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Viable software options for a reddit-alternative include about half of the projects on this list:

Your 'ideal platform' sounds a lot like Lemmy to me, with its ActivityPub federation. Lemmy is a very early project and kind of ugly and clunky though.

I can cover costs and legal issues.

Whoa... you don't hear that everyday.

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  • lemmy - rust and typescript
  • postmill - php
  • throat - python
  • mastodon - ruby and javascript
  • ruqqus - python
  • drama - python
  • notabug - javascript
  • saidit - python

Python and Ruby are okay, the rest are not. So that leaves throat, ruqqus, drama, and saidit. All of these programs are big so would require someone who already knows one of them or is willing to invest the time to learn. If someone like that worked with me, I could read the code and make changes if needed. But of course I assume that no one will volunteer.

There is one simple solution. That is that you work with me in setting up a SaidIt clone. I don't need to clone the SaidIt data, starting from scratch is fine. This would be the only free speech Reddit alternative, so it would grow slowly over time. For you this should be very easy. You can use and maintain the same code base for both SaidIt and my clone. Here is what I want:

No pyramid of debate. Mods have total control over their subs. Site-wide rules are minimal: no illegal content and probably no porn or disgusting images. (Free speech, not freedom of expression.) I have run an old forum hosting service called Nabble for many years and dealt with legal issues. I have a great lawyer. I also have a great sysadmin who can handle sysadmin issues.

The vast majority of the 8 billion pieces of human shit infesting our world are useless. So if you want free speech, don't expect anyone else to step forward and do anything. If you are willing to step forward, then we can make a free speech Reddit alternative.

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I accept! Give me a week or two to get the codebase running well with docker, so that we don't have to use ubuntu 14 as the server OS. In the meantime you can decide on:

  • two upvotes types like here or the traditional upvote and downvote?
  • use the saidit CSS or start over with the old reddit CSS?
  • do you want the saidit chat add-ons/integration too?

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Good luck with the Havana Syndrome and the cyber attacks via hardware backdoors. Don't give up, tho. (Free speech is serious business, they gonna want your head trashed.)

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Wonder why he doesn't like rust, typescript, php, and javascript.

Nabble seems neat. First I've heard of it. Has a forum. Might be a step up if he can transfer all the "Apps" forums to the SaidIt platform. (Lesbian strapon sticks out.)

What about the old-Python ticking time bomb? I'm guessing they would have their own server(s) to run the old code.

This could be exciting.

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Rust is a fantastic language, although a little challenging to learn. I wish I had the time to invest into learning Rust properly.

Python and Ruby are much simpler languages, and great at first, but usually have significant problems with scaling.

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What about the old-Python ticking time bomb?

I'm addressing that by using Docker. It's a bandaid fix, but a step forward.

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What about the old-Python ticking time bomb?

I'm addressing that by using Docker. It's a bandaid fix, but a step forward.

Neat to know.

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Good luck if you are trying but you should also learn the political lessons as to why so many sites fail, stacksity is a 404 503 error, hubski dot com is empty, snapzu dot com changed to a weird spam picture site, social media video site Vid dot me dead, nothing happening now blank page, tildes dot net is a ghost town, Ruqqus dying etc

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How can I learn these lessons? Maybe you can just tell me what I need to know.

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No porn at all? I very much agree :D

What is a pyramid of debate?

And would you (I know this sounds bad) allow talk about pedophilia, not glorifying it but just discussion about it. I think ruqqus had a problem like that and took a while to deal with so would be good for you to decide now whether legitimate discussion about it is allowed or not. I am for either to be honest with you, I do not mind banning discussion about it completely but I also think if a discussion about a taboo subject comes up we should be allowed to talk about. I just do not want this to become a pedo story site.

I am useless with technology so I am of no help, but if there is something I can do I would be willing to try.

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What is a pyramid of debate?

And would you (I know this sounds bad) allow talk about pedophilia, not glorifying it but just discussion about it.


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Thanks 👍

Message me if you need anything for this website, I will try to help if I can :D

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Whoa... you don't hear that everyday.

He's been saying it for almost a year. The legal thing is new. Not sure what that entails.

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I think it means he's down to put his or his lawyer's name on everything, to take the heat if it comes.

