Massive Protest Through NYC Against Vaccine Mandates by AXXA in politics

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This is a relief to see. We need a lot more of this. A LOT.

MSM: Sponsored by Pfizer by AXXA in politics

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There's a comment in the garbagetube comments saying this needs to go viral. I agree.

Ohio college student 'angry' and 'scared' after 'cisgender men' installed radiator in dorms: 'Safe space' by P-38lightning in news

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Society has decided that mental illness is the norm. Since it's the norm, we'll design a society around it. Society used to bring people to a rational center and encourage us to stay there; now our media and education system spin individuals in ever greater centrifugal gyrations until they fall off when the forces grow too great.

The sad part is that the student's fear and anger are real, but rather than create a space for him to address this fear and anger and overcome it, all of our institutions actually feed and amplify the feelings. Like anything, when fear and anger are fed, they grow. Insanity such as this suggests they've grown quite advanced now. This poor kid may never recover. It didn't have to be like this.

When There Are No Consequences to Lying by Tarrock in politics

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They've got the accelerator full pinned to the floor. The criminal class cannot admit anything, because they don't know which grain of sand is going to start the collapse. Men are now women, and women are men. Until those statements return to the "contradicts reality" non-being where they belong, this can go on for a while yet.

ACLU is explicitly arguing in court that the First Amendment's free speech clause has been interpreted *too broadly* by courts, and are advocating *a more restrictive view* of what free speech means. by Chipit in censorship

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One thing the past two years have done is to illustrate in complete clarity the wholesale nature of our institutional collapse. Government, NGO, Medicine, Education, Media, Corporate. All of them. This is a philosophical collapse which has its tendrils absolutely everywhere. I think of it as a "Nervous Breakdown" of a society.

When such an event occurs, our job in watching it is to ask the single most important question: What is (are) the premise(s) with which all these people agree which is leading our institutions to such dangerous policies? People are trying to achieve some ideal, and in the attempt to achieve that, the de-facto results are coming in again and again with repeated tremendous cruelty. So what is this ideal that people are trying to reach which so blinds them to the tremendous on-the-ground human cost of their attempt?

Dissidents’ Contradicting Positions on Covid by curious2 in conspiracy

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My recommendation is to look at the numbers yourself. CDC is publishing statistics on Covid in real time. I watch those datasets and the equivalent ones where I can get them from other countries. There is room for massive manipulation for sure. I personally have seen huge drops in numbers from one day to the next with no explanation. But there are datasets and very few people go to check the source data. Be one of them.

I don't particularly care about the "he said / he said" problem, with one exception: CDC's own published statistics don't remotely begin to tell the story that Wolensky pushes or that of any of her partners in crime.

We each need to do the homework for ourselves before we decide which voices make sense to us.

What is happening in this world by magnora7 in whatever

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I see precisely what you see. Well said.

Communication on the internet is a huge part of the problem. Human communication is a very poorly understood phenomenon, but I theorize that humans evolved to communicate face to face. We need the body language and auditory voice cues that real-life conversation provides to gain context. This business of "communicating" via keyboard (as I am doing right now in response to you doing the same) has eliminated a lot of the context we need to understand each other fully. This allows for de-humanization en masse.

Having said that, ours is certainly not the first generation to face a moral panic. I am quite sure the people in the witch era in the 1600s felt an equal terror as an equal wave of irrationality and hatred washed over the "out" group of the time. So maybe the internet is just the current expression of the same age-old insanity we have been subject to since the beginning of humanity.

But I have noticed that people I talk to IRL (which I do as much as I can, even with random passers-by) are not nearly as insane as what we are seeing on all these "boards". People express stupidity in these "keyboard exchanges" that they simply don't say face-to-face. The effect of insulation from the social pushback is real. I am also quite confident that people are confusing what we hear through media (of all kinds, social and traditional) with reality in a way that is flat-out wrong.

We talk about this so much on this site. Having these sociopaths sitting in the middle, able to "adjust" the stories we are trying to send one another across "their" media, is a terrible model.

As much as possible, get off these screens and talk to people. Maintain our calm, but don't stop talking. Even when it's uncomfortable, keep talking. I saw a piece by a guy recently who was unexpectedly optimistic, saying that he thinks we're coming out of the darkness with this insanity rather than entering it. If he's right, I would expect people to realize over the next several years that all this time we are spending on these keyboards - here I am as I write this - is a dead end. We have gone into a blind alley, and it's time for us to put these machines down and get back to a direct experience of the world around us rather than a mediated one.

The times in this moment are very dark, without a doubt. In dark times or light, however, the best any of us can do is to model the light. Your posts do that. I deeply appreciate your perspective and the forum you have maintained here (even with all the flaws any such forum will have) for discussions such as this.


German state allows ALL businesses to ban unvaxxed customers, even for groceries & other essentials by carn0ld03 in Europe

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It is a classic moral panic. This is precisely the same mindset that fueled the witch hunts in the 1600s and the Cultural Revolution in China in the 20th century. What has changed is the scale on which they can operate. They are now enacting a similar purge in multiple countries and cultures at a time. But the irrationality and cruelty has not changed even a little bit.

Old Man Yells at the Unvaccinated by humancorpse in whatever

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If taking the booster leads someone to behave in this way, it's not exactly a great recommendation... might want to rethink your marketing campaign on this one guys. Just saying.

IRISH MEDICAL DOCTOR (Repost from September) by StillLessons in politics

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This has been posted before, but I think it's worth repeating. This is the situation on the ground, as experienced by a doctor who is awake. We are not talking about an intellectual question; we are talking about genuine human tragedy here, and I think she captures this as well as any I have seen.

I am reminded of the classic video of Madeline Albright saying essentially, "We think the death of 500,000 Iraqi children is justified because these deaths were the cost of the goals we have in Iraq." This is the level at which the sociopaths think. They have zero concern for the people they harm. We are just statistics to them.

This doctor is telling us what that actually looks like on the ground.

I'm not saying they're intentionally trying to shut down small businesses, trying to destroy the middle class, transfer the majority of the wealth to the world's largest corporations, and divide us with fear and hatred. But if they were, what would they be doing differently?.. by JasonCarswell in conspiracy

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The delusion of this often strikes me.

Those obliterating the productive capacity of society are seemingly unconcerned that this productive capacity is the source of the wealth they enjoy.

There is a section of 1984 where Orwell points out that the Inner Party knows that they are preventing wealth creation, and that this is viewed as an acceptable loss. More important to them than wealth is power. Even if they create a society of misery and poverty, it's worth it to them as long as they exert absolute control over that society.

The insights he demonstrated with that book are shocking in their accuracy. The people at the top of our society want absolute control above any other thing. They are demonstrating it as I write this note and as you read it.

Power is one hell of a drug.

Joe Rogan Gets CNN’s Sanjay Gupta to Admit the Network Purposefully Lied About Horse Paste by Tarrock in politics

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The division between those "leading" and those suffering under this leadership is now growing quite explicit. I know many people within the "leading" class, and all of them continue to believe (genuinely) that the CNN version of events represents reality. The term "misinformation" is still effective with these people. If it doesn't agree with the narrative of the "authoritative" sources (Alphabet newses, NYT, WaPo, etc), then it is by definition misinformation, and can be immediately dismissed. These people are well-meaning, but they are completely and absolutely captured by sources of information they have trusted for decades. They simply cannot accept that a lie of the magnitude we are witnessing is possible. It's "too much" for them to believe.

I have discussed on this board that this is a religious conflict, and I keep returning to this. Today it occurs to me that what we are witnessing is similar in character to the Protestant Revolution against the Catholic Church, leading (along with other trends) to the Enlightenment era. Now we have a group - similar to the protestants of that time - saying that the authorities (similar to the Church leadership of that era) are lying and acting in self-interest. The "indulgences" of the Catholic Church are equivalent to the "we don't need to wear masks because we're special" of today.

The people I describe in my first paragraph are terrified to admit that the leaders they have trusted (just as parishioners trusted the leadership of the Catholic Church) are in fact acting in a way that is directly harming them. To accept this is to accept that their entire worldview of what is "safe" and where we seek it has been wrong for many years. This is a sensation that sits super deep within each of our personalities, and to change that sensation is not a trivial task.

