The fate of all the whore roasties your see around you -- right now -- in their 30s. by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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Yeah female depression and suicide spikes after 35.

Slut and hookup culture has plummeted general happiness levels. Women dont get their end goal. And most men dont either. It values looks and statud above all leading to happiness being monopolised by the upper tiers and for the few low inhib gods who have truly distanced themselves.

What is the worst type of mogg? by Tylite in Incels

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Nah bro. A life-mogg. When you see a chad who grew up rich with access to every advantage and good parents, "succeeding" at life and being applauded by everyone for "working so hard"

hardest pill to swallow. That had you been born like that, you're ignorance would be increased, and you would legit believe you worked hard for it all, and deserve every success that naturally is more likely to come to you. WHy you see successful chads from good families say "hard work, and confidence" was all it took.

[IT'S OVER] Pirateparadise has been culled by the soyim. by scumyaal in Incels

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IT fags hate us. Look for any way to "shut it down"

Mind you, their hatred and loathing of us comes from us being a mirror to them. How dare these incels cope and talk about their strategies like gymcelling, and running, and music together. They should accept their place at the bottom of the social pyramid like a good little cuck boy, like me.

just be a melting wax corpse goblin and still get a loyal chadlite boyfriend by letsgobish29 in Incels

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Only a woman or child is given enough support in this world to do this. Happens to a non 6ft good frame guy, it's fucking over.


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Don't worry bro, I aced my highschool exams and things didn't turn out well after. You see, university academia is more reliant on the support systems in place. If you have a family that supports you, or good neet-buxx you can breeze through uni. If you don't it's a struggle.

If I can offer any silver lining/advice, don't worry. Fucking up is a part of life. Yeah the consequences for low value males are more harsh and pronounced. But don't let them grind you down. Finish your studies, redo units. Lie on your resume.

My favourite, getting family friends to act as my "refernces' giving them lofty job positions and saying I did intern work under them. A family friend accountant, suddenly becomes a small hedge trading group. Etc. You can't lie to big connected insitutions, but to get your foot in the door somewhere small it works.

Just fake all those extra helping hands rich kid chad and foids get by virtue of birth. This world is already so unfair and corrupt, you might as well just play and rape it for all it's worth.

BeckyFish - "are you down to try cuckolding?" results by 5645645645 in Incels

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Quite a few guys are. It's pretty fucked, that women have effectively engineered an affection and social wasteland for most men, whereby they'll debase themselves and fuck over any other guy to get a sweet few droplets of pussy juice

A sad fact is also the few guys who live in paradise look down on the starving with an air of superiority and entitlement,

IQMAXXING to cope? by Oogabooga in Incels

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The art of war is pretty good if you like business and strategy. Meditations by Marcus aurelius is good if you want to try adding disciplines to the way you live. There's also some spiritual areas to grow in. Honestly, try reading the old testament. A lot of really good old wisdom, mixed in with some very well written parts, that will expand your vocabulary and sentencing.

IQMAXXING to cope? by Oogabooga in Incels

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You want to get giga blackpilled. WIll require some investment. Start ff reading body language books. Just basic ones. Alexander and Barbara Pease have beginner ones. Then get more in depth. You can go out and just laugh at all the blackpills you see on the regular. Most good psychologists. The ones who are intuitively good and aren't just bluepilled fags. They are blackpilled to hell. They notice almost everything. ALl the little body gestures, and where people are facing.

For a while now. ALl I've been doing is laughing whenever I experience blackpilling from women. SOme ocld gesture. Just laugh, because the only thign that causes that coldness is how you are looking at that exact moment. EVen if you looked like a chadlite last week, and today you look like a normie or high tier normie. Her reaction will only come off of how you appear in front of her.

That's why even most chad marriages end in divorce. SHe adores young late 20's chad. he ages, and unless he stays fit and ages well. It's over as she loses interest. Good psychologists know that most marriage breakdowns are women initiated. Not the divorce paperwork, but the fundamental breakdown. Most men are content to stay in a lng term marriage and keep on going for a very long time. But women, are all about "feelings" and exploring. They need to feel alive as often as possible. And if her ex chad no longer makes her feel like that. Deep down she will write the relationship off. ANd the arguments and breakdown over the next 2 years are just the gears turning, and only chad getting his looks back can stop them.

How the fuck are girls so confident in themselves and “above it all” by as early as 19-20 years old? by No1stupid in Incels

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Women run society. They're the judges who decide hwo has a nice time and who doesn't. It was actually me who pointed out the dangerous consequences of not ismping. That being said, low inhibing doesn't mean you just stop playing the game. It means finding every opportunity to rise above the game. It means throwing out backhanded remarks, eroding their body confiednece lsowly. And delighting in it. Low inhibing doesn't mean going crazy. It means having fun in the world. ALso educate yourself on workplace laws. Now if I ever get a complaint, or whatever, I just acuse them of workplace bullying. Which it is. Those accusations are serious, and if they fire you, and you took it higher up, you can get a serious payday.

[Ultra Blackpill] The saddest part about incel and MGTOW communities. by No1stupid in Incels

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NAh bro. Incels outnumber chads and stacies.

Incels and "incel-lites" make up like 45% at least of men. An incel-lite is a guy who's had maybe 1-3 one off sexual experiences, or has betabuxxed a landwhale non looks-matched gf. Someone scrapping the absolute bottom of the barrel to larp as being happy.

we all know a guy who has only had sex 1-2 times but talks about those few experiences like they are quite a few.

Wthin the next deade there will be a major social overhaul. Or at least problems.

How the fuck are girls so confident in themselves and “above it all” by as early as 19-20 years old? by No1stupid in Incels

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You nailed it, that how you "tur out" by around age 21 is dpendent on your feedback loops. WHy do osme chads and a lot of foids seem so calm and confident? WHy can't I be like that? Because for the past decade life has been one big party.

They might stress out once a year over exams. But that's it.

Meanwhile you in the negative feedback loop are told daily, by indirect actions, you are not worth much. When your bosses speak down to you. When people avoid you. That look of disgust most foids give about 80% of guys. You're asailed by negativity, because people could care less or are even hostile to some degree.

Honestly. Don't take their bullshit. I call it out hard, or make a joke of them now. WHat they're doing is effectively stealing your energy. Like a vampire. "If I show his disdain that makes me better" attitude.

If you call it out. Make them feel small.

RIP St. Hamudi's channel by [deleted] in Incels

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One of the weirdest channels, but offered a good chuckle.

TBH I think he overdosed on the blackpill, or he was a mega troll

I figured out the secret to happiness. by No1stupid in Incels

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That's my entire point. Is that it's just one massive cope for them all. Most are just betabuxxers. coping through the world

I figured out the secret to happiness. by No1stupid in Incels

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normies aren't truly happy. They're coping. I'd contend most normie males are close to inceldom. Most are beta buxxers, incel lites etc.

Blackpill incels are just searching for happiness. And they realise what the recipe is for it. And how unattainable it is for most guys. Normies hcoose blissful ignorance. My wife wasn't fucked by dozens of chads and looks at my somewhat gym maxxed body and avg face with contempt. Shut up inkel.

Normies are no less depressed than incels. They have just settled in comfortably to it. Most incels nobly fight against it. You're hated for not knowing your place. For thinking you're better than settling for a life of betabuxxing and cucking.

Overheard Blackpill conversation by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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Yep. it's not that he truly deserves any of these attitudes. It's that their frame of reference for every action he takes is a non chad or chadlite.

