The Obournes Appear in Conservative Campaign Video: Went From Singing ‘War Pigs’ to Being ‘War Pigs’ by thehomelessromantic in news

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At least they've shifted to again oppose the war pigs. If we compare the war problems under this administration and the last, there is a huge difference. While we teeter on World War 3, I'm surprised at the restraint of the world, to not push back, by glassing us all with nukes after our evil liberal President has supported such disruption of world peace and the complete destruction of world economy and energy security. They know his goal is unchecked world re-organization and wealth theft en mass. I fear that it isn't restraint, but rather helplessness, that the US still stands after such a wide reign off terror. Humanity as a whole is on a cusp today.

What's the real reason students are rioting on American University campuses? I don't really think it's Israel. by jerryk in AskSaidIt

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They were probably protesting against the US's support for genocide abroad as well as their own university's financial support of those genocidal governments abroad. (The clear genocides against Gaza and East Ukraine)

They are dismissed with simple gas lighting, refer to them as racist anti-Israel protesters or pro-Hamas, send in the paid agent provocateurs to bear-spray and beat the peaceful protesters with metal pipes, while the police watch, then swoop in with the riot gear, with gas, high power water guns, bean bags, and every almost nonlethal tool possible, intending to send a message....don't cross the genocidal foreign influences who control the US police, politicians, and universities.

It's the same strategy every protest. Protesting is no longer safe, protected, or effective in the US. If you see an affective protest in the US, and they aren't being murdered with impunity with black-clad professionals, then you can know for sure it was paid for and sanction by those who control the murderous protest smashing-companies who popped up after the protests against the bankers. You know the protesters are fake paid people.

We are all open-pen slaves to bankers, whom control us with regulatory and financial influence. They farm humans, force them to labor, then usurp their wealth. It is just modern slavery. The US Dollar is Unconstitutional and the US Government was not permitted to form a fiat currency. Debt is not a backing, rather a sick joke to pretend it is. Gold and silver was enshrined in our government to protect us from such slavery.

This is Judge Andrea Jarmon. She is the Seattle judge who dismissed all the charges against radical activists who blocked traffic for hours. America is in deep trouble with "justice" like this. by P-38lightning in news

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I remember when when the anti-Trump protesters blocking traffic in Chicago made the news because they blocked an Ambulance. They media quickly lied and said they were BLM protesters.

There Is No Option of Parole For Sam Bankman-Fried by praveenss in cryptocurrency

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He still got off with a slap on the wrist and they completely botched the case, likely purposely. They didn't even address the campaign financing fraud.

They pretend he had something to do with crypto, but the fraud he did was simple and common banker tricks. All of our banks are fractional reserves, whom gamble their customers' cash. That is why the dying economy is hurting banks; they gambled wrong with their customers' funds.

We also ignore that regulators were all over him, but not saying a word. They let this happen.

Since we all know the majority of modern women are entitled and narcissistic beyond belief, and the majority of modern men lack any amount of masculinity or courage, and neither one of them want to have children, are we literally living in the early extinction days of mankind right now? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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We are being exterminated with hormone disrupting pollution. It is in our foods, our cloths, our furniture, our housing material, our water, and just everything. Everything is flooded with endocrine disrupting chemicals; microplastics, BPA, and tons tons more.

It reminds me of the earlier Batman plot, where the joker was manufacturing many products and poisoning them. Yet, it was only if you used the wrong combinations of those products, did the serious impact hit.

In our situation, all of our products are so poisoned that you have avoid it.

When you pollute the population so much that they start mutilating their genitals and becoming undeniably afflicted with other signs of long term poisoning, your first low-effort attempt to dodge liability is to pretend they chose this and this is just who they are.

We tend to forget that endocrine disruption doesn't just bend your gender, cause people to have emotional instabilities, violent outbursts, and struggle to function in society and learning difficulties. These disruptions to our fundamental hormone balances cause serious medical problems and health problems. Loosing your masculinity is the least of your problems. This impacts your blood sugar your thyroid, cause serious organ problems and large increases in cancer risks.

Yet, this is clearly a long term plan. We are being systematically exterminated. They activated the last steps of whatever this plan is. We have only to worry what the end of the plan is, while we frogs slowly boil.

Some things might just be a well intention mistake, or simple greed, such as corners cut, but somethings are very obvious attacks on the public.

The spike protein was well known to cause infertility, since we've been growing them from the old SARS-2 in bovine liver cells. These proteins after being modified for Covid, bind readily to ACE2. The most plentiful of which are male hormones. This means that Covid and the vaccine are likely to reduce testosterone in men, long term. The flaws in CRISPR that make it too dangerous to use on humans, creating random DNA scaffolding trash and flawed RNA transcriptions, which are well known for generational infertility in test animals. We've known this for decades, but this and similar techniques were used to create covid vaccines. We were told they had solved this problem, but they lied and simply used all the under-tested new techniques thought to slightly help against this. They crammed every one they could find together blindly and just crossed their fingers.

Vax spike in monocytes 245 days out, Paper suggests jabs as underlying cause of 'long Covid'. by Questionable in news

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Tons of studies have found this for years. Those were just hidden from the public for the first couple of years and completely banned from mention on main stream news, social media, youtube, etc.

245 days they say, good thing they canceled the phase 2&3 clinical trials for long term safety after 4 months or less. The previous trials were much shorter, even. We literally have zero actual safety data. We were lied to about the safety trials being completed; they officially ended at the end of 2022, but after 4 months they scrapped them, and abandoned completion. All the data was hidden at the time one needed informed consent.

In the last week, the CDC has again suggested kids get vaxed....based on a vague study, with only 3 people, which didn't look at kids, and only included people who were vaxed within the last 100 days. They used this to declare that myocardial in kids isn't a real thing.

We are being exterminated.