Trivial or not, however, the change is beginning to gain strength. We can sense it around us. The demonstrations and resistance are not diminishing; they are accelerating. At some point, even the strongest conviction and loyalty will break in the face of concrete witnessed harms.

BREAKING: Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa Gelman RUNS from Veritas' Questions by Chipit in news

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To entertain some optimism (hard in these tough days), it is a promising sign when one of the architects of the misery we are all now living daily - usually hidden - has been brought out into the open and is forced literally to run away. Symbolically, this is an encouraging sign: the leaders are beginning to have to run from the people they are hurting. Let's hope the tide continues in this direction...

Physician to FDA, CDC: In 20 Years of Practicing Medicine, ‘I’ve Never Witnessed So Many Vaccine-Related Injuries’ by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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My wife is a physician. Because hers is not one of the "triage" specialties (the doctors who see emergent cases showing up at ERs or ICUs), she is relatively insulated from dealing with covid/vaccines on a daily basis. That said, she is now involved in a vaccine injury case, and this case is causing her emotional distress. The patient is in the ICU, not doing well, not responding to treatment as they would hope, and the disease is generally confounding the team of doctors, because they don't really understand what's going on. All started 1-day post second dose.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the medical authorities to pretend vaccine injuries are "no big deal". When the ground-level doctors who have been blowing off these injuries as "not related" wake up to the horror they have ignored, the real fireworks are going to begin.

Medical malfeasance is the fancy term for when doctors are harming patients rather than helping them. To see it on this scale is terrifying. This is a test of our species. If we are worthy of continuing on with the human experiment, doctors on the ground are going to wake up, and then they will rise up. If, on the other hand, the majority of doctors continue to follow the "party line" in the face of the harm being done, our species will come to its end.

Medicine is a classic hierarchical system, and systems like this have the potential to be exceedingly lethal when the top of the hierarchy falls to evil.

Vaccines Are Not About Health. If They Were, We'd Be Discussing IMMUNITY. The Letter This Vaccinologist Has Written To His University Administration Makes this Distinction Crystal Clear. by StillLessons in politics

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The kernel of this letter (which Tom Woods reads in its entirety in this radio episode) is a tenured professor who is a vaccinologist with decades of experience. This professor has the technical ability to confirm his own immunity to Covid, which he recovered from some time ago. He can demonstrate that HE IS IMMUNE. In any rational world, that's the entire point. The point of all this bullshit should be immunity. Immunity is what leads us to community safety from Covid. Immunity and vaccination are not the same thing. If vaccination offered immunity, that would be great. But it's quite clear now that it doesn't. Meanwhile, a person who can technically demonstrate that he is immune to Covid is treated like a pariah for not getting the jabs.

It cannot be clearer than this.

The letter is here:

Also please note that this letter was written on September 17th. Searching for a response from the university, I still see absolutely nothing. It is now one month later. Silence. How is a reasonable person supposed to interpret this?

The head of the Chicago police union is calling on officers to defy the city’s vaccine mandate set to start Friday. “It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have a police force at 50 percent or less for this weekend coming up,” he said. The union is preparing a lawsuit against the city. by Orangutan in politics

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This is exactly what is needed.

There's been a fair amount of conversation on this board about precisely this idea. A true revolution is not about violent confrontation with "the man!" It's about exactly what - God willing - this article says is going to happen this weekend. People taking the simple, non-violent step of personal nullification. Don't obey. When enough people individually ignore the diktats, the illegitimacy of the regime becomes clear as day.

Just say no. There is a cost - nothing is free - but the cost of obeying is far higher. Look at where all the obedience in Covidland has gotten us so far...

Supposedly the C-vax has killed twice the number of Americans as all the other vaxes combined over the last 20 years. BUT how many injections is that? by curious2 in conspiracy

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I asked this same question many weeks back and received no answer. Thanks for asking again. Thanks also to firststone for a helpful response.

It is useful to note that in pre-insanity times (just a few years ago, though it feels like forever), the kind of numbers you and I have asked about would have been the go-to standard response to calm people down on witnessing the VAERS absolute numbers spike. Rather than put the Adverse Events/jabs numbers out, however, the only response has been the increasingly shrill ad hominem of "MISINFORMATION!!!!!! YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!!!!!!" The very fact that they don't go to the numbers is by itself suspicious, suggesting that the numbers don't tell the story they want. If the numbers would have done the job, they would have used them. Instead, we get garbage.

The sheer quantity of outright lies regarding covid tells you the "pandemic response" since day zero has never been what it has been advertised to be. If they're lying about what it is that they're doing, then what are they doing? The fact that we need to ask that question keeps me up at night.

WHISTLEBLOWER: LA Port Worker Says Shortages are FAKE! by x0x7 in videos

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I didn't. Is it worth it?

Joe Biden Does Not Exist by StillLessons in politics

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I agree. These obvious puppet strings do make some level of difference, though. The corporatocracy no longer feels the need even to pretend there is a functional government beyond their dictates. By highlighting this obvious fulcrum point and the absence of representation that they have given up even trying to hide, even some of the people engaged within the belly of the beast itself might begin to be a little uncomfortable with the role they are playing in this shitshow.

That One Side Would Like to Utterly Destroy the Other Side Seems Significant, To Me by jet199 in politics

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The most dangerous element of the modern authoritarians is completely consistent with authoritarians throughout history. Those wielding power do not have broad popular support. They never do; they don't need it. What they do have is political support within the subgroup of "those seeking power". There is a personality type who desperately craves power and influence. Because they do not form the majority of the population, most of us find them distasteful and avoid them. But go to Washington, and inside the beltway the world inverts. In this insular world of the power-hungry, here yes, the authoritarians wield influence. And they wield it with all the brutality that has been true for thousands of years of human history. This article is putting its finger on the fact that the strategies designed for success in this power-center crowd are precisely those which the broader population finds repulsive.

Representation is no longer the goal. They intend to rule, and they do exactly that. These are now rulers. Keep that distinction in mind. The institutions they have taken control over are now so massive, they wield crazy amounts of power. But in order to excise this group of power-mad lunatics at this point, it's beginning to look like the institutions themselves will have to be dismantled.

This terrifies all of us, because how will the world look without these organizations around which we have built our society?

This cost is increasingly worth considering, however, as the suffering being caused by allowing these sociopaths to use these social structures against we (individual, "un-connected" humans) the people is becoming insanely cruel.

She Is Still Healthy? by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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It occurred to me recently how regularly "witch-hunts" occur in history. I used to think of them as anomalies, but given their almost clockwork nature (Catholics vs heretics, Soviets vs kulaks, Nazis vs jews, Hutus vs tutsis, now Corporate Globalists vs unvaxxed), there appears to be an element deeply embedded in human nature which expresses on a periodic basis. I'm not talking about the people pulling the strings, either, although they clearly start and stoke these events. More important than them is the readiness of populations periodically to label some group "the out" and attack them with incredible cruelty. The current insanity is the latest iteration, but this form of insanity is perhaps among the most "predictable" manifestations of human society ever to exist. It's beyond obvious that we are firmly into our 21st century version of this cycle now.

WHISTLEBLOWER: LA Port Worker Says Shortages are FAKE! by x0x7 in videos

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Didn't click through. Stupid headline. I don't need some 'LA Port Worker' to tell me what I can see walking down the aisles of my local stores. Many items are clearly not available; that's right in front of my eyes. The most dangerous force in the modern world is 'spin' of information.

FBI raids New York City police union headquarters by magnora7 in news

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Interesting how quiet they're being about the motive for the raid. Both sides. Weird.

AG Garland Weaponizes FBI Against Parents Protesting Critical Race Theory, Mask Mandates by Drewski in politics

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There are still a group of parents defending the school boards on these issues, but the tide does appear to be shifting. If the story crystallizes in the way this headline highlights - i.e. Government being used to silence citizens - then there will be hope for freedom in the world. We're not even close at this point though. Still far too many parents very actively supporting tyranny against themselves and their children in the name of Safety!tm They are pushing a story of violent crazies disrupting normal school function. Which of these two stories comes out on top depends on us. We need to keep talking to friends and acquaintances in real life. Scary times.

