they are dirty filty cops at the top of the fbi, says trump... by [deleted] in news

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For all you conspiracy theorists out there, this is a real one and a story worth watching.

this saidit site is really dead.. by [deleted] in news

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Whites disposable: American county creates race-specific 'grounding space' to escape 'whiteness' during pandemic by REDISCOM in news

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As far as I can tell this is a literally manufactured story involving events which literally never transpired.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting new results... by JasonCarswell in memes

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If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting to get different results then explain Versions 2 and 3.

The left doesn't meme... by JasonCarswell in memes

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So you memed a truly unfunny meme as a self-mockery ?

That guy sort of looks like me.

Dutch Government restores full rights to the left-wing terrorist that murdered Pim Fortuyn. Volkert van der Graaf brutally murdered Pim Fortuyn on May 6th, 2002. Graaf was a left-wing extremist who claimed he killed Fortuyn to "protect Muslims." He is now an unsupervised free man. by Chipit in news

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The court ruled in his favour, and an appeal was withdrawn after a new arrangement was made: that Van der Graaf would report (to his parole officer) by email once every two months, until April 2020.

So happy May Day, commies.

New Jersey City Using Drones To Manage Social Distancing - 6:38 and 9:55 by logicalfallacy in news

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So don't live in New Jersy. Problem solved.

New York Times calls for DNC investigation into Biden sexual assault claims by [deleted] in politics

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Investigate and dismiss. FTFY

Saidit has the chance to become a free speech social media by GreenCappy in SaidIt

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If humans have to do it, then the only solution is to have trustworthy humans. And I'm not sure of any vetting system that would filter out people who are just seeking power, or people trying to subvert the system, or people trying to sell out.

In computer science we have this concept of an NP Complete problem and another concept of a reduction of a problem. An NP complete problem is a problem that is as hard as any hard problem in its category; it's category is a miserable one, for which no known "efficient" solution exists. What we know is that, if a solution for any of the NP complete problems exist, a solution for all of them does also exist because they are all "equivalent" to each other; we say they can be "reduced" to another of their (miserable) category.

This problem you're citing here, the trustworthiness of humans, is an NP complete problem in human affairs. No known solution to it exists, but if it did, then organizations like the FBI would not have to worry about the Robert Hanssen's of the world. But they do.

The thing with NP complete problems is, most developers don't waste their time trying to prove they're not what they seem to be- asymptotically intractable. They (probably) are; so use your life's energy proving something else.

The same thing applies here. If we want to depend on a Good King then our solution will come to incorporate something akin to an FBI vetting process- absent the cooperation their very special powers and reputation elicit from the world. Either that or it will succumb. I just can't see that working in the long term, although in the short tterm you're doing a great job in my opinion.

Small blockchains suffer from an easier to exploit 51% problem. I have some Reddit sub numbers here, and I think they're big enough to make Saidit a hard target for a blockchain takeover, supposing everyone defects and the site continues to grow.

s/announcements 56,238,906 (everybody I presume)

s/AskReddit 27,580,454

s/ funny 30,094,540

and so on with lots of 20 and teens millions.

magnora, early on I was very heavily involved with the web. We had a very early startup; we preceeded everyone in a ton of later to be sucessful technology. Details matter and I am not one of the tech billionaires :( but it's not from a personal lack of vision or work. Online, I got massively burned on a discussion group / news website and I had to decide to walk away from it . I truly feel Saidit's ex-Redditor's pain.

I thought- I'll never do that again ! and psychologically, I haven't; none of my posts are anything I have some big attachment to, as in olden days.

But it got me thinking, like it did a lot of people, about what's wrong with the web.

I concluded we had taken a wrong turn early on and instead of sharing data with each other's connected computers, we aggregated ourselves into what amounts to complex honeytraps run by psychopathic authoritarians.

I never joined FB or Twitter or any of that. I don't even use a smartphone. I take much-more-dramatic-than-average precautions against online threats and treat all my posts and emails and web activity as though they were fully public to my neighbors and I might one day have to stand trial and defend myself for something I said or did. That's my mindset. I don't expect that my activity is public; I reserve my legal assumption of privacy and anonymity, but I act as though a worse case scenario could happen.

Since those days, I've come out of a kind of hibernation of hope. I feel like something's in the air like it was back then. Things are changing and a Big Change over a few decades is going to happen and it can be a Good Big Change if people of good will can be coaxed into applying themselves.

I feel like this problem is interesting to me again. If would be very happy to kick around ideas - nothing is too wild- with anyone who wants to. Feel free to dm me and maybe tell me what /s covers these kinds of things.

Saidit has the chance to become a free speech social media by GreenCappy in SaidIt

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, and crowdsourcing it has proven to be disastrous, especially if that process is hijacked by dedicated groups

Can you give me some examples? I don't doubt you, but I am interested in details.

For the rest, I don't have a solution either but I know the way to a solution is framing the question properly. What is the real issue? It's what you said- in the end it comes down to a human. New thinking here has to start by wrestling with this fact, because it's not going away.

My first instinct is trade human for crowd somehow, but you say this is a failure. Wiki traded human for editors,but editors were a hierarchical organization and if there's one thing we know is subject to being taken over, it's a hierarchical organization. Bitcoin's contribution is to flatten that out; everyone is just a node with no special powers.

Saidit has the chance to become a free speech social media by GreenCappy in SaidIt

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What if moderators weren't anon and were vetted

Unfortunately, nothing stops "them". Look at ICAAN. As you said, they were about to give .org away to private equity firm.

Everyone involved in that is publicly known to all and paid (short read):

I think people should be paid for their time and effort. It doesn't solve the corruption problem.

Saidit has the chance to become a free speech social media by GreenCappy in SaidIt

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This is the second fundamental problem:

They will literally wear you down, and no volunteer can withstand it.

This is about being forced to spend time and attention. They bankrupt you. They bankrupt your mental "bandwidth".

In the world, two people in a debate can't agree because they don't have the time and bandwidth to run down the ultimate truth of assertions made by the other side. Neither does the audience.

So this is not a Saidit problem, or even an online community problem. It's a non-trivial problem that is the chief thing gating the adjudication of everything from climate change to Holocaust Denial among people who sincerely intend to know the truth. My point here is- don't expect to solve it.

Problems we can't solve we deal with, and if you look at civilization, the way we deal with this problem is through structured debate. We create systems which define what is admissable and what constitues valid evidence and who won or at least is winning or has assembled the best evidence.

Science is one such system. The judiciary is another. If you look at how those activities are structured you can get an idea of what the site would have to be like in order to enact a simliar solution. These represent humanity's best efforts at fact finding.

The failure called Wikipedia is the best example I am aware of that attempted to realize this.

Sure, science is also corruptible -the Food Pyramid and the Stanford Prison Experiment have now both completely and uncontroversially ( everyone is in full agreement) been outed as outright, full-on, self-conscious frauds perpetrated by zealots for their cause. Stil, science seems better than Wikipedia.

So the point here is this- threaded discussion groups are good for talking like this, for communication, but they can't by themselves sustain a debate. That looks like something else. We don't know what. Something.

Saidit has the chance to become a free speech social media by GreenCappy in SaidIt

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First thing I see is with this:

What it boils down to is that operating a site like saidit in such a way it does not get taken over by forces that want to destroy it and use it for propaganda, is difficult and takes time. And it takes a certain kind of very fair, very knowledgeable person in the moderation chair.