Trump Media shares plunge more than 15% after company files to issue additional DJT stock by neolib in finance

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They try to trick you into thinking this is a bad thing.

They are issuing more shares, thus the previous shares will be worth less, but through warrants, the previous share holders will get a comparable deal, if fake news doesn't trick people into lowering their own stock's value.

Thus, if the value stayed the same, the market cap would be worth more. Yet, supply and demand doesn't sit on its ass, while supply increases; instead they factor in the future values change into today's value.

Simple stuff the majority of the population is too dumb to understand (we can thanks decades of pollution on purposeful poisoning for keeping us dumb and barely functioning).

Why are women allowed to vote if they can't get drafted? by elonmusk7 in AskSaidIt

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I remember Obama talking about adding women to the draft. I guess that kind of equality didn't quite sit well with feminist he was pandering to...

Can The US and its allies prevent a full-scale war as Israel discusses options regarding Iran? by wahyu in news

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Israel committed a war crime assassinating a foreign adversary in their own embassy. Iran was right to retaliate. The US is wrong for sticking up for Israel's further misdeeds, but everyone fears this is their last chance at an illegal and inhumane, unethical, and murderous power grabs. The US is ensuring their corrupt conspirators take their opportunities.

Yet, the media seems to downplay that the war is against the US and Israel, not just Israel. The US, like in Ukraine, play a very big part in enabling the genocide, the offensive attacks, the war-crimes, and destabilizing the world.

Biden repeats lie about being the first in his family to go to college — decades after admitting it’s not true by [deleted] in politics

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The debate is were Biden lied another time about this, which Politifact conveniently pretends doesn't exist, like this was some one-off mistake. Politifact is provably liars (or dangerously incompetent).

Are there any other *actual* intelligent people on Saidit? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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They both are weak and rollover to the corrupt dem authoritarians, putting Republicans and rational legislation in the bench warming position.

Donald Trump Become The First Former US President To Stand Trial In a Criminal Case by wahyu in politics

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This is the former President being criminally charged....for being blackmailed. Isn't blackmail illegal?

Either way, it was Cohen's doing and responsibility. That's why he is already in prison for it.

Western countries have too many rules by elonmusk7 in whatever

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The US's is ran by the foolish daily whims of college kids (the largest voting demographic whom politicians must pander too). They strive for us to be more like the authoritarian nanny state socialism of Western European countries. They are just ignorant of history and don't realize there is a reason why they have not-so-just-for-looks monarchies still...

Are there any other *actual* intelligent people on Saidit? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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McConnel and Johnson are both Democratic plants in my book. They are working very hard for terrible democrat policies and to make the Republicans look like the bad guy while the Democrats are overtly robbing the country.

Biden repeats lie about being the first in his family to go to college — decades after admitting it’s not true by [deleted] in politics

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We can avoid thinking and use Politifact and other state propaganda outlets....or we can trust the 2020 town hall debate we watched with our own eyes, which proves Politifact a liar.

'Panama Papers': Trial of 27 people charged in worldwide money laundering case begins by Drewski in news

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While it highlighted the duality of protections Americans have, versus their rich elite, most of what the Panama Papers outlined, wasn't technically legal, just sort of unethical.

Americans Continue to Add More Than a Million Firearms to Their Arsenals Every Month by boston_blackie in news

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With crime increasing, gun grabbers full throttle trying to take ways your Constitutional rights, and the increasing dystopian authoritarian communism this country has slipped deeply into, I'm not surprised. Giving cause to need a gun, will ensure more are sold.

Biden repeats lie about being the first in his family to go to college — decades after admitting it’s not true by [deleted] in politics

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Politifact is wrong. He repeated this lie at least during the 2020 election debate thing, the original time long ago that caused a scandal, and apparently once again. Politifact purposely left out the mention from the 2020 debate town hall.

It isn't about forgetting his earlier words, it is about him exaggerating his own personal history into full out lies, repeatedly.

WaPoo has such bad TDS, they can't write accurately. They colluded with other weaponized media to make a nonsense list of things they call lies because they disagree with it and other things that are largely dishonest spins, like everything they've colluded with other media to pollute the minds of the public about. Almost everything the public knows about current events, politicians, our country, and the world purposely fed inaccuracies.

Are there any other *actual* intelligent people on Saidit? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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I read the poison border bill, which wasn't really bipartisan...not like we have 2 parties anymore.

The bill wanted pallets of tax payer cash build a bridge, create more entries, and make it easier for the invasions to com e in.

It was a pathetically moronic attempt to "fix the immigration system", instead of addressing the crisis at hand. It was a total fake, looking sucker small minded progressives, who have been baited on the concept of an comprehensive immigration overhaul for decades, as an excuse why no blatant problems needing immediate fixes or stop-gaps due to decades negligence and obstruction, have been fixed in all this time.

It is the standard fallacy of totality. Dems: "No we won't fix the border crisis, unless we can make a sweeping overhaul into pie-in-the-sky unrealistic childish and wasteful 'solutions', which don't address any of the problems."

...the same trick yet again. It is just obstruction. The US public unquestionably voted for a secure southern border, when passing the Secure Fence Act of 2006. The public was defrauded by politicians and never received their double-fence.

Facebook let Netflix see user DMs to help them tailor content as part of a close collaboration between the two tech giants, new court documents claims by xoenix in technology

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Selling your private, personal, messages to lame entertainment advertisers...despicable.

Pretty wild for a foreign government to say out loud... by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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I was pointing out the gaggle of Democrats, purchased by the Chicago Jewish group, whom pushed the anti-boycott bill with their secretly-Democrat governor

IN HIS HEAD - American man had migraines caused from a parasite in his brain. How did he get it? This article suggests it was from eating pork: non-crispy bacon. by In-the-clouds in news

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Factory farms are selling lots of parasite ridden trash meat.....but frequently, it is from using a Netty Pot...some sort of tiny tea pot for sniffing water when your nose is stuffy. Seems weird to me.