Who is Biden's brain? by trident765 in politics

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^ This

One of the obvious evident problems is that there is no unifying force to collect all the ideas floating around in the various subdivisions of an administration. Without a competent leader (competent meaning literally cognitively functional), there is no way to prevent chaos. So we have chaos.

That said, it is somewhat remarkable that Jen Psaki would be the closest thing we have to a "single face" of the various policy chaos she is being handed. What she says can probably be best assumed to be "sort of something". Now the fact that I don't even know what to call what she says in sum tells you once again, we're looking at her as the voice of chaos. Weird times indeed.

YouTube bans all anti-vaccine misinformation. | The New York Times by JasonCarswell in censorship

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This is at the heart of my current stress. I know people who are completely aware of the Judith Miller lies, yet who still use the NYT as their go-to source for news. I simply cannot understand the failure to recognize that Judith Miller was not an outlier; rather she provided a case study for normal news operations in MSM.

The term gaslighting is on my mind a lot lately. So many "educated" people keep returning again and again and again to the same sources who lie to them again and again and again. The parallels to an abusive relationship are beyond obvious at this point. How to get through to them? I've spent countless fruitless hours trying to figure this out.

YouTube bans all anti-vaccine misinformation. | The New York Times by JasonCarswell in censorship

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Of all the ways to confirm popular opinion that authorities are lying to us, censorship is about the best out there. Here we have Izvyestya telling us that Pravda has declared samizdat to be misinformation. For those inside the party, this is their club to hit people with. For those outside the party, it allows us to see which party lies we cannot talk about or they will come after us. One thing is guaranteed, the party always lies.

Vatican to Punish Employees Who Refuse to Comply With COVID-19 Certification by StillLessons in WorldPolitics

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What Would Jesus Do?

If there is a Marek's disease scenario due to the leaky vaccine being promoted, that will mean every human will need a shot or will die by magnora7 in whatever

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Glad to see you taking up this cause. Ever since I heard Geert Vanden Bossche talk about similar concerns early this year, the logic has struck me as sound.

Backing up a step to the broader philosophical problem, this is just the latest example of the attempt by the technocracy to control life itself. When I was younger, I was more anti-religious than I am now, and the reason for my growing support of religion as a vitally important component of human experience is this question of control of life. The technocrats (particularly in AI, IT, and medicine, though many other areas fit as well) are convinced that the way forward in human "progress" is ever-increasing institutional technocratic control over both our individual bodies and the environment that surrounds us to sustain these bodies. The profound level of error in this direction is beyond description, and it brings me back to religion. I don't even care what religion; that doesn't matter. But there must be a human recognition that we live in a creation (including ourselves and the environment surrounding us) that exists far far beyond our ability to control it. Full stop. The hubris these technocrats are displaying is beyond anything witnessed before.

My wife is a practicing MD. I have many other doctor friends as well. The very first thing to be learned from dealing with any of them beyond a superficial level is that of what the human body does routinely - daily throughout a lifetime - we understand only a tiny fraction. The technocrats are telling us they must be given control? How they hell can they exercise control over something that nobody understands? Short answer, they can't. Any attempt they make will necessarily be worse than the gifts that the entirety of evolution has bestowed upon us.

Same thing goes for the environment that surrounds us. I am a published scientist (peer-reviewed) in the field of climate change. I promise you we understand not nearly enough to wield beneficial control over our climate. No way in hell.

Religion is the recognition there is a scale of "life operation" we do not have access to. We don't control the universe, and when we try, because of our limited nature, we cannot begin to compare to - not to mention improve on - the gifts we are given by virtue of birth into this creation.

This is not an argument against medicine or other fields of science. It's human nature to wish to address suffering when we see it. That is healthy. But when the addressing of specific suffering flips over and becomes a grab for universal control, the effects become immediate and lethal.

Let God (of whatever flavor) take care of systems we cannot begin to encompass with our intellect (however impressive it may be). Back the fuck off. They claim they are "helping", but they may very well destroy everything we've been gifted in their childish effort to control all the toys.

They aren't even a minuscule part of the intelligent they think they are to attempt operational ability at a level they genuinely aren't even intelligent enough to recognize exists. If they were, they would realize the dangers their ignorance will lead to, and they would stop trying to "run the world".

Is ADDERALL Dangerous? by scrpt in whatever

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Medicine has in the past 70 years vastly oversimplified our understanding of what "mind" itself is. They have grabbed on to the mechanistic functionings of the brain, and - delighted to discover they could change them - started fucking around at a mass scale with the nature of humanity itself. While I don't agree with DesCartes analysis "I think therefore I am", it is a useful construct in this instance. If our thoughts and mental experiences are so central to what we consider our "self" to be, the gall of fucking around with people's identities with these chemicals is outrageous. Psychiatric medicine is always mere millimetres away from eugenics. They want to "build better humans" and give us "what we want to be".

Now look at what we are actually receiving after this overambitious experiment has run for several decades. Our population is far more mentally unstable than the generation of our grandparents. It's not even close.

Adderall is just one example. The entire concept of psychiatric manipulation of human experience needs to be full-stopped for ten years so we can examine what the hell has actually happened. Sadly, it'll never happen because it is in fact "giving people what they want."

A guy on Twitter has been spot on since he started posting about the Pacific and Eurasian Tectonic Plates being tightening up against each other back in June. Recently uncovered that the plates have stopped moving completely. He predicts a 10.0 quake soon that the world will be able to feel by Questionable in WorldNews

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The radical change in motion of the magnetic field over the past 15 years is a story that fascinates me. Given that thought itself can be visualized as a series of electromagnetic expressions within the brain, is it possible our radical societal instability is related to changes in our magnetic environment? It really does make me pause in wonder at the genuine interconnectedness of all existence.

Pelosi Accidentally REVEALS Who's Pulling Biden's Strings by Chipit in politics

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The problem is not which talking head is speaking the lines. Obama himself is also just a talking head.

The problem is that the AIC (Assholes in Charge) have been so entirely successful in their marketing campaign for feudal despotism (a.k.a. public "education" - actually indoctrination) that now tens of millions of people support this shit. It's truly remarkable to witness the vast hordes of people actively cheering on their own enslavement and murder. Also related, a big awareness needs to arise regarding the effect of prescription psychoactive drugs in the absolute destruction of human critical analysis. The zombies have been created. Terrifying to watch.

Are We Being Played? Citizens Did Their Own "Research" About Overcrowded Hospitals Being Shown In The Media & This Is What They Found​ (VIDEO) by Winning247 in news

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Ignoring the fact that this post itself is garbage, the title does indeed focus on yet another in-your-face obvious policy gaslight.

You cannot have it both ways, guys (speaking to the AIC - Assholes in Charge).

You are bitching about hospitals being overcrowded and then doing everything within your power to make precisely that problem worse. Firing large blocks of qualified healthcare workers from organization after organization, the obvious consequence of that is... ... ding, ding, ding we have a winner!... ... shortstaffed hospitals which will demonstrate "overcrowding" because while last week we had the staff to handle patient load, this week, magic!, they're fired. Why are they fired? To keep everyone safe, of course! Mission accomplished, overloaded hospitals.

As hospitals come under increasing stress in coming weeks, months, never forget this is precisely because of the "strategy" to fight covid.

Case 5,657 of "create the problem with your own policy and then panic people about it".

The intentional demolition of a first-world society is a horrible, horrible moment to be forced to experience.

Johnson & Johnson: 'Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;' There are "Unknown Repercussions" by Tarrock in politics

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Knowing what videos YouTube censors at the drop of a hat, why this video is still up is the mystery.

NY Gov. Hochul says vaccines are 'from God,' sends out her own 'apostles' to push jabs by Drewski in politics

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I repeat what I said in an earlier full post a week or so ago: by actively pushing these therapies, the authorities are now directly responsible for the deaths and injuries that result. These shots have a well-established death count. Do we trust people like her to decide whether that risk is worth it?