Chad can be disrespectful and she'll giggle. That's flirting. Normie does it, it's creepy. How dare he. And then when his psyche breaks, they laugh, and think it's justice.

never forget, all non chads non simps, women want dead. If you don't simp women despise yyou.

Sorry women, I am not doing monkey tricks for you anymore. by No1stupid in Incels

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Sorry bro. To be fair, most guys are in this cycle. Chad gets his harem. Women faun over him. Betas simp. And then when they all turn 30 they become "adults" and pair off and pretend it's all okay. Then when they hit 50 and kids are raised it starts again for older adults.

Most guys simp. To stay in the social game. If all guys stopped simping though collectively, the world would be such a better place.

It happened about 8,000 years ago. Betas stopped simping as the population explosion gave them an exponential advantage in manpower over chads. And forced monogamy was introduced. The bottom 10% of betas were still incel, but most betas got what they wanted.

Now as manpower is no longer prioritised and our culture is redefining masculinity, and simping made the norm again, chad gets his full haram back.

A foid police officer shot some guys mother trying to handcuff him, WTF IS THIS CLOWN WORLD by startcel in Incels

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Women when given power abuse it far more than men to meet their own goals.

Some woke magazine responding to my university being overrun by incels by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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To them ALl of this is an insult. The fear of having this said to them, is where they draw the insult from. Most guys out there are incel or incel-lite. Ful incel, never had sex and low future prospects. Incel-lite. a few rare sexual experiences, maybe a fat landwhale GF. They're not really experiencing a good sex life, but they can cope and tell themselves they have.

That's most guys. ALmost all sub 6 guys are incel-lite. And they deep down know it. That's why they throw out the insults. My most icnel friend. AUtistic guy, absolutely refuses the blackpill because hes 6ft 2 despite the fact he's had sex twice in his 25 years of life.

notice that whilst every minority and special group gets attention today, NOBODY mentions dwarves except tv reality shows that make fun of them by letsgobish29 in Incels

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You guys see "Joker"?

With the little guy. One thing you notie is that joker laughs with ghe group at the start at the joke about the little guy, obviously because he's trying to fit in. At the end, he laughs in mockery at the big guy bullying the little guy.

The genius of that movie was it was directly commenting on the viewers. I saw some normies actively laughing at the bullying jokes. WTf is wrong with you. But not laughing when the big guy gets his head smashed in.

That's who most normies are. Our culture is a massive bell curve. Normies infest the hump. One big shitpile on top of each other. They all shit down on each other to feel better. Tothem punching up is frowned upon. The audience silent in shock as joker wastes those 3 wall street cunts. But laughing when they bully the short guy. Because it is against the status quo.

The more and more I interact with normeis, the more you realise most of them are just mindless animals. No direction in life. Looking to be told what to do, by some "alpha" of the group, or some social rule about what to laugh at.

They're a mob. A mob of mediocrity. coping that they aren't mediocre by taking it out on the less fortunate.

It's why they make 'friends" so easily. because they all live a shared experience and language. A normie knows another normie. They can meet. Talk about Instagram, or twitter, the new jogi youtube video. And feel comfortable. They never talk about big ideas. meaningful conversations.

I'd argue, that blackpilled incels and blackpilled chads get along way in a more healthy genuine manner. Believe me, a lot of blackpilled chads hate women. They've all been cheated on by foids.

Off topic, but fuck normies. They're just animal bullying scum. You should look at them and realise how pathetic they are that they take it out and laugh at the defenceless. Every good religion out there teaches you should practise kindness compassion and respect to those born in less fortunate circumstances. Not seek to take advantage for your amusement.

Sorry women, I am not doing monkey tricks for you anymore. by No1stupid in Incels

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Yeah a lot of guys don't simp because they think there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They simp like you said "instinctually" which I would argue isn't instinctual on a DNA cellular level, but just learned programming after 2 decades of experience.

You see studies have shown if you're a sub 6 women nherently view you with disgust, or at the best apathy. If you don't bring something to the table, you're an active detriment to their life just existing around them. That's why so many guys simp in the workplace. Because the alternative is they will try and rid themselves of you. Women have no honourable sense of morality. They see it all as subjective. "His presence disgusts me, I have to look out for myself, i'll try and get him fired"

Beware not simping. You'll not only make a lot of female enemies. But also a lot of normie male enemies. But be advised these people aren't really ever your friends. They're more or less animals working in defined social rules in a pack.

Some woke magazine responding to my university being overrun by incels by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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To normies, being different and outside the group is their biggest fear. That's why they all get the same haircut, similar careers, complain about the same stuff, because they have a group identity which is more comfortable than facing reality. ALso why they relentlessly gang up and bully others, it's a collective defense mechanism. Bullying also occurs so they feel better.

Bullying is so complex and comes form so many aspects of the human psyche. Power, control, and from fear. By bullying they feel superior, in the worst coping kind of way, whilst also collectively saying, I'm not a weirdo, i'm one of the pack.

Blackpill reminder that AWALT by sevenpillarsofcope in Incels

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It always is. You see some mothers at work actually comment on the "good looking" babies.

It's getting worse out there. AS Calhoun commented on the behavioural sink of everything, and contemporary studies show narcissism rates and cluster B personality traits are increasing, genuine love and respect are declining and being replaced with behaviours that reflect Narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. Love no longer being given for loves sake, but for value. People with those disorders don't really love their children. Believe me my parents have them. They love the concept of children. The fantasy of having perfect children If one child isn't perfect they shift their focus to something or someone else to receive the validation and feeligns they crave.

The minute me and my brother were no logner cute, my dad started hanging out at family and friend gatherings with the younger kids. Acting like their dad. He also started getting violent to me. Because it breaks their own psyche. I'm not saying people are that bad yet. He's a more extreme example. But it's the way the worlds going.

WE live in such abundance, that we should be able to offer respect and even love to all. on some level. Instead it has simply made us even greedier.

The greatest roast in reddit history! by basedaf1 in Incels

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She summed up the female experience aptly.

How do you deal with assholes at work? by tundra in Incels

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In my experience you can do 3 things. YOu can sociopath maxx and make it seem not worth fucking with you, that you'll end their lives at some point if they do. Not recommended just because it destroys any chance to interact with normie society.

You can pretend you have autism or a high end social issue that most of them will leave you alone and may even take pity on you. Downside, the lower end ones will still make fun of you because they o it to feel big. The top end guys only o it cause it's funny, they on't do it pathologically for their ego. Also You'll never be promoted if people think there's something wrong with you.

Rise above it. Two options. Either complete your aapprenticeship become an equal, but even then there's always a hierarchy in normie culture. Or Distance yourself. That's what I have done at work. I on't believe in having a pyramid culture like that, but normies love that shit, and its how they get things done. Perform your work to a high standard. And pick out who the "pathological" bullies are. Te small guys who di it to feel big. And tear them to shreds. The top end guys will love it and respect you, because they don't do it to be bullies.

Think of that talk show scene from Joker. How Joker takes the piss out of Murray every second. Funny voice. Strong eye contact. Mimicing behaviour and body language to make murray the joke. If you do that to the real bullies at work, they'll hate you with a passion, but believe me, they will never like you anyway. They will always want you to be beneath them. And they only respect power.

Personally I fucking hate normies. They're animals. But sadly you have to interact with them to some degree to get by in this world.

Blackpill reminder that AWALT by sevenpillarsofcope in Incels

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Mothers will actually prioritise and "like" their more handsome sons vs uglier sons.

The positive and negative feedback loops respectively alter the childrens development socially. The handsome one will learn that affection and love is his birthright. The ugly one will likely develop shyness and some anxiety, as he will notice that his mother smiles less to him, he gets in trouble for the same activities his handsome brother didn't get in trouble for, and be held to a stricter standard.

