Why Are Globalists and Governments so Desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates? by scrubking in politics

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Certainly the elite middle class's argument they should be in their positions of power and influence because they are smarter or more educated has gone in the bin over this bare idiocy.

This is the group who gains my focus. The reason the criminal class is able to continue in power is because they speak a language which the elite middle class believes to demonstrate greater intelligence on whatever the issue at hand happens to be. It's all about the language. The top technocrats (corporate and government both) create an aura about themselves that "these are the ones who know..."

The elite middle class are having a very serious "Come to Jesus" moment as they just begin to realise that these people they worship for using the language that so soothes them are in fact just as venal as the priests of every religion the world has ever known always prove themselves to be in the end.

The Catholic Church lost primacy as the Enlightenment gained ground. The "Scientist/Progressive" church is now dying. If no one can take the role the Enlightenment leaders took back then, the only other option is the next dark age. Still an open question as to which way this goes.

Facebook is now claiming official CDC.gov links are "False Information".. unbelievable by scrubking in censorship

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The idea of "progress" and rationality is modern invention.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. It looks like we're starting the next dark age. I agree that the development of the ideals underpinning the enlightenment which led to the true "Liberal" order (not the current version) were a historical anomaly. I still can't really imagine how those ideals ever actually succeeded.

So yeah, you're right. A brutal completely inflexible ruling class will actually be more of a move back to the norm rather than something exceptional.

What is shocking to me is that people I have known and trusted all my life are going right along with this. I cannot understand how they don't see where it's leading. The writing on the wall could not at this point be any clearer.

Facebook is now claiming official CDC.gov links are "False Information".. unbelievable by scrubking in censorship

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The majority of the population has become absolutely irrational. This includes people within my circle of friends and family. It's beyond confusing and tragic to watch. I keep asking myself what will tip them over? At what point will what they see be so crazy their eyes open? But they just keep going along... This is a more mysterious phenomenon than I ever in a million years could have imagined. Reality really is stranger than fiction.

De Blasio proclaims 'voluntary phase is over' on COVID vaccines by Dtab in whatever

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The decision point is upon us.

Of those of us who believe the current "vaccine regime" represents government/corporate tyranny, how many are actually willing to step aside when these mandates are handed down? I am already exiting multiple activities, having been forced out because of vaccine rules. Their "Covid economy" does not include me. I honestly have no idea if I am basically alone or if enough people are going to come with me that TPTB are going to be unable to continue functioning.

But this is the first choosing point. Submit and be part of their club or withdraw from their venues. If there are enough people who agree with me, this is only going to accelerate rapidly the economic collapse that we have witnessed for the past year. And perhaps that is what they want anyway.

Strange times...

Helping people get their vaccines. by skeeter in whatever

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News: CNN reports: New evidence shows Trump appointees' political interference with CDC weekly Covid data reports, House subcommittee says by Egypttales in news

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"CNN reports:..."

Then it must be true... /s

An Honest Question by StillLessons in WorldNews

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Within my universe, I know of two vaccine-related deaths. My universe is exceedingly small. I'm not a very social person. I can also come up with - people I know directly - about 40% reactions to the therapy which I would consider "adverse reactions". This goes well beyond a sore arm. In 15% of my circle, the reactions were described as an inability to breathe at full capacity (symptomatic of pulmonary distress) for a period of two weeks following the second dose. The other 60% within my circle describe just what you say here, no reaction at all. There will always be variability within any population. 40% is not a number I would be proud of, and the seriousness of the reactions (while simultaneously the MSM tells us to expect these reactions, describing them simply as the Fauci Ouchie...) has my attention. Two dead within a small subset such as my quite limited circle of friends and family (~15 people)? Something is very wrong here. Look at the work Charles Hoff, MD is doing in BC as well. Similar results.

Covid itself meanwhile is a manageable disease, as long as you have a healthy innate immune system. There are many people whose immune systems are not healthy, and these people should not be ignored, but given that they do have prior problems, there are many viruses which will cause this population problems, not just Covid.

An Honest Question by StillLessons in WorldNews

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If they were interested in saving people, though, why so much effort into suppressing treatments that looked promising (HCQ being the posterchild)?

As to the other elements of the pharm complex being destructive, no question big pharma has been destroying human quality of life for decades now...

Look at these biology experts by Gravi in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I think what you write explains probably the huge majority of the cases. And again, I sympathize with them. I truly do. As I said, I feel for the people who become so desperate after a life of abuse that they seek to end that life from a variety of forms: transitioning, drug abuse/overdose, suicide, etc. There's only so much the human spirit can take. Once again, what shocks me and infuriates me is the number of people willing to do this to others without ever taking the time to find out, "why?" Those are the people my anger is directed at.

Look at these biology experts by Gravi in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This makes sense. Still hard to witness it in real time.

An Honest Question by StillLessons in WorldNews

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Actually, your first three sentences argue for precisely my point. I absolutely agree that money itself is just a construct. What they are actively destroying, however, is the production of true wealth. As long as we are locked down, divided, at war, etc, it is precisely the true wealth which suffers. There will be infinite money as shit goes down, but nothing to buy.

Your idea about buying up essentially the land for "a new country", that's interesting. I hadn't thought of it that way.

I fully agree the anti-US rhetoric is about crushing the entire concept of individual autonomy. That part of the plan is clear. They want a hive to run, not a place where the worker bees have any control whatsoever over our own lives. This is a philosophical point on which they could not be clearer. What terrifies me is that there may be enough people willing to live as they want people to live, that they could get away with this. If they can mobilize the mindless drones against individual autonomy (the purpose of Antifa, for example), I pray there are enough people on the other side of that equation.

Look at these biology experts by Gravi in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yeah. This has occurred to me as well. But the scale of it this time is beyond anything I can think of, even in historical examples.

An Honest Question by StillLessons in WorldNews

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Block the sun with particles in the atmosphere. Do that and you have the potential to destroy the agricultural capacity of our planet. A monumentally stupid idea.

His vaccination campaign against polio. Rather than eliminate polio, he has brought it back in southern Africa with a vengeance. Unfortunately, I must concede this one is only stupid if his goal was actually to eliminate polio. If the goal was just more of the same as what they want to do with Covid, I confess this one fits your argument better than mine...

First two, just off the top of my head...

An Honest Question by StillLessons in WorldNews

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I've considered the "convergent interests" hypothesis, but there is one serious problem with it: they are destroying the engine which creates the wealth they would want to make. I don't think they're unaware of the effect Covid is having in the destruction of the economy, because every time somewhere manages to avoid this side effect, that place become enemy number 1 on their list. It sure appears they want to destroy the US economically.

Another possibility - which I have still not ruled out - is that the "leadership elite" are in truth stupid enough not to recognize that they cannot simultaneously enact a control system which is already eviscerating wealth-generation at warp speed and control the wealth they became accustomed to under the very system they are so thoroughly destroying. We may simply be watching human ignorance and stupidity distilled to a more pure form than ever before in history.

An Honest Question by StillLessons in WorldNews

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The more intelligent of the elite, like Bill Gates...

And here is the problem. You are confusing material success with intelligence. Bill Gates does not have remotely the intelligence you are ascribing to him. He has the willingness to behave in ways most people wouldn't, to further his material ends. Don't confuse that with intelligence. Not the same thing at all. His lack of intelligence is demonstrated and will continue to be demonstrated with the repeated failure of his plans to work out as he envisions them. But he'll keep fighting the tide until he dies, just like the rest of us die. Upon his death, magic! It turns out he was just another fuckwad who spent his life making misery around him for millions of people. He's not the first nor the last; in the end just another man playing God and failing. There are so many examples like him in history it's absurd.