"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them." Ray Bradbury by EndlessSunflowers in quotes

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Fahrenheit 451 is too often overlooked when people focus on 1984 and Brave New World. Brilliant insight into the popular sources of tyranny. Also overlooked is the movie Brazil by Terry Gilliam. Both of these works are so powerful because they begin to address the reality that tyranny depends for its survival on the tacit acceptance - at a minimum - up even to the active participation of the population being "oppressed". If people don't accept it, it ends. The numbers logically make this a truism. So what creates the conditions that we accept this form of society again and again and again...?

Why "Defeating the System" is So Elusive by StillLessons in whatever

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I have commented several times in the past month or so to recommend we direct our attention away from the "horse race". This post falls within this realm. It is a common human sensation and hope that we can "throw the bums out!" and make the world better. What Pirsig captures here is the fact that "the bums" actually do represent us - at the very least in that we tolerate them. As long as we believe that some "system" is possible that will be better if only we get the "right people" into it, we are already lost. No system will ever represent a person. Ever. We must culturally recognize that each individual is responsible for his/her own life. Nobody will - or can, even did they want to - ever help us with that responsibility. It is for each of us to bear, and each of us alone. This is the reality of the universe. Unfortunately, far too many still believe someone else - some "system" - will magically and benevolently make our lives easier. Giving this power to any system is precisely the same power these systems then turn around and use against us in the tyrannical fashion we are seeing moving toward a climax again, as they do cyclically throughout history. The best periods in history are those when whatever "system" is in place is at an absolute low in influence and power to affect the lives of individuals. Traditionally this comes after a past super-system (empires) goes super-nova and melts down entirely into complete destruction and chaos. Then the cycle begins again.

Why do people on here believe in conspiracy theories so much? by neomarxist_bullshit in whatever

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TL;DR Conspiracy Theory is a propaganda term of art. I don't particularly care about "conspiracy theories" as such. But increasingly over the past 18 months, this label is used for one very simple purpose: subjects in which the authorities do not wish to engage in debate (because they will lose if the subjects are discussed honestly) are labeled either "official story" or "conspiracy theory". Doing this allows them to absolutely dismiss debate with no cause necessary. Because I am on the opposite side of multiple of these debates (especially those involving covid), my side of the debate is now labeled conspiracy theory such that no coherent answers ever need be given. The good news is it's getting harder and harder for our "rulers" to dance this dance as the patent absurdity of so many official positions is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore.

Your question is already problematic. The term "conspiracy theory" frames an emotional reaction to events that presumes the person who asks certain questions is thinking incorrectly. It's a brilliant term actually, from a propaganda point of view.

With that in the background, I will speak only for myself. For me, there is a personality component to this. I have a personality where I do not accept information easily. I grew up with the United State / USSR divide. As such, the propaganda in those times was about demonstrating the superiority of the Western system to the Soviet system and creating fear the USSR was going to attack us. I was never comfortable with that, so when I had the chance, I traveled to the USSR to see for myself. In other words, rather than believe what someone tells me is true about a society separate from mine, I will withhold my opinion until I can form direct experience of that society. Interestingly, in that case, upon traveling to the USSR, my experience more or less confirmed the propaganda. The USSR system was in fact pretty bad. But I can now say that, because I saw it.

It's always a case-by-case experience. I don't believe in "conspiracy theories" as such. I look at what the dominant propaganda is saying about any given subject and work to test it, as above.

Our current moment within the west is about covid, racial relations, sexual definitions, and socialism vs individual rights. Each of those is being handled in a highly emotional way by the legacy media. In other words, they are far from neutral in their approach to any of these topics.

What you describe as "believing in conspiracy theories" is a convenient label being placed on those of us in dissent to the legacy propaganda view of how our society should be structured. The perfect example is covid. The view you will find on this board regarding ivermectin, for example, is labeled by the established powers as "conspiracy theory". This is truly remarkable given that the information on this board is far far more accurate to the truth of ivermectin than is the information being run past us in the propaganda. In other words, the legacy media is actively lying. I know this not because I "believe" something, but because I am married to an MD, and I know more than the average person about medicine and medical research. The two sides are available and I can decide which story fits the data better.

I don't consider it believing in conspiracy theories. I do a lot of homework, trying my best to give each side a hearing and see where they are accurate and where they miss. I then draw my own conclusions.

My conclusions are increasingly (especially across the past 18 months) that the dominant institutions are lying. These are not mere mistakes; they are intentional pre-meditated lies. I am labeled as a "conspiracy theorist", but aside from its genius as a term of propaganda, that phrase is completely inaccurate. What I know I base on deep, confirmed research using a bunch of sources from all sides compared directly against one another.

Two examples to send you on your way making my point. Look up the withdrawn May 2020 Lancet paper regarding HCQ and heart issues. That lie is very illuminating. Secondly the story regarding ivermectin is remarkable given the incredibly transparent nature of the lie. Anyone with even the tiniest knowledge of medicine would instantaneously know that ivermectin is not accurately defined as "horse dewormer". That is such an incredibly inaccurate depiction of the role of ivermectin in medicine I am still shocked they attempted it. Honestly, it smacks of desperation.

Long story short, I honestly don't care about "conspiracy theories" one way or the other. The term is practically meaningless to me. Nonetheless, my perspective will be labeled as conspiracy theory because I way more often than not see the official view of whatever duality is placed before me as full of shit. Rather than actually engage in the argument (which they cannot win), the establishment has developed the concept of conspiracy theory to give them the ability to dismiss discussion of the many many subjects they do not want discussed.

Would Trump repeal the vaccine mandates? by trident765 in politics

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The single greatest question regarding Trump is: What has he said regarding the people being held in cruel, human-rights denied, conditions because they believed they were doing what he wanted them to do on 1/6? Why is he wandering free holding rallies while common people who supported him are living in hell? This to me is the greatest example demonstrating that Trump is part of The Showtm . Either the forces of evil should really hate him, and he should be in prison, or he should be vocally defending those who put their lives on the line for him. That neither of these things is happening raises very serious suspicions about Trump's true role in the events we are all living.

WATCH: Nurse Whistleblower Testifies How COVID-19 PROTOCOLS Killed Patients - by MagazineForLife in news

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Good on-the-ground testimony of a man who played in the play before realizing what was going on. He speaks directly to the real daily meaning of all the concepts being sold regarding this virus.

'The View' Sent Into Chaos After Two Hosts Test Positive For COVID Mid-Show; Kamala Interview Upended by StillLessons in politics

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The Narrative is becoming a complete ClusterFuck.

There are still people believing talking heads like this?!

Both vaccinated? Oregon health officials say you can kiss on dates again! by Drewski in propaganda

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Are we allowed to breathe?

Reddit Debate by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Our society is terminally ill.

It may be time to stop treatment and examine what hospice care might look like.

Listen to this Crook. How does anyone believe this Bozo anymore. by Orangutan in politics

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What is under threat in this moment is "The System".

Fauci is that system. In that way, he's actually right. To question Fauci is to question Sciencetm .

The challenge is that science and Sciencetm are two different things just like justice and the Justice Department are two different things.

The people who are clinging to Fauci like a raft in the ocean do so because to recognize the reality of who this man actually is would be to realize that The System is indeed hopelessly corrupt and irredeemable.

The root? Corporate society. And what is the glue to binds us all to this society? The dollar as propagated by the Federal Reserve. We are all locked together through the infinite web of connections created by trading with each other using a common currency, the Dollar.

People are terrified to tear The System down because without that commonality of interactions, what would replace it? A vast empty sensation arises when people try to imagine life without these daily "normal" interactions and realize how much work this would require of us.

But until The Dollar is stripped of the power to define the terms of our interactions with each other, we're not there yet.

How to get to 50,000 currencies in the world, each beholden only to a relatively small group of like-minded people? Without that, these large currencies will inevitably lead us right back where we are in this moment.