I work with children, and infants. Huge blackpill seeing one mother hold only the more "handsome" twin every time they came in. When she had to hold the ugly one, she always found a way to swap with her husband very quickly.

Just saw a blackpill anomaly and was utterly dumbfounded by [deleted] in Incels

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You also gave to factor in a lot of foids have emotional issues. These are the ones redpill works best on. Maybe their dad was shit. Whatever. Their modus operandi is hot and cold relationships. Push and pull etc. There are a lot of fucked up young foids who fuck odler guys in their 40's and 50's to feel like a little girl and be to a degree emotionally used. Especially if that was their childhood. Not sexually abuse, but not getting everything they needed emotionally.

In fact, a foid rasied by a non chad ill seek out a daddy. Because just as a betabuxxes wife feels unfulfilled, a foid with a non chad father will always feel somewhat unfulfilled by his parenting. Unless of course he is a superstar parent. Which few parents are.

Even if you did manage to find a girlfriend, get ready to be a closed-off, emotionless husk. Video confirmation that women reject men who show emotions other than anger. They will never like the “real you”—just who you pretend to be. by No1stupid in Incels

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I can't even see normies as people anymore. No lies or judgment, I do go to th3rapy. I was abused violently, and psychologically, and borderline sexually for most of my childhood. p until about age 17. My therapist s a foid, but she's blackpilled to all hell. Highly suspect given the hints she drops she was raped as a child. She'll tell you. normies never accept anything but something like them. The minute you aren't them, you are unacceptable. If you're an adult and have a retarded kid, they'll slowly shun you out because it makes them uncomfortable. If you have emotional issues due to your home life being one of fear and abuse, they'll shun you.

They are honestly more like animals with no insight. Compassion, only develops through experiences of pain. Empathy is not compassion. Empathy is simply a tool. Empathy and compassion together are powerful and healing. Empathy alone wwithout compassion often leads to emotional manipulation.

There's only one way outsiders get accepted by normies, if they excel at something.

The one upside to being an outsider, is that normies can't succeed at life. Even most normei chads don't really succeed. They live well. Believe me theyt live very comfortable lives. Most never get fully realised. They lvie the same cut out life a thousand chads before them lived. Get an engineering or business degree. Wage and party on the weekends. Wife up a stacy or stacy lite. Go on holidays. Post pictures. Pump out kids. Maybe stay together. Die.

Most outsiders don't lead great lives. But they have the chance to become realised. The same as the scapegoat child in a narcissistic family. Is often the most mentally healthy, because they don't engage the the pax familiar, the established hierarchy.

My message on braincels, and celouts, and here has always been to rise. Normies hate you because you are different. And different scares them.

Outsiders can make it. But you have to kill everything inside of you that is screaming out to be accepted and one of them.

Think like the movie the joker. At the start he is hanging on, trying to be a part of mainstream society. He's at the bottom, but just wants to be accepted. he's not, he's clearly different. They don't want him, just like a baby animal handled by a person, the rest of the litter won't accept them now. His success and realisation comes from behaving outside of the norm. Of rejecting normal culture.

Most normies greatest struggle in life is wanting to be a success. Because most aren't. That's an easy struggle. But in their comfortable little worlds, it's monumental.

Reminder that the BCC is a lie by sevenpillarsofcope in Incels

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BBC theory is horseshit. I'd contend it's harder to slay as a black guy. The black guys who slay, are giga chad tier, but are only on par SMV with white chads.

Studies' have shown that while there is a niche market for black guys, most white women who date black guys are on the lower end of attractiveness.

There are outleirs and exceptions, but outside of porn culture, and derivatives like a select few sluts who want to live out porn, being of any colour aside from white, and maybe a few colonies conquered by white people who have tanned skin but Caucasian facial features, it's a detriment.

I'm not fully white, and if I ever used to meet a foid, I would never tell her about my part ethnicity. You could literally see her face change.

74% of economists in survey see US recession by end of 2021 by dcjogger in news

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Same as Chadstralia.

You see while everyone says chcicken little style, the sky is falling, it's only that it should be falling. The world is fucked. Increasing levels of inequity, health crisis. The only reason why it hasn't collapsed is that the spark hasn't been lit.

Why? Because the people who should be upset, are just consumers. COnsumer whores, who all think they are a rich man in the making. Buy the shitty brand clothing, the fake gay ass expensive watch, the fade haircut. Instagram it all to feel good for half an hour.

I don't want to say sheeple, but most on blackpileld people are sheeple. In fact if you look at all successful non chads. Not talking engineers or lawyers on 100k+ but hardcore successful people. They are all blackpilled unless they are full blown chads. Blackpill is ismply looing at the world as it exists. And navigating it based on it's truths. If all the normies got blackpilled, there would be riots in the street tomorrow. But there won't be. Because they are content enough

My dream about refusing to betabuxx by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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Dreams are emotional gasps. WHat's running in our backlog. SUbconcious etc.

That's a good dream. It means somewhere internally you've decided you'll never be a betabuxx. It's good for you bro. AS much as you may repeat something to yourself. Some bullshit cope. Most guys end up betabuxxers. They cave. But if deep down you're subconscious is rejecting being a betabuxx you never will. If you do you will feel so uncomfortable in yourself, which would be a much bigger tragedy

Goodbye All by Administrative_worth in Incels

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I'm sorry you feel like that bro.

Honestly everyone should feel like they're worth something. ANd if you don't it's because people have stolen it from you. You don't enter the world mistrustful and scared and depressed. I would love a world where everyone stops this cycle of violence to feel better about themselves. Bullying, humiliating etc. Until then though I plan to take my birthright back.

Goodbye All by Administrative_worth in Incels

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Maybe. Maybe not.

but you gotta try. Not struggle. But try

Goodbye All by Administrative_worth in Incels

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I'm not talking about normie success. But finding happiness. Most normies are scum of the earth. Bullies who take it out on people lower than them. In one shit heap pile. Don't allow yourself to be a part of the pyramid. Try and break free. Some people say it's just cope. It's not. It's possible, but it's damn hard.

I work as a swimming instructor and lifeguard. I like to think of it like this. Like all those people sinking at the endo f the movie Titanic. Panicked. Grabbing each other to raise themselves up. The first thing you have to do while drowning is calm down. As hard as it is. try and get some air in. then right yourself and swim away from all the drowning idiots grabbing at any hope they have.

Those are normies. ALl of whom are unfulfilled. ALl coping, another day another dollar. Grabbing at whatever they can.

Women that are a 1 to 3 on the looks-scale see me as inferior to them. by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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Girls do this, because they have to distance themselves mentally. Especially the sub 5 ones. Just like there are so many cucks out there who think they are just a chad in the making, who just needs to gym a bit harder or develop their confidence more, these low tier roaasties cope by rejecting their looksmatch. Even a 5/10 guy gets those looks like that from them. Because to acknowledge they are their looksmatch, means they have to acknowledge they have failed at the only thing women really value. Looks.

My friends do not believe the blackpill by outlikealight in Incels

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They know it. My mates were the same. Half of them are now mid 20's and beta buxxing landwhales.

They hate hearing my blackpill stuff. I'll still say it, but they hate to hear it. Because fundamentally they know it is true. Some of them are popular guys, but girls 5/10+ have never considered them attractive or more than a friend.

They can't accept it. They need to believe pers0nality wins through. They have to, otherwise you take away their hope. Instead of giving them information, turn it into a joke. Point out local chads, and the girls they are with.

