The Promised Neverland Season 2 by Drewski in Anime

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I haven't read the manga, but so far I like season 2 much less than season 1. Haven't noticed anything different with the animation though.

CNN Doctor Now Recommends Masks and Social Distancing EVERY WINTER by scrubking in politics

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That's cool, you can recommend whatever you like. Just don't force it on us and we're fine.

Downloading music from YouTube is now BLOCKED by BT, EE, Virgin Media, Sky and more by Panzerfaust in music

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Or just use youtube-dl

Gab data breach may include 70GB of data on 15,000 users by Panzerfaust in SocialMedia

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Not too worried about it, I think at most they might have my hashed password and IP address.

steemit - another decentralized social app by blowininthewind in Internet

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Many steemit creators jumped ship when it was taken over, myself included. I'd look into it yourself and make your own value judgements.

SaidIt Protest Guidelines - open to your feedback for improvements. by JasonCarswell in SaidIt

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I disagree, Jason has been a long time and valuable contributor to the site and he raises some valid concerns here.

steemit - another decentralized social app by blowininthewind in Internet

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You should check out Hive instead, a Steemit fork that was created after Justin Sun (Tron) took over the Steemit network.

Free speech social network Gab says it has been refused by three banks in the last month by scrubking in politics

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Coinbase's USD stablecoin. I like DAI better though cause it's decentralized.

ET: Legacy - a fully compatible Wolfenstein Enemy Territory client and server by Panzerfaust in Gaming

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I used to play Enemy Territory back in the day, last few times I've tried to play all the servers have been all bots though.

Raging Cop Jumps in Front of Unarmed Teen's Car, 'Executes' Him by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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Subduing a fleeing criminal is not worth taking someones life, that's not reasonable force. Matt does tend to get a bit hyperbolic with some of his language, but I don't think he usually defends the suspect, just states that they don't deserve to be executed on the spot as is so often the case.

Dr. David James Carswell, my father, died of "COVID". by JasonCarswell in CriticalThoughts

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Sorry for your loss Jason. Father son relationships are tricky and there's always going to be some differences of opinions and regrets involved. Hope you can make peace with all of it and accept it for what it is / was. As always, really appreciate your honesty and contributions here.

Sen. Paul: Presidential executive orders are an abuse of political power by extrovert19 in whatever

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So why didn't he call out Trump's executive orders, especially the bump stock ban?