Federal Court: Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Have a Constitutional or Statutory Right to Endanger Everyone Else by Brewdabier in whatever

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In the spirit of conversation, please explain to me how the safety, efficacy, and proof for a therapy that was deployed for the first time in December, 2020 to respond to a virus that emerged sometime between October and December, 2019 using a technology that was first conceived in the late 1980s was provided 100 years ago? Ad hominem against me doesn't count, so save your breath if that is your response.

Federal Court: Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Have a Constitutional or Statutory Right to Endanger Everyone Else by Brewdabier in whatever

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"Today we discuss a putative class action in which the named plaintiffs are a registered nurse who refuses to take a basic precaution to protect her vulnerable patients..."

The black-and-white, good v. evil construction of this the very first sentence of the piece says it all.

"A basic precaution to protect her vulnerable patients". This is stated as FACT. The vaccines are safe, they are efficacious, and they are proven.

The problem is that none of the above conditions (safety, efficacy, and proof) are actually yet met. The promoters of the vaccines are working with the simple axiom "We say it; therefore it's true." This is beyond dangerous. THE fundamental key to science is being ignored: time. Without the variable time involved, science immediately reverts to quackery. It takes time to discover if new technologies, techniques, and medicines are beneficial or harmful. It is abundantly clear that this simple foundation of what science IS has been tossed to the side in the interests of those at the top of the for-profit medical/biopharm pyramid. They don't want patient work to determine the profile of the new vaccines they have created. They want adulation, they want it now, and they are willing to force what is basically still a brand-new therapy on to people to prove their point.

Simple-mindedness wedded to hubris and partisanship. We are witnessing in real time exactly what can go wrong with the combination of these three ingredients.

Twitter suspends account of data scientist Juan Chamie, whose analysis of IVM data showed that ivermectin is effective as a treatment by CountryOfTheBlind in censorship

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It has been clear since at least the forged HCQ study (May, 2020) that it is more important for the influential people at the top of Biotech that competitors to their chosen treatment be suppressed (they were already working on the vaccines) than that the disease be treated. The lies being told to uphold treatments and strategies that are non-traditional and with no pre-covid safety/efficacy record are now legion. Fauci has explicitly told us he lies in order to achieve his ends. If the goal is not to treat covid and diminish suffering, what then is the goal?

Fauci linked to origins of COVID-19. Why is this not shaking the world awake? by JoeyJoeJoe in news

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Didn't click through, but the title is indeed the question.

The reason is simple. The organizations at the head of "guiding" society have gone hyper-partisan. The most important of these are the news (now propaganda) organs. Everything is viewed primarily in terms of who says it. In other words, the truth of a statement is no longer as important as its source. Something untrue said by a "trusted source" is considered more valuable and safe than something true said by an "untrusted" source. This has been true since the Financial Crisis in 2008, but has come into much clearer focus first in the 2016 election cycle, and now with Covid and the 2020 election cycle.

It is obviously particularly dangerous when the news has decided that Fauci is a "trusted source". He himself has openly acknowledged lying to us. He explicitly tells us he is lying to us, but he is the guide. Meanwhile those who disagree with him are labeled the "untrusted sources", most especially when they have the most solid factual evidence on their side.

As the material we are talking about is literally deciding who and how many will die in coming months/years, this obviously can not be more dangerous. To have the man who considered it not only wise but a priority to create dangerous pathogens in charge of the response to the very pathogens he put his energy into creating? It's insanity.

But the population hasn't yet sufficiently figured out that the news is no longer news but propaganda. Too many still believe that if his is the "trusted" face on the screen, safety lies in following his dictates.

A classic human tragedy which has played out many times throughout history. This go around, however, is magnified by the new technologies our species has mastered since the industrial revolution, and even just in the past 30 years. More people are waking up to the problem every day, but it cannot happen quickly enough. There is a lot of "medically" sourced death, disease, and suffering awaiting us as long as we keep listening to the mad scientist with the microphone...

In the late 80's, a sex ring was exposed involving high level politicians, members of the church, and members of the media in Boys Town Nebraska. Victims who spoke out were silenced, charged with perjury, and some murdered. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Larry King (the protagonist of this earlier pedophile ring) was running the same ring Epstein took over. I have no proof of this, but the timing suggests to me I am right in my assumption. King was taken down and within a very short few years, Epstein was in business. My guess is the same higher ups ran both King and Epstein. There is no better or worse. King was also providing to presidents (one of the witnesses in this case testified in an FBI interview to watching George H. W. Bush - i.e. Bush the Father when he was still VP - getting serviced by an underage girl). I haven't heard evidence of princes, but Andrew was surely active all along. He just didn't get sloppy enough to get caught earlier. This is all part of the same continuum. It's been going on for as long as there has been human "power", i.e. thousands of years. This video is useful because it's one of the most in-depth, well described glimpses into the mechanics of what it looks like behind the curtain. I hope it helps you see who far too many of our "leaders" - in all fields (medicine, science, education, business, politics) - actually are. These are venal men and women. Power attracts such. Any man or woman who aspires to power should be treated as though they are likely this. They need to prove otherwise. If not, assume this is who you are looking at. And it is ugly...

"Is reddit covering for a cp ring on instagram or is there another reason why my post was removed after it gained traction?" by Orangutan in conspiracy

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Reddit provides an incredible window into the absolute worst in people. The sad part is that the crap worldview these people espouse is the distillate of abuse they themselves have received over a lifetime. I am split between disgust at what they have become and pity at the abuse that they have suffered to so obliterate the positive elements of humanity which should balance out this soulless emptiness. They are both abusers and have suffered the abuse to lead them to their current situation. Reddit gives a relatively clear window into the result when a person's spirit is destroyed.

Debunking Anti-Vaxxers by MONKEYBALLS in whatever

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I appreciate the response.

The great talent the propagandists of all eras share is making sure that the terms 'we' and 'they' are forever muddy. As long as the various people composing 'we' can be daily re-wired about which group is the current 'enemy', the circle-running continues.

Thanks again for the response. See you in the trenches.

Independent Source Confirms Authenticity of Damning Hunter Biden Emails by [deleted] in politics

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Tony Bobulinsky wasn't enough for people? We've known this since last October. But this seems another element of the modern news cycle: news that was broken a year ago being recycled as a "new" story now. This has happened several times over the past couple of years.

Keep that confusion churning. Our propaganda organs sure are good at this...

The US is taking on its corporate monopolists – now the rest of the world must follow by Budget-song-budget in politics

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Having this printed within days of Politico confirming Hunter's laptop is quite the disconnect...

Can there really be people who genuinely believe Biden has any ideology other than self-interest? Such blindness in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is certainly an excellent example of the mind-numbing partisanship that defines this moment in US history.

Debunking Anti-Vaxxers by MONKEYBALLS in whatever

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Reading this I am split.

Either you are trolling or you are serious. I can't tell which. 50-50.

I will write this assuming you are serious. I invite you to talk to me. I will open this conversation - if you are willing to accept - with the guarantee that I do not hate children and do not want to see them die. In fact, I have children. I also do not hate you or people like you, regardless of what you feel for people like me. My language about morons is a mistake I regret, though obviously it demonstrates the depth of my distaste for the divisive and self-superior tone underlying this video.

Are you willing to open your mind and talk to a person who sees the world differently than you do? Obviously we disagree. Are you open to the concept that people can disagree heatedly on even extremely difficult questions without either of the parties being a monster? Or if someone perceives the world differently than how you perceive it, they must be shunned from society and starve if necessary? Is this what you believe? It's an honest question. I promise again that I do not hate you. It's not just rhetoric. The feeling isn't in me.

I genuinely don't understand your thought/emotional process.

Will you talk to me? Or are people like me only suitable to be scorned and die?

The ball is in your court.

On the other hand, if you're trolling, this should give you a good laugh... so be it.

Debunking Anti-Vaxxers by MONKEYBALLS in whatever

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The tone of this video is a perfect reflection of the fact that those creating it have zero clue what the fuck they are doing.

The title of the video is "Debunking Anti-Vaxxers". Okay. Who is this written for? Well... this is precisely the problem, and precisely the raw failure of writing crap like this.

The people who wrote this piece of crap wrote it to be watched by people who agree with them.