$20 an hour min. wage for flipping burgers increase causes stores to close across the nation as nobody wants to inflate the dollar and raise prices. Sorry but it's stupid lol. by CivilWarrior in WorldPolitics

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Three things that never work in the long run, destroy the industry, and are a lie if pushed:

  • Taxing the rich more (always raises middle class, increasing wealth divide)
  • Forcing employers to pay more
  • Forcing drug manufacturers to charge less

Pretty wild for a foreign government to say out loud... by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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The anti-BDS stuff is pretty generally bi-partisan. It has been going on for a very long time.

In my state of Illinois, it was pushed by Dems, (Sen. Ira Silverstein (D) and Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D) in 2015), but it was signed by Governor Rauner. He was a Republican by title only, but really just a corrupt Chicago area liberal.

HRC Tells Half the Nation to "Get over yourselves" by UncleWillard56 in politics

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Her whole point in showing her disgraced criminally corrupt face again, was to push the DNC's current desperate anti-democratic position that NO third-party candidates should be allowed.

Man who started Transgender Day of Visibility claims to be a Jew who also celebrates Easter. But Jews reject Jesus, sacrificed for the world and resurrected on the day called "Easter". When Jesus returns to rescue his own and fight against the wicked, will he find any faith left on the earth? by In-the-clouds in conspiracy

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This was the kind of stuff that started World War 1. The Germans felt they were being attack by outside forces pushing LGB crap and other social changes. They felt this was destroying their German culture. They reacted in a nationalistic way, written in the history books as an extreme overly nationalist response. These were some of the first book-burnings, LGB type studies and books. Their attackers stayed hidden, while the Germans flailed blindly at an invisible enemy infecting their own population, but they kept seeing Jewish people involved with many of the culture destroying attacks and eventually seemed to blame it all on them.

Data from 73M current, former customers leaked on dark web, AT&T confirms by Cancelthis in corruption

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Now everyone knows the real name, social security number, and address of all those websites you did 2FA with.

Information Bombs: the danger of reading everything online by PanzersGhost in Internet

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I suspect these same logical fallacy based assertions have long been prominent in print as well. Yet, more people can easily spread them with out many barriers now, instead of it being all expensive purposefully laid propaganda-like spins by those funding print articles and books.

Ecological Attack: Liquid Nitrogen Released, Kills Nearly 750K Fish in Iowa River by Questionable in environment

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They say liquid nitrogen, but that doesn't make sense. Then they mention ammonia....

An anhydrous ammonia would be thousand times worse for the environment than nitrogen. Yet, it's not really used for its nitrogen impact.

Most likely, this was a release of a liquid urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN solution). Commonly, this can be ammonium nitrate, urea-ammonium sulfate. One could dumb it down as mass synthetic pee, sort of.

This stuff kills plants, but is generally considered safe for humans and normal amounts / concentrations. I don't think the dead fish would agree this was normal amounts.

The largest long-term risk, that anyone will admit exists, is the toxic algae blooms that result from these kinds of spills.

Why does the Cloudflare thing behave differently when I'm at work and at home? by weavilsatemyface in AskSaidIt

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Firefox is very easy to fingerprint and exploit. Brave has attempted to harden its-self, even when shields are down. This is exactly what Cloudflare does; it fingerprints your browser in multiple ways and semi-exploits it to do so.

It seems to do a few main things to test.

  • categorize you based on your IP address
  • do rendering timing tests on your browser
  • track your mouse movements, requiring you to do nothing else but hover your mouse over the website, while waiting and waiting for it to refresh and take checkbox clicks over and over.
  • It breaks your browser's debugging functionality with semi-exploits.
  • It runs a Web Service in the background, so that it can execute code on your machine (inside the browser's sandbox) and make web requests even when you leave the website.
  • I haven read the privacy policy, but they are likely selling this data to data collectors, although "anonymized", whom pay companies like Oracle to de-anonymize the users. Then they can sell your account name along with your real name to companies and governments.
  • We'd likely be appalled to learn what else it is doing.

A top official in Denver was just caught on tape begging illegals to leave the city: Denver Newcomer Liaison: "Any city. We can take you to the Canadian border, wherever." by [deleted] in news

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Colorado has largely been pushing back against the war of attrition invasion, since pretty early on, despite their Liberal shit-hole status.

Doing so has made them one of the only former sanctuary states, who is not overran with measles outbreaks right now (along with border states or those that were heavily shipped invaders by the feds and foreign groups, like Florida).

Tip for removing reddit from google search results. by BanditMcFuklebuck in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Google seems to only give results that point to their own content or partners' content now. They are no longer a search engine, but just more curated content.

Why Is The National Guard Being Deployed During The Great American Eclipse On April 8th? by Drewski in conspiracy

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I'm not sure you replied to the correct comment. I'm not how what you said relates.

(I guess I'll wast 30 minutes of my time click Cloudflare checkboxes to rely...Saidit Broke: AttributeError("'str' object has no attribute 'use'",)..looks like another malicious Tor exit node from Fance ...welp, I guess I'll give it another 15 min...)

AIDs didn't cause a world wide economic collapse and lift-off into world war. I doubt the world wide death toll was comparable too, be it from the virus or the murderous reactions to the virus.

Obviously, a financial asset not controlled by the government, becomes appealing during a financial melt down. This isn't a cliche story updated with crypto, this is the real way things are. Investors have pulled out of almost everything. Some have institutionally hedged this bet in crypto. Personally, I feel it is much more difficult for the government to confiscate than gold or silver.

