Horrific video of yesterday's hit in the shopping center was caught on video cameras by zafarkhan in videos

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So someone shelled a mostly empty park....where they trying to take out the regime of ducks at the pond?

Trump-backed Darren Bailey wins in Illinois GOP gubernatorial primary by P-38lightning in politics

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FoxNews pretends not to be a Disney controlled anti-GOP shell of their former self, but they don't even show Bailey's face.

When you go to Wikipedia, he must be the only Senator without a picture. Like all of them, his wiki page is viciously trolled, and carefully maintained in a subtly biased way.

If you've ever met Bailey, you know he is a real person and a nice guy.

Secret Service lead and presidential driver are prepared to testify under oath that Trump did NOT grab steering wheel or lunge at agents to drive himself to Capitol on January 6 by P-38lightning in politics

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Maybe it is bad running a circus trial with only a an unsupported 3rd hand hear-say account from some creepy intern lady, who only infiltrated GOP two years prior with her first unpaid internship and snaked her way to a position to miss-recount events for people at the very top in lightening speed.

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years for helping Epstein by Drewski in news

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Did R Kelly just get 30 years for much less? They really railroaded him with the crazy an inappropriate use of racketeering charges, which required him not to really be convicted of a crime, but rather, just be accused of many, is guilt for this charge. The Gish Gallop strikes again.

Did violence follow Roe decision? Yes — almost all of it against pro-choice protesters by wigger in politics

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Their list of events disproves their title as being deceptive. They prove the opposite:

Pro-choice protesters in a busy street and violently attacking a truck, with no reliable context.

A brawl at a rally involving several people, with a video of the end, where one democrat candidate is attacking a republican candidate, who finally deescalates the attack with a punch. We are shown only the end punch.

A protest group simply went to a protest. (Proud Boys) They were vulgarly ridiculed, but not reported doing anything illegal or violent.

Police arresting violent pro-choice protesters in SC on multiple occasions, with protester bystanders dangerously trying to interfere.

They also arrested rioting pro-choice insurrectionists in Arizona, trying to break into the state Capitol while state legislature was in session, resulting int a terrified hostage situation.

The next day or two, they had to more violence and destruction, including violently tore down temporary fences. Some purported National Lawyers Guild, slapped on a hat and found it didn't give them special privilege while rioting, despite calling themselves "legal observers". They didn't understand the legal process at all and were pretend-confused, about being arrested. "This wasn't a pat down" "they put me in hand cuffs" "took all my belongings"....had told me "I was under arrest" first.

No this is what a normal legal arrest is like. No, prosecutors may not charge you, that doesn't mean you weren't arrested.

Boy Scouts March in Seattle Pride Parade With Fully Naked Men — Young Children in Audience by NoMorePatriarchy in news

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There was no creepy pedo or grooming shit in Boy Scouts when I was in it.

I think it fell to an easy victim of prey, when it became financially troubled. Boy Scouts historically relied on donations and donated time by parents. As increased safety and insurance requirements made everything much more expensive, parents stopped having the interest, time, and money to donate. Everything went down hill from there.

While we sold popcorn once a year, we didn't have to shill cookies, popcorn, or merch to afford our activities. We did a lot of public service, camping, and specialty outdoors learning, like rappelling, horseback riding, and boating. We simply never considered where the funding came from.

Media Coverage of Ukraine Before and After the War by Tarrock in politics

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You didn't read all this back when it was happening? Then you probably shouldn't have an opinion on this....

You are nit-picking super hard.

...and you've heavily misrepresented what I've said with your shitty numbered list.

You are not arguing in good faith.

The Fall Of Reddit: Why It’s Quickly Declining into Chaos by TheRealPanzer in Internet

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The biggest fall down the drain was when Reddit partnered with the political disinformation group, Correct The Record, in late 2014 or early 2015, and became largely a partisan election tool.

Correct The Record, having since testified in court to have spent many millions of dollars on social media troll farms, is thought to have replaced most Reddit subreddit moderators immediately after the partnership, especially on large subreddits. This resulted in mass censorship, banning, and ultimately the creation of a political echo chamber.

Around the same time, Reddit's breach of user information though their third party 2FA was used as an excuse to suspend thousands accounts with no reason, who weren't even within the breach time period or having 2FA enabled.

The overhaul of Reddit to a 2016 Election tool was massive.

Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) found a surprising way to develop her upcoming cryptocurrency regulation bill: she put it on GitHub by SoCo in politics

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Mostly responded to with ridicule and trolling, but this is a refreshing attempt at transparent and modern collectivism.

One might image if issue tickets, revisions pull requests, and milestones were used properly and en-mass to collectively create bills that were production ready, rather than slapped together, pork filled, half-completed legislation voted on, last minute, by legislators who haven't even read them, as is the status quo.