Look at these biology experts by Gravi in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Transgender bothers me most because at its heart, it is a direct rejection of the universe in which we live. If we cannot accept this amazing beauty with which we have been blessed by being born into this reality, we have nothing. People who want to destroy a functional form in order to replace it with a simulacrum are fundamentally nihilists who can come up with nothing better than to hate that which is. I have said on here more than once, I am not as shocked by the people who want to eliminate themselves as I am by the entire industries of people who make it their job to enable other people to destroy themselves in the name of delusion. This trend is the ultimate condemnation of our society. If this many people would rather destroy themselves than live in the world as it is, our society as it is must be more fucked up than any society has ever been before.

PayPal bans independent journalists, seizes donations (21:37) ~ Alison Morrow by JasonCarswell in censorship

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As someone who has been following Morrow for a while now, one of the points she is banging the table about (correctly) is to get off ScrewTube. She is working hard to move all her viewers to Odysee, Rokfin, and Locals. It's a step in the right direction.

Trump nails it, says Americans are refusing to get COVID vaccine because they don't trust Biden regime or his media propagandists by AXXA in politics

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I doubt this.

As a vaccine refuser, I can speak for myself and it has nothing to do with Trump. Let's not forget that Trump put a lot of his own political capital into making the vaccines happen. He stamped his name all over Operation Warp Speed. He and Melania are both vaccinated (though less publicly than many).

I'm sure there are people who are responding to vaccination according to the political horse race, but I would like to think there is a larger cohort of people like me who have been doing our homework outside of politics.

I am not vaccinated because I have been focused on numbers and data since day 0. I have a history of posts on here where I describe how the threat of Covid 19 virus has been way overblown, and more recently how the threat of the vaccines has been way suppressed.

These data scare me regardless of which "name" currently has the ring of power.

Forget the names and the mudslinging. Amazingly enough, the CDC (including VAERS) still shows data publicly available demonstrating without question that the official story (safe vaccines! Come, take them! Save Grandma! Most recently: "This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated") is absolute horseshit.

This goes way beyond the every-4-year tribal affiliation ritual. In fact, the very fact of how much deeper systemically this runs should be the element to really terrify us.

House Democrats Block Bill to Declassify Intel on COVID Origins. Why? by scrubking in politics

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A rhetorical question, I preume...

Mitch McConnell Tells Americans to Get Vaccinated: "This Is Not Complicated" by StillLessons in politics

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Propaganda makes things so black and white.

If ever there was a subject that is not black and white, it is human health. Never never trust a doctor who tells you there is no complexity in a procedure.

Sorry, Mitch. This is absolutely complicated. That complication becomes exponentially more so when the "doctor" telling people to get the treatment is precisely the man sharing absolute responsibility for the creation of the disease from which he wants to save us.

Evil. Pure evil.

Psaki: No options are “off the table” regarding regulating online speech by panzerF in censorship

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Wonderful game being played with the word "online". Remove that word and the meaning is crystal clear. The First Amendment is now fully in the crosshairs. A people who are not free to think (which is what speech is) are not free. The decision has been made. The power brokers want to end freedom in the country which came closest to allowing it.

Nothing is perfect, and the US was never perfectly free. Relative to the others, however, it came closer than anywhere else for the number of people who live here. There are other countries which had equal or more freedom (Switzerland, for example), but they didn't offer it at the scale of the U.S., the world's third largest country by population with astounding ethnic, religious, and racial diversity.

That obviously doesn't work for control freak sociopaths, and they are now quite clear they want this ended, yesterday.

Vaccine is leftists' posion by goddesu in conspiracy

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Interesting. Source?

Vaccine is leftists' posion by goddesu in conspiracy

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Please remember Operation Warp Speed was Trump's baby. Covid-in-wonderland goes beyond the bite-sized partisanship we've been trained to look for. It's much more dangerous than "leftists".

Modern Porn Education Is Totally Unprepared for Modern Porn: Courses to train young people to be ethical consumers of porn have a hugely complex task ahead of them. by thefirststone in whatever

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In particular, free porn is absolutely a tool of mind control. The ultimate distraction so that people's energy goes into our pants rather than into addressing the real dangers of the lethally compliant world we're being herded into.

Shocking poll finds many Americans now want to secede from the United States by Drewski in politics

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You make a good point. Most of the people on this forum are familiar with the fact that the two dominant political parties in the US share goals at a more fundamental level than they disagree. I would argue that the philosophy I describe of wanting to strip government back to powerlessness currently has no institutional home. Few republicans in positions of power realize the depth that people are done with this top down shit. The republican party is not anyone's savior; I hope people figure that out soon. But it seems to me there is now ~50% of the country (at least) who are ready for a conversation about scrapping the entire framework by which both parties are benefiting. This is a big part of why the big push for censorship. The borg also realizes what I am saying here, and they are working hard (and quite effectively, so far) to prevent this 50% of the country from organizing and networking.

The good news is that they are losing ground. The trend is in our direction. Gotta keep the pressure on.

Transgender weightlifter Hubbard selected for Tokyo Olympics by StillLessons in whatever

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In other words, there is no such thing as women's olympic weightlifting anymore. So noted.

Shocking poll finds many Americans now want to secede from the United States by Drewski in politics

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There are two fundamentally opposed political systems operating side by side at this point. The idea of "crossing the aisle" or "bipartisanship" is impossible when the disagreement is this profound. One group wants a government whose foundational purpose is to create equal outcomes. In order to do that, that government will need complete control over all aspects of life. It's the only way it can "work". (It never will, but within the philosophy, they must have this power).

The other group wants government stripped of all but the most basic powers, with the primary political unit being the individual, limited only when absolutely necessary for social harmony.

These two philosophies cannot be reconciled.

Thinking of it as "secession" doesn't quite get at it. We need a clean divorce, with each side getting 50-50 on the assets of the prior marriage.

It'll never happen peacefully, but it's the only sustainable long-term goal.

Modern Porn Education Is Totally Unprepared for Modern Porn: Courses to train young people to be ethical consumers of porn have a hugely complex task ahead of them. by thefirststone in whatever

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We are living in Gomorrah. Over the decades we have completely crossed the line of what a sustainable society must control if it is to continue. Porn Education?! Ethical porn?! Holy shit. Do these people even hear themselves?

The "intellectual" pathway to this point is quite visible, and I understand it well from my own moral failings.

I have my own moral weaknesses, and acting on them I caused a lot of harm when I was younger. I was also very liberal in my "social politics". As such, I want to offer my insight into the liberal mindset that is feeding this rot. I shared this mindset for years, allowing me to understand it intimately:

I felt myself with good intentions and I wanted to make the world better, but I had these behaviors. Well, if I'm a fundamentally decent person, and clearly these behaviors are common, then we shouldn't be punishing people who suffer with the same sense of moral tension which I myself was feeling. These people were only engaging in behaviors which were - while in scale perhaps worse than my own - fundamentally following the same urges I was. Therefore, the "logic" goes, these behaviors are not inherently evil, because we all share them, and I'm a decent person. So people who engage in these behaviors should not be punished, but helped, just as I wanted help for my own problems.

That's liberal social logic in a nutshell.