Everybody knows the blackpill, instinctually. You can't not. We're all human. Even autistic people get it. But if you're not in that top echelon of men, that 15% or so, you have to cope through life to some degree.

Friendly reminder, you're working hard to be the best version of yourself just to get the worst version of herself by tencubbies3 in Incels

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NAh. I had a decent "baseline" if you removed the spinal injury.

You have to do targeted workouts. I was pairing yoga with it, because it focuses on length. Slowly improved my shitty frame. Very slow process though. But it helps increase range of motion, which prevents you from just getting a bloated muscle look, and getting a logner lean look.

I also took Beta carotene for a while. Take too much it will fuck your liver over, but it is a magical pill that increases your SMV by 0.5

swimming for the lean fat cutting aspect, and to get a better looking core.

Good nutrition, and good sleep.

Mind you all that, and it's months and months at least of dedication if not a year + will only amp you at most by 2 SMV. If you're currently a 5.5-6 you can hit chad-lite. If not you can hit high tier gym maxxed normie status etc

These are the kinds of females that we have to deal with. She represents every female on earth. The rule is now 90/10. by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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Pretty common story. Quite a few chads get sugar mommies. And the foids see it as a good deal that they get acknowledged

These are the kinds of females that we have to deal with. She represents every female on earth. The rule is now 90/10. by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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Remember she sees it as a betrayal to herself to date anything less than what she thinks she deserves. And it sounds like she is chad only.

Chdas are legit a rare commodity. at best 10% of the population. That Foids will do anything for him if it means a relationship. I knew an old foid. Who was cougar-maxxing. Aged 50-55. She started texting her daughters ex boyfriend. Rowing team private school graduate obsessively. Stalking him. Divorced her rich husband and bought a million dollar apartment near the chads apartment to stalk him. Takes creep shots of him .

I actually found her diary, and the obsessive level this foid went into. How the universe would bring them together.

Her entire life was lived for the hope of getting him. She reached the point she started giving him money, paying for dieticians and trainers etc so he could try to get to the Olympics. He failed. Still gave him money.

This is the level of degeneracy foids will go to. They'll fuck up their own lives, cut off whatever limb they have to, to get over that line. I don't think her daughters speak to her anymore. The chad only messages her when he needs money.

Based blackcel is throwing shit on people in Toronto by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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ALl that "BBC" propaganda, is just black chad. Which is technically rarer than white chad, because well look at black male models. They all have Caucasian facial features, cheekbones, eye area, lips etc. Just with black skin.

Blacked should just be changed to black Chaded

jfl at society, we are ridiculed and made fun of when we have no friends, we are riciculed and made fun of when we attempt to make connections, we are ridiculed and made fun of when we band together and stop taking society's shit. Rise up, fuck the world that ignores us and treats us like shit by sevenpillarsofcope in Incels

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It's the same as the runt animal in the litter. ANd this has been going on forever. For iwnners to exist, there have to be losers. Otherwise everyone is just equal.

Women will go on 3 dates a day. even if you manage to get a date it means nothing! they probably go on at least 100 dates/year by da_normie in Incels

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It's actually somewhat common. Girl has tinder or an OkCupid dating profile or whatever online website. SHe gets a flood of offers. This girl here is just bragging about it. A heap don't. And they cancel all the rest down the line once they find the one they like. Maybe date lined up for 5pm, afternoon drinks. One for 7pm dinner. One for 8:30-9pm late night drinks.

If you get cancelled, especially ages 25-35 which is the ages they really start doing this, it means she found her one, and is likely getting fucked.

Friendly reminder, you're working hard to be the best version of yourself just to get the worst version of herself by tencubbies3 in Incels

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On a good day. ALl memes aside. Chad lite. But I started off good, my biggest prpblem was I was a crippledcel form a spinal injury. Took years to heal that, and then just worked out to get my strength back, and kept going. Swimming, and yoga as well to build long lean muscle vs just bulk.

When I was a disabledcel, considering the looks people gave you when walking, I would rate myself then a true 3.5-4. But you could say my true neutral baseline was 5.5-6.

Friendly reminder, you're working hard to be the best version of yourself just to get the worst version of herself by tencubbies3 in Incels

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I looksmaxxed hard after finding the blackpill and watching face&LMS. Not for foids. Never for foids. But for career. Learning that it was just looks holding me back. That as hard as you might work, a chad who puts in half the work will get promoted first. Its because they are more popular, because of looks.

I am not here to humble bragg, I got pretty good looking. I could go to parties and have foids approach me. But I was so blackpilled by this time I didn't want them. ANd you know the minute you lose the looks, all of it goes away.

That's why you see chads obsessing over looks. Looking in mirrors and reflective glass and moving their hair etc. They know if they let it drop too much the high life is over.

Any time especially women say it’s “not about looks” is so hilarious by legendaryabyssking in Incels

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It sucks bro. A major reason why it's only ugly bottom of the barrel women and older women who become self aware is that when you're winning in life you believe in a just world fallacy. It's part cope, to remove any cognitive dissonance between your ideals that hard work equals success, and the reality that chad and most foids don't have to work nearly ass hard as any average or below male to succeed.

To deny it, is for them to acknowledge they are privileged, and aren't just fantastic human beings like they want to believe. Older women understand, after the age of 40, suicide rates for them skyrocket. The irony is they just no longer get special treatment. They aren't treated badly, but after 24 years of being treated like a princess, to be treated like most men are treated is an outrage.

That's often when the older owman "cougarmaxxing" happens, and they looksmaxx hard. WHy so many odler women are at the gym 6 days a week. WHy they goto an endocrinologist for oestrogen and HGh to keep their bodies good.

That's why incel boards are often some of the highest IQ, compassionate websites out there. It's full of people who have suffered and been ostracised. They know suffering as it exists in the west. In a biblical sense they have been stripped bare and made modest. There is no pride and vanity from them. No mental gymnastics, they just tell it like it is.

What do you do when you're workplace, and Boss treat you like shit? by Administrative_worth in Incels

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It's because cluster B personality traits are on the rise, coinciding with increased rates of narcissism in society. Whilst you wouldn't diagnose everyone as having a cluster B personality disorder, behaviours normative to people with borderline personality disorder and narcissism are becoming more normal across society.

I'd contend whilst there are a lot of incels who are trucels, they just lack the looks to ever be accepted for anything more than betabuxxing, there are a lot of incels who just live on a different wavelength. They don't just exist for clout, and recognition. Heavy cluster B desires. They want genuine interaction, in a world that increasingly doesn't offer it. That disguises intensity, for intimacy. Of the glorification of the self, as happiness and fulfillment.

How do you break it? When everybody is blindly moving towards that precipice of that behavioural sink. That decaying behaviour and psyche, that it becomes normal. This is why western society is fucked within 50 years. China will follow the same route. The rich Chinese are already adopting it.

Discussion Which work is better for an incel, A working only in a men envirment B working with as less people as possible. by Riceand420 in Incels

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Yeah bro, a lot of businesses out there are run like popularity contests. Not the top performing ones mind you. One of my teachers was a banker and stock trader for credit Suisse. Acne scarred face. But she is a hell of a worker.

A lot of chads and chadlites do go into banking and finance, but the ones who make it, are the workers, and smart ones. The ones who put in 12 hours a day. But most non high functioning businesses, it's all a social game. So long as you aren't completely incompetent, the popular people get hired and promoted first. They just have a better "vibe" about them.

I was in fact denied a promotion once because I was described as "uncooperative" Such bullshit. I help out everybody. It's just that I don't let the chads push me around, and I know what my role entails, and their role and won't let them offload their workload on me. But that breaks their realm of expectations, therefore upsets them, therefore they rationalise to justify their outrage.

