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Saidit will be soon like it

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I believe it, but I'm here until something better pops up

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Facebook or Instagram may be worse than Gab but As I understand Gab was a 'free speech' site not done very well but it offers people a place to talk but it projected a certain 'vibe' look at its lay out. While people were getting baned on facebook etc Gab steps in and it was there to seduce certain types. Then facebook and reddit started banning conservative posts as politics got heated, you had the pissgate and impeachment and Russia Russia Russia stuff, Antifa BLM propaganda on the news. Gab comes in while they are getting banned and saying prayer for speech. It was used to attract the Boomer Q-Anon Donald praying types who got banned from Facebook, reddit, instagram, and twitter. I understand some went to Voat some even tried saidit and other sites, but Voat was weird and scary for them back in those days, it was rooted in Libertarian and a little Rightwing 4Chan culture was there, Trash-Talking upset them, the chaos of voat Infuriated QAnon Boomers ...some even got scared and ran back home to reddit for more abuse even after they got banned. The Q-Anon thing was an online cult and they also love Nostradamus, israel, and "the end times", the gab prayer and 'Great Awakening' meme culture was a perfect fit for these cult types. Everytime a mass banning happens Gab grows, for example they once had only a few hundred thousand users, then after the bans on Corona deaths or Covid vaccine or bannings of fans of Jair Bolsonaro's party, the Social Liberal Party, millions more start moving to Gab, the Brazilian leader for example has an official Gab account

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It's bad because it is owned by a Turkic crypto-Jew Torba and Gabbai = doing deeds for the Synagogue. It's a honeypot Jew site.

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I have never tried to post on Gab, but for me, Interactive Brokers is by far the worst website I have ever had the misfortune of using. It is frustrating to use, nothing works, SMS verification required every time you edit settings or trade stocks, and everything about the website is designed to lock you out so that you can't access your money. I forgot my username because they have stupid username rules making it impossible to pick a username you can remember. And their page says that if you forgot your username they won't send it to your email and you need to call tech support which is never open and has a long waiting time. Luckily, after some more thinking I was able to remember my username and after I got in I immediately liquidated my account.