It is also profoundly, absolutely, and fundamentally mistaken. I was fortunate, many years ago, that into my life came people and experiences that taught me the mistake. Very simply: when a person commits an act, the act itself is either good or evil. That's it. Period. No wiggle room. It doesn't matter who we "are". Our actions speak for themselves, and when an act is evil, it must not be allowed. Period. No wiggle room.

This life of "But my feelings...!" is absolutely destroying us. What we "feel" has fuck all to do with the above truth. What we do either creates benefit or it creates harm. If the result of an act is harm, society must sanction that activity, always.

This is a very frustrating element of society, because no matter how much we sanction the acts, we have never been able to eradicate the behaviors; they are hard-wired into our species. The liberal sees that and says, "well then why don't we look at it differently and celebrate what we can't get rid of rather than spitting in the wind?" They ignore the elephant in the room, however. That elephant is that no matter what "attitude" we approach these behaviors with, the behaviors themselves inherently cause harm. Period. No matter how we try to "frame" it, the harm is irrevocably attached to the behavior. When the behavior occurs, people get hurt. There is no way of breaking that link.

Long story short, the liberal mindset is fundamentally mistaken in its belief that by being lenient on certain behaviors, we will become more a compassionate and decent society.

People absolutely can be redeemed. I'm living/walking proof of this. But the only path to redemption is to accept that no matter how decent and empathetic and kind I have always wanted to be - and I did want to be all those things at all times - the actions I was taking were absolutely wrong. They were morally evil.

Changing the "perception" of the actions can not work. Only by teaching people how to reject these behaviors completely, engaging instead in actually decent actions, can we start moving our society back toward the direction of decency, where genuine compassion and empathy can flower.

We'll never get to paradise on earth, but we can do a hell of a lot better than what we see around us today.

This shit can no longer be tolerated.

French Face 6 Months In Jail For Entering A Bar Or Restaurant Without A COVID Pass by carn0ld03 in Europe

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Until two years ago, the standard comment was, "Papers, please!"

This is now reality. This is fascism. No subtleties to hide behind.

What our current moment shows us (as past generations learned but have now died; we lost the "real world memory") is that fascism has popular support when the institutions are capable of generating constant fear within the population. We in the minority are happily trampled in the popular quest for illusory "safety!". Every time. It's tragic watching this play out yet again in real time.

Germany Refuses to Use Voting Machines Like US Over Fears of Fraud, Will Only Use Paper Ballots by carn0ld03 in Europe

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Paper ballots. Period. The simplest system is the most secure.

Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist? by la_cues in memes

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I am concerned that I am being defined as an extremist. This is why words like this are so dangerous in the hands of politicians playing to a mob.

CNN Demands to Know Vaccine Status in Order to Submit Questions to Ask Biden at Next Week's Town Hall in Cincinnati by scrubking in politics

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Of course they do...

I Don't Care How Many Covid "Cases" There Are. I Never Did. I Don't Care How Many of Them Are "Variants". I Never Did. by StillLessons in politics

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Very interesting article. Thanks.

White House Is Working With Facebook To Flag 'Disinformation,' Psaki Says by AXXA in politics

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Yes, you missed something. If the White House is working with them, this is not just the private company's choice; it is the private company working in response to/cooperation with the government. The government is choosing to censor and working with private companies to enact this censorship. That makes this an explicit and flagrant violation of the First Amendment. They've come out in the open now. This is an explicit challenge to the entire concept of freedom of speech. They're asking the public, "Are you willing to challenge us on this?" If we're not willing to push back, totalitarianism is here. Individual rights are a thing of the past. This is way beyond any individual company at this point.

Experts say that most scientific research of Western medicine is untrustable and fraudulent. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Socks? ActuallyNot?

These are the same people you in particular are continually citing as your "Trusted Sources" for information in order to dispel "misinformation".

What's your response?

I Don't Care How Many Covid "Cases" There Are. I Never Did. I Don't Care How Many of Them Are "Variants". I Never Did. by StillLessons in politics

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Please tell me these actions I am taking? I control the spread of this virus? One of two things has happened in the time since we learned of its existence. Either I have never come in contact with it, despite all the actions you are going to tell me I am taking to ensure that I should have come into contact with it, or I have come into contact with it, my innate immune system killed it, and did this so effectively that none of the other people I know ever came down with it either. In either case, I haven't spread the virus. What are these actions I should not be doing?

Get a vaccine passport or you could end up killing someone somewhere. Do you want that on your conscience? by StillLessons in propaganda

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Wow. When I first saw this headline, I clicked through expecting satire. Nobody could write that headline seriously, right? How wrong I was.

They are weaponizing empathy. The title says it all. Living a decent life and minding your own business is now going to kill someone. If you do not support the borg, people die "because of you!!"

I mourn for our species. So many incapable of living life simply, without this doom narrative of "I have to be saving the world with my every (in)action! If I don't, I'm evil!"

This is what the loss of God has given us. Absent a way to conceive of a force beyond our control which manages - and has always managed - natural processes such as plagues, daily bodily functions (insanely complex), climate, etc, etc, humans are now convinced these are all our job to control. No wonder mental illness is going through the roof. We are being told we are responsible for a job which is totally and absolutely beyond our intelligence to comprehend, not to mention control. This is equally true of "scientists" as it is of anyone else.

We aren't remotely powerful or knowledgeable enough to try to pull off what we are being told it is now our duty to do.

To those who believe an article like this, I say Please stop "control freaking". It's killing you, and you're gong to take the rest of us with you.

I Don't Care How Many Covid "Cases" There Are. I Never Did. I Don't Care How Many of Them Are "Variants". I Never Did. by StillLessons in politics

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Stop mandating unproven genetic therapies, forcing people to wear absurd facial coverings, and destroying our ability to make a living based on Covid, and I promise you will never hear from me again on the subject.

CNN Medical Analyst Wen: Life 'Needs to Be Hard' for Unvaccinated Americans by Chipit in news

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Wouldn't it be nice if life were hard for people like her so those of us who just want to be left the fuck alone could go about our peaceful business...

White House Is Working With Facebook To Flag 'Disinformation,' Psaki Says by AXXA in politics

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Another voice adding to the several already in these comments noting that this is actually how fascism is defined. When a "private" company is acting under direction of the state, there is no "private" anymore. Period. We are living in a totalitarian system.

Anyone who believes that by ousting Trump in favor of Biden, they were fighting fascism, these people are completely lost regarding the true world in front of us rather than their dream bubble completely divorced from objective logical examination.

What if the purpose of the AI push is to make us dumber on purpose? by [deleted] in politics

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Whether intentional or not, the trend you're describing is obvious. The more "convenient" life becomes (i.e. something else does what we once did - driving, cleaning, writing, etc), the dumber we become as we depend on these external inputs. It's quite measurable; our population is measurably less intelligent than our ancestors. There's research demonstrating this.

As to the climate change question, I worked in that "biz" for a number of years and have papers published in the scientific literature on the subject, though I have since moved on to other activities. You are fundamentally correct in your conclusion. The warming is happening, and that warming is again quite measurable. But the causative agent for it? The simple spoon-fed narrative (temperature follows CO2 ; must drop CO2 ) is childishly naive within a system as complex as climate. The sun is the single greatest contributor to climate on earth (nothing else even comes close), but even to say "It's the sun" is still unproven. Personally, I'm fascinated by the fact that simultaneous with the warming we are witnessing, we are seeing a radical shift in the magnetic pole, which is crucial to regulating incoming radiation from the sun. Long story short, climate is wickedly complex, and simple single-variable explanations are immediately off the mark. The difference is that your variable (the sun) is at least the single greatest forcing on the system, so there is that going for it. To design global environmental policy around CO2 , which is definitely not the dominant forcing of climate on earth (it exists, but the effect is super minor, relative to many others), with the simple-minded stupidity of how they want to "stop carbon!!!" is so far beyond stupid it buggers belief. Even in the absence of all the other evidence demonstrating the stupidity of politicians and "thought leaders" (looking at you, Mr. Gates...), this one example is enough to show these "wise leaders" of ours are beyond pathetic intellectually and deserve none of the respect they are unfortunately accorded.

