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Amateur. Make another account lol

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I got booted recently from r/libertarian when I pointed out that the mods were communists and were gas-lighting everyone.

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Good on you. Personally, I prefer over Saidit as I can downvoat stupid shit over there.

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Ugliest site on the internet. Someone recently gave me a revised color scheme for the site that makes it actually readable. Not as nice as saidit, but far closer to saidit than the default .

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You can't stay away from the trash if you use reddit. The smell of pedophilia and social justice is on you.

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Sorry you were banned.

No one genuinely requires you to care about most things. Here's part of the problem: parents and friends normally talk with us rather early on about the so-called 'golden rule', empathy, simpathy, shared interests, narcissism, etc. If you want to be taken seriously, or to keep your friendships, you treat others the way in which you want them to treat you. For example, you care enough about this rant in order to post it at Reddit and here. Those who are likely to agree with you and share your disinterest will most likely also not care about you. And of course some who disagree will recommend that you die alone, albeit a rather impolite response. It you want a literary source for selfishness and narcissism, read anything by Ayn Rand. She was among the worst people in the world. I hope this helps.

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"It you want a literary source for selfishness and narcissism, read anything by Ayn Rand. She was among the worst people in the world."

This is pretty funny socks, you made me laugh.

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She was into cocaine, bondage, and telling other people how to live their lives. As crazy Russian chicks go, not too off the wall.

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This comment right here needs to be the opening line for a story.

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As her books became mega-sellers, Rand surrounded herself with a tightly policed cult of young people. They were required to memorise her novels and slapped down as "imbecilic" if they asked questions. Rand had become addicted to amphetamines while writing The Fountainhead, and her paranoia and aggression were becoming more extreme. Anybody who disagreed with her was subjected to a show trial in which they would be required to repent or face expulsion. Her secretary, Barbara Weiss, said: "I came to look on her as a killer of people." The cult exposed the hollowness of Rand's claims to venerate free thinking and individualism. Her message was: think freely, as long as it leads you into total agreement with me.

In the end, Rand was destroyed by her own dogmas. She fell in love with a young follower, Nathaniel Branden, and had a decades-long affair with him. He became the cult's No. 2, and she named him as her "intellectual heir" - until he admitted he had fallen in love with a 23-year-old woman. As Burns explains, Rand's philosophy "taught that sex was never physical; it was always inspired by a deeper recognition of shared values, a sense that the other embodied the highest human achievement." To be sexually rejected by Branden meant he was rejecting her ideas, her philosophy, her entire person.

She never really recovered. We all become weak at some point in our lives, so a thinker who despises weakness will end up despising herself. In her seventies Rand found herself dying of lung cancer, after insisting that her followers smoke because it symbolised "man's victory over fire" and the studies showing it caused lung cancer were Communist propaganda. By then she had driven almost everyone away. In 1982, she died alone in her apartment with only a hired nurse at her side. If her philosophy is right - if the only human relationships worth having are based on the exchange of dollars - this was a happy and victorious death. Did even she believe it in the end?

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Thanks for this.

I recall that she collected stamps in her NY apartment, and now wonder what happened to the stamps. Something I've liked about collecting stamps is what they've taught me over the years about history. In answer to the final question above: her solitary life, stamp collecting, and reflections of her younger life in Russia and the US (as we reflect more when we get older), must have made her return to thoughts of romantic realism, classical liberals, Aristotle and Aquinas, much of which is at odds with her work in the 1940s and '50s. There were ways to convert those early approaches to a post-enlightenment way of thinking about the value of reeason in society, but there is no evidence that she bothered to consider this. It annoys me that she helped promote narcisism as a self-help aspect of anti-psychiatry movement ('60s-'70s) and the 'me, me, me' era of the 1970s, because both movements inspired baby boomers to abuse US politics and the economy, environment, social funding, news media, &c, at the expense of their children and grand children.

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Hypocrisy knows no partisan lines. Thank you for posting this. A perfect example of the intellect and the spirit being out of sync. I feel sorry for her. Based on what you've written, she would hate me for that.

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Good write-up but I wouldn't call Rand a 'heroine of the american right' libertarianism and randian objectivism only crept into the right in the 80's and 90's. It's not a permanent feature (hopefully). It mysteriously follows the introduction of the neoconservatives to right wing politics.

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I'd say the wicked witch of the authoritarian right was probably this lady.

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as a college freshman in 1945 she joined the Young People's Socialist League, the youth wing of the Socialist Party of America, influenced by her grandfather who was a founder of the Populist and Socialist parties in Oklahoma

Lol. A female college socialist would later go on to be a thought leader in Reagan's admin? Doesn't surprise me at all!

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lol! Reagan was once a California liberal talked into being a right-centrist so he could run against a liberal governor who was running things into the ground.

Rush Limbaugh, he was your typical Missouri democrat-centrist who got into radio for a lark. But as the left got more crazy, there was more and more demand for someone to espouse traditional conservative thought. Even if it was just for laughs. And lets face it, the 70s-80s was a comedy of big government errors. Government did stupid shit, but regular people lived their lives as best they could and tried to keep away from those people.

The first Bush years, people pretty well lost hope, the US was getting its clock cleaned by rising foreign industry, generational working class people were losing everything, the military was being dismantled as the way up for a lot of people to get out of their rural nowhere towns, and we still had foreigners flooding in like the Free Money parade was still going on like in the 50s-60s.

And that's where the whole "conservative" party thing got transformed into more of a blue collar, working rural, military culture thing. Rather than just being a parade of clowns who pandered to the ultra rich, people exploiting the working class, and locking up uppity brown people.

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Yeah my mother is a dyed in the wool liberal who can't comprehend why working class white men support republicans. To her republicans will always be fat cat big business hand out types that hate unions and hate the poor. For the life of me though I can't get it through to her the both political parties cater to big business. The WASP's decided not to really have children and many of them have been actively taken out by a new type of oligarch. The average working class person of all political views and races is getting screwed in our current system. I'm not sure if you noticed but the oligarchs had to spool up racial conflict again after the occupy wallstreet movement in 2012. I find it fascinating how they noticed that the plebs were getting to close to the source of power and had to reboot divide and conquer psyops.

Side note: I've been doing a little lurking on your comment history. You've got a great depth of knowledge and wit. I hope you get a chance to venture over to s/debateallright and make some comments or posts. We've had some good conversations lately and I think I can speak for all the goys when I say we'd love to get your take on things.

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sorry to hear about your experience with reddit

reddit sucks, welcome 2 saidit

social justice is becoming a circle jerk more and more, sadly

Instagram seems like a positive community though

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You can willfully be not informed on politics, but please don't vote then.

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Same. tried creating new acct. shadow banned right away. I think they got an anti-autism bias maybe