Stop The Denial: Ukraine Is A Proxy War That Will Lead To Wider World War. They want regime change in Moscow just like the regime change they engineered in Kiev back in 2014...just like Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, etc. It's what they do. by Chipit in WorldNews

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An unstable nuclear-armed country is everybody's concern, even their own. If they have two functioning neurons between them, even they can see that. I'm no longer convinced, however, that they possess said neurons...

Stop The Denial: Ukraine Is A Proxy War That Will Lead To Wider World War. They want regime change in Moscow just like the regime change they engineered in Kiev back in 2014...just like Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, etc. It's what they do. by Chipit in WorldNews

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I like that last part of the title: "It's what they do."

It never occurs to them to ask "Let's say we get rid of Putin... what comes next?" Because the examples where they managed to achieve the elimination of their hated agent (e.g. Iraq and Libya) worked out so well? So they want a shitshow like what they have achieved in Libya, but this one with a nuclear stockpile in the midst of it? That's a brilliant idea, guys...

Accurate by AcceleratedWallops in politics

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The fight is not between Republicans and Democrats. It's between the majority of the managerial class (both parties) and everyone else. There are a few in the managerial class who recognize the disaster we are courting, but more than 80% of them still believe they represent "the good guys". That lack of self-awareness is in the process of destroying us.

Stanford University says harvesting blood and organs from children could help adults achieve “immortality” by ROSS921 in conspiracy

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God will stop this. In fact, the process of stopping it has already progressed significantly. If the morons trying this crap haven't noticed, the infrastructure of the "modern" nation which underlies projects like this and makes them possible is rapidly falling out from underneath them. When the society surrounding ideas like this falls apart, this research also disappears. This society is well past its "sold by" date; infinite life requires infinite resource inputs, and that breaks God's law, as any honest physicist will point out, whether they like my language using "God" or not.

Why Joe Biden Is Redeploying U.S. Troops to Somalia by HongKongPhooey in politics

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They've lost any connection to cause->effect. They simply do shit because some stupid mid-level bureaucrat sends them a lie about the "anticipated result". They are all too blind to pay any attention to the reality of the countless failures of every single one of these "anticipated results" over the past thirty years. It's mass delusion, and they can no longer quit. It's an addiction, and they are progressively destroying the experience of every person on the planet to create their next dopamine hit.

Factbox: China's anal tests for coronavirus upset visitors by HongKongPhooey in NotTheOnion

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Hell is accelerating its explicit manifestation on Earth.

Bill Gates did an AMA on Reddit today. The top question asked him about Epstein's pedo island. Bill lies about it, immediately gets called out. by Chipit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I'd hardly call those responses being "called out". They were beyond gentle for a man who was obviously part of Epstein's factory of sex with underage girls. Gates is scum, and the responses don't yield that impression.

Elon Musk denies he sexually harassed flight attendant on private jet: report by HiddenFox in news

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The timing is beyond suspicious. I've wondered about Musk for years, but the fact that it is now that they choose to do all this is beyond obvious. He has rebelled against the Inner Party orthodoxy, and the Thought Police have begun his destruction. It is so fucking obvious all I can do is shake my head.

CNN Poll: 86% of Americans are "concerned" or "scared" about how things are going in US by P-38lightning in politics

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Unfortunately, most don't understand why they are scared. They have this amorphous fear which is easily manipulated by those in control of the wire, accelerating daily the very dangerous world which is triggering the fear in the first place. Crowd formation on steroids, being directed by the most socially unstable group around - the "leadership". These are socially broken people, and they keep accelerating the very causes of their own destruction. One hell of a doom loop.

Doctor wrongly prescribed sex change treatments to seven patients, including a 9 year old and a teen who later died by suicide by NoMorePatriarchy in news

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I'm only confused as to how what he is doing is different from what so many other physicians are doing. Why are these cases different than the many children who are "succeeding" with their self-mutilations? The God complex these "physicians" are afflicted with is disgusting.

Why Japan banned the MMR vaccine. (The Dailymail) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Very interesting take. This makes a lot of sense. It was Japan where the data came out demonstrating the biodistribution of spike protein. Notice also that Japan is one of the few relatively mono-racial countries in the world. While the Japanese system has its share of corruption (as everywhere in the world), their society is MUCH healthier and more cohesive - even in the face of the the economic havoc their elected leaders are provoking - than anything that exists in the western bloc.

Twitter aims to crack down on misinformation, including misleading posts about Ukraine by HongKongPhooey in censorship

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Fucking hell, this is 1984. As we here know, Russia is in the process of cleaning up the last of the holdouts in the Azovstal complex. Who wants to bet this truth will be censored by Twitter in favor of the western official lie that the Ukrainian side was "evacuated" because their "mission was complete"? Any takers? They're so obvious at this point it's pointless. The sides have simply reversed: it used to be the Soviets who put out the easily debunked stupid propaganda and the western governments broadcasting sanity behind the curtain. We have entirely switched sides. Lunacy.

They're not grooming your four year-old, they just want her to know a penis sprays semen in a wet vagina, with a cartoon picture of sex. Totally normal for FOUR year olds! by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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And all the psychological research on this is clear: having kids think of themselves as sexual objects for adult entertainment is incredibly destructive to self-esteem and future success. It's insane we ever even needed to research a result that is so blindingly obvious.

University of Illinois Chicago wants to ban the word 'obesity' because focusing on body size is 'rooted in racism' by HongKongPhooey in NotTheOnion

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A college degree has sadly become a negative to a person's character more often than a positive in today's world. Yet another inversion to chalk up to our social decay.

Former President George W. Bush: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.” by Orangutan in politics

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Syria, Libya, etc, etc... While not technically under "Bush's" leadership, the train of mindless destruction hasn't slowed for decades now.

Sen. Rand Paul: Congress Has to Borrow from China to Send $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine by Drewski in politics

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This is a beautiful way to connect the dots. Absurdity is now normal, drawing not even a hint of skepticism from its proponents.

