I can’t even make friends WTF by No1stupid in Incels

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hummmmm maybe work on ur personality inkell???????

State of female hypergamy in 2030: prediction for the US by [deleted] in Incels

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It's gonna get so bad that Governments are going to start having serious discussions about the dating market

that's gonna be fucking hilarious

My cope is buying new clothes, What's your cope? by Moses_Sithole in Incels

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buying books

I barely read though

also alcohol

The reason why many of the studies posted on here are largely BS . by FailedSpecies in BlackPillScience

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So is a guy who has 28 partners necessarily ‘more successful’ than a man who has had three partners?

It depends what you're talking about. If that's what's being studied, the potential to find a high number of mates in a shorter period of time, then yes it is. But if you're talking about "deep meaningful connections", then no. The term "success" is quantitative, it's a measure of something, because this is a scientific context. It's not like the context of a casual conversation where it's used as a moral judgment.

This is just about defining your terms, or in terms of science, stating what it is you're measuring.

Study: Mindfulness found to be better predictor of Attractiveness than Physical Appearance by FailedSpecies in BlackPillScience

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Women’s Existential Fear by FailedSpecies in BlackPillScience

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Not science.

the future is looking bleak frens by I_know_its_over in Incels

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as within, so without

The people at r/depressedvirgins are cucked beyond belief by [deleted] in Incels

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Because they are only posting cucked content.

That's the joke.