Media Coverage of Ukraine Before and After the War by Tarrock in politics

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Why don't you just try reading the whole thing instead of searching for keywords, which never works well on crap PDF scans of documents.

Yes, we were giving anti-tank javelin rockets to Ukraine. That was really well known and not something you need to rely on this testimony to know about.

Don't worry, I was busy this weekend, but I have a backed up copy from before to verify. The part of the olive leave/branch line was in her into statement, which she dropped to the press before her deposition, in fear that she would be misrepresented by the Congressional investigators. Yes, lots of history gets rewritten on the Internet very regularly. Documents get altered, the Wayback machine gets it's history cropped, and Wikipedia gets its change log trimmed, especially for political reasons. A good example of that happening is here.

Reddit is advocating to start a violent insurrection by AXXA in MeanwhileOnReddit

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They've organized violent insurrections in the past as well, such as for Jan 20, 2017, "The Day Of Insurrection" was organized on Reddit.

Michigan Nurse ‘Shot Up’ Meth Before Work, Then Allegedly Killed 3-Year-Old, Police Say by HongKongPhooey in news

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They said her bag wasn't empty tho...

It seems them tweakers can go forever as long as they don't run out.

A key feature of communism is appointing unqualified people to high positions of power. In unrelated news, the new Treasurer of the United States is: a nurse whose main qualification is being brown-skinned. by iamonlyoneman in politics

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Much more of a sign of state fascism, is the use of show tribunals that focus on forgone conclusions and projected motivations, rather than facts.

It feels like Democrats owe their people an apology for being bad at their jobs - they had a long time to codify Roe v. Wade, defend a balanced court, get RBG to step down, etc. Instead they got played and trounced. “Help undo our failures!” is not a compelling rallying cry. by Orangutan in politics

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Roe v. Wade doesn't mean what people are being told it means. They are very mislead.

Pro-limitless-abortions people oppose RvW. It solidifies the previous case opinion that the court has a duty to not only protect the woman, but also the unborn child. Democrats frequent the position, where an unborn child warrants no protection, and is more like a cumbersome piece of life-less property that a woman can do with as she chooses. You can see how the court's duty to protect that unborn child is an obstacle.

In no way does RvW really establish the legality of abortions and it simply relies on previous cases to make its decisions (as is standard).

Media Coverage of Ukraine Before and After the War by Tarrock in politics

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The Javelin anti tank weapons, were material support the US had agreed to give Ukraine. They were talked about extensively in the testimony; how she agreed with arming them, pressuring Russia through doing so, and how it affected the EU/US relationship with Ukraine.

She detailed extensively how this wasn't "Biden dirt", but a serious corruption issue that plagued our State Department's efforts in supporting Ukraine an their anti-corruption overhaul. She explained how companies would hire on to their boards, prominent foreign people, to buy credibility, how Burisma was suspected of corruption, how the investigation was simply put on hold, and how all the things Trump asked about, where current and relevant large and long standing corruption issues related to the US and Ukraine, not personal dirt on a rival....like the falsified Steele Dossier.

Yet, you are right, the part about the olive branch is missing and so is her explaining when an ambassador should step down, before being confused at why she was fired, explaining how the accusations against her, fit the reason to step down, without realizing it.

There is also additions about Russia, and what seem more like current Ukraine/Russia propaganda, I don't recall being there. I think I will see if I can dig up a backup copy, in case the currently hosted one might be altered.

Michigan Nurse ‘Shot Up’ Meth Before Work, Then Allegedly Killed 3-Year-Old, Police Say by HongKongPhooey in news

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Kids, elderly, and the mentally ill, who require a trachea tube, frequently need around the clock care because of their instinct to pull the tube out. Those in-home nursing care jobs pay really good.

Laying on the ground mumbling is not an expected symptom of meth use and someone sleeping/passing out, who still has meth left, doesn't make sense at all.

She probably got some bad stuff. Everything is laced with Fentanyl anymore.

FDA seems poised to ban products from successful American e-cigarette company Juul Labs Inc., despite giving clearance to rival British American Tobacco Plc's similar products by SoCo in news

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That's probably the motivation for the FDA putting the screws to them, but their official reasoning is insufficient safety testing. I doubt the other manufactures are forced to prove their plastic toxins don't leach into their vape juice. The FDA should remove a huge amount of food packaging over that, but won't.

Media Coverage of Ukraine Before and After the War by Tarrock in politics

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If you compare the closed door testimony of former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, to the rest of the Trump Ukraine impeachment gaslighting performance, you'll hear her explain how it was right for her to be replaced, how she was engulfed in formal accusations of corruption, how those who accused her of corruption went to blow the whistle in a non-conventional way, and seemingly were punished by the US criminal justice system for doing so. She also explains how Trump requesting a show of interest in non-corruption, an extended olive branch, she referred to it as, from Ukraine before sending the next shipment of US anti-Tank weapons, was customary and expected of Trump. (It was also done by his predecessors). Trump asked for help investigating 3 of the most major US-Ukraine related corruption scandals: questions of US officials pressuring the former prosecutor out of his position, investigation of the oddly shelved investigation into the Bidens' Burisma corruption, and the single purported actual evidence of the Russia Election Hoax, which was a handwritten receipt conveniently found in an office in Ukraine. She explains how this wasn't what he was expected to ask, but fit what was expected of him and he was likely goaded into doing as a setup.