Trans inmate, 26, who 'killed antique dealer, 65, in New York City apartment' after meeting on dating app appears in court as a woman and is called 'Miss' after transitioning on Rikers Island and being moved to female jail by HongKongPhooey in news

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This is our reality, and his enemies still think Alex Jones is extreme. How can people argue that Jones's view is too fringe to be believable when this headline s considered normal?

Why I reject the ‘MADMAN HITLER’ myth. Was Hitler an insane "madman"? No. Absolutely not. And it's time to explain my stance on this controversial history debate. by Chipit in history

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I have family members currently wedded to the "Putin is a sociopath" ideography.

My response: If you want to see a sociopath, you can find one closer to home: just look in the mirror. This isn't to say that Putin is not a sociopath; he is. He is comfortable with sending massive Russian resources into a bloodbath to kill "his enemies" and achieve "victory". The problem is that my family members are equally happy to send massive US resources into the same bloodbath to kill "their enemies" and achieve "victory". Putin and my family members are flip sides of the same coin. They would recognize each other instantly. The combination of both is currently creating hell on Earth within the territory of Ukraine. This same thinking has created just this type of hellscape countless times around the world for the entirety of human existence.

I have my "enemies" list as well. I have just trained myself over many years to ignore that part of my brain. When I think to myself, "That person needs to die! Then we'll be safe!" (which I do think to myself quite regularly), I have learned to respond, "Oh, yeah. There's that violent delusion again..."

We are all sociopaths, when we listen to that voice. My family members and Putin (and all others who see war being a productive pursuit) believe this inner sociopath is the "voice of justice." I find this deeply sad.

Medias claim they want to deradicalise right, but in fact - they divide and radicalise left. by Mazurro in whatever

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We are looking at the endpoint of the Sexual Revolution.

Societies for thousands of years have had a variety of control systems surrounding sex, because it was recognized that sex is too powerful to "let it be". While sex - when limited by the boundaries of relationship and the networks surrounding relationships - becomes the force which propagates our species, and as such is the ultimate form of creativity, when those boundaries are removed (i.e. the Sexual Revolution), we now see the results.

There is an intimate line separating procreation and sex. Again, this has been known by societies as long as humans have existed. In order for sex to lead to the positives of family and familial support networks, it must be contained; there must be rules.

The entire premise of the Sexual Revolution has been that sex should be free. Any individual should be able to have sex under whatever circumstances they choose.

All the insanity we see follows this basic shift in premise. The revolution will end; in fact, the ending process appears already to have begun. But we now have multiple generations of very damaged people running around and it's going to take a long time to heal the wounds that have their source in the concept of absolute sexual freedom as a human right.

Researchers devise iPhone malware that runs even when device is turned off by GeorgeCarlin in news

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I've always assumed there is no "off switch". The only way to be safe from a portable tracking device is not to have one on your person. Even then, there are lots of ways they have to track people, but at least it forces them to rely on other less precise methods rather than your personal tracker.

Is it common for liberals to be this ignorant of Bidens corruption in Ukraine? by Canbot in conspiracy

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They perceive those who are prominent, like tv personalities and celebrities, as more intelligent than everyone else.

This is part of it, but to complete the thought, they perceive themselves as more intelligent than everyone else. It's this fundamental condescension that is the motivating ethos of this group of people. As long as they can find people who will support their delusion of moral superiority, they are secure that their life has meaning. They are incapable of approaching a world that does not run according to their rule book. If the rules are not their rules, they are convinced the world will collapse. This is amplified narcissism at a level that is mind-boggling to watch.

Pediatrician's plea to parents: Do NOT make your own baby formula by [deleted] in news

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Satan is ascendant in the world today. Not only are the figureheads of all countries pursuing policies they themselves acknowledge are leading to food shortages, the first casualties of these shortages are infants. We know this is absolutely intentional because while they are announcing coming shortages, they say NOTHING about how they intend to address them. In other words, they don't plan to address them; the shortages are planned and going according to plan. Both sides of all conflicts justify these cruelties on their own populations in the name of "winning".

The foundational logic behind all of this is that competition and war is more important than cooperation and society functioning. Think about that.

NJ woman who forced daughter she fathered into child porn sentenced to 25 years in prison by SoCo in news

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I almost wonder if the woke programming is beginning to fail even at Yahoo. The fact that they titled this piece "...woman...fathered" cannot help but cause glimmerings of sanity even in the readers of Yahoo. "Maybe this is a bad idea?" might even occur to them with a headline like that. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but this headline may be a signal of a reversal in the groupthink that has until now so blindly accepted this Satanic logic.

FDA Limits Use of J&J Vaccine Over Blood Clotting Disorder, But Experts Say Pfizer, Moderna Shots Pose Similar Risk by HongKongPhooey in corruption

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When doctors wake up from their fear and slumber and start looking at comparisons between jabbed/unjabbed in the way they've been trained to do, then the fireworks are going to start. Unfortunately, being human, doctors panicked in the same proportions as the general population. Panic paralyzes people, the vast majority of doctors accepted the mainline story because it was the story presented to them, and it came from institutions they are trained to trust. They fell into the classic <We must do something! - This is something. - We must do this!> fallacy. But given time, the data is going to overwhelm their ability to block it out.

Is It Working? by StillLessons in WorldPolitics

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Good response, as usual.

You touched on the piece I didn't address in my initial post, but which is profoundly important: is "Davos" actually Western (=opposed to Russia) or directing both Russian and Western policymakers. There is good reason to believe they are giving both countries the woodchipper treatment.

The piece of a plan like that which is questionable, however, is "will people in Russia or in the West accept some super-national body rather than a national body based on the culture of a country within which we have lived for centuries?" In other words, tearing down existing societies is possible (ugly as hell, but they are very good at it, and I agree with you that this is entirely the explicit plan), but that still doesn't get them the last mile to their goal. Even if the US government reaches the point of no return with its people, for example, is there evidence the people will choose this super-national beast (UN-like, under whatever name/structure is put forth by the owners of the corporatocracy) as a trustworthy body? That seems a stretch, not just in the US but in any country around the world.

But who knows? We're way the hell out of Kansas by this point. The future is a complete mystery to me.