Discussion Which work is better for an incel, A working only in a men envirment B working with as less people as possible. by Riceand420 in Incels

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I work with children. Very high tier cope. You can curb out their bullying tendencies and see everyone prosper, nit just the big tall white kids. Especially seeing the "low tier" kids, many of whom come in with way less confidence than the taller stronger kids, and imparting to them that confidence, watching them learn to respect themselves more. Major good cope. In fact the chad and stacy parents usually hate me, because they expect their chad or stacy in the making to get more time and praise. To them it's not about equality, it's about getting the "fair share" they think they deserve.

It's swimming and aquatic safety. There's quite a few chad parents who want their kids in the Olympics. I can tell you they will never make it. Dad was probably a good swimmer because he was 6ft 3 and shoulder heavy. But never good in technique to go pro. But chads and stacy's all seem to think, their life ambitions are a divine right. It's a great feeling to politely let them down.

Only problem is that because it's a sporting environment job. And all the bosses are women, the avg SMV of the guys is like 6.5-7. the average SMv of the female employees is like 4.5

You literally get hired based on looks, and getting a promotion is more popularity and looks based than skills/ knowledge and competency. A stacy just got promoted, and she is one of the laziest employees.

Anyone here work construction? by tundra in Incels

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It depends.

GOod hard trades, are Electrician, Plumbing, Construction can also be good, carpentry. I would also count Coding and Accounting as hard trades, vs a soft trade like human resources etc.

Look into your localities future forecasts. My city just had a huge construction boom the past 7 years and has been pumping out traides to work construction. But now it's winding down, and there's gonna be a heap of guys losing work.

my cousin is a plumber. he's fairly well off now. Used to do a heap of coke, became religious, settled down, ran his own plubming business. Made bank.

ANy one of those hard trades can be the start to a very good future, but you have to be good at it, and have the drive to build an independent business around it. Otherwise you just wagie for someone on somewhat decent union benefits.

Normies flirt with the blackpill all the time, but they never fully admit it exists by No1stupid in Incels

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They simp and pander for the hope they can rise above.

they all think they are "temporarily embarrassed Chads"

They legit think the gym 3x a week, protein shakes, an exfoliator and a good haircut will get them to be at least chadlite status.

Simpsons been Blackpilling you since the early golden days by Administrative_worth in Incels

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My point was the two foids, who talk about "such a beautiful soul" Then shut him down when he Barney sittings next to them says thankyou.

Curries bash white man for trying to steal their women by letsgobish29 in Incels

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I'm part curry, and have visited before. he likely got everything he deserved. Also read he was an aussie. I'm also largely AUssie. I know exactly what he was thinking. The locals are usually really nice. Try and sell you stuff, but still for the most part nice. He likely saw some women late at night. Tried to get some action. ANd the locals beat his ass for it. And to be fair, they would beat his ass if he was a local too. It's an honour culture. Especially in the small towns.

WARNING : roping chances for ricecels may increase 1000% upon viewing by avoidantcel in Incels

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If I was him, I'd honestly just pretend to be a child my whole life.

WARNING : roping chances for ricecels may increase 1000% upon viewing by avoidantcel in Incels

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Imagine this roastie without the thousnads she likely spend to looksmaxx per month. The hair, highlighted and chemically straightened. The skincare. Likely appointments for extra skin care. Teeth whitening, high end makeup. SHe clearly has had work done, botox, plus a likely rhinoplasty, even though her nose is still shit, it likely used to look worse.

As much as she'll claim she does it for appearance sake, we all know deep down she wants chad dick. Hell she likely pays for it from male escort companies.

>tfw I will never complete my vidya backlog, I will always be too busy working or tired and stressed from working by tundra in Incels

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Does your workplace respect you?

Because mine sure doesn't.

Single moms need to stfu about "the struggle" by shitforbrains123 in Incels

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They only "suffer" in that they no longer get to live their 'best life"

Now her body likely has blown out a bit due to aftermath of pregnancy, she can't get chads like she used to. Her time is limited due to the obligations owed to a child.

mind you she will rebel against this "suffering" she'll try and party, try to ifnd a new chad. And odds are she'll likely begin projecting her narcissism on her child, who will be used as an emotional slave to act as a feedback loop of reinforcement of her desired behaviours. When she acts up, the kid will be cognitively trained to forgive and encourage her.

Some guys need to understand this: It is JUST as hard for a girl to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend as it is for a guy. by incelforcharity in Incels

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Oh they know. When you chat wih them they'll acknowledge it. But in the same vein that everyone in the West knows the abundance they experience is propped up by global poverty. Phone parts mined from Rwanda. Like 10% of diamonds being conflict diamonds. Cheap goods produced by Chinese people who work 12-16hours a day in factory sweatshops. Cashew nuts that cost the local people the skin on their hands and eyes due to the acid putout of the cashew nut shell.

They just don't wan to think about those people. Because face it. They see themselves as above and far removed from them.

Some guys need to understand this: It is JUST as hard for a girl to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend as it is for a guy. by incelforcharity in Incels

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Mathematically It's as hard to get chad to commit, as it is to be born or become a chad.

Mathematical fact. But remember girls only complain about being "fuck-zoned" because the only men they desire are top tier guys who have options enough to "fuck-zone" anyone but prime stacy's.

What do you do when you're workplace, and Boss treat you like shit? by Administrative_worth in Incels

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It sucks.

I actually had a parent make a complaint about me one time. Ridiculous allegation, kid claimed I pinched them, then by the time that story came back to me in the complaint meeting it had turned to "inappropriate touching"

I was told none of this, asked to come in, explain what I thought happened, then heard the allegation was inappropriate touching. Absolutely no proof. If they had more respect for me they would have spoken to me reasonably, instead they went on the attack. Fucking ambush. I would have brought a lawyer, or at least a 3rd party. And I was assisting a colleague at work when that happened, who would vouch as a witness.

This is how they see us though. As objects. The minute you no longer bring benefit, tossed aside. Minute you no longer bend over backwards for them, you're looked down on as "trouble"

What is your take on this normie success chart that my college advisor gave me today? by No1stupid in Incels

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The key to success in life is? Being aesthetically pleasing.

Low confidence? Not when you have people worshipping you. It's even easier to make male friends. There's just an instant level of respect they offer. Easier to get a jon, or promotion. Your clients like you more so they review you higher.

WE all intrinsically have it in us to be likable, to be funny, and loved. Everyone fucking has it. The difference is, if people will accept those qualities from you. If they don't think you're worth listening to and interacting with, they will reject you. if you're good looking, the doors open.

That's the brutal blackpill reality. You are good enough. You likely do have a good enough pers0nality. It's just that in terms of the social hierarchy of our species. That is fundamentally biologically driven, nobody gives a fuck about you if you're a sub 5.5 male. That's why chadfishing works so well. you know what women like to hear, how dirty they like to talk? But only for chad. If you put a chad on your resume photo, you'd get invited to every interview you submitted an application for. If you watch a bitch use tinder, you'll can see the play across her face. A look of disgusted disinterest, occasional study if it's a high tier normie that usually ends in a No, and then you hear her suck in breath in when chad shows up. Cause she begins fantasising what those two together may look like.

Your physical biology determines far more of your confidence, and acceptance into society than your "pers0nality"

believe me, "successful" people do the stuff on the right. A lot. They get angry, they hold grudges, they hoard information. But they are forgiven that, they must have a good reason for feeling angry. Meanwhile if Billy beta displays any non positive emotions, he must need therapy, he's a menace etc.