"I'm Sorry" - FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison by Drewski in news

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They dropped most of his charges and low-balled the sentence. The media is clamoring to pretend he did nothing wrong.

He was never charged with his huge conspiracy of electoral fraud, which had a part in swaying our election, giving almost 5 times as much stolen money to Democrat candidates.

They keep reporting this BANKER, who did banker loan fraud, as if he did something cryptocurrency related; no, crypto was just a fake backing asset that he uses to prop up the facade of having money backing his banking load scam.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed almost as quickly as the World Trade Center Buildings.(6-minute video) by [deleted] in videos

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The bridge didn't have a multi story deep pit of molten metal for months though. People have forgotten the molten metal pit, thus, they forgot the point of 'jet-fuel doesn't melt steel beams', which let them fall for the lame misdirection about a few seconds of jet fuel fire possibly weakening some beams....or some silly talk of office paperwork fires.

It would be so much easier if I had no sexual attraction to anyone ( Asexual ) by blackpilllife in AskSaidIt

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You are being poisoned with hormone disrupting chemicals. It is in all the food, health and beauty products, cloths, furniture, carpets, plastic container/packaging, the water, and even the air. Women are becoming depressed, anxiety ridden, and devoid of interest in sex. Men are becoming depressed, anxiety ridden, sexually frustrated, and eventually violent and irate. These are just the surface effects, both are having serious health problems such as cancers and immune disorders from this long term poisoning. BPA, microplastics, forever chemicals, fire retardants, herbicides, pesticides, RoundUp, DDT, food packaging, aluminum can liners...we are flooded with it. The vaccine seems to be impacting specifically male hormones, with their impact on igG4, too.

Mai-in voting by [deleted] in politics

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The US declared mail-in voting too fraud prone too, like in the late 1980's (It was probably much safer back then, but this was actually 2005), when Jimmy Carter was part of a group tasked with doing an risk assessment report on it.

Absentee voting is vulnerable to abuse in several ways, the Carter-Baker report stated, including that ballots sent to the wrong address could get intercepted, or citizens who vote at a home, nursing home or work might be subject to intimidation or pressure.

The report included tips to improve absentee voting security, such as prohibiting third-party groups, candidates or activists from handling ballots, strengthening the security of voter registration, and allowing observers to watch the processing of ballots. It included recommendations to improve absentee voting for persons with disabilities, as well as military and overseas votes.

It is like a playbook for all the shady shit that happened in 2020.

24-year-old astrologer lost $440,000 by day trading crypto and now lives on credit card debt. by Drewski in NotTheOnion

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This guy is an idiot and manages his money like Congress, which is why our country is collapsing.

Ecological Disaster as 10,000 Acre Solar Farm in Texas Destroyed by Hail Storm -MSN by Questionable in environment

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I think the toxic chemicals concern trolling is blown way out of proportion. The worst from this is the broken glass. The chemicals are in minute amounts and aren't the kind that spread easily.

It seems fake legacy news is torn between shitting on Texas and cheer-leading solar.

Why Is The National Guard Being Deployed During The Great American Eclipse On April 8th? by Drewski in conspiracy

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It is pretty scary. They didn't do this for the last Solar Eclipse 5/6 years ago. Now, when the authoritarians have taken over the country and began their long awaited plans to remove the public from control, tank the economy, divide the public with a pressure campaign, released the virus, kill all dissidents, attack all opposing foreign countries, installed a world wide censorship net, and completed the worldwide tracking of the population... they pull this shit.

This has been planned for quite some time, just waiting for the point of no return for the US Dollar. This is why they have armed the IRS....not to 'go after the rich people', that was the dumbest excuse ever. They will collapse the economy fully to liquidate the federal debt. Doing this will require collapsing US industry. They then will do what collapsed economy countries always do; they will come door to door with armed military and confiscate wealth for the public.

They will take all gold, silver, crypto, cash, and things of value, giving you in return some near worthless voucher at a rip-off conversion rate, like 40% of the value at the time, but now that you are stuck with what is left of your wealth in unstable vouchers, the value will continue to drop.

Bridge collapse solved by [deleted] in memes

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The not funny part was her testimony was a lie and the Jan 6 Committee hid it.

Climate Change Data Is Based on Fraud, and Scientists Around the World Are Pushing Back Against the Narrative by Questionable in environment

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We have no accurate surface temperature collection least not with unmolested data available to the public.

This fact was outed by a researcher and long time weatherman, who surveyed 1007 of the US's network of 1221 volunteer ground stations, finding >90% of them to be out of specifications in 2009. These ground stations are the network of long term volunteers NOAA created for the Climate Reference Network (USCRN), a network designed specifically for assessing climate change.

The NOAA has stated {PDF} that the USCRN stations...

[...] adhere to all of the Global Climate Monitoring Principles and are located are located in areas free local human influences and have excellent site location characteristics. They are closely monitored and are subject to rigorous calibration procedures.

(This monitoring turned out to be a lie as the GOA found, but more on that later) ..and that..

A peer-reviewed study specifically quantified the potential bias in trends caused by poor station exposure (Peterson, 2006). you can bet this is a dirty fraud. So after their yes-man said everything is great, 3 years later, this researcher checked more than 80% of them, find them to be very obviously and seriously out of spec.

Mainly, they were within 30 feet away from heat trapping sources, which cause heat-bias in the readings, such as being near concrete and buildings. This breaks the NAOO standards, which detail the placement requirements for these ground stations. Other improper uses specific to the weather station models were found. They found many which were simply appalling (documented, gps tagged, and photographed). Ground stations next to building air conditioner exhaust outputs, in the middle of parking lots, and even at the location of a natural hot water spring attraction. Obviously, they full-out lied about monitoring and strict adherence. The standards are even more strict now, requiring 100 ft away from structures.

