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Don't trust China, China is asshole

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It's beautiful

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Use your words. Simply saying f this and f that is anti-intellectual idiocracy that brings you down to the level of a propagandist and turd flinger.

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Shut up cunt.

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This guy fucks.

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Shut the fuck up retard.

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What about the US government? Israel? They're just as bad.

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Hell yeah.. let's opt out of them all

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Neh, the problem is corruption in and around those entities. You got compromised ideals with unoriginal thinking in them places with biological predispositions leading toward conservative tomfoolery. Take a look' at em!

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"the problem is corruption in and around those entities" yes.... but that pretty much is running the whole thing in those entities.

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Honestly, it is a mixed bag. Individuals involved in charge of things are prone to corruption but not every one is at the same level. To assume its all run by corruption is throwing out the baby with the bath water.

The solution is to be original and think about what makes some sense. Lots of people working don't or can't stretch it that far and it is how corruption wins- by making people dumb. Be original and stick to your ideals by questioning everything. Its meant to be fon.

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"Be original and stick to your ideals by questioning everything" I agree 100% and I agree that not everyone is corrupt and I never made that claim. My claim was that the show is ran by an atmosphere, or a culture of corruption. Meaning if you aren't corrupt you won't have enough power, if you aren't corrupt you won't be allowed in, if you aren't corrupt you won't be welcomed, you're suggestions will not get through the vast majority of the time. Not everyone is corrupt but the system is corrupt, because most of them are corrupt, as we can see through their action, and this has been going on for a long time, and the longer the length of time the worse the corruption gets.

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I agree with you. And if I can specify or help a little further with another tongue in cheek comment, then it may be that some rogue boomers are possibly holding things back. You see, some oldies aren't and never got very smart. They acquired some power and reaped the earth for its bounty back in them good ol' days to institutionalize their fronts, but as time progressed; they never saw their own folly or realized the ocean of unknowns beneath them. So they now seek to clamp and lock it all down with the law/military in their back pockets, instead of allowing positive changes to take place as time progresses based on input.

Hence these boomer institutions and the population itself is in desperate need of rejuvenation. Some hardcore reconciliations with reality based on common sense and historical facts but the old and stubborn can fail at compromise or proper innovation (possibly).

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And what bothers me is how much arrogance and denial there is. Let us agree that there has been crimes committed, and let us prosecute and lynch those who committed these crimes... Why do we have to deny that these crimes were committed when it they who are responsible for these crimes? I am not responsible for their crimes, you are not responsible for their crimes, many other people aren't; they are responsible for their own crimes. So why is it that when a truth teller tells the truth, people shun him down and hate his guts, as if it's the truth teller's fault? By God, the end is near. It seems as though this is the way it is, they don't want to fix it because deep inside their own desire of justice requires that this house of cards, and this empire of lies, be collapsed on top of their heads, and for them to suffer the consequences of their own actions in magnificent fashion. What about the every day people who didn't commit these crimes, how will they pay for it? Well who knows.

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That last part you talked about sounds like a psychological complex of theatrical proportions. Like the narcissism of being a victim of circumstance while being a criminal of passion in the beginning, definitely weird from a social cultural standpoint! Like that Game of throne stuff with the villain queen.

That first part you said though, sounds a little mob-ish in wanting to lynch supposed criminals. Probably shouldn't encourage that since the mobs can scapegoat a person to be a criminal instead of actually doing some professional investigation. So yeah, you don't really know who is responsible for the crimes. You can ascertain like a category but anything specific should be held in doubt or questioned thoroughly before rendering judgement/punishment, unless you wanted to encourage violence or something.

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Well I agree that there should be investigations, if we keep what the bush era politicians, many of whom are still in power, in mind, we can imagine their crimes can easily be pointed out and they can be punished accordingly by being jailed... Of course they won't go down easy and violence might be necessary. Not that it's anyone's first choice, but they will most likely initiate it. As regards the psychological complex of theatrical proportion, it is absolutely true, and truth doesn't hide things. Where do we go from here?

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As it stands, the need for violence is being encouraged in suspicious ways as possible grooming operations. Different sites encourage extreme content/propaganda against the "other" and this in itself is a political ploy by some nefarious leadership to divide and conquer the populace while bolstering themselves once the dust settles, and after the astro-turfed purge. The best thing to do with this is to not play into it since senseless violence is a problem to begin with. Now to use violence against a stronger opponent in order to defend yourself or a loved one is different but you can't go around killing innocents under a political motivation echoed through some propaganda because its part of your final fantasy of things.

So the basic guidelines are still the same, be original while questioning things and stick to your ideals. There isn't really a proper instructions manual on how to fight all the time. Everyone has to figure it out for themselves and their own tactics while figuring out their own motivations. If however, anyone is trying to motivate you into attacking, then; that is possibly the enemy that seeks to gain from your failure and you should question it beforehand.

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"We have always been at war with Eastasia."

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The actors change but the story remains the same.

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You must be very horny, if you want to fuck a billion people.

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He's Gengis Cohen.

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You have to start somewhere.

Support the Falun Gong. Go see Shen Yun. Take down Xi.

Take down Xi and you take down Gates. End China Now. China Ass Hoe.

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No thanks, I don’t want to catch anything.

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Fuck those communist yellow niggers.

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Why though? At this point the evidence shows that the quarantines are far more about trying to capture more control over the people than about protecting anyone. For example, hydroxychloroquine would have been championed the second it showed any signs of having any benefit if the intention was to help people. Instead the media, which is controlled by the elite along with the government, have gone on a smear campaign against it from the very beginning. Meanwhile it has been shown that ventilators kill people with this condition. Meanwhile the media is propagandizing the idea that we all need to get vaccinated by Bill gates who's vaccines are suspect and who has already said he wants to chip everyone.

Fuck the media. Fuck the people who control the media. We have much bigger enemies at home.

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China is great... All hail the new global power!