This is the Good King problem. Everything in the Kingdom is Good as long as the King is Good. But the King doesn't live forever and his son is not Good. Or he's overthrown.

If everything depends on the King, then that's the first problem you have to solve, because everything can't depend on the King.

Look at how bitcoin solved the Good King/ Bad Agent (same thing) problem. The entire design of Bitcoin is solely to address the problem that no one can be trusted. It takes a multitude of untrustworthy actors and pits them against each other so that, in a zero sum game, it's to everyone's advantage to police everyone else.

What results is a pretty trustworthy system, or at least, as trustworthy a system as you can build without cheating and relying a Good King. They still have the 51% problem (51% of people agree to cheat together). But it's better than anything else out there.

[Repost] Zionist leaders tyrannical powers... by JasonCarswell in memes

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OK so, Zionism is a form of Jewish racism? And the Holocaust is not real or greatly exaggerated? These are your positions?

DOUGLAS VALENTINE Interview [with WHITNEY WEBB] - How The COVID-19 Police State Was Born In Vietnam (1:20:25) ~ The Last American Vagabond - [ 2 heroes in one EPIC show! ] by JasonCarswell in PsyOps

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Ahhhh got it. I wasn't I asking about Covid-19 though? What woudl you do if you were in charge? Anyway an interesting list indeed!.

FBI documents confirm Roger Stone and Julian Assange communicated during and after 2016 election by krys in politics

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Exactly. What did this guy do wrong? Well the FBI caught him in a process crime and he called up someone he's known for decades and said, basically, if he told the FBI this and that , he'd ring his f'ing neck. The guy did not feel threatened by the call but the FBI decided to charge him with witness intimidation I think.

The Flynn case is even worse. If you want to see the deep state in action, follow the Flynn case which may be about to get kicked up to a circuit or SCOTUS given the gross misconduct involved in that case and the judge issuing indefensible orders to the defense, for example, you can't file any more

Flynn literally did nothing wrong whatsoever. That a career dirtbag and philanderer like Stzrok can take down a guy who dedicated his entire life, which he risked many times, to defending this nation just because he wants to get at a guy he didn't want to see win an election is appalling. It speaks directly to the exaggerated sense of entitlement career deep staters have. They literally think they own the joint.

A great podcast which tracks this regularly is John Batchelor's. He's following the whole deep state, Russiagate thing. Some very articulate defenders of Trump on there.

Jeff Bezos, World’s Richest Man, Wants Your Donations To Help Amazon Employees by MostlySunnySkies in TechCompanies

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I like him less and less. I think Amazon as a market place and innovation is awesome. But his policies towards his workers are way out of bounds and his attitude towards the people who use his site to sell goods is just wrong. I never liked his WAPO takeover and of course he bashes Trump 24-7 (MAGA 2020 !!!) but he's entitled to his opinion just as I am mine. But the more you see the choices he makes when its laid before him, the less I think of him and the more I look for Amazon alternatives.

But the U.S. is also the only rich country in the world where the mortality rate has been going up, not down. Much of that trend is driven by men without college degrees in America’s heartland, according to Brookings. "...and almost 20% of prime aged males are out of the labor force" by Orangutan in BasicIncome

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This is the same Brookings Institute that literally petitions for H1-B for itself :

and routinely spins the H1-B visa program to the liking of its corporate sponsers:

What does this mean? It means when I go home to the small town I am from I find H1-B Visa holders working as cashiers in my local gorcery store. That would be the very jobs the 20% of unemployed men who are killing themselves could have worked at.

Brookings is also a big lover of outsourcing:

Businesses that outsource in the global economy can boost productivity and wages—if the outsourcing is driven by market forces, not by a need to game costly laws and lawsuits. But legal and regulatory considerations, not just a quest for cheap labor, sometimes do influence the sourcing patterns of firms, including their contracts with offshore suppliers. Because this process can be inefficient, policymakers need to address it. But pleas for better “corporate citizenship” are no substitute for fundamental correction of the nation’s regulatory programs and legal practices.

As if Brookings gives a shit about these regular guys. Good guys. Guys who should be raising families and playing horseshoes and fixing up their cars and going to church and being solid citrizens in every sense of that word. Yeah, Brookings hates those deplorables.

Brookings like every other "think tank" on the left and the right- Cato Institute comes to mind here- is the soft policy arm whose work product is designed to give intellectual cover to whatever its billionaire funders want and what their billionaire funders want is a bunch of dead Americans, to spend the week on their yacht and a whore.

Like the rest of the elites they're happy these guys are killing themselves, they're racist, sexist xenophbes who otherwise would be voting from Trump.

What are the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and Donald Trump? by krys in politics

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“You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

What part of that quote constitutes sexual assault?

He is recounting a well known fact about women's differential attitudes towards famous/rich men and the guys who wrote this article and the guys who work in MSM. One is a class of men women throw themselves at. One is not.

Tell me what level of moron I am required to assume so you can maintain this narrative that Trump is a sexual predator. Apparently it's a level at which I am completely and utterly ignorant of the plain facts about the world we all live in.

Guess what MSM eunuchs. Women wanted to fuck him and not you. That's just something you're going to have to come to terms with, like, you know, your career and your marriage and your paycheck

[Repost] Zionist leaders tyrannical powers... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Why do you hate Jews ? Or are Zionists something else and if so what do you think Zionists are?

DOUGLAS VALENTINE Interview [with WHITNEY WEBB] - How The COVID-19 Police State Was Born In Vietnam (1:20:25) ~ The Last American Vagabond - [ 2 heroes in one EPIC show! ] by JasonCarswell in PsyOps

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I enjoyed T and H even if I didn't agree with a lot of it I think what he did for the man who's writings he had learned so much from when he was in the hospital was outstanding and incredible. I forget that man's name right now.

Elon Musk Changes Twitter Avatar to Game That Predicted Globalist Takeover by MostlySunnySkies in politics

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China is a Nazi-level concentration / slavery nation. Iran is lately begging for war; I am not sure why. NK should have been leveled in the 50s. So , heh, we probably dont' see eye to eye on these matters.

But that's OK.

The rest of your vision is also just too apocalyptic for me. The despair you feel I know is felt by everyone in our generation.

The issue is, we're lviing in a nation whose legislative and economic policies have become the sole property of a financial elite who wants to horde everything for itself and destroy all opportunity for just everyone else.

Like with Zuckerberg's What we have here is a literal billionaire (do you have enough, Mark?) trying to pull economic opportunity away from people whose net worth isn't even 5000 bucks, so he can have even more. It's demented. This is just crazed sociopathy, and it's running our economic policies.

Or like Bezeos with Amazon, literally using his merchant's private financial data to see where their profitable sales are, then going into direct competition with them, again using their private sales leads against them. Wow. That's a psychotic need to dominate literally everyone you come into contact with. You don't even consider finding a win-win game.

Despite that, I fully believe in our system, even if we have to take some unprecedented steps to set it right. I hope you find something in the news or your life that gives you hope Violence just begets violence and nothing else. It's always a mistake, but one we keep making. If you hav e asystem, any system, that will give you better outcomes than violence will. Violence and chaos is what the first 20,000 years of our history were driven by. We're doing better now, by far.


