Why did Hitler support Turkey and sign German–Turkish Treaty were they Anti-Christian and Satanic? by RuckusChan in Poland

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The German economy went into a full on collapse after the Great War, Weimar was Babylon Culture almost anything goes. Where they into the Occult? Germany trips to the Himalayas to find some lost germanic race and ridiculous Qing dynasty treaties, post WW1 Germany didnt just attack Russia or North Africa, also German troops to France, invade Yugoslavia and Greece, the Battle of Britain, attacking US ships in the Atlantic, the Spanish Civil War, battles as far as Asia and South America, attacking their own fellow Christians and supporting Turks.

Resident Evil Village monster design ripped from movie director by JoyFreak in Gaming

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Looks like a mix of some Transformers-Mecha shit and a Zombie, these are concepts which pre-date both franchises? Mecha goes back to the 1800s, Artificial people or Mechanical people or Robots themselves again a few hundred years, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, maybe even Biblical times with the Book of Ezekiel, zombies might be around in human folklore for thousands of years. So they are trying to Copyright Orcs, Zombies, Goblins, Robo/Machine shit and such things now??

I have seen Aircraft heads and helicopter-cartoon heads in open source creative commons fan art for years, I've seen propeller headed things in Transformer toys designs, in Managa and Anime and Western comics for many decades. The RE concept seems to use 3 Chainsaws and not an actual Aircraft helicopter type propeller-head which

The zombie itself is not copyrighted

The designs share similarity but they are not the same

I dont think he has much to stand on regards being 'ripped off' as he accuses

Yes, Biden Is Swindling Americans: White House Staffer Lets the Cat Out of the Bag by scrubking in politics

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Ooops caught again

Taliban Overrun Afghan Base, Capture Troops as US, NATO Forces Exit by carn0ld03 in WorldNews

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What now? an endless war against terror finally come to an end they said

Yes, Censorship is Bad. We care now it affects the left. The cliff is eroding and they are just only now realizing that they are starting to lose their footing. by Chipit in censorship

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The machine finally comes for all?

A Christian crowdfunding site raised more than $47,000 for a cop fired for donating to shooter Kyle Rittenhouse by zero8 in news

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Strange times

IBM, which provided punch card computing systems to power the Holocaust, now in charge of “vaccine passports” by christnmusicreleases in conspiracy

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The Clownworld continues

The fake images of Uighur persecution are hurting the islamist jihadi terroristic cause or the scenes were actually a performed by actors in Chicago in 2004 or fake Rohingya Burma photos? by RuckusChan in news

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France 24 had a news item on general 'fake news' and how stuff goes viral, the BBC also have something on the Fake Rohingya crisis photo. Although real stuff happens around the world it seems propaganda stuff goes viral. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-32979147

Someone appears to have taken my username on Ruqqus? by happysmash27 in ruqqus

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Ruqqus? https://i.imgur.com/szeEDmQ.png JewryBTFO banned.

jesus christ saidit is back by blowininthewind in SaidIt

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Sites like Snapzu gone hijacked by spammers, Voat said they would never be defeated but seems over, Vlare dot tv gone, other sites attacked hacked are ghost towns hijacked and spammed and Vid dot me said they were invincible, entire internet gets smaller, slowly to be deleted by a a Nothing to be locked down.

YouTube CEO Admits Suppressing Independent News. Making videos from your basement was the whole point of YouTube I thought...if I want "authoritative" news sources, I'll just go watch television. by Chipit in censorship

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jumped the shark, go to bitchute, gab, mind or other sites. Eventually they will cancel Jimmy Dore also.

Japanese say no kneeling, protests at Tokyo Games — ‘Get your racist propaganda out of our Olympics’ … by [deleted] in WorldNews

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Dey b Kangz n Sheeeeeeeeiit

CGI finally killed the Action Cinema Actor?? Last Action Heroes? by RuckusChan in Movies

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I think the point stands and some men are looking less men...Whatever dude if you see it as a buff gay thing then that's you, Charlton Heston and Eastwood and Kirk Douglas could play tough guys without looking like muscle Rambo action stars, they didnt have this Conan sword man shoot 'em up action movie meat thing to them, Jackie Chan can play tough even though he's smaller in stature, he's a martial artist and an expert at performing fight in front of camera. I can accept Ironman or Batman as scifi gadget nerdy people, that's their cartoonish character but I think a tough warrior-ish guy should be in shape when he should play a warrior, they should command an action role. I think the point still stands although it could be argued that Russel Crowe Gladiator and the Thor actor Hemsworth are that classic solider Action hero look, they sometimes have that Roman, Greek, Soviet / US Soldier Warrior look. I do sometimes wonder if they did put something in the water over the years, men are going more feminine while women are going more men-ish what does it say when an old guy like "Chuck" Norris is brought back to play action heroes in the modern movies? The modern Hulk is an almost pure CGI creation, most Marvel is gone CGI.

SaidIt is back online! by TheAmeliaMay in SaidIt

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