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Even if you don't agree with everything posted here, you can always find some new POV and read something interesting.

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For sure. Always find something interesting here. I recently got into substack as well which has been nice.

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    Socks was banned for a specific reason and certainly not without warning:

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    An socks just make a new account? Does Saidit IP ban?

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    Does Saidit IP ban?

    No it does not, he can just make a new account

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    I don’t agree with bans. But he said he wanted to like torture tucker carleson and burn his balls? And apparently it’s not the first time?

    So, no offense, but he can take the user name loss and stop saying shit like that.

    I still don’t agree with bans. But this was after several warnings? That what admins said.

    So bye old account, make a new one, and just because your on the party that virtue signals, doesn’t make your violence right.

    Since this isn’t really a perma ban, I’ll get over this.

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    The trouble is Socks can only keep control of himself so long until his ball burning ways explode out of him once more.

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    I used to troll and get upset like this online. He’s prob like younger.

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    I know that throughout my life I had some beliefs or opinions that weren’t correct and it took talking with someone with different views to make me see that. Banning views from one side of an argument automatically makes you the bad guy.

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    The internet has been corporatized.

    When Google dropped "don't be evil" shit really started careening.

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    don't be evil

    They didn't drop their motto. They just tweaked it.

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    I'm not sure what the word for it is, but I think the big problem with Reddit is that it's largely the most mentally stunted and deficient people who become moderators, and then those people, with their toxic culture and mental problems, make everything else cancerous. Smart, intelligent, well-balanced people don't typically waste their time moderating online communities because they're usually busy doing things like raising a family, running a business, learning a new skill or exercising. Things most Redditors know little about.

    Unfortunately, like Plato once said, those who refuse to participate in politics, or in this case forum moderation, end up being governed by their inferiors. So now the lunatics are running the asylum.

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    I feel the same and coming from the same age group, I see at least two dimensions in this problem..

    1. The social media part fueled by the mass-canceling and the bots patrolling them on the other part.. It makes it impossible to have a balance free speech/no bots and spam.. It gets worse when bots are allowed but free speech is not like what we have now on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Youtube.. Trolling is such a low hanging fruit that killed the joy of social media.. I see only one way out of this: Have smaller communities hosted by non-profit freedom lovers..

    2. Maybe not very related, but do you remember the time when you look up something in a search engine and you come across this awesome blog that you want to follow.. Well this died too.. I mainly blame SEO.. The first search results I get are always the same uninteresting websites run by Indians having a boosted SEO.. I don't know how this can be solved..

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    Bots and social media are run by the government. The astroturfs are on here too.

    Free speech was always an illusion. The internet actually made it possible and they've been cracking down on it since the early 2010's.

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    At least you can argue about stuff here.

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    What has happened to the internet? What has happened to humanity? Humanity turned to shit thanks to modern culture.

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    Welcome to Saidit Mercantile & Refugee Camp.

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    Maybe its all an illusion? I wonder do you remember before myspace, the old discussion forums, some remember the old use net groups and say most of the web was like a weird Japanese 4Chan thing. You Member' when people called a TV show shit or movie crap and it did not feel like a Fake SJW homosexual Agenda driven show, a show was good and died on its quality, it survived on good writing. You 'member when a tv show had so many fake bot reviews, or 'member people posted real remember when people played real music, real local folk songs and everything wasn't blasted out over some radio i=tunes thing, you 'member JumpedTheShark dot com? You remember when Presidents were not Bush jnr and not Obama, they didn't call it a religion of peace, there was no Swedistan and you remember history books when Sweden was once allied with America against Muslims Anon ? Before back in the day long long ago it took a basic level of wizardy to see inside the interweb tv Orb, get online it took someone it a basic IQ to get on the internet, the people had to save up and buy a computer, find a network, put in cables, install software...the high tech mobile cellphones gave power to Goblins and Orcs, way back in the day mobile cell phones were not out so no Antifa and no Rappers on the net yet.

