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Pussy drama bitches.

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there were times when i was entirely abrasive with mr carswell, and he only responded to me professionally.

unban him, you dumbasses.

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No I won't

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This forum was already dying, and you just killed it.

Fk palestine.

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    How about we all try to live in peace and harmony, u/niggerfaggotjew?

    Jason is being unbanned, Tam stepped down, D3 is admin again.

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    WHAT? If so, that is terrific news.

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    Life is good again on Saidit.

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    /u/JasonCarswell did nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong with insulting pieces of shit shills like /u/socks. And fuck the trannies they should all burn in hell.

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    Jason would disagree with you optic shill tactics, shill.

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    Reddit went to shit so I went to voat. Then voat went to shit and I came to saidit. JasonCarswell was one of the prolific posters and I enjoyed a lot of his contributions. I don't want to have to leave this site for yet another. If you ban people like JasonCarswell and NOT some of the name-calling wingnuts then saidit will become infested with the same low-iq figures that poisoned voat. I can understand if he was another unidan, but he was not.

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    You are speaking from my heart! I went through the same journey, Reddit, Voat, some other alternatives before I arrived at saidit. Jason was welcoming amongst other prolific posters that made me feel at home. I don't neccessarily agree with them on all points, but boy did I enjoyed their back and forth, and debates! Jesus (the real one) , Horrux (what about NMN? Waiting for your answer!), Socks (Don't believe you are a shill and very neccessarily for Saidit. Like a counter weight), Mr. Carswell, and Co. I love you all and agree to disagree with you! Isn't it we/Saidit is all about?

    Having that trans kid, more involved in drama become a mod and starting to ban the pillar posters of Saidit instead of getting rid of spam attacks will hurt us in the long run. I don't want anyone to be banned on here, except for pedos and bad faith actors.

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    I concur that there's no way Jason should be banned for losing his temper to somebody who was trolling him and goading him into losing it. That doesn't count to the letter of "dragging the discussion down the pyramid of debate" per se, but it can be a lot more toxic.

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    I really feel like this stuff is far more petty than it used to be. I used to not like Jason or Socks....I've learned FROM THIS SITE MORE THAN ANY OTHER that you don't have to appreciate anyone's opinion or take them to heart but never try to silence them. You learn from their perspective and grow.

    I support your post but I understand the mods' HOWEVER I do feel that if you apply to one side it's fair to say that it should be applied to both

    Less discourse = Less learning IMHO

    Please carry on.

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    If we had the ability to downvoat like at we would avoid some of this drama. I liked Jason, seemed like he was real, and a good person. Where did he go?

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    I'm not sure where he went. I'm hoping this gets resolved or something.

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    i will be very surprised if jason ever returns to this site. If i were to be kicked out of a bar or a restaurant, most likely i would feel insulted and would not return.

    i can understand if some OP kicks me out of his thread that he started, but when users get banned just because some idiot drag queen decides to kick him out, then this website is doing the same censorship that reddit does.

    fk this piece of crap website.

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    BINGO! All that banning started when dragTeen became a mod, too much involved in drama and their own agenda. I'm still convinced that he is from AHS after a certain reddit thread. I don't have proof but trust my guts. I went down the rabbit hole. I don't agree with half of the website but cherish the different opinions and smart debates. I learned so much and it opened my mind for new knowledge and thoughts- except for the transwoman are women bullshit. I already got agressive anti women vibes from this child mod before I knew that he is a man! Before SaidIt, I could only discuss certain topics, for instance, the teachings of the Kabbalah with one real life friend. I'm either anti-semitic, a spinster or conspiracy theorist, but here I can listen to Jesus himself and Mr. Carswell arguing with God. Putting Anti christ Socks to the mix is always interesting to me!

    Banning people for not agreeing with your shallow worldviews is Reddit. I'm not here for people to kiss my ass! I have learned so much since I'm here. I wish I could help out but I'm dealing with real life right now. That makes regular contributers Like Mr. Carswell and Co. the more important. They are also kind people ready to lend a ear or help people out when they are down. Passionate to the bone, great teachers, the best contributers, keeping saidit from being overrun by low effort post refugees..

    If you are starting to ban, who will be next? Horrux? Legs? Jesus or me? I also feel sexy for now, to have my first own internet stalker. That's also SaidIt. Let's roll with it and having harmless fun! Let's not excite him but I still feel sexy to give a stranger on the internet a harder to stalk me!

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      I am sitting watching a sick dog die, it isn't me that is frustrated.

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        I am not your brother/sister

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        He's fam to the site. And a passionate defender against much BS. Without him the quality of this site will slip significantly.

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        hear hear