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I can't advise trying to blackpill friends. You're more likely to burn the few bridges you have left, leaving you in total isolation. I think losing the benefits of friendship outweighs any nebulous concepts of wanting to spread truth. Let them find out on their own.

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that's good advice, i lost all my 'friends' trying to red pill / black pill them. they just didn't want to 'hear that shit'.

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Normies can’t handle the truth

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well not with anecdotal evidence, in either case live and let live. We don't advertise to friends, too controversial.

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Learning about GamerGate ruined my life. I can't imagine what bringing this to people would do. Just let them try to be happy.

Also, looks mean a great deal, but really aren't everything. Some people do value decent people. I'm not promising that you'll find someone or something, but sometimes you find someone.

I'm sort of planning to die alone, though. I was married years ago, but I chose not to give life another go.

Warm regards.

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They know it. My mates were the same. Half of them are now mid 20's and beta buxxing landwhales.

They hate hearing my blackpill stuff. I'll still say it, but they hate to hear it. Because fundamentally they know it is true. Some of them are popular guys, but girls 5/10+ have never considered them attractive or more than a friend.

They can't accept it. They need to believe pers0nality wins through. They have to, otherwise you take away their hope. Instead of giving them information, turn it into a joke. Point out local chads, and the girls they are with.

Everybody knows the blackpill, instinctually. You can't not. We're all human. Even autistic people get it. But if you're not in that top echelon of men, that 15% or so, you have to cope through life to some degree.

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Beta bux a land whale? Terrible lack of self respect

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You tell them that if personality mattered, why are they still khhv. And I mean seriously ASK them. Say "John, you're a good guy, wheres your girlfriend at buddy?" Then let the pieces fall.

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Personality isn't that important to most women. They often emphemize personality for good physical looks and social status. When gangbanger Jeremy Meeks was released from prison for robbing and beating another boy close to death, his girlfriend married and had children with him. Meeks improved his personality so much that he later cheated on his wife with a rich bimbo and didn't even feel bad about it.

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It’s the time to play Morpheus and offer a choice

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they would likely say it is their own fault and they have bad personalities, I mean society has taught men to blame them selves for everything, this is a major reason it fights so virulently against the black pill, we are encouraged not to organize and try to change the world in the capitalist society

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so you know ugly guys that have hot girl? are they legit ugly guys and legit hot girls, not just normies with landwhales, which is common? It could be your khhv friends see this and it does disprove the blackpill before their eyes. I find it hard to believe though, I'd bet it is like a 6/10 normie who is betabuxxing a 7/10 girl, one who is not fat, and that is commendable but watch a deadbedroom being going on. A divorce within 3 years to come.