Homeland Security's "Disinformation Board" is Even More Pernicious Than it Seems. Knowing that Americans believe that censorship is nefarious — that it is the hallmark of tyranny — those who wish to censor need to find some ennobling rationale to justify it and disguise what it is. by Chipit in censorship

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It would be an interesting number to know the percentage of the population who believes a damned word these liars say anymore. They keep trying to sell their truth when everyone is now quite aware that the very people claiming "fact-checked truth" are the biggest liars of the bunch. Just successfully sowing confusion, I guess. That has its own value to them.

The Managerial Revolution: What is Happening in the World (James Burnham) • The Worthy House. Burnham argued that the ascent of managers, a new ruling class, who would hugely expand government and use it to mold society into new forms for their own benefit. by Chipit in books

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Administration is an age-old cancer on societies. There are the people who provide work/services, and then there are those in charge only of money moving from one spot to another. Those in the second realm (administrators) are death wherever they appear. They suck up resources, providing nothing - claiming to make the process "more efficient" while doing precisely the opposite. This class is now (once again) dominant, in all fields: corporate, government, educational, and religious. It's a tough cancer to remove once it takes hold...

Why have forums *including this one and similar types* have morphed into news links and news bots now hindering all discussion? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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There's a chicken-egg problem hidden in your construct. You are correct that the level of discussion is pathetic now online (with some smaller markets of slightly better among the vast majority of absolute shit). But how can we generate decent discussion without a reliable universe of facts from which to begin? The fault for this isn't the news aggregator sites; it's the "news" sites themselves. When the official sources (they call themselves private companies, but let's be serious - we now have pravda) are lying outright (e.g. Hunter Biden's laptop is Russian disinfo), it makes it very difficult to generate serious conversation. To have a conversation, we have to talk about what is actually happening, and nobody is willing (official sources) or able (alternative sources) to tell us that. The smaller outlets that have the integrity don't have the resources to track down the big stories, and the organizations who have the resources are compromised and corrupt. An analogy to finish: think of a discussion as a pleasant meal with friends - it's hard to have a meal when there's no food to put on the table.

US Intel Assisted In Sinking Russian Flagship Vessel: Officials Claim Bombshell Escalation by zyxzevn in WarWatch

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The only silver lining here is that it is hardly a surprise to the Russians that they are at war with the US. They have known all along who is on the other side of the line. The only people who might be surprised live within the US itself. The administration will gain nothing for this politically. Those who support them will cheer, but they would cheer anyway; those who are against the administration's handling of this are going to be even more pissed than they were before; and those in the middle are going to find this a dangerous escalation. Net loss that they have told the world what the Russians already knew.

Failing empires just keep waging war. It's the only thing they have left.

Can the left claim Roe v. Wade is a woman's issue? by AmericanMuskrat in politics

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Are you equating the government of the USSR with Putin's Russia? These are two different governments. I agree that Putin is not a believer in Democracy (as defined by the current left in the US). Putin follows in a long cultural tradition in Russia of "the strong leader". He believes he should be in charge, and that politics is a game of force, not of representation. I'll agree to all that about Putin.

That said, since Putin has been in power, there have been none of the true horrors of the USSR, no gulag system, no mass disappearances, no overwhelming domestic travel restrictions. I both have friends from Russia, and I traveled there myself in 1989 (Communist) and 2018 (Putin). I speak enough Russian to get around. The difference between 1989 and 2018 is impossible to describe to someone who has not experienced both. Putin's Russia is not the same animal as communist Russia at all.

But the raw hatred of "Russia" in our media is blind to any of this real-world subtlety. It's all lost in "Russia bad!" This is a huge mistake, both morally and practically. They don't begin to understand what they are talking about, and whipping up the population into a war frenzy against their idea of their enemy is supremely dangerous when their idea of their enemy is WAY wide of the mark of what the country "Russia" actually is.

Can the left claim Roe v. Wade is a woman's issue? by AmericanMuskrat in politics

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There are no women now. Is this a "birthing persons" issue? What about male -> female trans abortions?

They have thoroughly destroyed any claim they may have had to protecting the rights of women. You cannot declare biological women to be irrelevant and protect their rights at the same time. These people are monsters.

The only way to make sense of what these monsters want is to realize their two true beliefs:

1) Sex must be free of all restraints. Anyone who wants to have sex for any reason - with any person, of any age, consent be damned - must be allowed to have that sex! That is a must. Corollary: Any "negative" consequences of that sex (pregnancy is a negative in their minds) must be eliminated. Abortions must be plentiful to make this rule stick!

2) The world's population is too high. Between 6 and 7 billion people on the planet need to die so that their magical TechnoGaia can be realized. Needless to say, those 6 to 7 billion people includes only you and me, never them.

These are the motivating premises behind the thinking of the now thoroughly insane social left. Runner up goes to anti-Russian racism, which is also very prominent in their thought today.

Damn Russian Bioweapon attacks! by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Hmm... what changed in the past year in the healthcare world? I can't remember. Hmm... what was it again?

FFS, people.

At a spiritual energy level it feels like it's NOT the same world I was born into in the 80s. 😒😷🤮😷 by [deleted] in corruption

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Time moves one direction. That said, there are many historical examples of societies declining into insanity; ours is not the first, and if humanity survives this bout, ours will not be the last. At some level, we must put some spiritual distance between ourselves and it as a survival mechanism. Sit back and watch the show. If we identify too closely with a sane result, the energy we spend fighting the reality (currently insane) is unsustainable. Suicides right now (either explicit or drug overdose) are through the roof. Don't be crazy ourselves, but also don't bang our head against the "crazy wall" too hard. It's a delicate balance.

Girl is loud and wears trousers. We must groom her into being trans and have special alone time by jet199 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

When you're dealing with human beings and not nails, hammers are unfailingly destructive.

Is the Internet, and more generally, the computer, fundamentally impacting how our memory and brain function? by TheRealPanzer in Internet

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To answer just the title:


Well I'm back you guys I know you all missed me by yabbit in whatever

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Cloudflare? I get blocked periodically for 2-3 days.