They published this very embarrassing account. It got little time of day at the time, but clues seem to show that some in NAOO were silently freaking out and began working towards a cop-out.

The same researcher went back 10+ years later and confirmed most of the previously checked stations, finding that none of them were fixed, and evaluated a couple hundred new ones which were also problematic. This resulted in finding 96% percent of U.S. temperature stations used to measure climate change fail to meet what the NOAA considers to be “acceptable” and uncorrupted placement by its own published standards.

The researcher published this again and this time with a peer-reviewed study. This got much more traction and the caught the attention of some political groups. This message was more broadly read and the government was actually publicly embarrassed and forced do do something.

The researcher also debunked some Al Gore lies and Bill Nye the science lie's failure to do basic Co2 math. This surely helped to get a million dollar bounty target on his head. After Climate Gate, where the Hockey Stick graph creator was outed for manipulating his data, by his own leaked emails; the cabal was already in a desperate time to maintain the 30+ year global warming lie.

Don't worry; the data is non-public and the dirty University who published his lies without calling out the gaff investigated itself and found everything was just fine! So, the cabal has declared the whole thing a conspiracy theory never to be discussed again. It helped that someone compared the University's covering for the climate fraud, without releasing the data publicly, to them covering for their sexual assaults of the Sandusky coach. This gave the media cabal the ammo they needed to start barking the same Ad hominems about alt-right, dirty conservatives, conspiracy theorist climate deniers, and move along filthy plebs.)

Heavily manipulated and dishonest Wiki page on Climate Gate

Climate Gate was still a hot topic when this 2nd review of the USCRN came out. Despite the Climate Gate University's deluge of "debunkered!" propaganda, along with their appeal to authority with a parade of pay-rolled scientists stating they reviewed the hockey stick chart to be A-Okay, but you still can't check the data yourself, this effort was largely dismissed by the public. They had serious egg on their face. Since then corrupt judges have helped hockey stick jerk sue the journalist {1} {2} who published this information for large sums of money to make up for the sad that comes from getting caught.

So this dirty conspiracy theorist caused all kinds of trouble by simply going first hand to view if these ground stations are properly located. How dare he! It's almost like anyone could go verify he was correct....

The exposed USCRN ground station failures caused so much embarrassment that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to investigate. They went to station locations and did the same as the dirty conspiracy researcher, who is still libelously declared as so! (Recently by USA Today Fatasscherckers,, reeeee!) were confirmed to be garbage, even with a very sympathetic eye.

August 31, 2011, Climate Monitoring: NOAA Can Improve Management of the U.S. Historical Climatology Network

Highlights PDF

Full report PDF

According to GAO’s survey of weather forecast offices, about 42 percent of the active stations in 2010 did not meet one or more of the siting standards. With regard to management requirements, GAO found that the weather forecast offices had generally but not always met the requirements to conduct annual station inspections and to update station records.

Of that, they found about 33% to be too close to buildings and about 20% to be too close to concrete or paved surfaces (per the full GAO report's bar chart "Figure 3"). These are the kinds of things that can cause the climate monitoring network stations to read up to 5 F degrees higher that they should, globally warming the data!

...anyways, I'm tired of writing. The NAOO with egg on their face deployed 2000+ new stations, which you can't check or get raw data from. They did this with little fan-fare and lost of propaganda. They openly state that they manipulate the data with algorithms and models, stating that they are try to match the previous >90% flawed data. They've been called out several times over the algorithms they are applying.

It is the dumbest thing ever, just like believing any of these people. It is just another power gram to dictate how people live and slip in just a little more communism on the scale, as usual.

Tor’s new WebTunnel bridges mimic HTTPS traffic to evade censorship by PanzersGhost in censorship

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This is the same trick Microsoft Windows and many other data spying techs use to spy on you. Block that Microsoft telemetry DNS...don't worry, they will use HTTPS over one of their dozens of nameless cloud endpoints to smuggle a DNSs request past your security and use their massive IP ranges to eventually find a way to get your telemetry and dick pic's out.

Android and Android apps do the same, using Googles various back-end messaging systems, like their push service, only in the other direction. Android is largely designed for block-proof data collection and extrication. It works extremely poorly at most other things. Text messaging? Insecure crap best for spam and zero-click exploiting. Being a phone? garbage and purposelessly nerfed ability to filter spam. Being a flashlight? Terrible user experience. Being a calculator or note taking? Shitty as can be, get a small notebook instead. Today's "smart" phones aren't good at doing much except spying on you and stealing your life with brain hacking attention manipulating brain-less games.

Nature: Why are so many young people getting cancer? What the data say (Pre-Covid19) by SoCo in science

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Some nice statistics for the US:

US cancer mortality rates from 1968 to 2017 visualized on a county heat map.

Visualizing 50 Years of Cancer Mortality Rates Across the US at Multiple Geographic Levels Using a Synchronized Map and Graph Animation

Or just skip to the YouTube of the graphic animation:

Nature: Why are so many young people getting cancer? What the data say (Pre-Covid19) by SoCo in science

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The increase of early onset cancers is pretty ubiquitous. Here is talk of it from last years discussing, amount other sources, the very large Global Burden of Disease (GBD) 2019 study, looking at 29 cancers in 204 countries and regions. It predicts that these will rise 21% by 2030 and that the age brackets of 40-44 and 45-49 will represent a significant portion affected by this.

Biden proposes 30% tax on crypto mining by PanzersGhost in cryptocurrency

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Is it just me, or does every single line item seem carefully designed to ruin America, transfer all the wealth from citizens, run away all business, and benefit the foreign soldiers who are invading our country right now.

(Yes, we are currently at war, insider our own borders. Most of the country just hasn't realized it yet until the first few shots ring out that can't be hidden.)