"We" are wealthy by magnora7 in memes

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GreenCappy you need to take up the cause of student loan dismissal through bankruptcy. The only reason unis are this expensive is because they turn their customers into literal indentured servants. That's a crime which can and should be answered for. Seizing the property of these universities to pay for the student loan debt is not too much to ask for morally. They know what they're doing, they're vampirically sucking the literal futures and hope out of the next generation so they can continue to live in the 7 figure manner they've become accustomed to.

The US higher education system is a literal crime scene. The crime is indentured servitude imposed on a generation and the criminals are the legislators and university officals and boards who lobbied and passed the indentured servitude laws.

It's time to think about repealing Congressional legislative immunity. It's time to think about retroactively holding the legislators who passed these criminal laws to account for their actions.

There are people with student loans who took them out when they were bankruptable. Congress retroactively grandfathered these people into debt slavery. If they can do that, then we can retroactively grandfather previous legislators into the repeal of legislative immunity.

The fact is for 60 plus years now successive administrations have gerrymandered all wealth and financial well being back to themselves through a variety of laws of which student loan non-bankruptability is just the most glaring.

This is a predator generation preying on us and our futures and they need to find out what happens when they're not the ones making the laws anymore, but their vicitims are.

We can go after them. We can seize their accumulated assets and still have a functioning, dependable judiciary and a nation fully under the rule of law. All we need is the political will to do so and to get a clear understanding of the inherently criminal nature of their actions.

We held the Nazis to account, even though they acted under the color of law. We can do the same to the universities and the legislature of this nation. Nothing is absolute, including legislative immunity. If you pass laws like that, you put yourself out of the protection fo legislative immunity.

The collective wealth stolen by the universites and their employees, their deans of diverisity and fake departments of XXX-Studies, their boards and chancellors of this and that combined with the former members of Congress and their accumulated stolen, familial wealth, and the lobbyists and their familial wealth, all implicated fully in this criminal conspiracy, is more than enough to pay for what they did to us.

FBI documents confirm Roger Stone and Julian Assange communicated during and after 2016 election by krys in politics

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I know Stone wanted Assange to tell the world Seth Rich was the source of the leaks. I don't know if its in these emails or not.

Assange appeared to intimate that Seth Rich as the source of the emails.

and Roger Stone believes Seth Rich is the source:

In all events Roger Stone had nothing to do with the theft of the emails:

What Stone said to Assange in the released email which is new today is that he thought Assange wasn't isn't guilty of anything because he's functioniing as a member of the press, which I also believe is true.

I have pieces of hackery by the DailyBeast which implies Stone didn't believe Seth Rich was the source but when you read their proof of this, it literally is not Stone speaking and it literally is not Corsi saying it he knows Seth Rich was not the hacker who took the emails. Nevertheless Will Sommer of the DailyBeast presents this as the case:

Here's the headline:

Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi pushed Seth Rich lie after privately admitting hackers stole dnc emails

Here's the piece:

Here's their "evidence" if you follow the link and read the criminal complaint:

From a criminal count against Corsi in the District court of the District of Columbia :

On or about August 2, 2016, CORSI responded to Person 1 by email. CORSI wrote that he was currently in Europe and planned to return in mid-August. CORSI stated: “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging.… Time to let more than [the Clinton Campaign chairman] to be exposed as in bed w enemy if they are not ready to drop HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton]. That appears to be the game hackers are now about.

Person1 is Stone. "friend in Embassy" is Assange.

The sum total the proof of the headline that Stone is knowingly lying about his beliefs about Seth Rich is found in the words: "That appears to be the game hackers are now about".

That's it. It's not even Stone talking, it's Corsi.

This is typical of the press. Truth is a not absolute for them . Everyone has their own truths. This is The DailyBeast's reproter Will Sommer's truth. Don't tell him he's not entitled to it.

The job of Americans who still care about the country is very clear. The Left is doing everything they need to do to self destruct. Lying in the press, delusional narratives presented as fact, framing people, corrupting institutions, abusing their offices, covering up for scum and criminal conduct, voter fraud, attacking objectivity, science, math, education, you name it. They're in full decadent, decay-mode and nothing is going to stop them from destroying themselves now.

Our job is to separate our fate from theirs, and when they've destroyed themselves to go in and rebuild and reframe our institutions so that Russiagate and everything it represents can never happen again.

I woke up my entire family. by logicalfallacy in SaidIt

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Flipping even one person away from something pernicious doubles your vote.

I see the Democratic Party as having totally lost the thread of America and Freedom and the basic Consitutional values which kept our society strong.

They're just fascist now, knowingly, deliberately, with malice aforethought lying out all their orifices literally about everything.

Antifa is just the most obvious sign of this fascist rot; Russiagate is a real attempt by our national security apparatus to first prevent, then overthrow, the duly elected President of The United States .

It's far, far, far worse than Watergate.

This is what happened to Rome. The military came to understand that they could veto the emperor and it was all down hill from there.

No matter what else happens, McCabe and Comey and Brennan and Stzrok and Page and all the rest of the apparachiks of the deep state have to be brought to full justice or the Republic really is lost. If it reaches into the Obama administration and jails Susan Rice and Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch and Bruce Ohr and all the rest so be it. Whatever else happens in this nation, we're at a fork in the road now. Either we restore justice and the rule of law or we're a banana republic forever, run by team vote-by-mail.

It's no joke.

No shit- I was, and am, a big L Liberal my whole life and I thank God for Donald J. Trump and the 2016 election results Every. Single. Day.

If we all could flip just one person, it would make a huge difference.

DOUGLAS VALENTINE Interview [with WHITNEY WEBB] - How The COVID-19 Police State Was Born In Vietnam (1:20:25) ~ The Last American Vagabond - [ 2 heroes in one EPIC show! ] by JasonCarswell in PsyOps

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4 and 5 - how do you stop us from returning to warring city-states, before the modern nation-state and agreed upon borders. The Borgias is a good glimpse into what the poltiics of that world were like.

14- you're not serious here, right?

Canada bans “Assault Weapons” by Executive Order by [deleted] in politics

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Canada.... Canada... that's a country, right?

The ADL's extremism statistics make it seem like ultraright-wing violence in the US is more common than it actually is by [deleted] in KotakuInAction

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Fully agreed . I like the ADF

I used to think something about propublica, but they're really a left-wing extremist organization dressed up as a non-partisan.

Here is their attack on homeschooling for example. I love the evidence-free "some people believe" line. That's a dead giveaway that the author is a hack and the piece is fake news.

If voting was effective... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Crowder is awesome even when I dont' agree.

Vote-by-mail is a democratic scam to permanently steal elections.

Voter fraud should logically be a capital offense.

Admins delete an anti-China post from /r/conspiracy by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Same thing over a hacker news on ycombinator. They delete any post that is anti-China in any way. YCombinator has HUGE China dependencies and or aspirations.

Our financial elites are fully captured.

This is why we need a 1st and 2nd Amendment folks.

America's Super-Rich See Their Wealth Rise by $282 Billion in Three Weeks of Pandemic by MostlySunnySkies in politics

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Consumer Warning ! While this article contains some interesting statistics, the author is an academic leftist who has authored a pre-collapse book about Venezulea that didn't ag so well lol....