They Are Lying About the Rate of Inflation. by raven9 in whatever

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Funny thing about markets, is they their value on paper is driven by supply and demand, but in reality it is driven largely by human sentiment. This includes the sentiment of perceived and predicted future supply and demand. Because of this, markets frequently start realizing a price change, before the supply/demand impacting events even happen.

This understanding would imply that expected future inflation may largely already be baked into today's value. The only question is how far in the future, and how confident/pessimistic is that perceived future inflation outlook it is based on. Today's value may represent expected inflation to the end of the year, but by the end of the year, it will probably have already mostly baked in the expected inflation of the next fiscal quarter, at least.

Mega says it can’t decrypt your files. New POC exploit shows otherwise. by TheRealPanzer in Security

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The new POC showed that probably, before MEGA fixed it, that they could have, if intentionally trying to for a long enough period of time, while you had logged in several hundred times.

Then, they explained, once they have your master key, you're kind of boned in many ways.

This, using a technique, malleability of RSA, that is largely under-mentioned for websites that display user content.

State Department adviser after Biden administration proposes a gas tax holiday: Conditions are different from when Obama called gas tax holiday a ‘gimmick’ by iamonlyoneman in politics

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We purportedly have high prices due to lacking fuel supply and a gas tax holiday would encourage more demand....

This is an overt and purposeful incitement of disaster.

The Biden administration seems to want oil companies to both, invest in more fuel production capacity, and divest in oil/fuel to invest in green alternatives.

It's almost like forcing a switch away from oil wasn't really feasible at this point and was a stupid unrealistic fantasy that was only being sold to ensnare young naive voters, but not actually be implemented.

It's like Biden roofied the drinks of young voters, then drank it himself. Now we are watching him flounder about in his underwear.

10 Times Socialism Actually Worked by Chipit in funny

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I'm not sure Star Trek was even socialism (maybe I'm not engorged in the details enough). They seemed to have capitalistic markets, but simply an all inclusive employment with the Federation, which claimed an exploration goal, but was frequently called on for military duties. No one would insinuate that military personnel being provided supplies and boarding while on-duty, to be socialism. Yet, I think that seemed more or less to be the Star Fleet Officer's arrangement.

How do we solve the race problem? by yabbit in AskSaidIt

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Good. I was hoping winning the race didn't involve a bunch of training and physical exertion.

Dennis bitch slaps Neil deGrasse Tyson by P-38lightning in whatever

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European Colonialism was responsible for a whole era of barbaric killing, plundering, indigenous genocides, and industrialized slave trade industry. Sure, that happened by many throughout history, by various groups, but that doesn't mean Europe won't get it's own special recognition for being born on the ashes and fortunes of those slain by a collection of evil empires. Most slavery people are aware of today are an extension of the European Colonial slave trade and the European trade industry it catered to.

Remembering when (mostly) Democrats tried to overthrow the 2016 election, with fake elector votes, with the Hamilton Electors scheme by SoCo in politics

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Wikipedia has since completely removed their Hamilton_Electors page and all change history from it prior to the overhaul, replacing it with professional propaganda.

Archive.org (The Wayback Machine), has also completely removed all history of the wiki page, before the propaganda over haul started..

Remembering the heavy outspoken Congressional and media support, nearly begging electors to overthrow the election:

The Atlantic: Meet the 'Hamilton Electors' Hoping for an Electoral College Revolt

Scientists find remains of cannibalized baby by SoCo in mtnews

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This is how I saw this headline, due to unfortunate text wrapping.

Fauci Refuses To 'Stop Funding Chinese' Research With US Tax Dollars by Chipit in news

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A big part of our World Health Security Strategy is expressly to developed and support stuff in other countries. Ideally, this would be things that protect against, detect, and mitigation those world health risks, not develop dual purpose or singularly weaponized viruses.

Although, hugely costly for Americans to fund the world's health security, I can see value in that approach, if we aren't purposely or naively letting our funding be used to develop biological weapons, knowingly with insufficient training and protection to do so safely.

Android App says Saidit is Down by raven9 in SaidIt

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You have to wonder if these kinds of big mistakes are purposefully done and what types of DNS hijacking or HTTPS certificate forgeries can be made while these, unrealistically devoid of quality assurance controls, outrages are active.