What's their goal? Is it for the already-convinced vaccine-using viewer to feel superior and more intelligent than those who don't agree with the message? Great! Check. That's exactly what this accomplishes.

Which is to say exactly, precisely, ZERO in terms of actually convincing anyone who might disagree or even be on the fence.

Is the goal to create a space where people who might have doubts about vaccines to come learn information that may sway them to your point of view? In this, this video is a resounding absolute 100% failure. Hint, guys: insulting people's intelligence does precisely nothing toward convincing them of what you are arguing. NOTHING. In fact, it hardens their attitude against you, preventing further dialog completely.

You've written a video for your own side to watch and feel good about yourselves. Congratulations. And this does what to change the actual on-the-groud situation with vaccine uptake?

Morons. Infinitely divisive non-compassionate morons.

It is important to note this is Gates Foundation money behind this video, explicitly acknowledged. These are "the smartest people in the room"? I despair for our world...

I’m a Teacher. I’m About to Quit by jet199 in NotTheOnion

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Didn't read the whole thing. Just the first 15 paragraphs or so.

Seems clear this person has a litmus test for acceptable thought. Disagree with the dominant canon and you are danger to society.

This is a problem on both sides, however. Actual tolerance is a very rare commodity these days from either side of the culture war.

EXCLUSIVE - 80% of Covid-19 deaths in August were people who had been vaccinated according to Public Health data by JustLookDontDismiss in WorldNews

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I agree with everything you write here, particularly the problem with "endless boosters". We should not be following a strategy that attempts to substitute vaccinated immunity for natural immunity. Vaccinologists will never be able to keep up with an ever rapidly-changing virus. Our body's natural immune systems (absent vaccination adjustment) have been fighting "the germ war" a lot longer (longer even than humanity itself) and will be infinitely more adaptable as the fight continues than the feeble attempts of the best Scientifictm minds. The risks that for-profit Scientiststm will actually fuck up our natural immunity in their clumsy efforts to "enhance" it are serious and should concern us greatly.

EXCLUSIVE - 80% of Covid-19 deaths in August were people who had been vaccinated according to Public Health data by JustLookDontDismiss in WorldNews

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Edit to correct: After showing this chart to a friend in medicine, this note is very different from what I posted a few minutes ago. The problem with the construction in this article is that they are looking at the raw numbers without accounting for the numbers of people within each population. Yes, more people (raw number) are listed within the vaccinated categories (1 or 2 dose broken out separately) than are in the unvaccinated category. But there are also a lot more people who now have been vaccinated than have not. Thus, relative to the number of people within their own category, the admissions (listed as "% admissions") are significantly higher in the unvaxxed than in the vaxxed.

An example: in table 16 (hospitalizations) during the week of August 21-27, within the 30 to 59 age group, 85 2-jab vaccinated patients were admitted while only 70 unvaccinated patients were. But given that during that week, there was a population of 1,764,589 vaccinated vs a population of only 493,460 unvaccinated, the percentage of admissions within each group yields a significantly greater advantage to the 2-jab vaccinated - 85/1,764,589 = 0.005% vs 70/493,460 = 0.014%.

It's not the 99-1 percent advantage portrayed by Fauci et al, but within your own population, it appears the unvaccinated have about 3 times the risk of being admitted relative to their vaccinated cohort.

That said, it looks like the numbers are getting worse for the vaccinated across the most recent month. As noted in Israel (thus the third jab talk), the effect of the vaccines is waning.

In the late 80's, a sex ring was exposed involving high level politicians, members of the church, and members of the media in Boys Town Nebraska. Victims who spoke out were silenced, charged with perjury, and some murdered. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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You keep posting this over and over every couple of months, and ordinarily I would find that a problem.

But not here. This link cannot be posted too many times. It's an excellent place to see the roots which seeded the chaos we currently see. Also helpful to recognize that even then - 30 years ago - this cancer was already firmly established. This kind of depravity among the "elites" goes way way back... as old as history itself, I suppose. The best we can do is keep exposing it, again and again and again.

Every time this shows up, I hope it opens up at least a few more pairs of eyeballs...

Hundreds and thousands of trained medical professionals (doctors and nurses) deciding to refuse a vaccine when they are the individuals that witnesses the effects of covid first hand, and They would rather be fired or leave than receive the shot. That’s enough of an indicator that something is off. by Orangutan in conspiracy

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The other classic tell - this one shows up all the time in these kinds of manipulative environments - is that they have exempted themselves from compliance, providing explicit acknowledgment of the fundamental nature of the policy: a lie.

Hundreds and thousands of trained medical professionals (doctors and nurses) deciding to refuse a vaccine when they are the individuals that witnesses the effects of covid first hand, and They would rather be fired or leave than receive the shot. That’s enough of an indicator that something is off. by Orangutan in conspiracy

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They will be called outliers at best and religious fanatics or idiots at worst.

I proudly embrace the label "heretic". Heresy from a false religion is the only option to maintain the spirit intact. Ironically, since the primary doctrine of my particular heresy is "an open door", I find myself increasingly isolated and shunned for welcoming any and all who wish to gather with me, figuring out together what this life is actually all about. How dare I be tolerant to everybody. This is my heresy, and I am willing to die on this hill.

FDA Advisory Panel Rejects Pfizer Booster Jabs Scuttling Biden Administration's Plan by StillLessons in politics

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Having watched around 45 minutes of the discussion among the panel before they voted, I was struck by their very different perception of what's happening in Israel relative to mine. Listening to the members of the panel, the booster shot in Israel so far is a great success. Their rejection, so far as I can tell, was because the plan was to give boosters all the way down to 16 years old, and there is insufficient data to know the risk profile of a third jab on the recognized problem with myocarditis/pericarditis in younger age groups.

One element almost all panel members agreed on, however, is that the continued spread of covid within the United States is primarily caused through the unvaccinated population. They all want to bring the percentage of the population having had the first two-dose initiation closer to that of the high-vaccination countries. This is where I do not understand their thinking.

I just looked at the numbers for the past 7 days of covid in Israel vs in the US, and the spread of the disease is significantly worse in Israel (Israel: 6431 cases / million population +21% week/week vs US: 3161 cases / million population +0.7% week/week).

The reason Israel has already started in on a third dose is that they already have a much higher proportion of their population vaccinated than the United States does. According to the logic of the panel - i.e. unvaccinated are the drivers of transmission - covid should be spreading much faster in the United States than it is in Israel. The data above shows this is the opposite of what is actually happening on the ground.

Major disconnect going on here... someone care to explain to me?

Why Does No One Ever Talk About Sweden Anymore? by cottoneyejoe in politics

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The question is not whether she's going to live or die. She's going to die. The question is will she die in two months or two years, and which of those two is more likely given the options she faces: to vaccinate or not. My comment is not to deny the danger to grandma from this disease. But she needs to look at those numbers realistically. Telling her that if she gets covid, she is dead? That is a lie. It is a lie which is now incredibly widespread, but it is a lie nonetheless. If grandma is told that while there is a strong risk of her dying if she gets the disease, she has an even stronger likelihood of surviving it, that is an accurate portrayal of her risk, which she needs in order to honestly make a decision. The genuine misinformation is mis-stating her risk. Not surprisingly, this leads to extreme confusion, which leads to anger and pushback. Honest risk assessment requires honest risk disclosure.

Why Does No One Ever Talk About Sweden Anymore? by cottoneyejoe in politics

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Just a reminder. Even among those 80+ years old, the IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) was estimated at the end of 2020 to be ~10%. There have been some new estimates in April of this year which are increasing that, but not so much as to change my point. Let's say they've upped it to 20% (which is a huge change in numbers).

The point is the same. Even if you are already at the end of your life. Even when your immune system is going largely senescent (dormant). Even when you get the disease! Even then you are 80% likely to survive. 80% of 80+ year-olds who get Covid survive it. Just think for a second about the number of diseases which can wipe out 80+ year olds...

This disease isn't even killing the majority of the people at the end of their lives.

The exaggeration of the threat of Covid is pervasive, perverse, and entirely dangerous. This is a very dangerous pathogen. That's obvious. But treating it as "Getting Covid = Death" - for EVERYONE - is ignorant, unsubstantiated, and designed only to create fear and misery.