Tulsi Gabbard: "Every dictatorship has a propaganda arm—a “Ministry of Truth.” The Biden Administration has now formally joined the ranks of such dictatorships with their creation of the so-called “Disinformation Governance Board.”" by Drewski in politics

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They're all morons, but that's not the point. The point is they have power and they are desperately working to impose that power on every human they can get their hands on. The good news is the tide is turning away from them and each day they have less influence. The bad news is they managed to convince billions of people to take injections of mRNA therapy, with results we are continuing to reap daily. The damage these people have done is perfectly correlated with the inverse of their intelligence.

Congress Goes to War by BravoVictor in politics

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The neocons/neoliberals in the United States have gone rabid. When a dog becomes rabid, its usual processes of filtering information and responding appropriately are lost in the disease. The neocons/neolibs are now behaving in a similar manner. Rather than seeking a planned "expected result" (the product of mental activity), this group is capable only of direct stimulus response, unmodulated. In other words, Russia does anything, they attack it. Note they are literally incapable at this point of engaging in conversation with the Russians to try to find a solution. The Russians will converse; the west (particularly the US) will not. A very powerful rabid dog is a terrifying force of nature, but make no mistake, it never ends well for the dog...

Biden openly laughed at during White House National Hockey League presentation by Brewdabier in videos

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While he's searching for his drool cup, never forget there are many people in the executive branch actively making and executing policy. Victoria Nuland et al are still very busy in Ukraine, currently working to expand that little lovefest to include Poland and Moldova. Though the figurehead is senile, the evil behind him never sleeps. Many people are dying around the world, victims of the policies of our American government and its allies.

Tulsi Gabbard: "Every dictatorship has a propaganda arm—a “Ministry of Truth.” The Biden Administration has now formally joined the ranks of such dictatorships with their creation of the so-called “Disinformation Governance Board.”" by Drewski in politics

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Their interest is in implementing the ability to have Americans think what Klaus Schwab wants them to think. They're serious about trans-humanism. Attach humans to computers and then The Party gets to program those computers. Three years ago I would have said this was absurd; now it looks like a concrete plan they are working out. These people make the nazis and the communists from the 20th century look like cuddly puppies.

Ukraine, the final frontier by BravoVictor in politics

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When I see the quantities of fiat flowing into weapons sent into the black hole of "Ukraine", I'm fascinated by the simultaneous sound-bite from the west: their goal is to "drain Russia".

Which side is being drained again? How many resources has the west pumped into this so far? Let's note the Russian side doesn't even possess the quantity of resources that the west does, which means Russia is doing pretty damned well with FAR less resources. How are the western economies doing? Which side is being drained again?

What is your opinion on opinions? by IndianaJones in AskSaidIt

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The classic line works:

"Opinions are like assholes: they're all full of shit and everybody has one."

Why is the whole world propaganda to love life here and think the world and society and reality and nature and the collective are good, and to enter the light tunnel at death and not question if the deities and dead people you meet are imposters? by Vulptex in conspiracy

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Oh and another thing: why is the goal survival at all costs? I swear people act like it's worth making your entire life torture to live a second longer.


You see what I see. A false dichotomy appears; each time that people choose "safety!", that "safety" ends up destroying the fabric and meaning of the very life they seek to protect. We end up three-dimensional beings living in a two-dimensional world.

Then the insanity of this construct of spending a life in a futile search for "safety" calls out its evil twin, and people seek out the nearest killing spree (called war when it's state-sanctioned, violent crime when it's not) to remind themselves they are alive. It's all or nothing.

The world we live in is true insanity.

“We are facing a global coup that involves both civil society and the Church. Both are infiltrated and controlled by characters who use their power and the authority that derives from it ...” by TheRealPanzer in Europe

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"The AntiChrist" is not an individual but a global ideology. We now have the forces of Christ (family, compassion, honor for the individual and our unique relationship with God) being explicitly crushed by the forces of the AntiChrist (anti-family, narcissism, weaponization of the collective against individuals). Hell is waging an incredibly ugly war, with its greatest victory so far in Shanghai, China. The outcome is still uncertain.

Holocaust denial arguments: the true maximum cremation capacity at Auschwitz-Birkenau. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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I appreciate being on a site where this kind of material can be displayed. I don't spend any time in my life thinking about or talking to people about the Holocaust and whether or not it is accurate, but to treat conversation about this material as reason in-and-of-itself for a person to be shunned and (in some countries) potentially imprisoned is a massive slap in the face to the concept of "an open society". Our societies are anything but open when certain subjects are considered officially taboo and not to be discussed.

I'm even fine with keeping the discussion of child exploitation legally and organizationally open. Doing so keeps the people discussing this kind of crap out in the open. When they discuss shit like this, they will discover that on an individual basis, they are taking a serious risk because parents are not going to react well, and that kind of individual reaction is entirely appropriate when people see an existential threat to their children.

Having organizations (including "private - in name only" corporations) and governments deciding what individuals are and are not allowed to talk about is absolutely destructive. In the end, those organizations end up using their censorship power to allow their supporters the most heinous of behaviors while punishing individual citizens harshly for the equivalent of complaining about parking tickets. It's tyranny, and it's what we are fighting today.

Legislature overrides Beshear's veto of bill banning transgender athletes from women's sports by [deleted] in politics

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A nice victory. Interesting to look at the votes for override as well; they weren't close. I hope votes like these - demonstrating the actual sense of the broader population (a governor is just one man) - energize the group of "silent" parents to stand up and end the toxic teaching behind this crap once and for all in each and every one of their school districts.

CNN+ struggles to lure viewers in its early days, drawing fewer than 10,000 daily users by [deleted] in news

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This is probably the most encouraging news I've seen in years. The AIC (Assholes-in-Charge) - when expressed in their purest form - have become thoroughly irrelevant. This now needs to happen at scale. The same process needs to continue for ABC, CBS, NBC/MSNBC, NPR, NYT, WaPo, Fox, etc, etc. People are waking up. When they say, "Jump", we don't have to fight them; WE IGNORE THEM. It's how we win in the end.

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us.” - St. Anthony the Great by yabbit in quotes

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There have been these times throughout history in various societies. That said, the scale of our current version is unparalleled.