She Got Fired For "Racial Profiling" by [deleted] in politics

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I had a very similar experience once with a cop.

I was sitting in a public space with two people on either side. The cop told us all to move, and all three of us got up to move. But apparently the cop didn't like my "attitude", because he proceeded to cite me on the spot for "Blocking Free Movement". I attempted to apologize. I have always been brought up to defuse situations. He literally would not let me speak. His quote was: "If you say a single word, I'm taking you in and arresting you." Mind you, I had not said a single word during the whole encounter. The entire premise of his action was that he didn't like the look on my face as I got up to move, completely in compliance with the order he had given. I had done what he said, but he didn't like the look of me, so he cited me. When I attempted to apologize and defuse, he told me I would be arrested if I spoke. What's more, the ticket he cited me with required a court appearance to clear. I couldn't just pay it by mail. So I ended up wasting half a day going to court - where they were completely uninterested in what actually happened (I was sitting where the cop found me, so I was guilty) - to pay $100 for nothing. Really a memorable experience.

I feel for this girl. It's a bizarre form of injustice, and I sense it is becoming far more common rather than less so. The society we live in is dissolving around us.

Court overturns FDA ban on school’s electric shock devices by AmericanMuskrat in news

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A pure dilemma.

I know of a family of very gentle people with one family member who is emotionally unregulated. No matter what treatments they have tried, he keeps engaging in the same destructive behaviors. While we all recoil at the term "electric shock", the question will always return to the same starting point: if not this, then what? That is the fundamental problem. It may be that as harsh as it seems, all the other strategies yield even worse, more destructive (including to the person themselves as well as any in contact with them) results.

If not this, what do you do? If we don't have an answer to that question, we need to suspend judgment about practices such as this.

Crime Victims' Families Harassed By Antifa And Activists During Anti-Violence March by Chipit in news

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“About 200 mostly black families rally with police to call for an end to the epidemic of gun violence. Mothers at the stage mourning recently murdered children. In the back, less than a dozen mostly white antifa protesters assembled to jeer them.”

These people are really sick. The level of emotional dysfunction required to attack family members of murder victims is shocking. It is increasingly clear daily that in this country we have - and are every day continuing to develop further - an unnaturally large sub-group of very very emotionally damaged people. And they are hell-bent on inflicting their own emotional trauma on to the rest of us.

Emmanuel Macron booed by the crowd at annual Bastille Day parade in Paris by PatsyStone in politics

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Ahh. That helps. I was going to post that I didn't hear much booing in truth. Mostly what I hear is just general crowd noise. I did notice a lot of whistling though. Thanks for clarifying.

Surprise! BLM Issues Statement Supporting Marxist Cuban Tyranny by scrubking in politics

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At least they're consistent...

Now we find out just how many people in the US have gone totally politically communist. Cuba is a single-party semi-hereditary totalitarian system. No individual is allowed to have opinions the party does not want you to have. This is the system BLM is supporting.

So now we know what BLM wants. How many people will follow them there? We will learn a lot about just how radical (or absolutely completely ignorant/blind) the population in the United States political classes has become. If BLM continues to maintain popularity after this, our country is screwed.

The other question is - if people do decide this is insane - will the mainstream and leftist press (who are enabling this push toward communism) be held accountable?

Just how far gone is this republic that stood for 245 years?

It took just 8 years to go from the Obama admin denying that they spy on our cell phone data to the Biden admin nonchalantly saying they'll fact-check our text messages. But hey, Trump was the Nazi, right? by scrubking in politics

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They really don't like it when people talk to their friends... MUST CONTROL.... MUST CONTROL... MUST CONTROL... How dare you have independent autonomy! NO!!! You cannot have that!

Fauci Calls For 'More Vaccine Mandates At The Local Level' by scrubking in politics

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In a world with an objective perspective on medical "mandates", there would be a simple response:

When the authorities force citizens to take a medical therapy, they are guilty of homicide for every person who dies from complications associated with that therapy. Responsibility is 100% clear. The person chose not to be exposed to the risk, the government forced their exposure, they die.

Are enough people ever going to realize people like Fauci don't give a shit about any human being? We are just chips for his game of "I'm God Today!" His whole schtick about "But I want to save you!" is the most disgusting display of delusional narcissism I have ever witnessed.

is this really freaking necessary!!!!!!!!! Denver Zoo will start vaccinating animals for COVID-19 as early as next week by JustLookDontDismiss in news

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Shareholders at the vaccine makers need more units sold. Very simple.

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Warns: Covid-19 Vaccines to Decimate World Population by JustLookDontDismiss in WorldNews

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This man has an amazing mind.

In my career in the sciences, I witnessed a lot of scientific talks. They divided into three groups: those who understood nothing at all, those who understood their material well enough to get it through the system but were unable to explain it in such a way as to be useful, and the exceptionally gifted ones who knew the material so well they could both do the highly technical work and explain it in such a way that even a lay person could understand it. Professor Bhakdi falls into the third category.

I have family in medicine, so I've heard some of this terminology before, but to be honest, none of it made much sense. Here he has explained in ~15 minutes material I have never before been able to absorb.

When people like this are being censored, it becomes harder and harder to explain the events of the past year with anything other than ill intent as the motive. That we are making a "huge mistake" becomes less and less tenable. If they don't stop within weeks, the intent of the vaccines is mass death.

Yes, that is terrifying.

Spotify Employees RAGE Joe Rogan Hasn't Been Fired Yet As CEO Ignores Demands For Censorship by Chipit in censorship

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How do they know Rogan is wrong about Covid? Someone else told them.

This is why censorship is so dangerous. Censorship is the enforcement of faith and doctrine. We are living an analogy to the middle ages when the church defined heresy. If someone disagrees with these people, it is wrong because their priests say it is wrong. They will be very happy when dissent is punished with heads on stakes. At the heart of censorship lies naked, cruel intolerance. They always follow the biggest lie, however, and frame their actions in terms of peace and love. Censorship is evil, from whichever side it is practiced.

"Saint Basil explains that anyone who says he knows God is perverted. Not merely wrongheaded, perverted. Dangerous. A danger to himself and to those he teaches." So remember that. by Views in whatever

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God is all things, so loving life is loving God

This is the heart of it. We all love to bitch and moan; it's part of who we are. But underneath that - at the deepest level - must come the love of all things. Life includes a lot of pain. Any of us can attest to this. To find a solid foundation, however, is to recognize the beauty of this life as it is, including pain, suffering, and death . This is the route to witnessing the amazing beauty of [God's / our] creation.

Canada is Working to Make “Hate Speech” Punishable by a Fine of $16,000 by scrubking in WorldNews

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We need to spell this out clearly as many times as necessary:

Hate speech will always end up being precisely defined as any speech which causes friction in the ability of the established powers (government, corporate, or media) to maintain their control over what the population knows and does not know about the events around us.