Fauci and his allies need to be held accountable for this.

16-Year-Old Girl Trusted Science Instead of Her Parents and Got Vaxed; Now Has Neurological Problems - Daily Stormer by Tarrock in politics

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Calling these "problems" understates what has happened. This girl's life has been destroyed by this procedure. She will now require a lifetime of medical interventions to manage her condition. We need to recognize these tragedies as more than mere "problems".

Shaming people for not wanting to wear a mask or get forced gene therapy for a disease that cures itself 99.9% of the time is GOOD, but shaming gays for rampantly spreading AIDS which wiped out entire communities is EVIL! by metafilter_sucks in MeanwhileOnReddit

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As long as the numbers are permanently muddy, they can play in those waters. Confusion is their strongest weapon. They love when things are "under question". More room for them to lie about it.

Shaming people for not wanting to wear a mask or get forced gene therapy for a disease that cures itself 99.9% of the time is GOOD, but shaming gays for rampantly spreading AIDS which wiped out entire communities is EVIL! by metafilter_sucks in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This is an unfortunate problem built into the middle of this beast. It's impossible to know how many people have actually died from this virus. I'm 100% confident that it is far fewer than the published numbers, but the way numbers have been collected is systematically corrupt. As such, there is no pointing to "they changed this number or that...". All those counting, from top to bottom, have been using extremely flawed methodology. As such, it is virtually impossible to determine an accurate number. Brilliant on the liars' part...

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, pushed back against a coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theory shared by Nicki Minaj - insisting there is no evidence that it causes infertility by Orangutan in news

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In most political contexts I would agree with you. But in the case of these shots, there is no show allowed. TPTB will not allow even the shadow of doubt to appear in people's mind that there could be any danger associated with these shots. Notice, for example, that Donald has recommended the shot. Also notice that Donald has dropped his supporters like a hot rock regarding 1-6. Those two examples demonstrate perfectly that - just as you say - the Donald vs. Joe match is for show. Fully agree.

But they will not allow a show with the vaccines. If they permit even the tiniest of possibilities that there is danger in these shots, the flood will open and they know it. Right now, all the people with dead and disabled relatives think they are the exception and are isolated from one another. If it becomes socially permissible to talk about shot damage, opening that door will lead to the recognition of what the hell is actually going on, and the anger that would explode would be beyond even their prodigious ability to spin. ALL questioning of the vaccines will be crushed immediately. They have no room for show in this one and they know it.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, pushed back against a coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theory shared by Nicki Minaj - insisting there is no evidence that it causes infertility by Orangutan in news

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I never in a million years thought I'd find myself on the same side of any fence with Nicki Minaj, but life is wild...

Fauci has lied about absolutely anything and everything. The fact he's denying it means absolutely nothing.

She told a story about a person known to her and what happened to that person. Good on her.

More in positions such as hers need to stand up and shout out. The silence must end.

Forcing them to respond again and again and again... eventually even the most asleep is going to begin wondering how everyone else must be wrong for Fauci to be right.

The Nuremberg Code (1949) by salvia_d in conspiracy

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Thanks for this. Great post.

Massachusetts Activates National Guard To Bus School Children After Vax Mandate Staffing Shortages by StillLessons in politics

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Another very clear signal for those paying attention.

This is an explicit concrete action for the state to take control of the economy. For now it's school buses, but the concept is as old as are state-controlled economies, which run back thousands of years. The planners in the center create a set of rules which become so burdened by corruption and incompetence that these rules make it impossible for basic human activities to continue. Then the state, responding to the clusterfucks which inevitably result, begins to explicitly move resources around to try to manually adjust for problems they were the ones to create in the first place. Because no group of planners has the ability to be as flexible as life itself (which is the requirement), they can never catch up, and the problems spiral further and further out of control until one of two things happens: 1) large-scale domestic violence breaks out or 2) people on the ground get savvy and work through private arrangements, cutting the center out of the gravy they've been enjoying. In either case, the state will fail.

Now it's busing school kids. This is the easy part. The path is set though. It won't be very long before they will step in to "rationalize" (the word is of course a lie) food distribution. Look into the history of communist regimes for what this looks like in the modern context.

We're going to have to see how the population in the US reacts to this. In the case of China and Russia (the two largest systems to go to an explicitly centrally controlled economy), there was more ideological willingness in the population to trust that the people in the center were honestly working for their interests. While the idea of state management is growing in popularity in the US, I don't think it's at the level Russia and China enjoyed when their central planners took over.

Whether popular or not, however, one thing is absolutely guaranteed. Continuing attempts to centrally control and manage the activity of the population will fail. They always do. They will fail in China as well, where they have probably the most competent central planners the world has ever seen. Even with them being quite competent, they will never have the information necessary for success. Without decentralizing (anathema to them), their failure will never be a question of "if" but "when".

Currently, the US appears to be failing the most quickly of all.

The Masking of the Servant Class: Ugly COVID Images From the Met Gala Are Now Commonplace. From the start of the pandemic, political elites have been repeatedly caught exempting themselves from the restrictive rules they impose on the lives of those over whom they rule. by Chipit in politics

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Greenwald is right over the target with this one. Unfortunately, the population-level nervous breakdown we are engaged in means those who are blind are completely blind. Until they find themselves directly under the boot, there is no reaching the braindead...

The Consequences of This Mandate Could Not Be More Grave by StillLessons in politics

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If you look at Hoffe's work in BC, microclotting occurs in more than 50% of recipients. That seems beyond some particular condition. It looks like this is a broad-based effect regardless of baseline condition.

The flagrant lies about HCQ and Ivermectin prove your last statement beyond any doubt. I don't know what the reasoning is, but they really want to prevent people receiving these treatments. They're putting a lot of resources into making sure people don't use these drugs, which appear from global data to be effective. This is the single most clear-cut conclusion of the entire 18-month saga. Whatever Adventures in CovidLand is actually about (the sociopaths' long-term "goal"), treatment with these two drugs interferes with it somehow.

Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID by carn0ld03 in WorldNews

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Human delusion is a constant. It has not changed in history. Unfortunately, our technology does change. Thus, this particular expression of the age-old pattern of the deluded sociopaths playing with their deluded followers is as much more lethal and cruel as our new technology permits.

Life has always been tragic. Not sure if this is any worse? We citizens living in the west were pretty sheltered there for a few decades. That's over now.

Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID by carn0ld03 in WorldNews

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Freedomtm is a wonderful word for politicians to throw around. Watch what power-mad control freaks do. Period. Always. If our military goes into a country and kills 200,000 people, is the population of that country more free than it was? What the control freaks say has zero bearing on this question.

Women discussing how their periods had been altered – earlier, heavier and more painful than usual – after they got their coronavirus vaccinations... The National Institutes of Health has awarded $1.67 million to researchers to study potential links between coronavirus vaccinations and menstruation. by Orangutan in politics

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When people begin to put together the fact that their symptoms are not rare while they have been told they are, there will be progress. The lies around the "safety" of these shots cannot be exposed quickly enough. Yesterday is when necessary. Every day the profiteers off this crap are able to continue with the evil "safe and effective!" BS, more people are put at risk of tragic consequences.

Getting Covid is not a death sentence. The nasty complications of Covid are rare. Fauci and the other demons constantly say the nasty complications of the shots are rare, too, but if one avoids the shots, then the chance of those goes to zero. I'll take my chances with the rare possibilities if I catch the bug. I don't need to add a second set of "rare" possibilities when the fucking shots aren't even preventing the spread of the disease...

Fauci Lied to Congress — Will DOJ Hold Him Accountable? One “smoking gun” is a research article written by Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists. The paper acknowledges funding from the NIAID/NIH, and the research meets the Dept of Health and Human Services’ definition of gain-of-function research. by Orangutan in politics

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I agree. The problem is not that we don't know what they've been doing; it's that we've been trained for decades that the AIC (Assholes In Charge) can do whatever the fuck they please and they will get away with it. Until there is concrete evidence of criminal accountability for their fuckery, we may as well stop talking about it. If the universe does contain any actual moral balance, then the consequences representing actual justice - when they do finally arrive - are going to be beyond ugly to witness. If this does occur, however, those receiving this very ugly justice will deserve every lick of it. The horrors they have been allowed to commit for 110 years now require one hell of a balance...