Is it possible for society to return back to common sense times (Pre 9/11) such as this? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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This goes back even further. I usually think in terms of 1913. The trend toward what we have now has been very very long and slow growing.

Is it possible for society to return back to common sense times (Pre 9/11) such as this? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Lately I've been wondering if we are living either in purgatory or in hell itself. Either way, the only minimal hope is to fight hard - no matter where we are - to gain the platform of being a decent soul. At least it makes it possible to look in the mirror in peace, even if looking out at the world still terrifies.

Canadian pastor who was jailed for 51 days after speaking to trucker convoy alleges mistreatment in prison by [deleted] in politics

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I have the same reaction. There are some of the things he preaches with which I disagree, but when I look at the entirety of his ministry, this is as good a man as I have witnessed. He is a fundamentally decent human being with the charisma to help thousands of people. Thousands of people have received food, shelter, and most importantly the recognition of their fundamental humanity because of his efforts. He is walking the walk, and the forces of evil absolutely loathe him for it.

The word for adults who build trust with children to condition them in sexual matters without their parents’ consent or knowledge: It’s groomer. by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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There can be less cruel or more cruel ways to kill, but the act of killing itself is always cruel.

We are completely going to disagree on this one. I was present when we killed my dog - a faithful companion for 11 years - at the vet's office. I watched this death occur in real time; I watched my dog's life end. We entered the vet's office with a being in deep pain with a kidney condition for which any treatment would cause more suffering than good. I had watched her pain for days. The instant of her death was 100% peaceful. There was no fear, no cruelty. She was with us, and her eyes simply closed. She literally lost consciousness as though going to sleep. "Putting her to sleep" was the absolute experience of her death that I witnessed. Given that it was that or a continuation of the pain she was bearing (quite visibly), I know 100% that this death was the opposite of cruelty. The exact opposite.

The word for adults who build trust with children to condition them in sexual matters without their parents’ consent or knowledge: It’s groomer. by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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You're overplaying death, and underplaying compelled sex. The implication in what you write is that it is worse to kill animals than to have sex with them. That depends on what "kill" means. The basic "kill" is to end the life of, but there are important subtleties that cannot leave the conversation. You are absolutely correct about factory farms. We agree. But it's not because the animals in the factory farms are killed. That's not the problem. The cruelty of their treatment while they live is the problem. There are farms (where I get my meat) where the life of the animal - from birth to slaughter - is humane and kind. Kind killing, you say? Yes. It is possible to kill without cruelty. But you don't fuck your dog except to be cruelly selfish. There's absolutely no other reason for the activity. It's pure narcissistic mental illness.

So yes, fucking the dog can be worse than killing for meat. The problem with factory farms isn't the killing; it's the cruel treatment of the animal. There is nothing but cruel treatment if you rape an animal. It's against the laws of nature, and both the rapist and the animal full well know it.

Will everyone who got “vaccinated” for COVID be dead by 2025? by ROSS921 in conspiracy

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The human organism is remarkably complex. Just as there is a percentage effect in illness (there is always some proportion of the human population who - for reasons not always clear - is simply unaffected by whatever that illness is), there is no reason to believe this will not also be the case in terms of these vaccines. Different individuals will react differently.

If we want to go with the "eugenics" theory for the use of the vaccines in the global population, then perhaps - knowing the above to be true - the planners of this slaughter are not looking for absolute slaughter but merely to reverse the "growth" issue which leads to the growth curves keeping them up at night worrying about resource depletion. If they can put the global population on a declining trajectory rather than a growing one, that alone would have a pronounced effect over a period of decades.

This may be part of a long-term strategy rather than a "one and done" event.

"If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." - Malcolm X by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Trusting "newspapers" (=internet sites, MSM news, radio, TV, "influencers", etc, etc) to define what's "real" is the root of the mess of our species. We seem incapable of separating "story" from reality. There must be some evolutionary advantage to conflating stories we hear/read/see with the direct experience of our lives and treating both as equally "real". If our species ends in human-caused catastrophe, this effect will be the central force leading to our end.

Megyn Kelly Slams 3rd Grade Son’s Elite School For ‘Trying To Recruit’ Him Into Being Transgender by StillLessons in politics

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You and I are using two different scales to define "the ruling class". Yours is the narrow scale, and in that sense you're right. They are the very top of the pyramid. But no royalty can function without the apparatus of rule around them. This is Orwell's Inner Party vs Outer Party. The Inner Party does not possess the manpower to rule. They require a population of privileged functionaries to enact the mechanics of running the territory. These people also rule in the sense that they manage many of the mechanisms that crush the population around them, and they are rewarded with the benefit of their positions. In the simplest response to what you're saying, I would point out that a monarch never rules a country. The monarch represents a class of thousands of people who - in their sworn allegiance to him/her - actually execute the "rule" in the monarch's name. You have come up with a small group of people who are sitting at the very top of the pyramid. But those people can only exist in co-existence with the larger class of people surrounding them and executing the "rule" of the country. This class is the key to functionality and endurance of any system.

The Approach I Support in Ukraine [Another LONG One - I can't help myself - it's in my nature...] by StillLessons in Antiwar

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It's a very old political technique, probably as old as human politics. It just comes and goes in different places at different times. Now it's our turn to deal with it. Being aware of its presence is the first step to preventing its growth; this is one of the primary motivations to this post.

Video appears to show looting has begun in Shanghai. ~ ~ ~ This might have been the plan: 1. Lockdown 2. People run out of food and get hungry 3. People panic and begin stealing food 4. Military takes control 5. Total dictatorship 6. Mark of the beast required to buy or sell anything. by In-the-clouds in news

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Unless the rebellion is big enough, and the world turns on a dime. They are on a knife-edge, just as we are here. Interesting times...