This is the only accurate description of the purpose to enact these laws. All the words about "protecting" any group are just tools to enact laws such as these. It's is the PR face of censorship, nothing more and nothing less.

For the sake of change in society and a future with healthy media sites, we have to do everything we can to save what remains of the level of discourse online. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Actually, there are many sites which still have relatively civil intellectual discourse.

The problem is very few people go to those sites. Usually they're limited to a couple of dozen members.

We're up against human nature here. Humans seek out excitement and friction. I have no idea what the evolutionary advantage to emotional argument is, but humans (based on where they gravitate to for "news" and "entertainment") flock to emotional, low-level argument greatly in preference to calm, rational debate.

Mob behavior is deeply coded in us. I agree with you that it is important to maintain as many spaces as we can where calmer minds can gather, but I don't hold out much hope that these spaces will become the nucleus of society. It's not where crowds go. That's kind of by definition.

Hello, I am here since I was banned from Reddit. by RedtubeRepresentativ in Introductions

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Hypocrisy knows no partisan lines. Thank you for posting this. A perfect example of the intellect and the spirit being out of sync. I feel sorry for her. Based on what you've written, she would hate me for that.

Conspiracy Of Silence / The Franklin Cover-up by StillLessons in WorldPolitics

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Yep. One of the witnesses testified to the FBI that he personally witnessed the involvement of George H W Bush (Bush the father, not the son) in this ring.

Note that post-presidency, the Bush's, Clintons, and Obamas are all on very friendly terms. They all support OBiden as well. The press and corporate boardrooms are in their camp. Their current project is normalizing what we all instinctively know to be abhorrent.

The power is firmly established. They will not stop until they are stopped. Think what is involved in breaking this power. Goliath is no joke.

Christians are f'king morons thinking they can censor those that don't go with the right! by [deleted] in whatever

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What they call themselves isn't the point. The definition of the words matters.

Traditional Christians (Theists): There is a God. (Unfortunately, too often they add it is "our" God and any definition that varies even a little will be punished eternally)

Atheists: There is no God. This is not a doubt, it's a fact. They are not open to the possibility that God exists, feeling such a belief demonstrates ignorance and gullibility.

Agnostics: We don't know. Maybe, maybe not. It's beyond our ability and our evidence to defend an opinion in either direction.

These words have meanings which should not be glossed over.

Conspiracy Of Silence / The Franklin Cover-up by StillLessons in WorldPolitics

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This video has been posted on here multiple times over the past year, but periodically it seems worth it to keep repeating.

It is worth repeating because this is a relatively ground-level view of the process by which our society is being destroyed. The individual characters have changed (Larry King, the bad guy in this case, is long gone), but the process remains the same. And the depth of the rot is well-documented here. Importantly, this demonstrates this rot is not a partisan issue.

This moral degeneracy being the key to power rises in societies over time (ours is hardly the first to deal with this), and it is always the herald to their destruction. This was thirty years ago, and the rot is only worse since.

The victims in this case then went on to be prosecuted for perjury, ensuring that the guilty would be perceived as innocent and the innocent as guilty.

This is what we are up against. This reminder cannot be posted too many times.

Biden Tells Americans Getting Vaccinated Is "The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do" by panzerF in politics

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In equivalent logic, Obiden tells Americans the problem is systemic racism while simultaneously killing dozens of brown people in airstrikes in a country thousands of miles from our shores.

Who is listening to this man?

Christians are f'king morons thinking they can censor those that don't go with the right! by [deleted] in whatever

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I wouldn't call atheists middle ground. Middle ground is agnostics. Big difference.

Vaccine Side Effects by [deleted] in conspiracy

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But it concerns me that we have to shut down the economy until vaccination rates are sufficient for herd immunity.

False logic. Herd immunity will occur whether you vaccinate or not. This has been the lie since the beginning: "If we don't control this bug, it's going to wipe out humanity!" That was never true. This virus - though human designed - still behaved like most pathogens in that its effects were serious in those whose systems were not sufficiently strong to sustain an incremental addition to stress upon them, in other words, the elderly and the sick. Like all viruses, it also has some rare cases where it causes long-term side effects. Influenza does that, too, if you look it up.

But you and your ilk are incapable of recognizing that the human species has dealt with many many many viruses like this in our history, and that within a year or two, allowing the vast majority of people with healthy innate immunity (using the term in its technical sense) to address this bug while protecting the elderly and the sick, this would have been like all the pandemics before it, in the rearview mirror. Covid is endemic to our species now, just like influenza. It has been ever since it left the lab and it was always going to be so, no matter what we did. Until we start learning to live with it rather than wasting untold energy trying to "eradicate" what was never possible to eradicate, we are spitting in the wind.

Vaccination rates will never change the fundamental point I am making here. You will never vaccinate enough for eradication. What level are you after, then?

The particularly criminal part of what you and those like you are selling is that with the fraudulent HCQ study in the Lancet (since retracted), you set in motion a process to actively prevent relatively low-impact treatments of covid patients which many clinicians reported excellent curative results with. Patients died for this.

You then proceed to attempt re-definition of herd immunity to suggest (you are repeating this suggestion here) that it is entirely about vaccination. That is quite simply horseshit. Immunity comes from processes within the human organism which we do not control. Vaccination is just a way to give that human system a preview of what it should be aware is coming. But you are insane. You are now telling people who have had the virus they must get vaccinated. There is absolutely zero immunological logic in this mandate. Post-covid patients' immune systems already recognize the virus from complete exposure. The idea of benefit from your addition of more of a single component of a virus into the system when recovered people have already coded the entire virus (all its components) into their immunological response is patently absurd.

Lie after lie after lie, posing as "science".

You have taken a virus which added a marginal (and by nature temporary, if it had been left alone other than the elderly and the sick) bump in mortality, and you have created a society killing monster. The monster has never been the virus, which is not nearly so exotic as you have attempted to convince people that it is; the monster from day 0 (when Fauci decided we needed to create the damn thing to begin with) has been the human manipulation of the virus itself and then the continuation of that manipulation with the insane society-destructive response you and your friends are responsible for.

Your concern is entirely your own creation.

Vaccine Side Effects by [deleted] in conspiracy

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I witnessed the adverse vaccine reactions of two of my friends. Neither reaction would be considered "critical", but both said they would never do it again. I was fortunate and decided not to do it the first time.

The examples you cite are what drive me crazy as well. I am stupefied to see how easy it is for the propagandists to convince people the "expert" advice overrides any and all simple common sense. If we never hear the phrase "keeping us safe" again, we will have heard it 1000x more than anyone should in the course of a lifetime. Groupthink stupidity, it's what's for dinner.

Why are forums cracking down hard since the (ahem) 'election'? by [deleted] in whatever

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And nice to make yours.

I have no idea if people are taking things into private subs. I come and go on here. Last week or so I've been on a lot, but before that off for weeks. This is my pattern. I come in, get hooked for a while, then go do other things (get offline) for a while. I've had this pattern for years.

In general, the concept of organizing anything from an online base makes someone like me pretty skittish for the reason we've already talked about: who am I talking to? Given the complete lack of control of who you are - or anyone else I exchange with is - the potential for honeypots or other fuckery is off the charts.

So while it is just bitching - as we agree - I figure if my words make a difference to even just a few, then that difference may be the best I can hope for without exposing myself to the risk of said fuckery. I do, however, feel that I miss out on some of the more real-world applications (hearing about rallies, etc) by limiting my risk in this way. As in all things, a work in progress.

