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news media Anti-American retards kept spreading propaganda bullshit saying Oh Shock! its rightwinger Alt-reich KKK Conservative running around killing poor muslims, turned out to be another of the millions upon millions of terrorist muslim on other muslim killings

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"A fear of attacks that had rippled through Muslim communities nationwide after the fatal shootings of four men in Albuquerque, New Mexico, gave way to shock and sadness when it turned out the suspect in the killings was himself a Muslim."

SO . . . the Moslem horde would be ecstatic if it was an infidel culling the bloated Molsem herd?

The only good Moslem is a dead Moslem. The vermin should not be present in any Western country.

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The most useful demographic displacement agent since Jack the ripper.

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Hmmm, according to the article, he claims that he fought against the Taliban. And all of the people that he shot were either immigrant Afghans or Pakistanis. Wonder if there's a link between those two things.

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It's his cultural tradition.

Don't be intolerant.

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In my Western civilization opinion Moslems should be encouraged to remove Moslems from sacred Western soil.