The word for adults who build trust with children to condition them in sexual matters without their parents’ consent or knowledge: It’s groomer. by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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The short-circuit in the moral wiring of these people is that they have no appreciation for the destructive aspect to sexual energy. Sexual energy is divided into the creative healthy side (procreation, love, family, etc) and the destructive deadly side (slavery, abuse, rape, etc). Somehow the people pushing this venom on to children are blinded to the reality that they are pushing the destructive side. They have thoroughly confused themselves into thinking "Sex is okay. Full stop." For them, the only problem is the suppression of sex. There is absolutely no other problem in sex. If it weren't suppressed, sex would be a wonderful garden, for everyone always. This is absolutely false and contradicted by the history of humanity, but they don't see it. Now they are grooming children, and allowing even their own children to be groomed. It's terrifying to watch.

Megyn Kelly Slams 3rd Grade Son’s Elite School For ‘Trying To Recruit’ Him Into Being Transgender by StillLessons in politics

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Can you expand? If not them, who is? As a pupil of one of these schools, I was surrounded by children of bankers, lawyers, politicians and people high up in the corporate world. Who is the ruling class if not these people?

Mississippi Police Sergeant Gets Decades of Prison Time for Sexually Exploiting a Child by HongKongPhooey in PoliceMisconduct

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Wow. Just wow.

I'm often shocked at the behaviors people choose to defend.

I wrote a post within the past week or so describing my past, so I am not approaching this from the point of sainthood. As I said in my post, earlier in my life I was the monster, make no mistake. But fucking hell. I don't think even at my worst, I would have attempted to publicly defend behavior of this magnitude.

I will point out a very simple test. How do we know about Biden's behavior with Ashley? Because she wrote it down. She wrote it in her diary, where she was trying to come to terms with the extreme emotional pain she felt in her life. Joe Biden's actions left a DEEP spiritual scar in her.

Taking a shower with his daughter is absolutely exploiting a child, when that child is still telling you the pain she suffers from decades later.

Again, just wow.

Shanghai residents report they can not leave their apartment buildings except for COVID testing. Prepare for more lockdowns. by In-the-clouds in news

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If the Chinese people catch people around the world by surprise and actually reach their limit, the resulting rebellion would be the single greatest event to shift global political dynamics in history. It would be an absolute 9.0 political earthquake. Because nobody sees it coming. I include myself in this. I don't see it right now, but I can dream...

Mississippi Police Sergeant Gets Decades of Prison Time for Sexually Exploiting a Child by HongKongPhooey in PoliceMisconduct

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"showers w / my dad (probably not appropriate)"

--Ashley Biden

Stars are the diamonds of the poor. — Carravagio by chottohen in quotes

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The openness to get out of one's own headspace and open our eyes to the beauty around us - God's ever-present gift - is the most powerful spiritual skill we can learn and hone in a lifetime. Finding a place where stars are visible and soaking in their light brings a wonderful reward more valuable than any material gift that has ever existed since the beginning of time.

DATA: Americans Want Trump Back in 2024, Including a Whopping 1 in 5 Democrats. by [deleted] in politics

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The number of actual traitors is impossible to know, because the voting tally offering us that number was falsified. The current administration was appointed by the political class, no vote required, just the power to count the votes. The United States used to think this was a problem in "less developed" societies. Guess what? It's come home. The corrupt class has taken power, as they often do: by stealing the voting process. The question is how to expose them and show those who weren't paying attention, now are, and might just be willing to open their eyes to how this was done.

Megyn Kelly Slams 3rd Grade Son’s Elite School For ‘Trying To Recruit’ Him Into Being Transgender by StillLessons in politics

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This is a profoundly meaningful datapoint.

The importance of this article (not alone, I have seen many references to this truth in the past 6 months) is that this school is where the ruling class sends their own kids. I happen to be familiar with this network of private schools in New York City; I was a student there. I grew up in this society (decades ago, fortunately).

This datapoint explains why the "Grooming" word is so difficult for the ruling class to understand. They are willing to destroy their own children. Grooming makes it sound like they are stealing the children of the lower classes for their sexual needs. Ironically, it's actually worse than that. They truly believe this shit, and they are okay with the destruction of their own children on the altar of this ideology. It's not about political exploitation of their inferiors. These parents are so thoroughly morally corrupted that they have adopted a religious moral code that celebrates the lifelong destruction of their own children.

It's the dark side of the religious impulse. Having abandoned traditional Christianity (until 40 years ago, the dominant US religious tradition), a spiritual void developed. Here is the force that has arrived to fill that void.

If it makes us feel any better, the ruling class is sharing the pain with us as we descend. It's a murder/suicide. They are destroying children at all levels, and that includes their own. Nobody will be spared the spiritual death that is taking us over at an ever-accelerating pace.

Here’s a dozen times Joe Biden played a role in son Hunter’s business dealings by [deleted] in politics

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The corruption isn't hidden at all anymore. Zero percent. The gauntlet is laid down. The ruling class is saying, "Do you, The People, care?" Everyone who supports Joe Biden at this point can be extrapolated to be saying "Our leaders can smoke crack, fondle children in front of us, and accept money from foreign government/mafia connections, and that's okay with us." All of these are now documented and confirmed, even by their own sources. The corruption is embedded throughout every level of society, with special concentrations in politics (has been true throughout history), banking (has been true throughout history), business (comes and goes historically), medicine (new), and education (new in the lower grades, ~50 years in "higher" education). I always thought Sodom and Gomorrah was "just a story", but all along it was a signpost that periodically this happens in real, actual, everyday society. Societies decay into actual rot. It's depressing to have gone from a society where this was less in evidence to the society today where - well - here we are.

Arizona attorney general: Election fraud in Maricopa ‘raises questions’ about 2020 by [deleted] in politics

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A person who changes their mind on this one is a profound change. NOBODY is going to shift from believing the election was rigged to believing it was legit. That game is closed. But there are still people opening up their eyes in the other direction. Accepting the reality of the massive fraud that went on throughout the 2020 election season brings people to the reality that the entire political system is now a corrupted, rotten mess, from top to bottom. This isn't about just the top set, whose names we know. It's about the class of low-end political workers who are brain-dead and incapable of getting beyond the slogan. We now have ten years of "slogan democracy": Yes, We Can! I'm With Her! Black Lives Matter! Build Back Better! etc, etc, etc. The people listening to this crap have no capacity to criticize the message and ask, "What are we actually doing"? They simply defend "their guy" because he's their guy. The 2020 election demonstrates the power of this force. Defending "their guy" and his slogans is more important than electoral integrity. Because "the other guy" was so eviltm , it was obvious that we the low-level political slaves are called upon to save "our guy" by whatever means necessary. Winning and power is all that matters; screw the integrity of the system that we are going to win and to run. We'll be in charge, so of course it will be good!