From an Amazon reviewer of his books:

1.0 out of 5 stars Western propagandist defends slavery of Latin Americans because dictator likes red

Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2019

Another ivory tower academic defending the miserable dictatorship that keeps my people enslaved. Because we are all little puppets for his revolutionary fantasy who couldn't possibly be opposed to a Stalinist boot on our face forever and economic ruin from insane Marxist policies unless paid by the CIA. Standard propaganda. I suppose writing this garbage makes him feel like a big revolutionary.

Twitter is an S-hole by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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Twitter is an S-hole by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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They have apps here:

other than that I think you have to sign up now. It didn't used ot be that way, but now I think it is. I am not sure if you need a real email address. If so then use a burner account if you want.

Twitter is an S-hole by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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...and is not.

Sorting the world out, one post at a time.

"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" — Albert Camus by Robin in quotes

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This is a great quote and I was unaware that Camus had said it.

Thanks Saidit!

FBI documents confirm Roger Stone and Julian Assange communicated during and after 2016 election by krys in politics

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LOL if you read this piece of liberal propaganda it makes it sound as if Stone had something to do with the theft of the DNC / Clinton emails. In fact, he did not. Just the opposite. He wanted Assange to tell him what he knew about Seth Rich.

This is a study in FakeNews and false innuendo. You definitely come away with the impression Stone had something to do with the theft of the emails and it's just now being uncovered in the FBI documents.

This is written for people who don't follow the news.

The Epoch Times - How The Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World by MostlySunnySkies in news

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Small l liberalism . Locke and Smith are big L Liberalism and are hated by small l liberals, who love Socialism and Communism.

If you know the EpochTimes you know they love Capitalism, including Locke and Smith

Elon Musk launches into expletive-laden rant, calling quarantine measures 'fascist' by pmc in news

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Elon Musk is succumbing to the disease of being too rich too long. Surrounded by syncophants. Secretly avoided by people with character and backbone. Rants. Drug taking and the cognitive deterioration associated with same. He's floating around in a world that never pushes back on him and all the things ( excluding right-time, right-place-ism) that made him something are decomposing.

I knew that was true when I saw him on Rogan. He'd been like that a long time.

This is a guy who's determined that the Musks not wait for their third generation to arrive back in poverty.

Serbs bang pots to protest government and strict coronavirus measures by [deleted] in Europe

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Compare to:

Protesters enter Michigan State Capitol with rifles Thursday morning....

This is why we have a 2nd Amendment. So we matter.

Boner density... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Trump doesn't belong to this #metoo category.

His "they let you grab them by their pussy" comment that spawned the pussyhat protests was taken out of context and if that sounds too incredible to be true- what context could there possibly be- let me tell you about that context.

In a city where I lived, I knew some very rich single men. Through them, I learned that there was, in that city at that time, a network of professional golddiggers who swapped personal info and tips of their targets- rich men. They weren't prostitutes; they were beautiful single women apparently looking for love, with rich men.

The golddiggers would share things like bars and restaurants these men would frequent, people they associated with, events they might be going to including private parties and more also intimate details - the rich men's interests (aside from beautiful women), what pissed them off, the highly personalized Dos and Don'ts of being good company for some specific man.

The men were quite aware that anywhere they went, there might be a golddigger who had planted herself there. They were never safe and they knew it.

I knew one guy who, when he went out to a bar, always had his lawyer with him and before the lawyer would let him take a woman home, would literally force her to sign an agreement for intimacy... sex ...basically. This was long before #metoo .

In this hunted and hunter landscape there came also to exist "parties" which were nothing more than a sort of neutral meeting event where, in the guise of say an art opening or a charity, the rich men and the golddiggers would both attend and sort of do this dangerous dance of flirting and chatting and getting to know each other.

Some of the men were stupid enough to be looking for their diamond in the rough- a hooker with a heart of gold. The women were available. It was a competition between the women to a degree and a war of a kind, or a game of strategy, between the men and the women.

(Today this is more formalized and systematicized with sugardaddy websites where young women with unservicable student loan debt can go and meet the rich men who saddle them with that debt.)

This is the venue you have to have in mind when Trump was talking about grabbing their pussies. Note that, very specifically, he never said HE grabbed their pussies, he said it is possible, they will let you, grab their pussies.

What he's recounting is almost certainly the same thing I knew about. A venue where golddiggers are completely shameless and that kind of thing can and does go down, under the design and with the consent of all parties.

When I listened to the Hollywood Access tape, what I heared in Trump's voice was a certain kind of incredulity which has been worn to the bone or a kind of worldly matter-of-fact-ism about the norms prevailing in this scene. It's just the way it is in this microworld, I heard him tell Billy Bragg.

Well, that's completely factually accurate.

Of course the po' folk in the media, and their target audience, know nothing about the existence of this world and its goings-ons. They're never been invited; they're not beautiful; they're just in the dark.

I get the President of the United States is not supposed to utter the word "pussy" because, as President, he's the representatitive of our nation's most formal and public ideals, and the word "pussy" is not invited.

What kills me is to listen to the moral cluckcluckclucking of the left wing media establishment and the blue-haried SJWs and academics, all of whom belong to the class of alternative, polyamorous with s&m vinyl in their closets, safewords and 14-inch strapons. These are the same people who call prostitutes "sexworkers" and author long, sympathetic articles about "virtuous pedophiles".

Every day is feeling closer to 1984. by useless_aether in censorship

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So what's wrong with Socialism? What's wrong with letting the government own everything and coordinate the production, price and nature of goods and services?

One of the problems is what is says is the 200 million minds which are employed at their various tasks and have the various detailed knowledge of their jobs could be replaced with a smaller, smarter group of people and then things would be simpler, and more efficient.

Well, to start with, a smaller version of that is called monpolies. But you don't like monpolies. You don't like the choiceless, take it or leave it world that hands you. You don't like the total lack of customer service.

What Socialism says is that if we all cooperated, we'd be better off than if we all competed.

That presumes we all want the same things and can agree on what to do and how to do it. But the history of the world tells a different story, doesn't it?

At their heart, Socialism and Communism both believe they are the enlightened one, and deserve to run everything. The Soviets had their New Soviet Man. Communism has it's New Man. It's even a wikipedia page:

The only way to get everyone to agree to the extent they would have to in order for one entity to run everything would be to remake human beings themselves so they're all the same, so they all want the same thing and hold the same values. They need to "transcend" their concerns with their own selves, their selfishness, and be a kind of entity in a borg.

Some people in the 1800s and early 1900s when both these movements got going seriously believed this was both possible and desirable.

Fuck multicuturalism; you will be assimilated.

That's why all Socialsm is authoritarianism- no one is going to play the role you have in mind for them except at the point of a gun. Socialists never get voluntary coorperation for their schemes. They have to take over governments either through revolution or through deception and infilitration. Then reality hits. Then the gulags appear. Then the economy crashes, and the death squads start making the rounds, and you're eating dogs.

Lenin killed tens of millions. Mao killed 100 million. FDR was going to pack the Supreme Court. Harvard wants to criminalize homeschooling. It's all the same thing. By force, we will remake you. By force, we will shape people into our New Man. We are enlightened, you are ignorant and we will reform you and make you want what you should want.

