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Dreams are emotional gasps. WHat's running in our backlog. SUbconcious etc.

That's a good dream. It means somewhere internally you've decided you'll never be a betabuxx. It's good for you bro. AS much as you may repeat something to yourself. Some bullshit cope. Most guys end up betabuxxers. They cave. But if deep down you're subconscious is rejecting being a betabuxx you never will. If you do you will feel so uncomfortable in yourself, which would be a much bigger tragedy

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I think it's better to be a beta bux than die alone.

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Better to be a beta than die alone

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cope. only in your dream do you have the ability to turn down betabuxxing. You are litterally dreaming about being MGTOW when the reality is no women has even tried to get your bucks.

you are sent your own way. not voluntarly going your own way