World's largest cricket farm finishes construction in London, Ontario by HongKongPhooey in news

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"Lab grown meat"

Clinton warns Democrats' focus on trans issues could cost them 2024 by HongKongPhooey in news

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Apparently it was the interviewer that said what the title mentions, and Hillary simply "didn't dispute it." It fooled me the first read, with their shady presentation of the quotes.

‘Squad’ Rep. Bowman predicts ‘civil war’ if GOP takes control in midterms. Bowman also claimed the GOP would “impeach President Biden as quickly as possible and they will continue to find ways to impeach him going forward.” by Chipit in politics

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GOP are scum too, but I don't think they have the depravity to really actually abuse the impeachment process against a political rival...especially not 2 and a half times.

Johnson & Johnson settles New York opioid suit in $230 million deal. (CNN 2021) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The fall out hurts us all. Just hope you don't have to take a loved one to the ER in severe paid, like I did last weekend. They apparently aren't allowed to do actual pain management anymore, as my toddler and I watched my wife scream for 7 hours strait as the ER closed the door for our privacy.

is climate change real? by yelgy in AskSaidIt

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Yes, we are in the midst of very well known 10K, 15K, and 100K year climate-impacting cycles all hitting at once. There is a race to profit from knowing and misrepresenting this this.

Biden's efforts to transform this country have failed by Brewdabier in videos

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Oh he didn't fail, he accomplished it...we are all fucked big time.

Footage shows moment unarmed black 13-year-old boy shot by Chicago cop by HongKongPhooey in PoliceMisconduct

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Kind of like Michael Brown, who, while unarmed and already shot four or five times while running for his life, was laying in a pool of his own blood. He purportedly "lunged menacingly" at the cop who chased him down and was shot point plank in the top of the head. No Congressional support that time.

Insurance scam by GeorgeCarlin in memes

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The old Lucky Larry routine. lol

Julian Assange can be extradited, says UK home secretary by Drewski in WikiLeaks

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Never expose a Clinton, or you'll become a journalist martyr.

72 of the top 100 crypto coins have fallen 90% or more by iamonlyoneman in news

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So has the economies of 3 out of 4 of the top countries...

Yet another conviction for the thing that supposedly doesn't happen: Woman pleads guilty to 26 counts of voter fraud in Texas by iamonlyoneman in news

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Her name is Monica Mendez. If you google it, you will find the name listed in the online "Encyclopedia of big boobs". Apparently many people have the same name...

Biden Cheerleaders Leftist Ars Technica : "High fossil fuel prices are good for the planet—here’s how to keep it that way" by cottoneyejoe in propaganda

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Obviously this was the plan all the time from the "war on oil" administration.

Conspiracy theorist might think it is all an effort to impoverish the world, make people dependent on government, and push the new world agenda...

...but Hanlon's Razor would suggest politicians are just morons who though the public could just decide to buy electric cars, when the gas got to expensive, and all their store shelves were stocked by magic fairies...


Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Health revolution on horizon as electronic implants could give medication at the touch of a button, scientists say by HongKongPhooey in conspiracy

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Is shooting up a chore? Ever broke a meth pipe in your pocket? Sick of burning your self on that crack pipe?

Get the new Dope Buttontm !

Family hasn’t used toilet paper for 4 years and replaced it with reusable pieces of cloth by HongKongPhooey in NotTheOnion

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Hippies have been doing that for ages.

Back in the day, there were no disposable diapers for babies. They were just cloth that you washed and reused. There were even services to come around and collect your dirty nappies, wash them and return them clean.

15 Year Old Chicago Boy Driven to Suicide By Bullies Over Rumors He Was Unvaccinated by HongKongPhooey in news

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It will take the Jewish communities to remind people how racist those diversity/equity/inclusion indoctrination programs are.

Aussie schools install vape detectors in bathrooms to alert teachers, a silent alarm is triggered and LOCKS STUDENTS IN THE BATHROOM!!! by HongKongPhooey in news

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Maybe there is some new technology, but from what I know of smoke and trace gas detectors, which I've built a few, the only thing that can detect vapes, reflective laser sensors, are so sensitive that they will detect a high enough concentration of poop particles in the air.

They are likely installing fart detectors in school bathrooms, that cages kids...

This past week, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley produced documents revealing that President Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board had indeed planned to surveil and censor American social media users. Censorship, like all tyrannical instincts, will continue to expand unless and until it is made to stop. by Chipit in censorship

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The Disinformation Governance Board should know that Reddit's /r/CoronavirusIllinois banned me for supporting masks, calling masks anti-vaccine.

My experience with Reddit Covid in a nutshell

I hadn't added: Banned from r/Science for the forbidden science of John Hopkin's University. FYI 2nd and 3rd clinical trials for the first vaccines will be finished near the end of this year.

Bitcoin: Why is the largest cryptocurrency crashing? by crustybutt in cryptocurrency

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Real answer: The WHOLE world economy is crashing and crypto is still somewhat in the risky experimental infancy stage.

