'What Are You Afraid of Jack?'—Pink Floyd Legend Blasts Twitter CEO Over Censorship by Drewski in censorship

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Yeah, not a fan of the popups here either. Ublock Origin with the Ublock Filters - Annoyances list should take care of them though.

teddit: alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy by Drewski in Internet

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I think it uses the Reddit API, and the requests are through the teddit instance, such as teddit.net. If you ran your own instance then reddit would have your ip with all your requests, so I think the more people using the instance the better.

Delta And Alitalia Offer "Quarantine-Free" Flights In First Push To Jump Start Travel Industry by Trulytimes in politics

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Nope, I'm not taking a notoriously inaccurate test to travel, or any vaccine. You want my money, let me fly like normal without all this BS.

"The central bank in #Paris is on fire. Reports of serious mass rioting!" - @FarukFirat1987 by Vigte in news

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Finally directing their aggression in the right direction, go Paris!

As Food Lines Grow, Gov't Gives $140M in COVID Relief to Child Traffickers, Murderers, Rapists by Drewski in news

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The ads on this site are annoying, though I haven't experienced any crashes. If you use Ublock Origin with the Ublock Filters - Annoyances list it should block all of them including the overlay popup.

Doctor Who Demanded Mandatory Mask Law Pictured Partying Maskless on Boat Surrounded by Bikini-Clad Women by Chipit in news

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Haha yeah I read the headline the same way.

One World Currency Backed by All Life On Earth Has Begun - Adapt 2030 by Tom_Bombadil in Agenda21_Agenda2030

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Buy land, seeds, ammo, gold, silver and crypto. Make connections with farmers and other local businesses, build counter economies.

New ruler man is good/evil by Drewski in memes

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There are more ways than one to oppose a bad law.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert: Taxation is theft by Drewski in politics

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Sounds like something the government would say ;P

People ate most my last pie yesterday, so Apple Pie #2 here by AmericanMuskrat in Cooking

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Thanks, def gonna try this one out.

u/Smithmore by Drewski in saiditCleanup

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Ok, I'll do that from now on. Happy thanksgiving to you too!

People ate most my last pie yesterday, so Apple Pie #2 here by AmericanMuskrat in Cooking

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That crust looks fantastic! What's your recipe?

COVID-19 pandemic could be stopped if at least 70% public wore face masks consistently: Study by Snehashis09 in WorldNews

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There has been no correlation between COVID deaths and places that have or have not instituted mask mandates. If masks were effective, you would expect to see at least some relationship.

YouTube removes Tom Woods' "The COVID Cult" video for violating its "medical misinformation" rules by Drewski in censorship

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Mirrors: Odysee / Bitchute

Federation is now enabled for https://lemmy.ml ! - Lemmy by macadoum in Internet

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Great news, this is a big step for decentralized social media. Might have to spin up an instance of my own now.

Police Department Stops Accepting Firearm Permit Applications Due To COVID-19 by zdc in news

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Lawsuit incoming. This is a direct infringement of the 2nd.