James Comey Admits Steele Dossier Unverified Months After FISA Warrant Granted by useless_aether in politics

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Everyone has a price. Everyone could be a puppet, shill, or sell-out.

Would you teach a North Korean spy English if you were paid $500 per hour?

Would you teach a North Korean spy English if you thought he was from South Korea?

Would you torture a Muslim if you thought he was a terrorist?

Would you torture a Muslim if the US government paid you a $1000 per hour?

Would you make a movie praising Communism if you were paid $1 million?

The President is a Murderer - Norm Macdonald by Orangutan in politics

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The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state today.

Everything is fake today.

Americans used to have fought Nazis and Commies, but now have become Nazis and Commies.

There are many reasons why Americans are not resisting tyranny.

Part of the reason Americans are not resisting now is that they are defeated, degraded, divided, and distracted. Why go out and risk getting arrested and killed fighting tyranny when they have weed, sex, beer, food stamps, A/C, TV, and bread and circuses? Young people don’t care about freedom because they think living in a police state is normal and old people don’t care because they will be dead soon. Only middle-aged people who know what freedom was like and might be still alive for another 30-40 years seem to care.

Instead of waking up and resisting, Americans seem to have given up by embracing drugs, alcohol, sex, and suicide.

Another reason Americans are accepting tyranny is because they do not realize that the US used to be a free country. How can Americans stand up for freedom when they do not know what the Bill of Rights is? Americans don't know that tyranny killed millions of people in Nazi Germany, the USSR, and Cambodia.

Americans feel that tyranny only affects other people and freedom only benefits others.

Americans believe the police state has no downsides and do not realize decrees have unintended consequences. Americans prefer safety over freedom. Americans scream that they need the government to have regulations to force airlines to provide large seats and neck massages, but they do not know that regulations raise prices and kill jobs.

Americans fear potential dangers more than tyranny. Americans think withdrawing less than $10,000 from your own bank account should be illegal because you might buy drugs. Americans think victimless crimes should illegal. How many Russians wasted their lives instead of achieving something because everything was illegal in the USSR?

Wearing baseball caps could be illegal, but who would you hurt if you broke this law? Would society benefit by punishing and giving an arrest record to someone who violated a unconstitutional law that had no victim?

Laws do not mean justice. Slavery and concentration camps were legal before. Does that make them right? Torture is illegal if you do it, but if the state orders you to torture someone is that okay?

Americans are completely ignorant about the slippery slope dangers of rising tyranny. No one cares if saggy pants are illegal, leaf blowers are against the law, cows are illegal, teen driving is illegal, or smoking is illegal. The problem is what happens when your job is banned, the government steals your house, tortures your family, or sends you to the concentration camps.

Americans think curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, checkpoints, forfeiture, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, torture, kill lists, no fly lists, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, FBAR, FATCA, TSA groping, secret FISA courts, and Jade Helm only apply to blacks, illegal immigrants, Jews, and Muslims.

The US is collapsing today because Americans are lazy and dependent cowards. Americans may think deep down inside that immorality, debt, endless wars, and tyranny are wrong, but there are perverse incentives that encourage people to remain silent. Anyone who is quiet and compliant is rewarded with food stamps, a campaign donation, a paycheck, or a sale. Anyone who questions the status quo is called a racist, nutjob, gets an IRS audit, is arrested, or killed. No one became a billionaire by promoting liberty.

The Gestapo, TSA agents, government workers, and welfare bums are not going to stand up to fight for freedom because they have a vested interest in supporting tyranny.

Freedom means hard work and personal responsibility. Tyranny means slavery and death.

Americans are no better than animals at this stage. Americans are not allowed to make choices how to live their own lives now. Americans are told what to do and must ask permission to do anything today.

Clean-cut, moral Americans who were taught to hate Communism, be hard-working, be responsible, respect free speech, support religious freedom, defend gun rights, oppose warrantless searches, seizures, and torture must be in a state of shock to watch the USA become Socialist and not regret speaking up earlier. How could Americans go to the same schools and have such different beliefs?


The US deserves everything coming to it.

Congress Will Likely Legalize Hemp in the Farm Bill - Cannabis Telegraph by useless_aether in politics

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Some thought the 99% would not resist tyranny before the global economy collapses, but the protests in France, Belgium, and Holland show that people are waking up.

Nothing is going to change until Americans start getting out into the streets and breaking windows.

Americans shouldn't embrace the police state and then turn around and be surprised that tyranny sucks.

The US government is no longer legit. Everything is illegal, but the government and illegal aliens don't obey the law. The only difference between the government and the mafia today is that the government has a flag in front of their offices.

Some ways to resist tyranny are to vote, not pay taxes, and to withdraw from the system.

The government doesn't care if you vote or not because they will do what they want anyway.

The government doesn't care if you pay taxes because they can just print more money until the USA looks like Zimbabwe.

Another way to resist tyranny is to ignore the state and encourage others to do the same. What if there was a war and no one showed up to fight it? Encourage government workers to quit and let them know that government workers are tools of the elites and enemies of the 99%. Don't get business licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards, passports, and driver licenses. Drop out. Go Galt. Be a nameless, stateless nomad.

Nobody rules if no one obeys.

It's going to blow. Be ready.

Wake up.


Pass the word.