...that and the persistent, massive, corporate sponsored FUD campaign.

Kraken CEO Doubles Down on Anti-Woke Culture, Says 'Triggered' Employees Should Leave by HongKongPhooey in cryptocurrency

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I keep liking Kraken more and more. Once I really like a place, they seem to do something dumb. Rip Cryptsy.

Brave's founder: DuckDuckGo's Browser not only allows cookies from Microsoft's trackers, but also allows users to be tracked via URLs by TheRealPanzer in privacy

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If people only knew how bad the stock Mozilla Firefox was...

Go to the [|||] menu -> More Tools -> Task Manager

You will see 'Add-ons Search Detection'... a hidden add-on that doesn't show in the add-on list. If you hover over it, and click the jump arrow at the far right, you get it's unlisted add-on page.

Add-ons Search Detection Requires Access to Private Windows This extension has access to your online activities while private browsing. Learn more

Version 2.0.0 Last Updated January 10, 2022

Required permissions for core functionality: Access your data for all websites

And see the hidden spy ad on, that tracks every search query you make, then the result you get, to send back to Mozilla and partners. You can only disable it per session, then Mozilla Firefox restarts it.

Ostensibly, this is a research project to detect malicious replacement of search result links, even when you have overtly opted out o fall research projects and have painfully tried your best to manually disable all the vast extensive telemetry spy-tracking...

I expect Google Chrome to be even worse.

GEICO may have to pay $5.2 million to a woman who got an STD in an insured car by GeorgeCarlin in news

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Possible implication:

Step one, cancel your health insurance. Step two, get full coverage on your car. Step three, live in your car. Result, actual health insurance that isn't a rip off, costing a $1K/month, having a $6K+ deductible, dictates your medical treatment, frequently refuses to cover needed treatment, and as highlighted here, never pays for damages.

Maybe we should be asking why health insurance doesn't pay for damages. That medical problem doesn't just cost doctors bills, tests, treatments, and medication, it costs you time from work, suffering, lost potential, and quality of life damages as well.

US asked to explain after Pentagon admits to operating 46 biolabs in Ukraine after months of denial by Chipit in news

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Every once in awhile you hear the term in this context, so everyone should know what "dual purpose" research is; it is researching to protect against diseases and weaponize it, at the same time.

Researchers Find Bluetooth Signals Can be Fingerprinted to Track Smartphones by TheRealPanzer in privacy

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Patriot Front member Jared Boyce kicked out by mom after Idaho arrest by HongKongPhooey in news

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Parents kick youth out of home for attending gay pride even, leading misguided liberals to celebrate and ridicule.

what other supreme court decisions would you like to see overturned? by yelgy in AskSaidIt

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision that bipartisan ballot observers weren't required to be in the same room, rather on within effective visible range of ballot counting, to fulfill their legally required duty. They are frequently the only ballot counting security.

Many states have interpreted voting privacy laws, like Wisconsin, to mean ballot counters and those who handle ballot count data, should never have equipment that logs administrative actions, access to critical ballot count equipment, or recording security cameras.

what drugs should we legalize? by yelgy in AskSaidIt

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Until they do, almost everything has fentinal in it right now.

It's really weird that Biden admin was giving out crack pipe and needles in harm reduction kits (confirmed)...but not fent tests strips...

Juneau, Alaska: 12 kids ingested floor sealant served as milk during summer program, according to school district by SoCo in news

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Serving school children poisoned milk again...this seems oddly familiar. Didn't this happen at least one other time very recently?

TIME: Why the Philippines Has Lots of Guns But Very Few Mass Shootings Despite Easy Access to Guns by SoCo in news

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tl;dr Their legal system isn't an over used state revenue system, so when people are arrested/jailed, it is deeply embarrassing and shameful. They also have strong family and local community social structure, which help people feel connected, de-incentivizing doing bad things, for fear of being shunned/disliked by community peers. This strong family and community structure also acts as a strong support structure for mental health and personal crisis.

Trump responds with strong case showing wide-spread problems: 'Americans showed up to D.C. in massive numbers on Jan 6th, to hold their elected officials accountable for obvious signs of criminal activity throughout the Election.' (PDF via thehill.com) by SoCo in news

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The Federal government shipped the first batch of Covid tests to the states on February 4th. The states didn't have the proper swabs, vials and other petty problems, some which seemed exaggerated resistance. Several batches of those first tests were contaminated. The problems were worked out over the next two weeks, under constant political opposition and media heckling, which pretended this wasn't a historically fast development and distribution of tests for a novel virus.

The test contamination problem was a common problem, which repeated in large batches around the world for the next year, as factories became clean-room medical supply producers over night.