Increasing numbers of people are waking up to the fact that this is who the "political class" have become. They are drunk on their own moral superiority and convinced that "their education" demonstrates their qualification and right to exercise power in whatever way necessary over those unwashed masses who threaten "Our Democracy"tm .

These people are sub-average mentalities who have been given the impression that they are The Chosen Ones. More and more people are seeing them for what they are, however. The school boards are the first sign, and the groundswell is now obvious.

DATA: Americans Want Trump Back in 2024, Including a Whopping 1 in 5 Democrats. by [deleted] in politics

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Trump has a gift for reading the room and channeling the rage he finds. The mainstream story is that Trump has created the age of rage, but that is a profound misreading of the population who supports him. The vote has never - since 2015 - been pro-Trump. It's been anti the status quo for the past 7 years. Trump has the gift of treating pompous asshats with the disdain they deserve. That's all he has, however. He's not interested in governing. He just enjoys the theater of it. He loves playing to the crowd. His rallies are where he is at home, not in the office he ran for.

This is the challenge. Simply in his treatment of the self-entitled ruling class, he is spot on and is actually performing a useful function. We the people need to develop this ability and strength to view these schmucks (in both parties) with the absolute disdain they deserve. He shows the way for that. BUT, at the same time, someone needs to be designing and implementing the architecture to a new path forward, reinvigorating the tools of individual rights and responsibilities and stripping power away from "the beast" - that centralized inhuman monster that has been thriving on human souls for well over a century. A.k.a. the corporatocracy, the medical/educational/military-industrial complexes, etc. Trump has no skillset for this. In fact, he has sucked at the beast's tit as much as any of the other piggish brethren he so joyously mocks. He has no desire to stop the milk flowing.

If someone who did have that skillset could gain his trust and work behind the scenes doing the real work, that team would be a superpower. Unfortunately, because Trump doesn't really care about the truth of re-creating liberty, only the show of it, I doubt there will be any progress whatsoever if he gets in again. The best he might do would be to stall the slide for another few years while they all get distracted hyperventilating over his presence, distracting them from their more destructive pass-times. That's the summary of his first four years: he kept them busy and distracted them. Nothing more (but also nothing less, because that alone is something).

Maybe at least that would give a little breathing room so things on the ground could move forward against a slightly diminished headwind. That would be something, perhaps.

What if our spraying of our skies was due to Fukushima F up AND they are not telling us something? by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Interesting observation. Fukushima sure fell off the radar fast. The ruling class has fully gone with "out of sight, out of mind" on that one. A constant toxic source giving to the world day in and day out on and on and on... actually a pretty good metaphor for the class that sits on top of humanity. They must feel some kinship with the crap spewing out. Maybe that's it.

Will The Court Allow The Special Counsel To See Clinton Documents? by [deleted] in politics

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What aren't they hiding? It would be a shorter list.

Do you think 'artificial scarcity' is a symptom of capitalism failing and we need to go to China's model OR do you think it's part of the attempt to get us there by subtle force? by [deleted] in finance

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This bull shit CANNOT sustain itself much longer on it's own.

Periodically I repeat that thinking of this as "pre-collapse" is a mistake. We are in the collapse. Collapses are not instantaneous events. They are a process. Look at our economy 4 years ago; look at it now. The bull shit is NOT sustaining itself. It has all already collapsed by a significant amount. There is less of everything than there was. There's no need to look in the future. It's here, it's now, and we are moving with it. Once they begin, collapses have momentum (think an avalanche for a metaphor). We need to be looking for the places where the collapse hits an intermediary floor. Today is not one of those times. But when those times come, look for opportunities to build and expand alternative systems. Maybe the trend can be reversed then. We are in "full descent" today. The most valuable thing to do is recognize what's going on around us for what it is so that we can keep our eyes out for the next pause.

As to intent, looking at the policies of the ruling class, this is absolutely intentional. You don't open your borders as both Europe and the US have done and not recognize the meaning of that. They want the chaos. They are quite intentionally demolishing the old system because the old structures stood in the way of their visions for future power.

'I am opposed to self-defense' – Macron says farmer had no right to kill a burglar who broke into his home by Drewski in WorldNews

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Apply that broadly, and you just made a profound statement of the injustice of humanity since the beginning of time.


Do you support Putin's approaches in Ukraine? Yes or no? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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You wonder why people get so pissed off at you, Socks, you have just exemplified your style perfectly. I refuse to answer a simplistically "gotcha" phrased survey, so you simply insert the answer you choose to ascribe to me and go about your day. That is blatantly dishonest communication. It's flagrant. You're literally making shit up. I know what I wrote in my comments, and it's not what you just put in my mouth. That's called lying. Absolute lying. People know what I have said, and they know what you say. I repeat, I will let my comments stand for themselves. Hint: my comments say nothing of what you have just suggested they do. You are remarkable. I suppose the only positive I can take from your comment is that to attack my words with the desperation of manufacturing your own false version of my perspective, you must feel kind of touchy that I might (just might) actually be reaching some people. You can have the last word. I said from the beginning this conversation was a waste of time, and your response proves I was absolutely correct.

Joe Biden’s Released Tax Returns Don’t Explain Millions In Income. Where Did It Come From? by [deleted] in politics

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We know where it came from, and we know that unless/until the whole shitshow comes down in a flaming heap, the ruling class will not allow the documents proving where it came from to be released. It's a big club...etc

Testimonies from "Holocaust survivors" that tell the truth about the conditions of the camps. The Jews had access to swimming pools for exercise, theathers, whore houses and participated in soccer games. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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I have no information regarding whether swimming pools were at camps or not. That said, given the importance of the holocaust story to western propaganda efforts post-war, I would not find it surprising that if there were such facilities, western intelligence would have made absolutely sure those were filled in and "erased". I wouldn't put that past them. But I repeat, I don't have an opinion on the truth of this one in either direction.

