Colleges Create AI to Identify 'Hate Speech' – Turns Out Minorities Are the Worst Offenders by sproketboy in news

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I know nothing that I may say can influence you. You have no souls to be influenced. You are spineless, flaccid things. You pompously call yourselves Republicans and Democrats. There is no Republican Party. There is no Democratic Party. There are no Republicans nor Democrats in this House. You are lick-spittles and panderers, the creatures of the plutocracy.

When Laws Are Unjust, Just Men Become Outlaws by x0x7 in politics

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I fear government more than I fear terrorism.

How China Corrupted the World Health Organization's Response to COVID-19 by [deleted] in politics

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You have the right to disobey the government.

Refuse to follow their orders.

They are afraid of us if we unite.

Don't let them treat you like cattle.

Stand up against tyranny now.

Fuck the government!


Trump announces US will halt funding to World Health Organization over coronavirus response by Tarrock in politics

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Americans are so batshit insane now that Americans scream freedom is tyranny.

The same media that has absolutely no problem with Hunter Biden taking in $1.5 billion directly from the Chinese govt has a problem that @realDonaldTrump may own $99 of a stock (through a mutual fund) that happens to make a drug he’s hopeful could work against the pandemic. by RickC-137 in politics

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If you don't defend the rights of racists, niggers, Muslims, Christians, Jews, homosexuals, females, and immigrants then you will lose your rights, too.

The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation? by RickC-137 in politics

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Americans scream anyone who loves war, debt, and tyranny is normal and anyone who loves peace, balanced budgets, and freedom is a nutjob.

Dow sinks 900 points to cap Wall Street's worst week since 2008 by dcjogger in news

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Why would stocks fall if the economy is booming?

Newsom's budget calls for new tax on drinking water by dcjogger in politics

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The supply of government exceeds the demand.

Cleveland store owner vows to stay open despite lockdown by RickC-137 in news

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Americans scream only Jews owned slaves, but why do negroes have last names like Smith, Jones, and Williams?

China's illegal animal trade unmasked as wet market origin explained by bradlux in news

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Global warming and this virus can do anything the elites want.

CLOWN WORLD: Chicago Mayor Gives Coronavirus Benefits to Illegal Aliens by RickC-137 in politics

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Americans scream going outside must be illegal and then say home schools must be outlawed.


Hydroxychloroquine Rated 'Most Effective Therapy' By Doctors For Coronavirus: Global Survey by RickC-137 in news

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Why is Walmart allowed to open, but other businesses aren't?

Bernie Sanders Fan Astroturfing Has Actually Destroyed Socialism for a Generation by Tarrock in politics

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Americans scream Jews and Nazis are allies.

Suicide rates rise sharply across the US, new report shows by dcjogger in news

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The government is not legitimate. One reason Americans didn't revolt before was because the economy was good. Now that the economy has collapsed, let's get this party started.