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shes a your typical 4 or 5 out of ten who thinks shes a 7. will only date 8+

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8-9's are fighting over this foid too

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Fuck that whore, f it all anyway, would you want your actual looksmatch? You'd have to be assetmaxxed, careermaxxed, gymmaxxed, fashion/groomedmaxxed to even have a chance to.

NOT WORTH IT. just gonna get divorse raped anyway later on.

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Remember she sees it as a betrayal to herself to date anything less than what she thinks she deserves. And it sounds like she is chad only.

Chdas are legit a rare commodity. at best 10% of the population. That Foids will do anything for him if it means a relationship. I knew an old foid. Who was cougar-maxxing. Aged 50-55. She started texting her daughters ex boyfriend. Rowing team private school graduate obsessively. Stalking him. Divorced her rich husband and bought a million dollar apartment near the chads apartment to stalk him. Takes creep shots of him .

I actually found her diary, and the obsessive level this foid went into. How the universe would bring them together.

Her entire life was lived for the hope of getting him. She reached the point she started giving him money, paying for dieticians and trainers etc so he could try to get to the Olympics. He failed. Still gave him money.

This is the level of degeneracy foids will go to. They'll fuck up their own lives, cut off whatever limb they have to, to get over that line. I don't think her daughters speak to her anymore. The chad only messages her when he needs money.

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chad being betabuxxed for. just lol @ life

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Pretty common story. Quite a few chads get sugar mommies. And the foids see it as a good deal that they get acknowledged

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Women are Fucking disgusting.

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TFW when someone reposts you and gets more karma

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so she thinks she's hot but she's feeling ugly. lol

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Women are Fucking idiots. This how they behave when Chad doesn't want to be in a relationship with them.

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That's what social media does to these cum brains. They get tons of fluff affirmation on their posts, which makes them price themselves out. They then think they're 7s, 8s or 9s, when, in reality, they are like 3s ,4s or 5s.