Socialism doesn't work because the billions of individuals with their own hard-won accumulated life's knowledge , their own detailed lives making their own decisions using their own judgments, both in their jobs and in their personal lives can't have their self-willed actions be done "more efficiently" by a small, or large, coterie of like minded indivudals.

I the end, Socialism is for control freaks who simply fear the autonomous actions of other people, and have an aching need to control them. They're worried you might do something. You need to be controlled. By them.

In the end, Socialism is for narcissists and fantasists who believe for some reason, for example -INSERT UNIVERSAL GOOD THING HERE - that they deserve to decide everything. Equally absurdly they believe they and their buddys have the capacity and knowledge to do so more efficiently and with better outcomes than those other billions of minds.

In the end, Socialism never works because it's a stupid idea to begin with. A stupid idea promelgated by people who are, at their core, what we moderns call "assholes".

Illegal Immigrant Raped 13-Year-Old Girl And Sexually Assaulted TWO More Children Under Nine by REDISCOM in news

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Please. Sympathy people. He's just another Undocumented Immigrant doing a job Americans won't do.

Every day is feeling closer to 1984. by useless_aether in censorship

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Here is a good example of the soft sell of Socialism that's cynically targeting you and the reason you were confused:

The primary difference between communism and socialism is that communism is a political system and socialism is chiefly an economic system. >Communism focuses on putting the working class in charge of society by having the government control the means of production, whereas socialism focuses on making sure that all individuals have their basic needs met.

Yeah, no it's not. The distinction is detailed in the post beneath (prior to) this one. Full stop.

Wikipedia is, of course, little better. A perfectly clear and concise definition fits into a single sentence. Here's Wikipedia's version of that sentence:

Socialism is a political, social and economic philosophy encompassing a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership[1][2][3] of the means of production[4][5][6][7] and workers' self-management of enterprises.[8][9] It includes the political theories and movements associated with such systems.[10] Social ownership can be public, collective, cooperative or of equity.[11] While no single definition encapsulates many types of socialism,[12] social ownership is the one common element.[1][13][14] It aims to circumvent the inefficiencies and crises traditionally associated with capital accumulation and the profit system in capitalism.[15][16][17][18]

Definitions matter. If you think you're advocating for Socialism, but you're not, then you're lending legitimacy to Socialism to all your friends who hear you and think "Socialism... huh..." .

In fact, that describes what's happened to you.

What people call Socialism and what is being sold as "Democratic Socialism" to make it more palatable, is Capitalism - private party ownership - with very very high rates of taxation and redistribution. This is what some people call the Nordic model.

Is Sweden socialist?

and so on. This is correct.

Venezuela literally became a Socialist nation under its past two Presidents-For-Life. They have huge amounts of natural resources including oil. Now they're eating dogs. Now they're being visited by government Death Squads.

It's interesting to note that Hollywood, in the form of the Amazon series Jack Ryan, had to reverse reality by 180 degrees to keep the "Socialism is for the people, Capitalists are fascists" meme greased.

If you want to experience actual propaganda first hand, turn on your TV and watch Jack Ryan on Amazon.

Calling redistributionist schemes Socialsim is more than just an error in nomenclature. It soothes fears of Socialism and makes it seem more familiar. Believe me, trash like Bernie Sanders are fully aware of this. Before they can implement REAL Socialsim, they have to take the sting out of the word, get Americans comfortable hearing it, fuzz a lot of distinctions, prepare the ground....

Want a conspiracy? Believe me the sites soft selling you their watered-down definition of Socialism are a part of a conspiracy of like minded individuals who are acutely aware of what they're doing and why. Communists and Socialists who work in unison towards their goal without explicitly coordinating have a name, a name they call themselves. Fellow Travelers.

Every day is feeling closer to 1984. by useless_aether in censorship

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Say things as precisely as you can. You'd be surprised how much of insight into complex things depends on you formulating things to yourself. If you think of reality as an opponent who doesn't want to be understood, to position yourself to win, you have to describe it with as much fine detail as your brain can discern. That means prefering to make distinctions rather than blur them.

Google can't be Big Brother because, by definition, BigBrother is the government and Google is not a branch of government.

However, Google can be LittleBrother which is a term used to describe the private-party surveillence state and covers everything from Google to Alexa to your friend's cell phone to your neighbor's video doorbell.

Google can be used by the government.

Google can take money in the form of startup cash and contracts from the the government, as can Amazon.

Amazon and Google can provide services to the government, but they are not the government and that matters. Why? Obviously, if Google were the government they would have some form of legislative executive or judicial power over us, and they don't. On the other hand, we can break Google up, we can charge their executives with crimes, we can expose their criminal wrongdoing and put them in jail for the actions. They have no Consitutional immunity. They can be broken, replaced or made obselete.

The Deep State is the part of the government that doesn't get swapped out at election time and acts to achieve policy goals of its own, independent of any branch of government and in opposition to the elected government.

That is a real thing, as we're finding out with Russiagate. Google and its executives may be coordinating with the Deep State, but the actions of both parties are entirely illegal and if and when they are exposed, will land them in jail.

The thing is when you allow yourself some other, more dramatic formulation of things like "Google is the Deep State" then look at what you've done. You've ceded to the enemy. You're saying we're already in a post-Constitutional and therefore lawless nation.

If that's true, then why even bother with Russiagate or any other investigation- the battle is already lost.

The worst thing you can let your opponent do is inflict on you the idea that the battle is just unwinnable. It's a way of getting you to cede the field of a battle you most likely could have won.

Believe me, they wouldn't waste their time doing psych-ops on you if they thought they had won the battle. They'd put in you in a gulag. That's what a lost battle looks like.

Cynicalism itself is a psych-op; don't fall for it.

Every day is feeling closer to 1984. by useless_aether in censorship

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Let's just take things one at a time.

You are confusing socialism with Communism.

First I am going to link you to definitions that show you you are wrong . I consider these to be definitive, so I mean it as an absolute correction.

Then I am going defend your understanding as the popular one for which contradictions are hard to come by, so much so that my definitive correction may even seem to you pendantic, even though it's correct.

Finally I am going to argue that my pendantry is more than just that, it's substantive because of its implications.

I will try to get through this in the short time I have. If I can't do that, I'll post what I have and continue later until I am done. After that I'll read your responses and I would hope you read mine.

Every day is feeling closer to 1984. by useless_aether in censorship

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Socialism, social and economic doctrine that calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources.

any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods 2a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

Socialism is an economic system where everyone in society equally owns the factors of production.

KEY TAKEAWAYS Capitalism is a market-driven economy. The state does not intervene in the economy, leaving it up to market forces to shape society and life. Socialism is characterized by state ownership of businesses and services. Central planning is used to attempt to make society more equitable. Most countries are mixed economies, falling in between the extremes of capitalism and socialism.

There pages have nice tables or infographics:

What you're calling Communism is actually Socialism. What is Communism? It's the end of private property, period. Everything is held communally.

Communism is this:

Both socialism and communism are essentially economic philosophies advocating public rather than private ownership, especially of the means of production, distribution and exchange of goods (i.e., making money) in a society. Both aim to fix the problems they see as created by a free-market capitalist system, including the exploitation of workers and a widening gulf between rich and poor.

Under communism, there is no such thing as private property. All property is communally owned, and each person receives a portion based on what they need. A strong central government—the state—controls all aspects of economic production, and provides citizens with their basic necessities, including food, housing, medical care and education.