Fauci Lied to Congress — Will DOJ Hold Him Accountable? One “smoking gun” is a research article written by Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists. The paper acknowledges funding from the NIAID/NIH, and the research meets the Dept of Health and Human Services’ definition of gain-of-function research. by Orangutan in politics

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Money must be tied to some item humans cannot "define into existence". In other words, when it was the gold standard, humans cannot manufacture gold without actual work accomplished. Thus gold defined the quantity of work required per unit of gold extracted. The "barrel of oil" system actually created a similar system, though it was less tightly tied, with relatively informal connection between oil price and dollars. Current money (pure printing press) comes from zero work. It has zero value, yet is accepted for goods requiring work to create/extract. Thus the extreme chaos economically. Whatever system replaces the current system must be based on some item that represents inherent work. Only when the currency represents actual work accomplished can it be used as a stand-in for other items also representing work accomplished.

This is what "hard-money" means.

Noem: 'I Had No Idea Anyone Alive Could Wreck this Country as Fast as Joe Biden Is' by StillLessons in politics

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I repeat what I said recently. It is super important that we get beyond "the horse race".

While the Biden administration is the figurehead for this push to tyranny, it is actually only secondarily about Biden. Far more important is the philosophy that these actions represent, and that philosophy is shared by millions of people. Millions of people believe the best way to run society is to follow their rules. These individuals believe those who disagree with them are inferior to them. There are many many of these people who believe in the intellectual underpinning the administration is using when they create this kind of abomination.

So while we bitch (correctly) about what the administration of Dear Leadertm is doing, we need to focus even more tightly on watching those in our communities expressing similar desires to create rules that everyone must obey to satisfy them. This philosophy needs to be addressed at all levels.

There is no more important "battle of the mind" to be fought in today's world.

TIL our wood is weird by jet199 in TIL

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Your screen name gives me a chuckle. Thanks.

TIL our wood is weird by jet199 in TIL

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I've talked to many people in construction-related fields over the past ten years, and they all tell the same story: Construction from pre-1970 is a fundamentally different animal from later construction. Our house is from the 1890s. Everyone says, "Uuuhhh, must be a lot of maintenance!" Yes and no. While nothing can be around that long and not have issues, I've been told again and again that we are the lucky ones. A friend who does contracting for me tells me often of the number of post-1980 vintage houses he goes to and the framing of the house is already falling apart, badly. 10s of thousands of dollars of work on some houses less than 10 years old. This post is one aspect of this. McMansions get their name for a reason...

The ACLU, Prior to COVID, Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) surprised even many of its harshest critics this week when it strongly defended coercive programs and other mandates from the state in the name of fighting COVID. by Chipit in politics

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That statement by the ACLU is one of the most terrifying things I have ever read. It's pure Ministry of Truth. Black has been declared to be White. That the statement was distributed by the ACLU completes the pure evil genius to create absolute mental havoc. We are living in the single greatest lie ever told to humanity. From an intellectual point of view, it's fascinating. From a moral view, we are living the purest tragedy ever conceived and enacted by the evil of man.

Rolling Stone 'Horse Dewormer' Hit-Piece Debunked After Hospital Says No Ivermectin Overdoses by [deleted] in politics

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This is why the "power to shape the debate" is a tool that must be taken away from the legacy media.

The debate as they have defined it: Should people be allowed to take a veterinary medicine untested in humans for Covid?

The absolute ignorance of that construction cannot be overstated.

My wife is a doctor. She personally prescribes Ivermectin regularly for her human patients. The "on-label" use of Ivermectin is as an anti-parasitic. Within her specialty, it is a very common prescription; it has been used for years. As such, there is extensive safety data for Ivermectin. This drug is way way far away from being an "experimental" drug. FDA approval is far back in the rear-view mirror. It is common, with a completely well-known and documented safety record, in humans. To claim otherwise is absolute ignorance, easily cured by the most cursory glance at the history of Ivermectin. Hell, you can even find this on Wikipedia.

What's the debate? Using Ivermectin to treat Covid is "off-label". In other words, the FDA has not given its seal of approval to use this drug for this application.

A note now on the culture of medicine. Fortunately (or not), because during Covid times conferences have moved online rather than in person, I have witnessed many conferences that my wife has "attended" this past year. What is clear from listening to doctors describe their research, the state of the art, and progress in their field - the purpose of medical conferences - is that using medicines off-label is a key privilege which comes with the degree of "M.D." or "D.O." and certification within their specialty by the associated boards. Occasionally using medicines off-label is standard practice, because this is a critical way that they advance the field. Practicing physicians need to be able to try new ideas out, based on their clinical experience and knowledge of the research, so that the field can advance. Off-label use of drugs - carefully documented with motives and reasoning explained - is central to the forward progress of medicine.

The medical consensus on Ivermectin in the treatment of Covid at this time is "inconclusive". Again, you can look this up. That does not mean it doesn't work. It also doesn't mean it does work. It means, more research will be required to determine if it works or not. In the meantime, it is absolutely consistent with standard medical practice that doctors in good standing in their clinical practice be able to prescribe this drug if - in their clinical judgment backed up by their well-documented reasoning from the literature - they believe it will help their patient. In situations without so much political overtone, this is absolutely standard medical practice. Again, I've been listening to this over and over again in conferences within my wife's specialty over the past year.

The fact that Ivermectin is also used in veterinary applications is entirely irrelevant to everything I have written above. 100%. There are many drugs that are useful in more than one species.

The legacy media is absolutely lying in the way they are framing this debate. It is an obscene caricature of what medicine is, its traditions, and what it means.

Does Ivermectin work? I don't know. No one does.

It is a relatively safe drug - based on years of use in humans - and doctors are absolutely within standard medical practice (going back decades) to use it if they see clinical benefit with their patients, knowing the literature about the drug, and knowing the particulars of their patients' care.

Calling Ivermectin "Horse Paste" and suggesting it is untested in human application is an egregious lie. There isn't a gray area here. This isn't a "mistake". It's a lie.

Media protection racket hides Joe Biden’s ‘comically bizarre gaffes’ at CNN town hall by Brewdabier in videos

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What's scary is not Biden himself; it's the fact that there are millions of people in the country willing to prop him up. This is Weekend at Bernies in real life, and it's the presidency of a country with the power to crush popular unrest around the world. That Biden is a vegetable, okay... but that there are this many people in this country willing to accept a vegetable as president? That terrifies me.

KY Gov. Beshear Calls on Families to Push Unvaccinated -- 'Sane Versus Insane Issue' by StillLessons in propaganda

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This is precisely the razor on which this "debate" rests.

In 2016, it was "deplorables". Beshear's comment here is just the latest in the long series of similar thinking.

For people in the "ruling class" (they see themselves as rulers, not representatives), it is impossible that anyone could disagree with their pronouncements and be sane. For all they love to abuse the word "tolerance", these are the most intellectually intolerant group of people I've ever seen. You're either with them, or you're [insane, stupid, immoral etc - pick any one of many ad hominem responses].

They've reached a bump, however, in medical care. Individuals always come to our own conclusions about safety. This is the definition of "getting a second opinion". For the rulers of today, there is no second opinion; theirs is the only opinion allowed.

We're not insane, governor. We disagree with you. Get over yourself.

wonder which group is doing better? The unvaccinated or the vaccinated? This might help with that opinion. it's only a minute long. Informative and surprising by JustLookDontDismiss in WorldNews

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Wow. He lays it out very well. Telling us what we basically already knew, but in a way that puts it together very powerfully.

Thanks for this!

Any Word On Magnora7? by Entropick in SaidIt

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The last thread I saw about M7 yielded one important clue.

The site used to have "canary messages". In other words, monthly he would say basically, "This site is not compromised."

Since he disappeared, those messages have not appeared.

For your consideration.