Trump wasn't in charge of the pandemic response. The government had released a brand new Global Health Security strategy on May 9, 2019, with a focus on an all-of-government response. This replaced the 'group of old guys with other jobs,' pandemic response team, with a real response plan. This was many years in the making and the result of lessons learned from Ebola, Zika, and the dozen other seriously near disasters we were woefully unprepared for in the decade prior to Trump. Biden almost immediately scrapped it and rewrote it, mostly because it had Trump's name on it, despite it being almost totally developed under Obama. I'm sure he had a few new lessons learned the year after Covid started, though.

Yet, mostly Trump told people not to panic, that they had a to make their own best decisions based on recommendations from medical professionals. He then let the medical professionals do the talking, having them televise updated information and recommendations until the media refused to broadcast it anymore, because they were board. Early on, we had little useful information, except for "wash your hands." Wash your hands and doing it thoroughly was our CDC's first and biggest suggestion to the public.

patriot front members doxxed by aureolin in whatever

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Yes, the police violating people's Constitutional rights based on perceived belief, is exactly fascism.

Only other people have designated that group with that blanket ideology. They only claim to be nationalists...not even white nationalists. They are a nationwide group spread out across 25 states per wiki, blanket labeling them based on what one guy posted on line, is a terrible and shameful thing, that these shifty organizations who get paid to designate everyone as white power and racist do so regularly, based on little more (The fascism enabling designators of group motivations such as SPLC, antidefination league, etc).

Supporting strict enforcement of our existing border laws is not racist, as even Candidate Obama was a strong advocate (before election). The shameful, but common, spin of enforcing border laws as racist, is in itself a dirty racist trick, imo.

So can I question why at 10:30 pm election night when Trump was crushing Biden all the swing states suddenly stopped counting ballots which has never been done before, lied about water main break to boot out poll watchers, then pulled out cases of hidden ballots and shoved them through the machines? by Orangutan in politics

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Those pictures are familiar. That is when they exaggerated a small water leak in the bathroom, lying several times about it being a water main leak, and told everyone they were going to stop counting for the night, that they should go home.

Then when the observers left a small shifty group got together to do a late night cram session of counting ballots alone, where a suitcase of ballots that was stashed under a folding table, obscured with table cloth, was taken out to count. Nothing to see here, folks, move along. Big lie, not evidence, no reason to investigate or even look the presented non-evidence. Suggesting doing so is an attack on democracy, trying to overthrow the election.

Is there a single uncensored site on the american internet? by yabbit in whatever

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Fight For Your Mind by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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Bring something to repel the ticks or it will be stressful later. They seem crazy bad and early this year. It makes me worried how bad the mosquitoes will be.

patriot front members doxxed by aureolin in whatever

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It seems like the police prevented these people from attending the LGBTQ pride pride event....due to their looks and manor of dress alone. A bit of BDSM gear and celebratory legal fireworks, was supposively found after their Constitutional rights were trampled.

Good thing the article had a pre-cog, Jon Lewis, from George Washington University guess what flavor ice-cream each of them surely like, to go along with the gestapo pre-crime charges.

I mean really, just flat out declaring people to surely have these horrible and hateful beliefs, based on one guy one the other side of the country, is growing rapidly. The guilt by association...with someone you don't really associate with. We know Boy Scout leaders and Priests have molested children, but we don't see George Washington University, unequivocally, blanked-declaring all Boy Scouts members and all churches kindly fiddlers. There is a serious problem with this form of fascism.

Worse, is when the police charge people for what the fascists tell them they surely would be motivated to possibly do. The legal system becomes a fascism system very quickly that way.

When they abused the law and violated the Constitution to get <someone purportedly bad> I said nothing....

... then when they did it to me, there was no one left to speak up.

Microsoft News Network is blocking the Brave browser. by AmericanMuskrat in Internet

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That link is a wall of browser errors for me on FF...but somehow still (mostly) works.

[BUG] https://saidit.net requires a browser configured to allow fingerprinting for login, because it uses Cloudflare DDOS protection services by auch999 in SaidIt

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I'm suggesting that data, after collected, would then be fed into AI for nefarious reasons. Collecting all that data can't be that valuable to governments just for crime/terrorism fighting and politics. They need that much info to feed AI, to manipulate the public masses.

Windsor Tower in Madrid, Spain burned for 20+ hours and never collapsed. No steel frame structure had ever collapsed due to fire, before or 9/11. On 9/11, 3 collapsed, due to "structural failure from fires". by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The tricked people with a simple misdirection. "Oh, look, something shiny..." Their strawman was about weakening steel, not melting steel. Then you get people talking about how this threads of steel Brillo might melt with a small amount of forced air, far from this scenery, as is the wind blowing flames of burning carpet, paper, and curtains.

Anyone who read the NIST report can instantly tell it is a collection of hand-wavy excuses with a predetermined result. The lack of a real investigation is a dead give away. No investigation started for a year after it happened, even.