By contrast, under socialism, individuals can still own property. But industrial production, or the chief means of generating wealth, is communally owned and managed by a democratically elected government.

Communism, on the other hand, is a branch of socialism. It’s similar in that it’s still founded on the idea of collective cooperation, but differs in that communists believe that cooperation should be run by a totalitarian government made up of one and only one government.

(amusingly, the last site claims "the USSR gave Communism a bad name..." lol)

What is communism? Communism is a social and economic organizing system in which property is communally owned and every person receives wealth according to their needs and ability.

What is socialism? Socialism is an economic theory in which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned and controlled by society as a whole.

In communism, the end of relations based on force, on violence and the universal antagonism of each against all … will presuppose the end of ownership rights over people and things. The abolition of private property means putting an end to their foundations: the domination of the “other” (man or nature); appropriation, which only perceives the other in relation to utility; and the generalized degradation of the relations between men and also between the latter and nature. One will no longer be able to “use and abuse” something, whatever it is, just because one owns it. Nothing will belong to anybody anymore.

Joe Rogan and Beanie Man: Is Reddit Suppressing Conservative Voices? by Tarrock in politics

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LOL. Is the sky blue?

Every day is feeling closer to 1984. by useless_aether in censorship

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Well that's because the National Socialists were socialists. With socialism, there is no distinction betwen the government and private industry. Same thing in China. Same thing in Venezuela.

Just because a company seeks political influence and the government works with and subpoenas a private company and even though a lot of private companies get cash in various forms (Intel-Q etc . ) from the government, you'd be blurring distinctions which need to be admitted if you say the US Government and Google are one in the same entity.

Here's an observation. A lot of the pain from bad theorizing that get passed around here on Saidit is traceable to an inability to observe fine and frankly not-so-fine distinctions. I think people are simply unable to make these disticntions or it seems like drudgery to them. They don't want to know reality in its fullness, they want a hot theory of everything. It causes them only anguish in the end, because none of what occupies their minds corresponds to reality. When your map doesn't correspond to reality, you're constantly frustrated, thwarted and your efforts come to naught.

When that happens, people blame some conspiracy . They never doubt the map of reality they've built for themselves.

There are conspiracies, for sure, but it's not the Jews or the Rothschilds etc. etc. In the second case what we have is over-monied busybodies who wish they could do what people say they do do, but they can't.

In the first case, it's more complex, but still wrongheaded. Cultural Jews are majority radical liberals and minority conservatives. Religious Jews are still majority liberal and minority conservative. What you're seeing is a bunch of like minded liberals pushing a very very liberal agenda. It's not about their Jewishness; it's about their extreme liberal positioning. Why are so many Jews so extreme and liberal and politically active ? It's not clear. There are tons that are just the opposite.

When the Russian Revolution was happening, the rap it is was a Jewsih revolution because there were so many prominent Jews in the inner core. But that was because for centuries they had been mercilessly persecuted, never left alone to live in peace in Russia, for centuries. So Bolsheivism seemed like a new, good idea to them, as it would have to you if you were them. You can hardly blame them for clinging together and throwing in with this new thing which promised to erase ethnic hatred and replace it with the New Soviet Man.

Sure Jews control Hollywood and Hollywood spews ultra-liberal highly destructive ideas. Ultra-liberal ideas are inherently anti-Western anti-individual, anti-social, really. But those Jews aren't all Jews. Lots of Jews hate those Jews for exactly the same reason and to the same extent I do, because they're highly motivated fanatics who are out of touch with reality and their ideas (such as they are) are destructive.

The amount of ridiculous and silly anti-Jewish conspiracy theorizing I read on here is disappointing. I refuse to ascribe it to racism. It's just bad theorizing over the field of a very complex world.

This goes to individual ability to discern what qualifies as evidence for a theory. People just aren't rigorous enough themselves. They lack a skeptical turn of mind, not towards the world (which they're highly suspicious of), but towards their own thoughts and reasoning ability.

The purpose, the utility of arguing is not primarily to convince your opponent; your opponent may be unconvincable because of the above flaws in their reasoning. The point of debating is in the unseen readers of the debate. The lurkers. They're the vast majority of netizens and your job as a debater is to personify in a convincing way good reasoning and argumentation such that the lurkers are persuaded and your opponent's flaws in reasoning become clear and in that clarity, present an object lesson in what not to do and who not to be.

Did you know? In the US "A police officer can shoot a dog if it barks or moves when the officer enters a home, under a new federal court ruling" issued 2016 by magnora7 in corruption

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The reason raids like this take place supposedly is to stop people from destroying evidence in the moment. Otherwise, they could just surveil the house and wait for the subject to leave in most cases. Even at WACO that would have worked.

You have to ask yourself- is the benefit of raids like this worth the corrosive effect it has on people's perception of the police? I would want to hear that debate, because on the face of it I feel like the answer is perhaps no.

We can't be minting contempt of the police, but that's what this does to more people than just the vicitims and their immediate families.

I remember one of our glorious virtue signalling "comedians", I think it was Chris Rock, saying "just show me one White person shot by the cops like this..." when, back in reality where Chris Rock rarely visits, just the month before a guy had been shot dead by a cop as he was literally crawling on his hands and knees, on order of the cop, towards the cop in a motel corridor. The guy's mistake was, in a moment of instinctive modesty, to momentarily reach slowwwwllllly down to pull up his falling-off pants....


There was no reason for it. You could not watch that perfectly clear video and conclude the officer acted reasonably in any way. It was like he was looking for an excuse to kill this guy.

Some people should not be cops because it's an extremely trying job and takes a metric shit ton of bedrock character and also the ability to stay collected under life and death situations. That excludes most of us.

When people who should not be cops do what these cops do, they need to be punished like anyone else. No one disagrees with this, so why doesn't it happen?

Every day is feeling closer to 1984. by useless_aether in censorship

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Did you expect YouTube to do anything other than this? Google would be BigBrother and this would be 1984 if they were your government. But they're not.

I think digital natives tend to conflate governmental power and authority with the most pervasive and "powerful" thing in their lives- YouTube FB Twitter et. al.

You'd all feel better in your moment ot moment existences if you reminded yourself of what you already know : YouTube is not your government and because of that this is not 1984.

The Chinese Communist Party endorses the Democrat Party. by useless_aether in WorldPolitics

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Because a segment of liberals are suckers who cannot fathom there are actually people who don't share ANY of their values- other than conservatives of course, whom they demonize.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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Jesus don't you see that you're just pulling this stuff out of your behind?

What if the police were permitted to use the same level of "evidence" and act against you on the basis of it?

So cops sit around and say,

"What if Jesus is going to do [some terrible thing]."

"Yeah, good thought."




"Better throw him in jail forever."

"OK, I'll go get the cruiser."

Would you accept that chain of reasoning as valid ?

The first question you have to ask yourself when making an argument is - woud I accept this level of "proof" if it were turned against me?

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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So you can't reference an earlier post which directly addresses your opponent's point. Why is that, exactly? Are we to act as if people are too lazy to click a link now?