Got to be careful here in wonderland.

Why are forums cracking down hard since the (ahem) 'election'? by [deleted] in whatever

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these forums are an entire waste of energy.

This is a very serious concern. Because we have the ability to sit here and bitch all day long to each other (and as you point out, we have no real idea who if anyone is on the "other side" of our bitching...), we do sit here and bitch all day long. This is not leading anywhere and is an incredible "energy sink". It is bleeding energy from the genuine engagement which will be required for turning our real-life situation around. This is the greatest damage that social media has done to human societies, and is only just beginning to be recognized.

NYT Faces Backlash for Politicizing American Flag on Independence Day by StillLessons in politics

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We're right over the target with this one.

What does the flag represent? What is the United States?

Those made uncomfortable by the flag feel abused. They feel that "the United States" has crushed them, kept them down, imprisoned them, and disrespected them. On a derivative level, many college students were taught these things were happening to other groups, so they hate the flag as an act of empathy with those groups that they believe the United States stands against.

I find their logic weak because of the examples they hold up as "them":

First group, illegal immigrants. The US haters say that the US is racist for not allowing anyone who wants, to cross the border at will. Question for these people, do you really think there should be no borders? You're saying all people of all countries have the rights of the citizens of the United States, to be enforced by the United States? Not surprisingly, these are the same people who believe in the forever wars, always on the basis of "human rights". Rather than live in peace as an example to nations everywhere of how to do so, these people want us to go kill people everywhere for "justice".

Second group, BLM. The examples cited by BLM as "injustice" always involve individuals who have made choices. The United States did not tell George Floyd to take the drugs he took that night, to point the gun at the pregnant woman at whom he did earlier in his life. The people in the cafes that BLM intimidates did not go into black neighborhoods and harass them, frighten them and force speech from them. They blame anyone but themselves for their position in the world, but hint: when you yell at people that they are evil and you are superior to them for your victim status, not everyone is going to take that kindly.

Third group, transgender. The United States was designed with the premise that all people are created equal in the eyes of God. But guess what? Male and Female are biological. The United States didn't create that, and the United States has no ability to undo that. We are born as we are born, and the idea that we as a society have some duty to undo what nature -not us - has done is frankly counter-reality, making it delusional. You're fighting the entire history of life on earth, which includes sexual separation among the overwhelming majority of that life. Leave us the hell out of it. We can't change it even if we want to, and I personally see no reason to. Natural sexual separation has existed for millions of years. There is no greater example of fighting the tides.

If these are the groups who are made ucomfortable by the flag, I am not convinced. The United States, while far from perfect, has given untold individual opportunities to people of all colors, all orientations, and all backgrounds. Those who oppose the entire concept are so blinded by their ideology they cannot see their wounds are self-inflicted. Rather than try to impose some arbitrary notion of "justice" on the world, how about going peacefully into life and trying to serve the actual individuals around you (of whatever color, religion, orientation, etc. you choose) with the skills you possess? Nowhere in the world will allow you more freedom to do precisely this than the United States. Again, not perfect. There are untold examples where you will run into assholes making your life impossible. But relative to the rest of the world? Try it in other countries and report back. You'll discover this flag has a lot to offer.

As much of a mess as we are, I'll stand proudly for the history this flag represents. It's way better than the alternative I see being proposed in its place. It's not even close.

A Remarkable Silence: Media Blackout After Key Witness Against Assange Admits Lying by yoke in Internet

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The key is organization. There is a huge group of people very angry about the state of our "leadership", but we are fractured, chaotic, and willing to sit here behind our keyboards bitching.

What is needed is a charismatic leadership who can unify enough of these various threads (reply to a particular group of the lies) to create a viable counter-force.

Trump - the good and bad:

Good. Trump has the charisma and he has a 'brand'. This provides a nucleus from which to begin.

Bad. I'm not at all convinced that Trump wants fundamental change. Rather than wanting to tear down the power which has concentrated in so few hands over the past 80 years (his lifetime), Trump wants to manipulate that power. Thus he handed off the same power he received plus a little (just like all presidents have done since WWII) to Obiden.

He's better than what has followed him, but a long-term solution he is not.

If Private Platforms Use Government Guidelines to Police Content, is that State Censorship? As with financial services, military contracting, environmental protection, and other fields, the phenomenon of regulatory capture is demonstrably real in the pharmaceutical world. by Chipit in censorship

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My working definition of fascism has always been:

The marriage of the state and the corporate sector such that private corporate owners explicitly support the goals of the state, and the leadership in the state in return supports the monopoly of ownership in the hands of those owners.

Those of you with more investigation in this area will likely have places where you wish to "correct" that formulation in some way, but is the basic idea wrong? Serious question. I'm welcome to correction.

"Tolerance is only truly tolerance by becoming intolerant. We see it also where freedom is only truly free if you limit freedom (for certain people at least), democracy is only truly democratic when the people with the wrong ideas are disenfranchised" -- James Lindsay on Critical Theory by Chipit in quotes

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Basically I agree.

The problem - the variable external to the pure societal philosophy - is technology. With each wave, the people manipulating these tendencies in human nature (which are basically envy and paranoia) have greater technologies with which to concentrate their hatred and enforce their control.

My fear is that with this go round, the "insanity x technology" combination may be powerful enough we are going to find human life impossible to continue. It's not the way I thought human extinction would look, but seeing it happen, maybe it makes sense this is the human tendency to demonstrate itself incompatible with evolution.

Let's hope that at some point enough people see this for what it is, and we can go back to a more sustainable track for our species.

Reported rate of death from COVID-19 shots now exceeds the reported death rate of more than 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years, and it’s about 500 times deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine. (Is this true? There's 41 sources in the article, including WSJ, but those numbers seems made up.) by Akali in WorldNews

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I repeat again and again:


Look it up. These therapies are an order of magnitude more dangerous than any vaccine has ever been permitted to be. I have friends and family I have guided to this data, and the answer is always one of two:

1) But the experts say...


2) Well we've never vaccinated this many people before

The first is pathetic. The people saying this are simply unwilling to explore sources outside of the official realm (which never names which "experts" they are talking about, btw. Fauci is enough for them...). There are many many many people precisely qualified to comment who are being hard-censored to prevent their concerns being heard. This is the purest totalitarian wave we have ever experienced in the west. People need to recognize this for what it is. Hearts and minds. One at a time.

The second ignores the fact that over the time period of the vaers data, the other vaccines have given even more doses than we have with Covid. While not all at once, as with Covid, the numbers are there to demonstrate that vaccines prior to 2020 have always maintained a better safety profile than do these gene therapies.

It really really sucks how powerful propaganda is and how many well-meaning people would rather fit within the reservation than actually pay attention to simple data points demonstrating conclusively that the danger is coming from precisely those "leaders" they believe are protecting them.

Antifa Attacking Protesters at Spa That Allowed Customer to Flash Penis at Little Girls by AXXA in politics

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the media

Hearts and minds. Person by person, each of us who finds this terrifying needs to collect examples to show those still supporting Democrats just exactly what it is they are supporting. I believe the wave is moving our direction, but we aren't anywhere near where we need to be yet.

Antifa Attacking Protesters at Spa That Allowed Customer to Flash Penis at Little Girls by AXXA in politics

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What's terrible is that the people protesting this wouldn't care if it was a biological woman showing her vagina to little kids, even though that's also pedophilic, immoral, and degenerate.

You can't really believe that's true. Seriously? I can tell you as one who would be at that protest, I would protest equally in the situation you mention as the one that is occurring.

