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this post is cope.

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Maybe. Maybe not.

but you gotta try. Not struggle. But try

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Yeah, you do gotta try. But you also gotta know your true worth and not pretend you're hot shit. Not saying that's what you said, but that's the vibe I get from your post. If you can get rich, cool, but just remember where you came from: here.

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I'm sorry you feel like that bro.

Honestly everyone should feel like they're worth something. ANd if you don't it's because people have stolen it from you. You don't enter the world mistrustful and scared and depressed. I would love a world where everyone stops this cycle of violence to feel better about themselves. Bullying, humiliating etc. Until then though I plan to take my birthright back.

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Anything other than rope is cope.

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Same for me OP, my father was a piece of shit. In a woman's head, being a violent criminal monkey > honest good-looking law abiding man.

Do whatever you need to not rope. Best of luck

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I feel sorry for the kids in situations like that. It's not their fault their parents are idiots.

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My father is a piece a shit. He was physically abusive and verbally abusive towards me. It's better to have no father, than a bad father.

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But most success comes from being good looking and having a strong social network which many of us don’t have

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I'm not talking about normie success. But finding happiness. Most normies are scum of the earth. Bullies who take it out on people lower than them. In one shit heap pile. Don't allow yourself to be a part of the pyramid. Try and break free. Some people say it's just cope. It's not. It's possible, but it's damn hard.

I work as a swimming instructor and lifeguard. I like to think of it like this. Like all those people sinking at the endo f the movie Titanic. Panicked. Grabbing each other to raise themselves up. The first thing you have to do while drowning is calm down. As hard as it is. try and get some air in. then right yourself and swim away from all the drowning idiots grabbing at any hope they have.

Those are normies. ALl of whom are unfulfilled. ALl coping, another day another dollar. Grabbing at whatever they can.

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I agree, take care bro!

keep fighting, make money, maximize and I hope you find your success!

we love u