DOUGLAS VALENTINE Interview [with WHITNEY WEBB] - How The COVID-19 Police State Was Born In Vietnam (1:20:25) ~ The Last American Vagabond - [ 2 heroes in one EPIC show! ] by JasonCarswell in PsyOps

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That's an interesting list. How would you achieve 5 without a 5 to enforce it? So if the biggest authority permissable is regional cities, how do you prevent one regional city from taking over another regional city? How do you, in general, stop power cliques from forming which take over? What are you going to do to stop it?

DOUGLAS VALENTINE Interview [with WHITNEY WEBB] - How The COVID-19 Police State Was Born In Vietnam (1:20:25) ~ The Last American Vagabond - [ 2 heroes in one EPIC show! ] by JasonCarswell in PsyOps

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Yeah but Jason what else did you want the govt. to do in response to the virus? What would you have done if you were in charge?

Have you noticed the difference between Christine Blasey-Ford and Tara Reade and how their cases are being handled? by Orangutan in politics

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Do we lack the ability to adjudicate these allegations? No. How do we adjudicate these allegations? In a court of law. If either of these individuals wanted to make their case, they were free to do so.

Allowing either of these people and their supporters to veto either of these candidates is wrong. People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It's called the rule of law.

I for one refuse to respond to either of these people. Doing so would only incite a future filled with more of the same. Lest we forget, this all started with the Borking of Judge Robert Bork.

I will not live in a nation where anyone at any time for any reason can have the mere finger of accusation pointed at them and be thereby disappeared from public life.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Microsoft cofounder dies from coronavirus; death certificate updated. by [deleted] in news

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Fake news He died of cancer a while ago now. OP knowingly links to paywall in order to prevent disconfirmation.

Patrick Lawrence: Our Latest Sinophobia Fest by [deleted] in news

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I dont' get it. In China you actually have a racist totalitarian regime (they're Han Chinese supremicists). They literally murder people based on their religion. They literally forced women to have abortion procedures against their will. They're literally engaging in imperial expansionism in Africa. It's a virtual Leftist checklist for villany.

And yet the Left is determined to defend this horrifying murderous regime and accuse the West of beating the drums of war.

The drums of war should have been beaten harder in the early 50s and 60s. The millions the Chinese Communists murdered might still be alive.

Because it never stops:

The drums of war should have been beaten in the 70s instead of having Kissenger and Nixon selling out Taiwan and granting them a general security guarantee and supporting and legitimizing the regime.

The drums of war should have been beaten during the Carter Administration instead of bestowing on them most favored nation status which gave them the economic power to continue to oppress their people.

The drums of war should have been beaten during the Clinton Administration but instead he sold them our missle technology and then began the Great Outsourcing of American propserity to nations including China.

The drums of war are more than a little late to the game.

The Left is entirely reactionary., Whatever Trump says, they react by saying the opposite.

It's why people like me left the Left a long, loooong time ago. It's puerile. It's despicable. It has no values it want's to implement except the value of their acquisition of raw power for power's sake. It's demented and the squad and Pelosi and Schiff and Clinton and the NYTimes and the WSJ and the MSM confirm me in this every single day.

The Chinese are going to be free. Any American who thinks we're going to continue to pave the way for the genocidal mass murdering racist imperialistic world-wide miltary hegemony of the Communist dictatorship known as the CCP had better get ready for a very, very rough ride.

I am the Left. I am the REAL Left. I am for individual freedom and liberty for all people's everywhere. I am for freedom from government interference in our lives whether it's China of Clinton.

The Leftists are facsist, which what they have always been. Antifa started in Weimar Germany as the BlackShirts, the Communist couterpart to the equally facist Nazi BrownShirts. That is why they wear black today.

Fascist everywhere- your end time has come. We're going to crush you and crush you absolutely and finally. Technology is too powerful to permit you to exist any longer. This is your EndTimes, not ours.

Whether you're in China or Portland, it's a borderless world for facists now and your total, worldwide and permanent destruction is coming at you like a locomotive and there's nothing nothing you can do to stop it.

MAGA 2020

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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The CDC and the WHO did know that when estimating a mortality rate for a virus that asymptomatic and non-reported cases should be taken into account as is done with influenza

That's not in dispute, so please stop citing it as evidence of anything.

The point is it was not known what numeric value the mortality rate was. None of the data coming out of China was good and the numbers from Italy looked very bad indeed for known cases.

In the absence of reliable data, it could be anything. That's a fact about viruses. This is an ongoing concern by medical experts- a novel virus with a high mortality rate.

You can argue that the world over reacted. You can't compose an argument that the CDC knew what the mortality was or was likely to be.

The numbers I cite are the confirmed cases- the numbers we know are true. We also know the real mortality rate is likely less, but no one knows how much less. It also could have been worse, with people dying of an unidentified effect of the virus such as heart attacks- which has been observed in yong people - which was not however ascriobed to the virus.

So it was possible the real mortality rate could have been higher.

We still don't know.

Illegal Immigrant Raped, Impregnated His Own 12-Year-Old Daughter by REDISCOM in news

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Another job Americans just won't do.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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No one had any idea what the equivalent numbers for this cornoa virus were when we went into lockdown. That's the reason we went into lockdown. That was the entire point of my posts and the reason all nations went into lockdown.




You keep saying the same thing as if my posts hadn't already said this a million times.

I am not going to repeat the same things in every post. I am going to call you out because what you're saying is dangerous and wrong and at this point, it's willfully wrong.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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Now you're making my point- no one knows how many asymtomatic cases there were because it's a new virus. Absent that knowledge, as was the case when lockdown started, the apporpriate thing to do is go into lockdown.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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Oh so when some idiot who does not read his opposition's posts says somethng which has laready directly been addressed and refuted, it is "lame" to link to the refutation. We must endlessly rewrite the post anew, because our opposition can't read.

I see no need to repeat myself. Anyone who wants to can confrim the post above refutes directly his reply.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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OK so you're just a paranoid 13y/o on the internet spewing whatever baseless thoughts your brain generates, as it generates them.

Got it.

Keep us all posted.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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His links are links to links which site studies. I followed it all and refuted it below.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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Jesus said:

No, the mortality rate is nowhere near that high if you account for endemic areas, infection rate, age, and health. For the majority it is well under 1%.

You are refuted in the above post on this very thread.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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Nope. Wrong again. You are refuted in the above post on this very thread.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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which is the very page you cite:

Overall, the mortality rate of coronavirus in Italy reached 12.9 percent,

which is not 14% but earlier had been estimated and reported at 14%. I am not making anything up. This page is very recent, today, so the number is being revised daily but the relevant fact is this is two orders of magnitude or 100 times the normal death rate from the flu:

I have to do this on a regular basis in every thread about the cornoa virus. The death rates you're saying I am wrong about are to be found on the very website you claim disproves me.

USA confirmed cases : 1,013,508

USA confirmed deaths: 57,049

Spain confirmed cases: 232,128
Spain confirmed deaths:23,822

Italy confirmed cases: 201,505

Italy confirmed deaths: 27,359

Dividing the second of these by the first gets you the death rate for confirmed cases. Those number are:

USA 0.056 or 5.56%

Spain 0.1026 or 10%

Italy 0.13577 or 13.6%

Numbers you claim don't exist.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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Italy went into lockdown on Mar 9.

By the end of March 32 of 50 states were mandating social distancing.