    Then after 911 and this 'Patriot Act' and maybe 'You're either With Us or With the Terrorists ' maybe something happened, a spook CIA military type Sean Smith diplomat who were later killed in Benghazi they all got put inside Eve Online gaming community or became Admins or censored speech as a moderator on the Something Awful forums, British police were out there to to bury any rumors of Prince Andrew ... the Mohammedans got influence with their money, the Jew Zuckerberg became a big machine network, the Turks and street shitters from India hired to make fake profiles in their call centers, China puts up their firewalls to block SJWs and Degeneracy and bot accounts from Vietnam and Brazil were suddenly all over the place sell ads or become admins and moderation 'hate speech'. You 'member when the Eiffel tower was not full of jihadi Arab criminal and refugee Negroids and a romantic spot where French and Foreign couples came to relax? You 'member the late Aaron Swartz suicided and omitted from the founders page, memory holed by commie fag hag Ellen Pao with the gay Negroid fraudster boyfriend, memory holed by Armenian Alexis Ohanian and the steroid munching tennis cheat Sir-He-Na DA Penis Gorilliams type, censored by Peter Nygard buddies and Ghislaine Maxwell's Mossad friends, you 'member James Woods flew with the 9/11 hijackers on a dry run? The FBI linked to those Hoover Masonic Shriner homosexuals and CIA 'Finders' got thousands of tips from US and foreigners about an incoming attack??? You 'member when the British made tv shows with English people, now BBC news and Hollyweird Blackwashing, Africans and Homosexuals, Transexuals and Jihads put into every show even old Shakespeare era or King Arthur period ones, or is it just white culture in black face?? You remember when a movie like 'Hidden Figures' would be laughed at, 3 Wakandan Black Women got NASA to the Moon using Common Core CRT Maffs?

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    I don't agree with everything here either -- I just joined because I know SaidIt is one of the few sites that allow gender-critical content. It's like the early days of the internet here, and that's amazing. Cope and seethe, Bardfinn.

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    The cure is growing, as we slowly shift to censorship-proof decentralized social media and web-platform alternatives. Once these alternatives get more polished and acquire more adoption, they will become more appealing.

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    A site like Reddit has something like the top 200 subs run by only 8 people who all have the same ideology and censor any comment that goes against the narrative. When that happens it causes echo chambers to form. Now what I have learned in the past few years is that a lot more people then I originally thought are borderline retarded or at least naive, have no idea how to look up information on their own, and take only the information that is popular at face value. They go on a site like Reddit and all the comments saying things like “the vaccine is safe and effective”, “diversity is a good thing”, “all trans people are brave and stunning” and “only black people are oppressed”. It makes them believe that’s how most of the country thinks because they don’t see any comments saying anything to the contrary so they basically make it their religion to think that way as well in order to receive online validation.

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    The beauty of freedom of speech is that you are allowed to open up your own forum at your own expense. (And liability... you will soon learn why these are moderated and censored.)

    Go for it.

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    The Liberal Sissies took over because they are 'woke'. They gang up in a mob against people who have different opinions than they have.

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    People have learned how to make money out of it and use it further their agendas.

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    Talmudic Babylonian judaism

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    Definitely going to agree here, I don't agree with a lot of the things on this site, but for once this is a site that allows me to put myself in someone else's shoes and know for a fact that there isn't any swaying of the public's opinion by enforced moderation rules.

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    It’s National Socialism in a velvet glove. Our leadership admired/admires what the Nazis did in Germany.

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    "Post in a Facebook group? "An admin has deleted your post for violating group rules"."

    But you know going into some of these groups that they have rules and they can enforce them. Those groups are set up by someone who can dictate the rules. Don't like it then just don't join. I am an admin (not the owner) on our local town page. The owner makes it very clear this is a family safe group meaning no cussing and so on is ever allowed. Violate this and you're either in time out or outright gone. Not sure this qualifies as censorship. I would not have agreed to help her had she not been running a clean page. I do agree with the Reddit comments and my short time on there showed me the internet truly is a strange and at time awful place. Deleting my account just made sense. But at the same time the ability to become an anonymous person where you can now become a mouth breathing neanderthal and say all the nasty stuff you want seems to help make society just a little less appealing as well.

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    Yea. It’s pretty fucking crazy huh?

    There was something in here recently, where a group of people tracked thousands of upvotes on trans activists posts. And it turned out to be 5 basement dwelling incels.

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    Joined Gab and Odysee and other sites. Reddit was clearly taken over and facebook was always a self contribution of data fail. There are many websites that allow free speech, you just need to find them.

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      It can certainly be frustrating when platforms heavily moderate and censor content, leading to a perceived lack of free speech. The issue of content moderation is complex, as platforms strive to maintain a balance between allowing free expression and preventing harmful or inappropriate content. geometry dash world

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      There are several reasons to remove, such as when you may have violated the terms of the service pizza tower you can retry.

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      The wonderful thing about being free to express yourself is that you can create your own platform at your own expense. I used to assume they were either extremely immature or hopelessly ignorant, incapable of doing independent research and accepting at face mini crossword value whatever that happens to be popular