They're the contemporary, American Stasi, working in the interests of the establishment, at the expense of everyone else — while pretending to fight the establishment.

This is true. Antifa (sometimes working with BLM, sometimes for other causes) is the extra-judicial policing of totalitarianism, full stop. They enforce the totalitarianism of the morally bankrupt. It's incredible to watch. Anyone who doesn't see this is willfully blind.

Antifa Attacking Protesters at Spa That Allowed Customer to Flash Penis at Little Girls by AXXA in politics

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Societal mental illness is progressing rapidly. So many deeply confused, desperately unhappy people trying to hurt others because they cannot admit to themselves that their own personal philosophy is actually the source of their unhappiness.

Handing out SSRI's also cannot help but have a role in this disintegration of mental coherence...

A Remarkable Silence: Media Blackout After Key Witness Against Assange Admits Lying by Chipit in media_criticism

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The establishment is now lying on so many fronts that they have a lot of balls in the air. I believe they have made the tactical decision that the easiest path (lowest energy required) is simply silence. Rather than try to engage with any of the many impossibilities of the dominant narrative, they simply censor discussion and keep moving forward.

Each of these lies is gathering more opposition to them, however. We can only hope they are overwhelmed with opposition from a million fronts before they can find the tools they need to crush it entirely. Human decency and our ability to control any aspect of our own life depend on the results of this horse race.

A Remarkable Silence: Media Blackout After Key Witness Against Assange Admits Lying by yoke in Internet

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The establishment is now lying on so many fronts that they have a lot of balls in the air. I believe they have made the tactical decision that the easiest path (lowest energy required) is simply silence. Rather than try to engage with any of the many impossibilities of the dominant narrative, they simply censor discussion and keep moving forward.

Each of these lies is gathering more opposition to them, however. We can only hope they are overwhelmed with opposition from a million fronts before they can find the tools they need to crush it entirely. Human decency and our ability to control any aspect of our own life depend on the results of this horse race.

How Trump Corrupted the American Presidency in Every Imaginable Way by dcjogger in politics

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The US feels like it is committing suicide.

I feel this too, and it is painful beyond belief to witness.

How Trump Corrupted the American Presidency in Every Imaginable Way by allchick in whatever

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^ Second this.

The assumption behind the OP is that the presidency was within acceptable limits prior to Trump. The entire reason Trump was elected in the first place, however, is that the presidency (and the entire political establishment) was already a complete cesspool. People voted for "anyone but the establishment". That just happened to be Trump. People still want anyone but the establishment, and we have OBiden. This suggests the idea of the election being rigged to guarantee a candidate who could not possibly have won cannot be dismissed out of hand (OBiden is the establishment. Full Stop). It's not about Trump. It's about the current crew (who go back at least thirty years, probably longer), and the fact that they are the epitome of the end of western civilization. That is the problem.

Facebook Pushing Users to Identify 'Extremists' - Mirroring Evil Fascists in Germany Decades Ago by scrubking in politics

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I am increasingly explicit with my friends and family who still sympathize with the dominant power structure that I am the "extremist" they are talking about here.

Those who know me IRL are quite aware that I am among the least extreme people they've ever met. I think and act very slowly and methodically, and I avoid "powder-keg" situations because I know no good solutions come out of emotionally laden environments.

The more the propaganda continues to label non-violent people like me "extremists", the more that people like my friends and family are forced to think about the narrative they are being fed. At some point, I still hold out hope that my circle will go beyond vague doubts and realize it's not just a mistake the power-brokers are making, that instead they are outright lying. Not a quick process though. The long game is key here.

Why are forums cracking down hard since the (ahem) 'election'? by [deleted] in whatever

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A key difference between the current Obama 3 admin and the Obama 1&2 admins: there is now widespread recognition (including on the left, though they are scared to admit it, even to themselves) that 1) Obiden is cognitively incompetent and 2) his administration - whoever is tasked with making the real decisions, including obviously Obama1 and Clinton - are enacting policies that have no popular support among any constituency. Obama1 still maintained the veneer of legitimacy; people believed his policies did represent large numbers of people - even when they disagreed with those policies. People no longer believe (again, even on the left) that any of the policies are based on any popular support at all, just pure power/money politics.

They know they are in trouble. Thus the censorship of all levers they can pull, which is what you started this thread with. Censorship makes explicit the control they used to be able to exert with greater subtlety. Now that they are being "pulled from behind the curtain," the clock is running, and they know it.

The center senses what's going on, but is not yet viscerally angry enough to act rather than bitch. When the center starts real action (in whichever direction they move), things will change very quickly, either for better or worse. I really really hope people want individual freedom and responsibility enough to reject the false "goody bag" the socialists are throwing at them.

NYC Elections Are So Corrupt that Even Insane Far-Left Mayor De Blasio is Calling for an Audit by scrubking in politics

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NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco... several examples which are doing a lot of PR work for conservatives. The more these places demonstrate the end-point of decades of single party Democrat rule, the more people wake up to the fact that socialist thinking is a pipe dream yielding genuine human misery rather than the rainbows it promises...

Why are forums cracking down hard since the (ahem) 'election'? by [deleted] in whatever

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We have a decision to make as a society. Either we allow the "authorities" to take over, and we are bound by their chains (these chains are wrapped around our thought; not allowed to wrong-think), or we expose them for the malicious, malevolent fraud they have been for the past 75 years. The lines are now drawn, but the outcome is still uncertain. In order for individual freedom to succeed, there's going to have to be a much more fundamental change in our governing institutions than anyone near the center is remotely considering so far. At the same time, however, the popular mood is moving in the right direction in the US and Europe. It just still has significantly further to move to stamp out completely the socialist anti-individualist rot which has collected for decades. One heart, one mind at a time...

Hello by timetraveler in Introductions

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Be careful of hidden knowledges. There are many of them, but unfortunately, many among them are planted falsely. So what appears to be "Wow! This is the Truth!" turns out to be yet another manipulation to distract our easily distracted emotional self. The training which takes a lifetime's discipline is to sort out Truth from its many glitzy impersonators. Just because something appears "hidden" doesn't mean it reflects reality; it may be "planted". That said, you are correct that reality is now mostly hidden under the obvious falsehoods that comprise the "orthodox" world we are bombarded with daily. Good luck and welcome!

Tucker Carlson Says He Has Confirmed The NSA Is Spying On Him by AXXA in politics

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Which brings this back to the judiciary. The judiciary has gotten a pass for a very long time. So many things have happened in the past 50 years which are blatantly illegal according to the most basic principles for which this country stands, and the judiciary is nowhere to be found.

Even if we only examined what has happened to the judiciary, the education system, and the information corporations, we can see how we have arrived at the point we see around us today. It's a powerful triad.

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” ~ George Orwell by JasonCarswell in quotes

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Look up the Epicurean paradox. You do yourself a disservice by crediting God with your own achievements. You are your own God.

You're projecting your perception of the term "God" on to what I've said. You state that I credit a God separate from myself with my achievements. You've misunderstood me. There is no God separate from me, because I am included in God; I'm part of it. But then you say I am my own God. That construction leads in narcissistic directions. To say I am God suggests I have the capacity to comprehend/direct the entirety of reality. Really? That's way above my pay grade.

We could go back and forth on this all day because as I said, God is undefinable, and argument about it is just spitting in the wind. But there must be some satisfaction in batting it back and forth, or I suppose we wouldn't be spending this time doing so.