Twitter is wiping embeds of deleted tweets from the web by HongKongPhooey in censorship

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It's funny. This is literally what Winston's job is in the Ministry of Truth in 1984. Real life is exactly following fiction. It's not even that it rhymes; this is precisely what he wrote. 1984 itself is on the chopping block now too, of course...

Texas Governor Orders Buses to Transport Released Migrants to D.C. by [deleted] in politics

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Makes sense to me. They want them, they can have them.

Brianne Dressen (injured by AZ clinical trial) crashes FDA meeting on booster doses by spelllingchamp in politics

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The same FDA that called a Nobel-prize-winning drug with decades of notoriously safe use in humans "horse dewormer" and approved and recommended a new therapy with thousands of associated deaths and no long-term safety data. That FDA. They have absolutely destroyed their credibility. Absolutely.

It feels like after Biden took over the internet went to SUPER hard censorship. by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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The ruling class is implementing their plan to move to a CCP-style central control grid. The Information War has gone hot. If I wanted to be optimistic, I would say it looks like they are losing, but we're still in very early innings in this, and they have victories to their credit as well. The greatest tool we have is their own egregious lies. Never let one go past without pointing it out. Not even a little one.

Do you support Putin's approaches in Ukraine? Yes or no? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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There are productive conversations, and there are unproductive conversations. The method you have chosen here is the classic cheap journalist technique of "soundbiting" a complex issue. This is not a productive conversation. You will see my opinions in the comments I have made in other threads that were relatively interesting. I stand by what I have written in those comments.

GOP Officials in More than Half the Wisconsin Counties Are Calling for the Decertification of the State's 2020 Election Results by [deleted] in politics

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The establishment just cannot put this story to bed. No matter how much they scream, "It's over, deal with it!" those pesky metrics keep staring us in the face making it impossible to accept the result as written. When half the people refuse to believe the story you're trying to spin, it's a pretty good sign that that story isn't backed up by reality, only power. That power is slipping away fast.

British hospitals asking men if they are pregnant before getting scans by TheRealPanzer in Europe

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I'm increasingly done with the current medical industry, DONE. Ironic, given that I'm married to a physician.

I have a friend who got in a fight with a provider a few days ago because she had a sinus infection (has had them for years, quite familiar with the symptoms), and the provider (tele-health visit, so over the computer) was obsessed with her getting a covid test. My friend said, "okay, so let's say I did get that test, would you treat it?" The answer we all know: they tell you to isolate until you're very sick, THEN come in at which point you're screwed because the protocols for very sick covid patients are brutal. Like me, my friend is done with this shit. No surprise, the infection has resolved since this all occurred.

This combined with the stupidity of pronouns brought up in this article (now proudly displayed by many physicians) is simply too much. They have destroyed in two years the credibility that medicine developed over centuries. A doctor who is unwilling to treat the biological body in front of them (i.e. biological male) is not a doctor. Full Stop.

Democratic anxiety grows over Biden’s dismal polls. “It’s bad,” said one Democratic strategist. "The American people have lost confidence in him.” by [deleted] in politics

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Sometimes I'm a broken record. Here I am repeating myself again.

Forget about Joe Biden. The effect these strategists are talking about is bigger than this, but they are so used to the old horse-race model that they cannot even conceive of what's actually happening.

The numbers of people who are done with the entire establishment - Democrat, Republican, Media, Medical, Corporate - is growing to be an actual force. We used to be called "conspiracy theorists" because we didn't fit well within the horserace model, but now what was a small fringe group is becoming actually measurable.

There have been many comments over the past several months pointing out what must happen. It's not about fighting the [Republicans, Democrats, media, etc, etc...]. It's about creating alternative places to gather and feeding them so that we no longer give a shit what the assholes in the old corrupt institutions do. Let them die the ignominious death they have so richly earned.

Go where we are wanted and make it our own. Create our own institutions with our own bases of resources and skillsets.

This is happening. It's a slow process, as is to be expected, but people are slowly migrating away from these corrupt cesspools into the newer systems.

So Republicans may celebrate in the short term, but they better not get comfortable. This trend needs to sweep it ALL away, and it can't happen too soon for my taste.

Am I reading this data correct? 18.4% of unvaxed represent 19.3% of hospitalizations? So statistically speaking, the vaccine did nothing to prevent hospitalizations? by HiddenFox in AskSaidIt

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This all differs in time, as the governments change everything to push a high or low number of cases, depending on what policies they want to install.

Great point. The actual case numbers are beyond suspicious because of all of the elements you're talking about here. I work with the numbers as given, because they're the only numbers we have, but the effects you are talking about here are profound, meaning that all these datasets are essentially garbage before they are ever published. The effects of the lies about covid absolutely swamp the actual signal of the disease itself. Because of this, in the end, none of us actually knows what we're looking at. This is as true within the medical community as it is outside it.

Am I reading this data correct? 18.4% of unvaxed represent 19.3% of hospitalizations? So statistically speaking, the vaccine did nothing to prevent hospitalizations? by HiddenFox in AskSaidIt

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For the record PEI is 94.4% fully vaxed.

This is where the pro-vaccine crowd make their case. Ignoring the "partially vaxed" category for the moment, for the sake of simplicity, we have an unvaccinated population of ~5% who represent a caseload of 18.4%. Meanwhile, the vaccinated population of ~95% has a case load of ~76% (combining the boosted and non-boosted vaccinated into one group). In other words, the relative risk of being classified as a covid case is significantly reduced in the vaccinated population relative to their representation in the population, while the relative risk of becoming a covid case is significantly elevated for the unvaxed relative to their proportion within the general population.

All of which is to repeat what I said above: the vaccines lower the risk of disease in a vaccinated person for a few months. But people are not being told "you will have a 40% chance of getting the disease rather than a 50% chance of getting the disease" (I made up those numbers from thin air, just for rhetorical purposes); they are being told the vaccine prevents the illness. That is absolutely not true. The difference between these two stories is where disinformation spreaders have been having a field day.