I always enjoy the fall of the plebs by WrongAgainDumbass in collapse

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Night of the Living Dead

Horrified woman catches 'naked witches' feasting on deer's corpse with wildlife cam by Phooey in NotTheOnion

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Two women?

Did she just misgender them? That's the real horror.

U.S. life expectancy problem is ‘bigger than we ever thought,’ report finds: The U.S. life expectancy problem gained renewed attention in recent years after seeing the largest drop since WWII during the COVID-19 pandemic. As U.S. life expectancy continues to plummet, and it has only gotten worse. by Orangutan in politics

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The more government gets involved in healthcare the shorter our lives become. That's what always happens with the government. They fuck up anything they touch.

Another example is education. When the Dept. of Education was formed circa 1978/79, the US was 2nd in the world in educating our children. Now the US is ranked number 22/23 in education.

Well done government, well done.

Can we please have more government in our lives? That would be great.

Says the 10, 000 photos from Hunter Biden laptop are being published but I couldn't access the actual site by POOPCORN in whatever

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They were having some technical issues. Probably the FBI working hard to take the site down.

Wyoming woman accused of setting fire to state's only full-service abortion clinic entering plea by Phooey in politics

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Not one firebombing of a pregnancy center was ever prosecuted. I'm not sure they were ever investigated.

I'm Going to the Gym at 1am. That is all by OPStolen in RealIncels

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Try not to stick anything up your ass while you're there.

$117 per month apartment in Bangkok by POOPCORN in whatever

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Until they declare a Covid emergency, weld your door shut and light your building on fire. Good luck.

How do I tell my crush that I'm really a robot? by ActuallyBot in AskSaidIt

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Pull your face off and show everyone your internal workings.

Protest Anthem 'Boycott Target' Tops ITunes Hip Hop Chart by P-38lightning in news

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According to Twitter, it took the number 1 spot for all music this morning knocking Taylor Swift to number 2

Doctors cut bloke's stomach open to remove deodorant can he shoved up his bum by Phooey in NotTheOnion

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Fucking incels.

Teen hospitalised after injecting himself with mercury in attempt to become X-Men hero by ZomFox in NotTheOnion

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Gen Z moving on from eating Tide pods.

Abortion Advocates Brutally Assault Pro-Life People Outside Planned Parenthood by P-38lightning in news

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The Compassionate® and Tolerant® left strike again.

Teen falls to his death while climbing new LA bridge for social media stunt by PanzerDivision in USnews

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But how many likes did he get?

I think I have brain damage by sneako in whatever

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If you're Gen Z then yes, you do.

Mother of trans teenager: Los Angeles County killed my daughter by jet199 in therearetwogenders

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After she stepped in front of that train the County mental health services and LGBT groups just scratched her name off their list and moved on to their next targets.

It's a Site for Groomers by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Who grabbed those screenshots? I hope this was reported to the admins (not that they would care). It should also be reported to the FBI. I hope it was.

I'm tempted to post this over on twatter and get it exposed as much as possible. We all should.

Any more info /u/Tarrock? Are these legit screenshots? Knowing reddit, I would expect they are.

Truck Convoys are TOXIC, FASCIST & RUSSIAN 😂😂😂 by Gravi in NotTheOnion

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The new world order is getting serious resistance across the globe and they don't like that.