Researchers analyze the blockchain of early BTC miners in first 2 years. They throw out most data, make several wrong assumptions and it gets spun into hit FUD piece. by SoCo in cryptocurrency

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They can't read and think Bitcoin was supposed to be anonymous, while citing Satoshi explaining out it is only psudo anonymous.

They throw out all data from mining pools and exchanges. They erroneously assume mining multiple blocks in a row means you control most of the hash power. They are oblivious to early network details which impacted such things. This gets spun into a FUD piece implying Bitcoin totally isn't decentralized because it wasn't so much in the first year. They inaccurately pretend Ross Ulbricht could have 51% attacked, for a scary name drop, when he had a small fraction of hash power.

They seem to be great with some vague and baseless game theory stuff, which they pad their research with. I guess they don't realize that this incentivization was built into the design. If you steal BTC in the first 2 years, you crash the value to zero and ruin everyone's time for no gain.

[BUG] https://saidit.net requires a browser configured to allow fingerprinting for login, because it uses Cloudflare DDOS protection services by auch999 in SaidIt

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There is no way to avoid fingerprinting. You can't realistically block it, obfuscate it, or avoid it. There are too many ways to finger print a network connection, computer, and browser.

This can't identify you or anything, so it is mostly not a problem.....What it can do, though, is match you when you access their website or service. They can know you are the same person who accessed content of theirs before and can keep a history of when and what you accessed. If you have two accounts on a website, the website will always be able to know those accounts are the same person through fingerprinting, even if you change browsers, operating systems, and maybe even if you change computers with some confidence.

This is all if they wanted to. Any small website can slap fingerprinting plugin or library on their webpages. You might even be able to avoid most of that fingerprinting, with a ton of effort, but ultimately it is a hopeless task.

Big companies will pay a subscription to enterprise fingerprinting packages, completely undetectable to the users, with regular updates from teams of experts pushing the most crazy robust and cutting edge techniques. They measure so much about your screen's technical details, video driver, your installed fonts, your HTTPS cipher acceptance, your browser in every way, tons of obscure timing stuff...and just everything. It is infeasible to completely avoid it.

Knowing you are the same person who has been to a web site in the past and how often is slightly valuable as a anonymous anti-spam/telemetry/analytics metrics or something to websites, but knowledge of you limited to just their own site....

Yet, large companies like AmazonCloud, Cloudfare, Google, and many places that simply host very popular JavaScript libraries, have such a wide grasp. This quickly becomes de-anonymizing, able to track you across the internet with that fingerprinting, and eventually linking you to various locations, web accounts, or submitted content that identify you. It is a side-channel attack technically.

Marketing, politics/social analytics, government intelligence companies, and even police departments are buying this kind of data regularly. It is a massive market, that is massively valuable. It is extremely hard for too-large of companies to say "no" to large mounts of revenue from their existing infrastructure, especially when they have a government or police investigation compelling them and telling them is for a really important reason that saves or helps people.

Now just wait for the AI to put all that data together and predict what the perfect talking point is to convince more than 70% of the population to get in cages without resisting would be...

Proud boys indictment by GeorgeCarlin in whatever

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This is super weak and mostly for show. This kind of gish-gallop forgone conclusions may sucker the foolish masses during public tribunals, where you repeatedly gaslight what you think was people's motivations as if they are facts. Yet, lame impeachment hearing trick won't fly in a court, with established concepts of reasonable doubt.

Legally, there are several aspects to this....

It seems they planned a rather large protest, in efforts to sway the public and officials. Coordinating large protests safely is very difficult, requires a lot of planning, communicating, and enforcing strict rules for safety and to make a public impact that causes change, as all protests expect.

It seems whatever planning they were doing, was disrupted by Tarrio being arrested. From then on, it seems like "Person-1", "Person-2", and "Person-3" took over the leadership. They also were the only ones cited in the indictment as directly suggesting planning of anything illegal, such as storming doors, mentioning what seemed like advocating use of mace, and references to acting as a militia. Person-1 was the only one who made any direct statement of intent to disrupt the count, rather than just protest, by making the false statement that the count would be invalid if they didn't certify that day.

Person-1/2/3 have their names withheld, likely because they've turned state's evidence. They took over the leadership, seem like they might have encouraged it be more than just a protests at times, then became witnesses with court privileges. You have to wonder if this is yet another FBI led crime, like the Michigan FBI plan to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, while entrapping a few people. Or maybe, when the Proud Boys' very expressly important leadership that was disrupted by Tarrio's arrest, these people co-opted the leadership and led it astray only to get a light plea bargain to setup those who they led.