How billionaires and the ultra-wealthy avoid taxes and fight the IRS by Cancelthis in corruption

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Yeah, many of them are not a benefit and others aren't really a tax benefit, but the ability to make a business out of holding money.

This article points out the real problem:

An overly complex and poorly defined tax code.

When you have a graduated tax scale like ours, where the more you make the more you pay in taxes, things are about as fair and "tax the rich" as possible.

Yet that wasn't good enough. Legislators bastardized that into this endless mess of failed authoritarian exemptions and special features a mile long. You can thank your moronic, but overly confident, regulators, whom ruin everything and turn it into market-manipulating socialism regulations.

Because of this, any time a politician says they are going to raise taxes on the rich, they really mean they are raising taxes on the middle class, furthering the wealth divide. The communists love this, because then the poor get poorer and become more dependent on them.

Maryland city equity official says she wants US to burn to the ground: 'MY ideology can rise from the ashes' by P-38lightning in news

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It seems Congress and Joe Biden are working towards this as well.

Why Trump is now against a TikTok ban by Cancelthis in SocialMedia

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Remember when Trump was "racist" for wanting to ban TikTok....

Now ultra biased propaganda dump WaPo wants to gaslight the people on why Trump may be urging equal application of protections towards social media companies.

Especially since, Zuckerberg's money went to private election-fixer companies from Chicago, whom massively boosted election access in blue counties and even took over management of ballot counting in a few key counties of battle states in the 2020 election.

WaPo dishonestly tries to gaslight you, by painting a wild conspiracy about Trump having only learned of the massive Zuckerberge scandal from some documentary to make him seem foolish....

Yet in April 2022, the same time this obscure documentary came out, everyone learned of the massively disturbing actions of the Zuckerberge election riggers, because that is when the Wisconsin Special Counsel released the Second Interim Investigative Report came out. Among other serious and credible frauds, and disturbingly persistent stonewalling of any investigation by election officials, and massive legal attacks by non-profit dark-money shell companies...... also detailed the severe security lapses in Wisconsin battle ground counties, due to Zuckerberge's election rigger companies being largely given control of ballot counting. The election fixers were even given, non-public, real time, back-end election data access by at least one Wisconsin battle ground county according to the investigation. They acquired such unprecedented behind the scenes access and control from election staff, with the threat of contractually forcing full repayment, for failure to comply with the direction of Zuckerberge's money's use. This likely scared election officials into complacency, not wanting to be the cause a a multi $100's of thousand bill being sent to their county. Their actions were not consistent with what the Supreme Court consented to in the pre-election ruling and I think the Supreme Court would be appalled at what took place.

WaPo then goes on to project another gaslighting conspiracy, which tries to read Trump's mind and formulate what his motivations might be, in opposition to what he stated, without evidence, This mind-reading exercise of a conspiracy danced on implications of vague and fanciful conspiracy for financial gain by conspiring with people involved int he TikTok and its parent company or holding some of its stocks (Jeff Yass, David Urban, and an insane string board of other vague connections with no real meaning). This directly contradicts the first WaPo conspiracy of a made up motivation, but hey, something might stick to the wall with the current gullibility of the public.

Lead from gasoline blunted the IQ of about half the U.S. population, study says (...just wait until we learn what hormone disrupting pollution has done to us) by SoCo in news

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As a macro population of people, I do believe that to be true. As individuals, I do not.

While you can't stop one-off personal bad choices or lack of responsibility, you can find a systematic cause for most population-level problems.

Poor people have poor ways, regardless of anything else. Poverty will fuck up anyone mentally and morally.

Trump's campaign goes into damage-control mode after he suggests cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits by Cancelthis in politics

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He suggested fixing Medicare and cutting the waste and corruption. He seems the only one interested in saving it.

Medicare, Medicate, and Social Security is shamefully collapsing. Doing nothing will not fix it. Spending more will only speed the collapse.

We need responsible monetary decisions, but if you dare responsible choice, some selfish jackass will pretend you are terrible for not allowing the wasteful status quo. The status quo has ran out and will bury the whole country.

There is a reason they keep dumping money into the IRS and arming them with riot gear and weapons. It isn't to tax the rich. It is because the reckless and wasteful spending by Congress has cause the US dollar and its economy to fail.

The will use the weapons to confiscate your wealth, such as gold, silver, cash, and crypto (if they can beat you enough to give it up; ie "rubber-hose decryption"). When they do so, they will establish a rip-off exchange rate and credit you for like 40% of what your gold is worth, while under gun-point.

Read some history fools. The next few years will be extremely risky for violence, freedom, and the continued USA.

Everyone with a clue knows it is coming, which is why Congress keeps robbing us by blowing more money on the deficit, each time stealing a little from your pocket without going near you.

What you guys think of this? by TheStandingResident in politics

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When they give you details on Biden's position and it sound horrifically stupid and disastrous....

But they give you only one dishonestly misleading and out of context headline for Trump, to try to make it sound bad. It probably even is a fake clip; a paraphrased spin.

Yes, Medicaid and Social Security are insolvent. A responsible thing to do would be to stop lying got the public and replace it with something that can work long term.

Garlinghouse Highlights Real-World Utility as Essential for Cryptocurrency's Legitimacy by sriram in cryptocurrency

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Ripple and ETF's are non-crypto things that hope to hurt crypto, decentralization, and financial independence.

ETF's are the same type of financial deviance that caused the Tulip Mania, the great depression, and the fall of many societies, along with their economies.

The FEC's light handed touch towards Ripple, in comparison to real crypto projects, is simple corruption.

Boeing whistleblower found dead in US by xoenix in news

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I personally save everything I read, because archives can disappear or be convinced to manipulate their content (like the wayback machine).

Lead from gasoline blunted the IQ of about half the U.S. population, study says (...just wait until we learn what hormone disrupting pollution has done to us) by SoCo in news

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I'd argue that crime, regardless of color, is only reliant on unhappiness, poverty, and lack of opportunities.