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Not sure a lawyer or he would actually take much heat. It would be good to have insightful advice, and a counselors little bite behind the sign, rather than just an idle threat "beware of dog" without a dog, but these days I'm not counting on much. I must have hope and continue to try - without expectations - which will demotivate and let me down. Including my own limited human efforts.

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If he's gonna go big, it's gonna be a proper shitshow. Like when saidit's web host refused to host /s/IP2 So you're playing cat and mouse with DMCA takedown requests and shifty web hosts. Someday the decentralized reddit train* will ride into battle :/

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I wish him/them luck (and hope he can shake off some of his issues). Not sure how big anyone can get in a world dominated by monopolies.

Someday the decentralized reddit trail will ride into battle

I don't understand.

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train* oof what a goof.

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Makes more sense.

Not sure I like the 1 dimensional limitations of a train confined to a track - or the possibility of a 50 car pile-up trainwreck. Why ride into battle? I'd prefer to deescalate conflict like a flock of seagulls free to flee.

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Gab and Bitchute are there, Bitchute is starting to censor, there is also minds, telegram, odysee and medium. None of these sites are like saidit or reddit, they are more model on the facebook or youtube forumale. Poal could be an option other than saidit but it does censor and its culture changed to more Q-Anon Alt-Right after the Voat exodus, even though it claims to be free it easily gets hijacked by bots, degenerate spammers and shills, Ruqqus will be dead soon and should not be on the list, the dot win community are the next big than after Saidit.

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Gab is the worst website that I have ever seen. Bitchute is for videos, unrelated. Poal is a cesspool that prevents reasonable people from creating subs through negative karma. doesn't work.

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I don't get it. Saidit itself is already ridiculously liberal. In fact, one of the issues I see with the site is the way in which no one gets to force their authority in any way, the level of discourse gets greatly affected. Everything gets reduced to a popularity contest... But well it is the natural result of a lot of free speech.

Another downplay is that if your views are rather controversial enough, more regular users may not allow you to express yourself properly in a meaningful way. But either way, you can create tribalistic subs within Saidit itself, the only downplay is that your sub gets rather isolated, but there are many measures you can take to deal with that and help your guild with that issue.

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Saidit itself is already ridiculously liberal.

say whaaaattt? wow

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I'm not saying liberal in the sense of the right and left divide, but about it allowing free speech, as in liberalism vs authoritarianism.

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/u/fschmidt blocked me on at least one occasion so I don't know if he can even read this. It's more than ironic he want's free speech yet has blocked me.

Obviously SaidIt is not a reliable free speech site, and I don't know of any others.

What are your problems with SaidIt? Don't be ambiguous and don't overwhelm with details. Are they technical (besides SaidIt being a ticking time bomb with old code that will eventually no longer be supported) or is it the social management system - or something else?

/s/PhoenixForum is for planning and dreaming of what idealistically could be.

/s/Cassy is for evolving past SaidIt with what exists now.

Lemmy is limited and simpler than SaidIt, solid and generally good otherwise. (The built-in censorship is not difficult to suppress.) Lemmy requires being in Docker which is problematic for setting up a proxy server to deal with STABs and DDoS attacks. Lemmy's best feature is federated decentralization (with all the pros and cons that entails), meaning anyone may set it up, at home, work, in the cloud, or wherever. We don't want those places under attack so we want to get a defensive proxy server to reroute and hide our actual IP address. If you can code a solution for the proxy issues then we'll be up and running in no time.

If you want to throw money at me I will itemize every single expense, transparently, as with all other donations and support. This has always been the plan. I can find local admins and/or coders that we can all vet together (you, me, Cassandra Team). We can set up some servers with UPS on fiber in various places around my city, mirror them, and develop templates and invite other people to do likewise. TruthSeeker.Party (Lemmy), Projex.Wiki (MediaWiki), and Volun.Tube (PeerTube) are already in the works, slowly. All of this and much more has been underway for a while.

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I think blocking people is a form of free speech, if I block you I should have that right but doing that doesn't keep other people from seeing your posts.

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That is exactly how it should work on the internet. Nobody gets censored by some albatross that has no brains or nuance, you are censoring yourself.

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Lazy. Ignore works just as well.

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then you still have to see their posts and their bad ideas sift into your subconscious. It'd be cool if we could "block" the MSM of course you can try to ignore it but it will be impossible to forego it 100%.