How about, "This is God." Or "We - everything that exists - are God." You like those better? But of course the infinity of things that we can imagine that don't exist are also God.

As to looking up the Epicurean paradox, it gets back into trying to define a structure to "make sense of it." Of one thing I am confident, each of our relationship to God (which includes myself, but I am not God, perhaps we might say we all are "of God") is unique. I understand God from crazy amounts of time explicitly coming to terms with this insane life we all share. While my experience includes lots of sources, no single source has any better knowledge of what God is / is not than do you or I. Each of our relationships to this source is unique, and to try to adopt the perspective of any other is only to confuse even more supremely what must always by nature remain an incomplete understanding.

We're trying to put an intellectual envelope on an experience. We might as well be trying to answer the question "What is the sound of the wind?"

But as I said before, I confess to loving these conversations, leading nowhere, enjoyable instead in and of themselves.

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” ~ George Orwell by JasonCarswell in quotes

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Okay, I've tried to understand your comment about two characters, and I have failed. It sounds to me like you're on to something good, but it's gone over my head.

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” ~ George Orwell by JasonCarswell in quotes

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As to afterlife, there is no proof that one exists. I agree on that. There is also no proof that one does not. I don't think it matters much. One way or the other, it gets sorted out upon death. It's over or it's not. Nothing we can do about it which we shouldn't be doing whether there is an afterlife or not, i.e. treat all the creation around us decently and follow the behaviors all religions have recognized forever as beneficial. Doing that is net positive whether there is an afterlife or not.

God. Ah, God... The word God is shorthand. To say "God" doesn't exist is to say that whatever image you have in your mind of what constitutes God doesn't exist. But there are infinite visions of what God is, probably as many as the number of people who have ever lived. For me, God is a word to represent the source of all this beautiful organization in the universe when there is absolutely no rational reason for any of it to exist. One person's random chaos is another's beautiful creation; the difference is whether one sees "God" in the picture. Perhaps we can agree that any book, person, ideology which attempts to define a particular God with set likes and dislikes is inherently limiting what by nature will never have limits or definitions attached. The major religions all fail to greater and lesser extents by attempting to create a "picture of God".

I have no idea what God is, but I see a tremendously beautiful creation around us (which includes all our wars, violence, "ugliness", psychopaths, disease, death, etc, and all our attempts to rise above these insanities). The word "God" is my way of saying I do believe there is a reason for it. None of us within the boundaries of this lifetime will ever know what that reason (structure, schema... pick your word) is, but I sense one there. So I try to contribute to creative, unifying pursuits rather than destructive, divisive ones.

And too often, I fail. But seeing God lets me see when I fail, recognize it, and work to do better next time.


Google starts adding “no reliable sources” tag to some search engine results by panzerF in Internet

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They have actually highlighted the primary problem in the modern information landscape, and I dearly hope it comes back to destroy them.

Who decides what "Reliable Sources" are? We are waking up rapidly to the reality that when we give authority to a corporation like Google (or USG, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, Snopes, HuffPost, etc, etc, etc...) to decide what is "reliable", that is the implementation of censorship. These organizations are telling us who to trust.

Guess what, Google. I have a small group of people in the world I trust, and none of them are on your "reliable sources" list. These people don't lie to me, they never have. Your "reliable sources", on the other hand, have lied to me again and again and again and again. These lies are documented. It's not interpretation. There are retractions demonstrating their outright lies. Still you continue to call these the "reliable sources".

More and more people are recognizing this.

If you see an organization promoting a "reliable source", realize you are being invited to censorship and run the other way, fast!

Portland Tourism Promotion Trying to Rehab Image by StillLessons in politics

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What strikes me as interesting in this story is the target audience of the organization's campaign.

The target audience is left-wing. All the voice-overs, the graphics, the storyline, all of it is written to a very particular audience. That audience is precisely the type of people who already live in Portland.

Here I see the continuing trend of de-facto segregation of the US. There are places becoming more liberal oriented (New York, Illinois, western Oregon, Washington west of the Cascade mountains), and others becoming more conservative oriented (Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Idaho). Videos like this one will continue this trend. The invitation they are offering will concentrate their liberal base only more strongly.

Assuming these trends continue, a nice experiment is setting up. We may just get to see the two ideologies in increasingly clear comparison. Look at how the areas represented by each "camp" do, and make up our minds. May the stronger ideology win.

Tough on the losers, given the level of violence developing in some of these places, but if that's where they choose to live, so be it.

If only the feds weren't tipping the scales in one direction, this experiment might not even have to last that long. But of course Washington, DC is anything but a neutral party during this process.

The Promotion of Ivermectin: A Free Speech Edge Case - Areo. Imagine that you are in charge of deciding what information people get to hear. There is a vibrant marketplace of ideas, but you oversee it and can manipulate it as you like. What would you allow, and what would you forbid? by Chipit in censorship

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I am mystified at what has changed. The sharp break in 2021's numbers - more than 5,000 deaths are now recorded as being associated with the covid therapies in the first 6 months; the next highest total in the entire database comes with polio vaccines, which altogether yield ~1,400 deaths over a much longer period of usage - suggests we have abandoned the concept that the first priority of care is to "do no harm". It seems our current crew of public health officials feels themselves confident simply to balance their killing against the killing of the virus, in other words, "well, we kill less than it does, so we're still okay."

This is just the first 6 months. If there is this much death and illness associated with these therapies out of the box, there is no reason whatsoever to expect they will prove themselves safer over longer trial periods.

The step-function break in the vaers data for 2021 relative to all years prior in the database indicates a profound philosophical shift in perspective for what drug companies (who are behind this change) consider a "safe" product. The man on the street hears only the propaganda that "It's Safe!" when these data (easily available, but absolute silence about them in the primary media) tell us a foundational change has taken place in what we should expect the word "safe" to mean.

Mcafee Anti-Virus Founder, John McAfee Commits Suicide In Prison by AziBase2 in news

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So did Epstein...

soft porn. by [deleted] in whatever

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Don't know if the photo is retouched, but great "black eyes" for full demonic effect...

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” ~ George Orwell by JasonCarswell in quotes

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Objective truth still exists.

One truth is that the human instinct to obey authority is greater than all other considerations in ~90% of the population. My guess is this relates to evolutionary advantages to herd behavior in our species. So people must follow, according to our deepest instincts for survival. Unfortunately, as the leaders have commanded larger and larger herds, their interest has become completely dissociated from those they "lead". In other words, the leaders believe they and their fellow leaders represent a population with which they no longer share any common experience. The same is true in reverse: the population believes their leaders come from "the herd", when in fact there is nothing about their experience which permits "leaders" any true understanding of what the life of a "herd member" is actually about.

Whatever events happen in response to the actions of either group (leaders or herd) are perceived entirely differently by the two groups, and thus it appears "objective truth" is gone, because there are a minimum of two fundamentally different perspectives on whatever happens.

The events are still unique, so the truth exists. But the multiple perspectives on those events prevents most humans (either leader or herd member) from recognizing it in its simplest form without the layers of subjective meaning attached.

Orwell is absolutely correct to note that lies become history. What people write about what happened in the past need have no relationship with what actually happened. Probably the two have never been related.

We live in a world which will always be fundamentally unknown to us. If God has created a life after the one we know for when we die, perhaps we will learn the truth then. But there is no more way of knowing if that afterlife exists than there is to know the objective truth about our time and history during this life.

Be kind. Nobody knows more than you do, and nobody knows less.