What is your take on this normie success chart that my college advisor gave me today? by No1stupid in Incels

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Most "entrepreneurs" are rich kids. Their business are almost always shitty. Another online clothing store, trying to sell jewellery, selling active wear etc.

It's almost all bullshit.

"Herpes isn't a consequence, it's inevitable" by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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The amount of gym maxxed normies who can't get laid is damn high. They count that rare "getting lucky" as getting laid. "getting lucky" sums it up. meanwhile if you're chadlite or above, you can go out, and be swamped by women eye fucking you.

Perfect example of foids trying to drive manlets out of society and into isolation by letsgobish29 in Incels

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Any country that marries for "love" has these people. They are status obsessed normies to chads. And likewise for the women. They live to feel bigger than other people. And love to throw their weight around. Bullies.

bullying never stops. It just goes underground and subtle. Children bully mercilessly. Adults just ostracise, and belittle. That same low value guy bullied in school, is the same low value adult male shunned at work interviews and for promotions. Belittled for his "flaws" at public events.

Perfect example of foids trying to drive manlets out of society and into isolation by letsgobish29 in Incels

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Yep. Look at all these vain procreators. The classic midwestern looksmaxxers. The SUV, the belached blonde haired wife. Putting their kids in sports.

And then you hear the kicker, the woman reducing any quarrel he may have with someone else, possible legitimate grievance, is reduced to his height.

And you hear them all laugh. That laugh tells it all. Behind that, they're all just waiting to laugh at smaller guys.

They all see themselves as above this man. Intrinsically because of height.

he has no obligation to stay in awork environment is he abused. If it was a woman, and someone called her fat, there would be outrage.

Good Morning by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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Yep. Very few mentally develop beyond child-like desires.

I sometimes lowinhibmaxx and wear my clown mask in public by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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Nice Bro. I made a homemade Joker costume, slap on a $5 clown makeup kit, I got a Joker going. So much fun to do.

Freaks the locals out. Especially when you walk towards them with a grim no nonsense look.

Guess where are there are no incels? The netherlands! Oh and its proven they're happier too. by basedaf1 in Incels

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Dude the Netherlands is also the chad capital of the world. Avg height for males is like 6'0-6'1. Avg. That means the guys who are consider tall there are like 6'4+. And supposedly a lot of them have strong Nordic good cheekbones, thick blonde and brunette hair, blue eyes.

You go there, you get mogged by everyone you see.

NEET is better than wageslaving if you’re from a country with a social security net. by BosnianPatriarch in Incels

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That's fucked. 1050 Euros. FUcked. How do I fucking get some of this money?

But seriously, you don't want to NEET forever. Believe me you don't. You see everyone in your life advancing along. They buy a house one day etc. You're left behind.

Stdy something part time while you neet bro. Even if online. Come away with some job qualification.

NEET is better than wageslaving if you’re from a country with a social security net. by BosnianPatriarch in Incels

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Legit the truth. WElfare in CHadstralia is a joke. Especially considering despite what people say, we are actually one of the lowest taxed western countries.

Theres actually a massive growing disparity between rich middle class and poor in our country. To the tune, where if you come from money, you're almost set for life here.

In fact two of the only ways to advance a wealth bracket at the moment are to be top tier in intelligence and opportunities for study, and get a decent banking/finance job. Or deal drugs alongside normal wagie hours.

Blackpill theory makes life a sad place. by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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Yeah, but push through. The blackpill is to simply realise how dirty and "real politik" most peoples behaviours are. They're either lacking in self awareness and insight, or narcissists. Suffering, and being excluded from the game, like incels, especially disabledcels, you want raw blackpilling stories talk to guys in wheelchairs. Their entire life is being virtue signalled towards, or disgust.

When you suffer, it forces the brain out of its comfort zone. You gain insight. Suffering is the only way to gain compassion. Empathy isn't compassion. Empathy is simply being able to read another human. Most people with empathy then use it to manipulate. Compassion is better. Even if you don't have empathy. But people who don't suffer don't have compassion. At best they can virtue signal, like those rich kids who spout tokenistic left wing bullshit about helping people, or the environment. But it's a virtue signal, its a fashion statement, vs true selfless compassion.

Think the bible story, of the rich merchant donating and the poor widow donating.

Fact is, with our hugely increased rates of narcissism we're seeing in society compared to 30-50 years ago, we are arguably living in the least compassionate, arguably spiritual less, godless etc times in a long while. Due to technology economically in the west we are doing well. But at the same time, our western good life and greed is fuelled by suffering for the people at the bottom.

Once you break through and realise this though, you can find happiness in working with others who have compassion. I try to distance myself from all the vain cunts I can. I was abused as a kid for decades, which led to school bullying. All led also to terrible posture which led to a spinal injury.

I've recovered after years, and even looksmaxxed. You know what I found at the top? Just vain cunts. And they could tell I didn't fit in. I didn't have the arrogance of treating incels and low tier guys like they were beneath me. TO mog them and push them around.

I was incel for a while, while young, and when I was disabled. The incels I know are honestly healthier individuals in terms of behaviour. It's akin to a narcissistic family. Family members all take on roles. And there's always one person in the family, usually a child who is the black sheep and picked on and scapegoated. Ironically that member is often the one who grows up into the most emotionally mature healthy adult. Why? They have compassion and never engaged in bullying others.

This is a long rant, but we also live in a bullying culture. Like I said, they looked at me weird when I wouldn't push around a lower tier guy. Like It was unnatural of me not to. It's so ingrained, it's acceptable behaviour.

OK I'm done obsessing over women and my failure to attract any. Now what? by AnaBanana in Incels

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DW man. Don't want to humble brag or make you feel bad, but I looksmaxxed, and managed on a good day to hit chadlite status. Took ages of dedication, and I did it for career purposes, not foids.

The attention I got from foids though was disgusting. ANd you know when they treat you nicely, it's only because of how you look. A lot of chads who are blackpilled hate it too. Even then, they don't care about what you're saying. When you look shit, women just disagree with you or ignore you. When you look good, they just nod their head. They aren't really listening beyond gleaming information that could be used to get closer to you, they're just going throw the body language signals of saying "I'm interested"

Fatcel is volce- by FUCKITALLREEE in Incels

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100% agree

ALL women cheat. even on chad. by letsgobish29 in Incels

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Truth. being considered in any way attractive to a woman (beyond resources) only begins around 6-6.5 as a guy. A high tier normie.

But that only gets you in the game. Now yiou get to experience the wonderful fucked up world that is women. Most women will cheat if they have the opportunity and motive. Opportunity is diminished risk exposure, and motive is a better guy than what she has.

Even if you fight your way to being a high tier normie. You looksmaxx hard, you have to keep the blackpill mentality of none of those sluts matter. Unless there is a deep connection they won't be loyal. Her loyalty will be simply a cost risk benefit analysis.

And after you get into the game, you realise that everyone who is a sub 6 doesn't even matter. They aren't even in the game. Now you're playing against all the chads. You'll likely get a girl, but she could be taken from you at any moment a higher tier guy decides.

And it goes up. Surgeon rich kid private school educated chad, his girlfriend will leave or cheat with the sports stars. He's likely dating a 8.5 or 9. She likely has access to those sports stars.

Sports players girlfriends. She may well cheat with an actor, or music star, or top end male model.

There's always a bigger chad. And he doesn't have to wife her up to ruin the relationship, just put his dick in her.

