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Lol she looks exactly like the kind of girl who would do this dumb bullshit

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JFL her profile pic is of herself on a date

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It's actually somewhat common. Girl has tinder or an OkCupid dating profile or whatever online website. SHe gets a flood of offers. This girl here is just bragging about it. A heap don't. And they cancel all the rest down the line once they find the one they like. Maybe date lined up for 5pm, afternoon drinks. One for 7pm dinner. One for 8:30-9pm late night drinks.

If you get cancelled, especially ages 25-35 which is the ages they really start doing this, it means she found her one, and is likely getting fucked.

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This is one of the reasons why I stopped using online dating. It's a complete waste of time. It's Chad's playground.

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High IQ

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Its only because of thinking about the future, are we as a society are so special.

rip western society

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i can't relate to that as a man. like how or why in god's name would you wanna waste that much of your own night on someone else. obviously the answer is "chad" for her, but as a man i just couldn't imagine scheduling my life around someone this much, i got better shit to do than chase a mirage of pussy.