The indictment makes it clear that they did not lead the breach of the Capitol Building. They claim a single unnamed person did first in an oddly vague statement. Despite mentioning they were near the front of the very massive crowd, the indictment goes on to explain how a large crowd the Proud Boys were not in control or influence had made all the main initial efforts to breach and enter, explaining how they were excited and mostly just followed the crowd. The exception being breaking into the window, which the indictment places squarely on one member. The crowd of non-Proud Boy random people flowing into the Capitol Building, likely were so massive, that they couldn't get to the door, making the window seem appealing.

The indictment fails to show any planning of a crime. It makes weak and meaningless references to using walkies talkies (I have a BaoFeng I use hiking), encrypted chat, like all of the Internet isn't encrypted, and meeting people about plans for a protest. The indictment mentions only the fed's witness mentioning entering the Capitol doors during prior planning. The indictment does not establish any prior planning with direct intention to illegally disrupt the electoral count, only to influence the public by protesting.

All the conspiracy charges and especially the conspiracy to obstruct a proceeding, seem not to have any supporting claims. One could assume the conspired only to legally protest and indecently involved in a large crowd's mayhem that ended up delaying the electoral vote. While they seemed to happily aid and abet this crowd's eventual result of delaying the proceeding, preventing cops from doing their duty, destruction of property, assaulting/resisting, and civil disobedience, while in the heat of the moment, the indictment does not establish prior planning of this. For this reason, without the establishment of prior planning to do these things and intent, there is no reason to charge all these people with each of these incidental criminal actions, instead of just each person who preformed that act. If they didn't plan to do anything but protest hard, then why charge Tarrio, whom wasn't even there, with all these charges? They could just charge individually, like then did with count ten, only charging the guy with robbery, who took the police shield.

It reeks of forgone conclusions and another round of irrationally trumped up charges, meant only for the news cycle, timed with the Jan 6 Committee's performance campaigning for the midterm elections with yet another made-for-TV tribunal.

Logically, there are several other aspects to this....

The public had many concerns about these election problems, but watched as their government, courts, and media communications, collectively conspired to downplay, ignore, deny and censor the problems they were concerned about. The public had plenty of reason to be upset about the election problems int he Covid mess of an election. They saw the immediate retribution and attacks towards anyone who questioned the election, tried to get it investigated, or participated in legally addressing the many problems. The public, likely felt like they were having their election stolen, even if they voted for Jo Jorgensen or Biden. January 6th was a massive, bipartisan, public uprising, as a direct result of the Banana Republic style refusal to take the public's election concerns seriously.

It seems the Proud Boys planned a rather large protest, in efforts to sway the public and officials. Coordinating large protests safely is very difficult, requires a lot of planning, communicating, and enforcing strict rules. We've seen the violent protesters and counter protesters attack others many times. Safety and not getting out of control are paramount to protesting. Radios, bull horns, strict rules of leadership and following directions are important. Most of the time, not just safety, but public perception of your protest impacts it's effectiveness to sway opinion and make real change.

This is a Constitutionally protected right to protest, which was cited when ultimately dismissing charges against a couple hundred of violent protesters who attacked the Capitol barricades during the 2016 election's electoral conformation, burned property, injured many police/security, and occupied a few nearby buildings. Most, they didn't bother arresting, but a group of about 250 of these 2016 anti-election rioters had real charges almost pressed against them. Prosecutors were urged relentlessly by politicians to drop the charges and eventually they declared the rioters, many violent and destructive, as just exerting their Constitutional right to protest. There were also many separate 2016 anti-election riots across the country on that day (as well as months prior and months after). Reddit users even coordinated what they openly called the "Day Of Insurrection", for January 20th, 2017. We saw a few Democrat politicians suggest being supportive of this planned event, during TV interviews, even suggesting that they have to get tough to be heard.

The difference, aside from their riots being much more violent, injuring many more police, destroying more property, being supported by politicians, and not being criminally perused for charges....was that on January 6th, 2017, the protesters were allowed in the Capitol Building. They protested from the visitors lobby, just outside the door of electoral count chambers. While one protester tried to quickly storm through the door and into the chamber, she/he was quickly grabbed and taken out of the building by security and bystanders. It happened so fast, there was very little video of it. The video showed on TV the day it happened and couple days later, was careful not to be shown again.

The things the same, include a protest that disrupted and delayed the electoral. Yes, the Jan 6th 2017 electoral count was disrupted many times by loud protesters....just outside the door.AP Video This along with time eaten up by 11 members of Congress unsuccessfully objecting to electors, caused the 2016 election's electoral count to be delayed and resumed another day in a special session. I remember, as Vice President Biden was presiding over the count, he was constantly yelling for "order" and barking over and over that "there is no debate!"

....during that special session, two protests, snuck into the chambers and sat along side members of Congress. At an opportune time, they both stood up and started shouting anti-election protest stuff within a couple feet of the Congress-members, before being drug out of the chambers. You can see it on video!

The plan to overthrow the election with fake elector votes didn't work out so well in 2016 either.