Is this the ultimate blackpill? the next pill beyond jewpill. neanderjewblackpill. by letsgobish29 in Incels

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Thanks for the genuinely good read

OK I'm done obsessing over women and my failure to attract any. Now what? by AnaBanana in Incels

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Legit? Don't worry. Women only judge you based on looks. Everything they view about a man is viewed through the lense of his genetics. ALl it means if you're excluded form them is they don't like how you look.

Honestly. Bro maxx. Find friends if you can. It will be tough, there are so many cucked dudes these days, and thirsty guys who's only mission is to get laid, and try and larp as a chad.

If you can find some good friends. Drug maxx with them. Music and party maxx. Mainstream society has nothing to offer you in reality. Unless you think you can wagie and break free and make it rich, don't bother busting your ass and your spirit for the system. FInd a decent job you can do. IT, Accounts, Trades, then drug on the weekend. Go on overseas trips with the lads.

Yeah mainstream society will look at you and cringe. But legit, you'll have a great time. ANd you'll piss the normies off.

You see, most normeis are miserable people. Chasing something they will almost certainly never get. Being a rich chad. Or marrying a rich chad. Most of them are full of failures and resentment. It's why so many of them are hostile.

Once you accept it's over. You can begin to find happiness. You begin living for you. You begin lifting for you, and so you can party and dance and makel ife easier. You get your cardio so you can dance longer. You do meaningful things with your time.

Do you remember your first post on braincels? by tencubbies3 in Incels

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Braincels was my first reddit page I ever looked at after I kept getting redirected to A song of Ice and Fire reddits back in 2012 to look up my plot theories.

After braincels and celouts I shopped around. The other reddits are just pure soy

Do you remember your first post on braincels? by tencubbies3 in Incels

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legit? confirmation?

Do you remember your first post on braincels? by tencubbies3 in Incels

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Remember that's messages chad gets. She needs his cock inside her. To be close to him.

Brutal suifuel bro

Do you remember your first post on braincels? by tencubbies3 in Incels

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"you're single and incel because you refused to betabuxx"

Aside from the fact Betabuxxing "contracts" (relationships) always begin with the sex upfront, then the resource trade, this hoe would never have fucked you for sharing work.

if she was a genuine mate of yours, bit of a dog move. But if she was trying to use you as an orbiter. Good on you.

Women on dating websites saying "I'm only on here to make friends"......... by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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Younger than the daughter. I think he was like 19/20 at the time of those diary entries.

Fatcel is volce- by FUCKITALLREEE in Incels

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I'd contend this guy is almost a borderline case of hypogonadism, at the very least very low exposure to hormones. Look at his hands, the shape of his hips, his slim shoulders, the fact he still carries evident fat in the 2nd picture.

he should have been given Testosterone supplements and maybe some HGH during puberty to offset what looks like naturally very low levels.

But if your parents look the same, they aren't going to be "big enough" people to say their kid deserves better.

Just Lift Bro... by FUCKITALLREEE in Incels

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You think that's a 5/10? Nah, I'll pslit the difference and say 5.5, but nothing below that. Provided he isn't under 5'10 he oculd go to a party and pick up a 4 or 4.5.

Not with the ease and regularity a chadlite could do it, but he could do it. When you gym-maxx that hard, it does add some smv to you. It won't make you chad, but it adds.

Charlies angles flops, while the joker was bashed by the media and thrives by Riceand420 in Incels

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Yep. Very few "true" actors remain. Most are just hacks. Model good looks with a hint of realism. Instead of the ridiculously strong prominent cheekbones, they are slightly less than perfect making them "relatable"

Never mind that most "beta/ nerdy" guys played in tv and Hollywood are chadlites, cast next to giga chads.

Look at ROss from friends. 6'1, NW0 hairline, arguably NW-1 hairline, he has a childs hairline. Broad shouldered, muscular. Decent face. He's portrayed as a nerdy loser.

Just Lift Bro... by FUCKITALLREEE in Incels

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Legit, guy on the right could get laid. He's now a 6/10 (don't know his height though) He's not going to be fucking girls who are 6's, but 4.5's.

The best artistic depiction of inceldom I have ever seen. by No1stupid in Incels

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Maybe without the jawline and thick good shoulder caps. If he lacked those he could be a gym-maxxed normie

DAILY REMINDER: BlackOp2cel's female equivalent is high SMV by FACEandLMS in Incels

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Know that look too well brother. The brief connect of eye contact. She makes a face like you just tried to grope her.

hell you weren't even "on the prowl" but her attitude is one of rejection. Socially If people make brief eye contact they might just say hey, a brief nod, some acknowledgment of the other human. Women these days, for a sub high tier normie look away with disgust.

The final blackpill that made me hate society by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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Nah bro good for you. This will sound like cope, but spiritually we are living in some of the darkest times.

What has replaced it as paid for faux spirituality. Milfs in yoga pants with psychedelic imagery coping they're no longer stacies. People paying ludicrous amounts for self help gurus. Vegans who do it to virtue signal.

it's all fake. Like the Christian bible story of the rich man donating to the alms fund and bragging about it, and the poor woman giving all she oculd and doing it silently. It's all about clout these days. Recognition.

that's why no one cares about incels. There's no social benefit to helping them. I've known this all my life. I was an abused child. Terrible parents. BUt by the time I could voice up about it I was 17, and no one cares about helping you then. Meanwhile you'll see people sympathise with chad who's still upset his parents got divorced when he was 13.

i'm not bitching about it. Just another thing that opened my eyes to how this world operates at the moment.

true spirituality and compassion and empathy only is produced in suffering. Suffering can twist a soul, but if the soul is preserved it becomes a benevolent soul. Those who live easy lives, like the group you mentioned, could give a fuck about who they see as lesser. They have such a life in place, almost certainly by virtue of birth, looks, and a decent family with decent money, to never be in a bad situation.

their only compassion revolves around to whats in faux. SAm ast hose new age hippie bush doof festival people. They're in it for the look. to be noticed. As a fashion statement.

It sounds patronising, but revel in your suffering. You'll never be chad. But you are a genuine good human being. And nto like those faggots over at IT. (Faggtos meaning losers, not homosexuals) They are the worst signallers of the lot. If they had true ocmpasion they wouldn't hound the lowest. They would listen with an open mind to try and understand.

Women on dating websites saying "I'm only on here to make friends"......... by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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I know a 50 yr old woman, who fucked her stacy boyfriends ex chad. Found her diary in her home, gave it a brief snoop. The level of delusion and fantasy in this 50+ foid, trying to make plans to snare him in, to live with her. Paying for his stuff and helping his career.

Women are obsessed. You want a brutal blackpill reddit for how obsessive they become. Go to r/twinflames. Basically foids using spiritualism to explain their obsession with a chad claiming soul mates etc.

Theory: Women cannot sympathize, let alone empathize with men at all by sevenpillarsofcope in Incels

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Most women don't like the average male. They like chad. Chads and chadlites are the only guys these types of women like. It is in the same vein that they despise weakness in non chads. Their role is to be mute non complaining workers.

Most women can't get a chad for more than a quick fuck. One of their only true wants is unattainable. So they go through life feeling like a victim. Pissed off all the time, thinking the world has cheated them of happiness.

Theory: Women cannot sympathize, let alone empathize with men at all by sevenpillarsofcope in Incels

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Almost all women only understand one language. Power. Be it social power. Look who 7/10 girls sometimes hang out with. They usually have one 4/10 friend who's basically their lapdog. The rest of their friends are "equals"

The one thing women despise in a non-chad is weakness. AS a non-chad your whole purpose to women is to work. Pay your way. If you're sick or unwell, they hate it. You can see the hatred in their eyes. I had a spinal injury, age 21, my own mother was looking at me like that the whole time.