These papers are all arriving later, a fact which is everything and what's more, it's a fact which we expect and want to happen; it's called "further study" and its what science does: 17 Apr, 2020 22:36 8. APR 2020

With the exception of this one: 19 March 2020

But in this very paper there comes this sage observation, which is the same one I am making here:

For a completely novel pathogen, especially one with a high (say, >2) basic reproductive number (the expected number of secondary cases generated by a primary case in a completely susceptible population) relative to other recently emergent and seasonal directly transmissible respiratory pathogens4, assuming homogeneous mixing and mass action dynamics, the majority of the population will be infected eventually unless drastic public health interventions are applied over prolonged periods and/or vaccines become available sufficiently quickly.

Even under more realistic assumptions about mixing informed by observed clustering of infections within households and the increasingly apparent role of superspreading events (for example, the Diamond Princess cruise ship, Chinese prisons and the church in Daegu, South Korea)5,6, at least one-quarter to one-half of the population will very likely become infected, absent drastic control measures or a vaccine. Therefore, the number of severe outcomes or deaths in the population is most strongly dependent on how ill an infected person is likely to become, and this question should be the focus of attention.

We know that the death rate may be lower than the CONFIRMED data we have at hand, you're not telling epidemiologists anything they don't know, but how much lower? We needed more information to determine that. This paper is one tiny bit of information derived from one single data point, as they explain::

Briefly, because the healthcare structure has been overwhelmed in Wuhan and milder cases were unlikely to have been tested, we used the prevalence of infection in travelers (both on commercial flights before 19 January and on charter flights from 29 January to 4 February) to estimate the true prevalence of infection in Wuhan; we also used the Wuhan case numbers from only the first 425 cases to estimate the growth rate of the epidemic

Even the authors themselves don't recommend backing off social distancing. They did one study using a single source of data. It's interesting and perhaps suggestive but not by any measure definitive enough to guide public policy.

But you're suggesting it should have driven public policy. Because that's what we're talking about here- public policy.

Public policy was and should be as conservative as is bearable until enough data is accumulated to warrant the risk of backing off. This is what this paper itself says, as I pointed out.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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People in Sweden were asked to and did obseved social distancing. Not to the same degree other EU nations did. It may have worked out for Sweden, among some populations. The elderly took a hit in Sweden. In all events, Sweden rolled the dice with it's population. It is not perfectly clear they're going to come up either winners or losers yet.

What if the lockdown was a big mistake? by Unicorn in news

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The problems of today could be solved by doing what the government did in the past- NOTHING.

Yeah. That's how you end up with the number of dead people we had during the Spanish Flu - more than WWI which is ran concurrent to.

The simple fact of the matter is just too unconspiratorial for most people on this forum. A previously unknown corona virus with a mortality rate which appears from the available data to be between 5 and 14% for which we have neither a proven treatment nor a vaccine means if we don't want to risk millions and millions dead, we need to enact the 1,000 year old effective technique of social distancing and we need to do that until we have some real evidence that we've achieved some sort of herd immunity (which acts in the same way as social distancing) or it is not as deadly as was feared.

All governments did the same thing not because of some conspiracy, but because it was the prudent and responsible thing to do.

Amazon steals proprietary data from its merchants in order to undercut them. by MostlySunnySkies in TechCompanies

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But of course it does this. What is amazing to me is that any of these merchants were naive enough to believe Amazon when they assured them (and Congress) that it would never do and had never done this.

Why do people participate in platforms which are obviously in a position to leverage their privileged intimate knowledge about them against them? Why do people join Facebook or have Google accounts or Android phones or Ring doorbells or Amazon Alexas when they know full well those companies can and will leverage those technologies against them at a time and manner of their choosing?

The only thing I can imagine is that all those people don't think they matter. They don't question what's handed to them. They can't or won't entertain the notion that what they may want for themselves could conflict with what Google wants, and Google wil reach out and destroy them if they try to go against it. That just never ever enters their thinking at all.

I can almost understand this for a broad swath of the population but in the narrow vertical of merchants and their sales information, it dumfounds me. I would never set up shop on Amazon for exactly this reason. Neither would I trust Amazon's cloud services to honestly track CPU cycles I have to pay them for. It's a non-starter; it's a joke.

Why do people do these things?

A demoncratic Meme but You Might Enjoy by hennaojichan in memes

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Proving, once again, that progressives can't meme.

Twitter CEO Unveils Feature To "Editorialize" Trump's Tweets As Election Looms by Drewski in SocialMedia

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One good thing that is going to come out of this contempt social media has for uneditorialized "truth" and its complete disregard for the opinions of half its user base is people are getting a taste of what society will become if progressives reign supreme. It's a world without the fundamental virtues of impartiality, honesty, freedom of speech, association or conscience.

Twitter thinks it's gaining a short-term tactical advantage over its ideological enemies by silencing their voices. What its doing everyday is mass red-pilling hundreds of millions of people about the real nature of so-called "progressives". They're printing contempt for progressives like it's 1923 German Papiermark.

Truth is "hate speech" to those that hate the truth. by Robin in AntiExtremes

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But that's the (small) price we pay for living in a nation (US) with free speech.

It can't be a requirement that all our freedoms come with zero drawbacks.

It's just like the people who come on here and spew racial epithets. That is the price you pay if you want free speech. The solution to speech you don't like is more speech, not Twitter.

What conspiracy theory do you believe to be true? by EndlessSunflowers in MeanwhileOnReddit

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AFAIK dogs "sweat" through their mouths only.. panting is the only way they have of cooling their bodies down. Essentially, their mouths, throat and lungs are a ventilation system distributing the cold air into their cores. It's why you have to make sure they have water on hot days also. They need to intake cold things to cool themselves off. They exhale the heat their blood has captured as water vapor as it passes through their lungs. We do the same thing through our skin.

I am not a vet however.

The ADL's extremism statistics make it seem like ultraright-wing violence in the US is more common than it actually is by [deleted] in KotakuInAction

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Well, their business is countering what right wing extremist they can grouse up so of course they're going to exaggerate the need for their services.

Why Markets Are Rallying as Millions Become Unemployed. Champagne is flowing on Wall Street, while blood is being shed on Main Street. Trying to grasp this market is like attempting to comprehend former vice-president Joe Biden speaking to the press. by Chipit in news

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As the article says, traders are optimistic that the companies' stocks they're buying are going to do well in the near future after the cornoa virus social distancing is no longer in effect. It's very understandable. They're not "celebrating" people being out of work. They're anticipating everyone going back to work.

As a rule, markets are future-oriented in their behavior.

#DropOutBiden trends on Twitter because of #metoo. We should not celebrate this, even if you despise Biden. by MostlySunnySkies in Republican

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According to one Tweeter who apparently is someone in the Democratic machine:

Credible rape accusations are disqualifying or we have NO moral standards.

This is what they tried to do with Kavanaugh too. And Trump.

If "credible" rape accusations are allowed to become the currency for disbarment from political office, get ready for new technolgical heights to be achieved in the fine art counterfeiting.

If Biden raped someone, then let the charges be brought. It's not like we lack a sophisticated system of criminal justice which has thrashed out, in ultra-fine detail over centuries, what exactly it means for this to be adjudicated.

You're playing into their hands in the long term by sacrificing an otherwise losing candidate in the short term.

They're seeking arbitrary power to destroy anyone they want, any time they want, for any reason they want.

All that needs to be produced is a mouth that speaks words. All they need is an incantation.