Incognito Darknet Market Mass-Extorts Buyers, Sellers by Drewski in technology

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If you are on a dark market and your chat and purchases aren't encrypted with both you and your recipient's keys, then you are in the open.

You see people get easily tricked into bypassing all the provided anonymity tools... like a fake FBI seller will say, don't encrypt the messages to me twice, it is too much of a pain.....He's tricking you not to encrypt it with your key, only with his,so that anyone who he shared his key with can eaves drop.

Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies by Drewski in privacy

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This seems like it violates computer hacking laws, ie unauthorized computer use.

US pledges an additional $100M for a multinational force awaiting deployment to violence-hit Haiti by xoenix in WorldNews

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Haiti's condition is our fault in the first place. I'm sure we will make it worse. Bring some more US brand "democracy".

Are We Watching The Internet Die? by Drewski in Internet

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Reddit also couped all the major subreddits and did a mass banning back in 2015, when they partnered with CRT (candidate Hillary Clinton's Correct The Record) in the year leading up to the election.

Never waste your time creating communities for Reddit. They took all mine without a reason, warning, and with no way to ask for reconsideration.

They were benign, boring, subreddits, which I spent months working hard to develop a viewership. They were all banned in one swath with no reason. My account was banned and administrators (not lowly mods) picked through my whole account by hand, before giving it back, all filthy and defiled by their rape. I spent months trying to get one of their many broken, useless, means of begging for reconsideration, but nothing actually elicited a response at all. Only ridicule from users while you are forced to publicly beg.

This is how reddit works.

The alternative is "an error occurred (status: 403)" please refresh the page 12 times so Cloudlare can rape your browser's ass some more and image your penis for verification. This website is purposely broken to discourage use and force tracking if you do.

Reddit CEO tells users 'we know your dark secrets' as he strikes fear into web surfers by Drewski in MeanwhileOnReddit

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When they switched to the new website design (as opposed to the, they were able to track everything you do. Heatmaps of your mouse, click tracking, and likely bleed-through info from other websites and browser tabs. They also use super cookies to track you around the web and with DuckDuckGo and Google's help, they get your every search query linked to the cookie.

Never use websites that absolutely require javascript or webworkers (like those that use cloudflare).

We need a browser that doesn't support any of this spying garbage.

Super cookies only work because browsers let them back door you.

Boeing whistleblower found dead in US by xoenix in news

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Why post an archived link with a recaptcha so you can't read it without google knowing? It seems better off to go strait to the Russian website.

The Russians wrote a better article than BBC.

Does the decay in quality of SaidIt posts accurately reflect the decay of humanity in general? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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The decay in the users' ability to continue dealing with Cloudflare...

73% of registered voters believe Biden is too old to be president. by Dune1032 in politics

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"Too old" seems like a straw-man complaint that the gets said about every politician ever. The rabid Democrat and Biden supporting propaganda media, like Guardian, simply want to trick you into thinking this is the ONLY thing wrong with Biden.

Every policy he has pushed seems solely focused on destroying America and the results speak for themselves.

None of them have been a result of his age or age based mistakes. They are all the same policies that Democrats have collectively pushed for about 30 years, all disastrously being implemented at once. These policies are the ones you use to bait voters, but were supposed to know not to really implement them..... he is the emperor without cloths.

Haiti = the real wakanda by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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Kids in Haiti have to be tough or the Clinton vans will pick them up to sell to rich white people...never forget Laura Silsby, and child trafficking charges and Clinton violating state department policies to try to get her out of trouble for scooping up random children in "save"...attempting to remove them from the country without their parents' consent.

The whole thing was heavily buried and misdirected by the media and is probably difficult to find reliable info now. The best way to cover this up at this point would be to flood the information base with nonsense. Filling the Internet with misdirecting extreme conspiracies to shut down any discussion.

Never forget.

Virus (vs.) No Virus (spoiler: parasites) by xolotltlalo in conspiracy

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That's some dumb hoes. I guess they are trying to get rich, not be controlled opposition.

They say the covid19 doesn't exist, but we have its sequence. They say the spike protein doesn't exist, but we've been able to grow spike proteins from the old SARS, with cow livers, for more than a decade.

I'm the first to think they lied to us and I got the Moderna immune disorder to prove it, but pretending covid just didn't exist and instead was parasites is just ridiculous.

This is the easiest way to quite a subject...have a bunch of controlled opposition flood it spewing extreme nonsense, to discredit even questioning it. Next, questioning vaccine safety will be associated with Flat Earthers.

Biden's Ill-Timed Demand to Pass the 'George Floyd Justice in Policing Act' Blows Up in His Face by [deleted] in news

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The policing reform Trump passed, "First steps" or whatever it was called, has been a resounding success. Biden must be desperate to pander.

Everyone complained the reform didn't do enough...I mean it was named first steps for a reason. Yet, none of those who complained passed any kind of reform. It was just some talking point they had pushed for a decade, but not really done anything about. It is a pattern for career politicians.

Florida, You're Not Alone With Your Measles Issues, Cases of the technically eradicated disease in the US have popped up in at least 16 states by carn0ld03 in news

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The US had a big explosion of measles cases back late in 2021, early 2022....due to Afghanistan immigrants after we took in those that Biden didn't let slaughter.

2nd food poisoning in a week by Avinash in whatever

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Everything gets recalled now days. You cant by vegetables from the store without getting sick and the meat from the big chain stores are full of parasites. Avoiding processed food is getting dangerous.

Why is it so hard to get laid these days? by 844 in whatever

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The population in much of the world, including women, is sexually dysfunctional, mentally/emotionally unstable, and incapable of a lasting relationship......due to the absolute inescapable flood of hormone disrupting pollution, such as plastics.