Women are callous. The cardinal sin is weakness. Studies have shown women hate it when their husbands complain of a health issue. They'd rather the man neglect himself.

The entire life of a woman is honestly spent chasing status. From birth to death. A few break out of the cycle, most don't. They chase clothes, the house, the chads, then the rich husband. They chase the beautiful designer apartment, and the useless tacky shit. The body. They post about it, brag about it. Because it marks them as "better"

"empathy" is a double edged sword. It means you can both understand another person, but also manipulate them. Female "positive" empathy really only extends as far as to helping out when it could positively impact them. They might help out their kids. emphasis on might. Not all mothers will, unless they "feel" like it. Remember it's about them. Secondly, they will almost always hlelp out a chad in some way. Unless they have multiple chads, so a single chad is worth less to them.

They "feel" like they want to. They want him in their life. He reinforces status to them. He isn't weak.

Men on the other hand, are usually willing to help out someone in need. Not give up major time etc, but help them out.


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Never forgetti though. Their smv is still likely higher than yours, for the mere benefit of starting way ahead of most men

LOL @ women putting effort into thier dating profile by tr9et90ert0e in Incels

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My chadfish can confirm, truth.

It's like they think they've landed a chance at a million dollar contract. ANd are willing to jump through hoops to get it signed.


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Fair point, but Clooney and Pitt, aren't as "chad" as they were 20 years ago. The age pill takes effect. Compare the two now. Old and young. Men do age slower, sad shitty fact is we start off way behind in SMV anyway.

Men are built to give and provide, our dicks shoot out to give. Females are built to take and absorb, their vaginas are vacuums by [deleted] in Incels

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It's true. From so many anecdotal angles I can tell you it's disgusting. After looksmaxxing I had propositions from taken girls, and after looksmaxxing I found out girls had cheated on me in the past.

And I realised, almost all of them had previous partners. It's like something switches in their brains and they become sluts for life.

Closer than ive ever been to roping by Inceladus in Incels

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Don't bro.

Only when you hit that rock bottom ,can you choose, to rope, ldar, or rise.

You have to view it under the sphere, at age 21 almost none of your life is your fault. It is parental conditioning and genetics. I grew up with abusive parents, I know this well. Now though you can rise.

The world's fucked. hard work, as much as it can do you good, pales in comparison to looks. Looks lead to prospering. It leads to more friends which equals more social support and positive feedback, which leads to a happier individual, which leads to higher serotonin and dopamine levels, which lead to better sleep and cognition.

You have to remove yourself from that shitty cycle, that has looks ranking individuals. You have to honk pill. Don't jester for others. But honk for yourself. all out bullshit where you see it. If a chad tries to aggressively impose on you, call it out. "Are you trying to use violence to push me around?"

Force the unspoken conversation out. WE live in a bullying hierarchal culture. As much as there are anti bullying campaigns, they don't mean anything. They're a cultural lie. No one gets "successful" without bullying. Call it out. Don't become the bully, because oyu just rejoin the game.

If a woman makes that disgusted scowl face at me, or a female coworker ignores me when I say a friendly collegiate hello, I laugh as I walk past them. Loudly. It's rude disgusting behaviour, displaying contempt. Contempt for what? A polite greeting? It's them saying you're beneath my time, and acknowledgment.

Laugh and honk bro. Unless you have some fairly serious mental issues that need seeing to and fixing, then you're likely one of the forgotten, invisible men. There's a lot of them. My suburb has a local park where they congregate everyday after work in spring and summer. They sit around on their phones, alone, smoking etc. Most of them are average or below men. No chads or anything. Just low value men.

they're never going to rise up the corporate ladder. They're never going to get rich and have the beautiful house. They're never going to be given hedonistic chad level sex. That level of intimacy paired with hedonism. No they're unwanted. Leftovers. Cogs in the machine. They get up. WOrk, ldar or sit in the park etc. Maybe gym-cel. Eat some food, Netflix etc, bed.

DOn't conform and be them.

I had a spinal injury at age 21. Literally best thing that ever happened to me. Forced my body to wake up. It was a few hard years of recovery, but I am happier, healthier than I have ever been.

DOn't just accept their bullshit, rise up and startliving for you. Women only judge you based on your looks. Biggest factor determining their disposition towards you in any social setting. They make no value judgment on you, so don't let them determine your value. Most other men, especially normies, are just trying to get pussy, and will throw you udner the bus at any opportunity to get it. Don't worry about them. SOme chads can be friendly, and often laugh at how women just flock to them over looks and think most women are hoes, and some chads are bullies and revel in it, and think of non chads as lesser people.

Distance yourself from the shitty game. Go to yoga. Gym-maxx for yourself. Career maxx so you can afford hwat you would like to. Learn to cook healthy foods for you.

I have a strong group of buds at the gym who live like this. Live simply. down to earth. And are all about positivity, and despise the whole hierarchy.

Women love hierarchy btw. It gets them wet. Seeing someone mog someone else. The idea of being rich and getting fucked by chad in a penthouse with champagne bottles on ice etc. Private jets. it's why they watch the kardashians and all that shit, to fantasise about living that beautiful high status life.

They love violence, at least a certain kind. Where a chad comes in and beats up a "toxic incel" gets them wet.

it's why dark triad types get more sex. I've ascended. AS I said at the start, I was abused as a kid. I actually ogt more sex before being happy, than after. Cause I was an emotional wreck who understood hierarchy so well. I was also decent looking pre spinal injury.

Walk away from their bullshit. They only respect you if you're one of them.


[–]Administrative_worth 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Kinda correct. Most men lead shit lives. WHat does wifing up a landwhale signify. It gets you "socially accepted" because it's what's expected of you. Now it's time for everyone to pair up, take her onboard. Youth is over. Sorry you didn't get all the fun casual sex of youth, but we're adults now.

it's the same thing for bully victims, school etc was a long time ago, move on.

I work with children and see a lot of families. Don't bother wifing up a landwhale unless you both genuinely love each other. Someone who treats their body like that usually has problems. You'll either have to deal with a highly anxious low esteem bitch, or an abusive bitch. And as her man, you'll be expected to carry her through all that.

Honestly, as a guy, you're better drug maxxing and career maxxing until you're 40. maybe 45. Then trying to find a girl desperate for someone who has more money for a family if you want kids. If you're a 25-35 yr old incel or incel-lite, and see everyone else pairing off, don't feel the pressure unless you think it will lead to genuine happiness. You're better playing a long game. If you can get money together, stay in reasonable shape, pair those two, you can get a decent wife to have kids with.

When women hit baby age, they do try and find a chad first. Failign that, like most do, they look for money.

There are a lot of 40 yr old guys with 30 yr old wives out there, who were picked because they had earning potential. Yeah it's beta buxxing, but if you're goal is a family, at least you're doing it on your terms, and by then hopefully you're wise enough to insulate yourself financially against any divorce raping, and smart enough to call her bullshit.

We are basically modern day version of the settlers. by Prey_eyes in Incels

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Dude there have been incels for millenia. Unles all men get top tier looks there will always be incels. Most humans are more attractive than their ancestors 1000 years ago. It's contextual. 1000 years ago, half the men alive would be chads.

Absolutely GIGAbased quote against feminism. Definitely worth the read, brocels. by [deleted] in Incels

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He got one thing wrong. Women hate all men who are sub chad and not willing to conform to bein Asexual trogs. It's basically an expression of biological programming. Disgust for low value men, disgust driving from a desire not to mate with them and produce offspring.

As much as humans would like to say we judge people fairly. Most don't. WE judge based on how we feel, which is largely biology and sociology driven