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    The irony is thick, like a block.

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    Don't be ambiguous and don't overwhelm with details.


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    As long as you have mods you will never have free speech.

    A mods job should be to only remove spam, such as robots advertising, and removal of obvious calls to violence.

    I got banned from debatealtright because those people are fucking retarded. I mentioned that I would shoot anyone in the face who came at me and told me to put on an arm band to mark myself like they did the Jews. That is not a call to violence, and is a true heartfelt response to stop an atrocity at the roots. But for some reason the nazi loving mod banned me for that.

    I will use this opportunity to point out that the alt-right movement is a Trojan horse, and in no way do they sit on the right side of the isle. They are leftist turds full of racist ideology and love for the nazi party.

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    maybe they are just trying to comply with the strict saidit no violence rules

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    I doubt it, it was a mod knee jerk reaction to them getting challenged. Their ego got in the way of understanding the message. You should always be able to describe with impunity how you will deal with someone forcing something unconstitutional. There is a veiled threat in the constitution, and it is violence. Sometimes you have no choice.

    There's a difference in declaring your lines in the sand and saying that you want to commit violence purposely, or ask someone to commit violence purposely.

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      Nah, I was responding to the mod how I would react to a government treating me like the Nazis did to the Jews. They brought it up, and hated the answer, because it insults their heroes.

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      Free speech doesn't include the right to force other people to listen to you. As long as you can create a sub and post whatever you want in it, you have free speech. If the degenerate scum in debatealtright want an echo chamber, that is their right. I just don't go there.

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      I respect your right to make trite comments, however it's counterintuitive.

      I bet you have to always make a comment that people can't press charges when they mention that they should have, or are doing so.

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      A mods job should be to only remove spam, such as robots advertising, and removal of obvious calls to violence.

      And child porn too, I'm assuming?

      Depending on where the website is hosted they are also required to remove all illegal things based on the laws in that country.

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      Yes, child pr0n too, that's pretty fucking illegal.

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      I think alongside removing spam, robots and violent posts, if a sub is for a certain subject and it is something completely unrelated that should be removed too. I think you share this opinion, you just didn't mention :)

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      Hi :). How is saidit not reliable?

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      I meant not reliably free speech.

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      Yes, I don't understand that. I haven't seen anything banned off of this website that would be banned on Reddit or similar. Please Explain further.

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      For example praising God for wiping out the scum of Sodom and Gomorrah would violate SaidIt rules.

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      Wait. Is that technically advocating for violence? It's celebrating a hefty divine smiting, but celestial violence isn't the same thing as human violence. Does this mean that you can't speak in reference to video games with violence, as in saying that you're extremely glad that the mages got what were coming to them because they were corrupt twats?

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      Would have to ask the site owner for that I guess. In Sodom, the angels were there to wipe out the city but they disguised themselves as men if I remember correctly. Maybe it is different IDK :)

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      I remember that story, would I truly be banned? What other things could get me banned?

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      The other issue is that mods aren't allowed to mod. For example I have /s/nonmorons but I am not allowed to remove moronic posts.

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      I see, that is unfortunate. Do you think the owner has read the Holy Bible or not?

      I understand, I have made some comments here

      There was someone talking about you deplatforming far-right dissidents, what is that all about??


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      There was someone talking about you deplatforming far-right dissidents, what is that all about??

      The alt-right are moronic racist lying scum. I am racially jewish so they tell lies against me.

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      I understand. What do you think about the Alt-Left?

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      What is the alt-left? I generally hate all new movements that are just parts of degenerate modern culture. I support traditional ethnicities and traditional religions.

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      Are there any distributed/Blockchain based free speech networks out there?

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      Great question.

      [–]UnexpectedTransmissi 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

      [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

      THANKS !

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      Communities .win

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      Code can be automated. Yes: You are obsolete.

      Just let this simple fact sink in in.

      And afaik there are no sites freely hosting racists other than racists-/ nazi-sites themselves.

      So there is no chance for you spreading all your bs into the rest of the world.

      This is basically the concept of a bubble.

      You certainly neither got the skills nor wits to break out of your own.


      But you wanna spread all your bs?

      Good luck.

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      Please go to Reddit where you belong.

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      Please go fuck yourself.

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      nah he's right head back to reddit

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      Who actually did ask you for your opinion on this?