We are being eradicated slowly through poisoning.

This truck is armed with a weapon that shoots INVISIBLE energy. People cannot see the fire that burns them. ~ It emits a beam of microwave radio waves that burns. by In-the-clouds in WarWatch

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They've been using these things on protesters for quite some time, only with it turned on 'no fire and lower cancer rate' setting.

Most Americans now favor building wall along U.S.-Mexico border. by Dune1032 in politics

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America officially voted for a border barrier with the popular 2006 Secure Fence Act. His vocal support and push for the bill, was one of the crowning campaign positions of, then, Senator Obama. He signed it into law as President Obama, after also campaigning in they 2005 Vegas presidential debate, where Obama solidified himself as the tough-on-illegal-immigration candidate, with his very popular response of putting illegal border crossers at the "back of the line", for legal immigration.

Unfortunately, the corrupt politicians violated the will of the public and never accomplished the mandates of the Secure Fence Act. A gaggle of Demoncrats along with some sell out Reptilian Texas governor urged for not following the bill, but instead devized and alternative, without public input, not feasibility considerations, we were given in a bait-and-switch.

After the bill had passed and gotten Obama elected, the bill was not enforced. Instead, the public was given an excuse of changing it to a "virtual fence". No one considered if this was a realistic or sane idea. Instead, we gave Boeing more than $2 billion after cost overruns, to build like a one mile section of this virtual fence idea of Demoncrats. It completely failed. They blamed lacking power and network infrastructure and declared it infeasible.

We were robbed billions and did not get the bill we passed. This kind of treasonous corruption has gotten so bad, it is hard to have confidence in our government system any more. With out a severe public reaction of anger, with a means to express it and make it effective, with type of abuse of the public will continue. We need to bring back the de-incentivization for political corruption. Historically, these have been very violent, from public politician beatings, tar-and-feathering, as well as armed and bloody confrontations. Untouchable and disconnected elitists, who rule us only to further rob us, have little to worry about from the public in regards to direct reaction to their overt abuse.

Want to know how weird Donald Trump is? Just read this transcript. by WoodyWoodPecker in MeanwhileOnReddit

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That gaslighting technique is such and old and overplayed one. Notice the focus on projecting, generalizing, grouping, and childish ridicule. Collective bullying appeals to he foolish and morally deprived.

Scientists have successfully grown working “testicles in a dish” that could one day help solve male infertility. by PanzersGhost in science

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After convincing most of the world to take vaccines to cause infertility, scientist bloats, "We have your balls in a dish!"

FBI Investigating Illinois Democrat Mayor Tiffany Henyard for Abuse of Power After She Shut Down Businesses That Don’t Donate to Her by Questionable in politics

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Illinois Democrats have been known to be involved in campaign donations for favorable tax evaluations for a long time.

Vice SHUTS DOWN Website! Hundreds of Journos FIRED! by hfxB0oyA in news

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They published absolute garbage....but like 1 out of 100 was gold journalism, which is another dire loss for the public, whom has zero journalism left and has been forced to standup and create their own homebrew journalism. It seemed to me, that Vice knew how to get good journalism, but was instead pushing for nonsense narratives instead.

Nginx core developer quits project in security dispute, starts “freenginx” fork by Drewski in technology

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...due to the company dictating the project's security decision(s), this dev claimed.

For Biden, ending Israel’s mass murder in Gaza is a ‘non-starter’ by Drewski in Antiwar

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The US vetoed yet another resolution for cease fire. This tells you all you need to know. I

Avast fined $16.5 million for ‘privacy’ software that actually sold users’ browsing data by Drewski in privacy

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This fine does not fit the horrendous crime. People should be jailed. Victims should get $10's of thousands each.

These actions seem to me to violate computer hacking and unauthorized use laws. This is a serious crime, which likely continues to damage its victims.

I just got this PM from reddit about their IPO, offering me shares early because I have been a reddit moderator by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I spent 12 or so year dutifully contributing to Reddit's forums. I was not offered anything, but they took my subreddit communities, erased my content, censored my posts/comments, and banned me. They refused any dialog, recourse, or to give any explanation of why my months of hard work were mysteriously instantly permanently banned....again. This has been a pattern at Reddit. It is a platform that abuses its users by design as well as incompetence.

US Lawyers During Assange Extradition Hearing: “It would be very difficult to offer assurances to prevent the death penalty from being imposed” by FreeAssange in WikiLeaks

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So, the US made it perfectly clear that this would not be a fair trial, based on US law, with US legal protections and standards. The UK is now on the world stage and must publicly decide to murder Assange by giving him to the butchers, with no argument of confusion.

Sinclair’s recipe for TV news: Crime, homelessness, illegal drugs by [deleted] in news

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How dare they report on crime in Democrat shit-holes that are overrun with crime!

Most dying news papers outlets or other publications will be bought shortly by bigger players.

Meet the Delaware judge who keeps foiling Elon Musk by [deleted] in news

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The recent ruling was quite disturbing and will rightly be a warning to any serious business persons, that Delaware is no longer a reasonable or safe place to incorporate.

‘They lied’: plastics producers deceived public about recycling, report reveals by hfxB0oyA in news

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When I worked at a plastics factory long ago, they could only put slightly over 1% recycled plastics in their product, without ruining the quality of the plastic.

Vimm is taking down more roms and the Internet Archive retro rom links broken. It's happening... by bife_de_lomo in piracy

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I've caught the Internet Archive not only removing unfaltering history, but helping to rewrite it. Lame political stuff. Faked vaccine studies touted by the CDC. It seems to be getting more common.

Save every article you read. Be your own archive, because some people seem to be able to cause wikipedia, internet archive, reddit, government websites, and hundreds of other websites to scrub proof from history, all in one sweeping a wave.