Firefox: You can trust us but not them. ~ I updated Firefox and they popped up this message. They now intercept Domain Name Server (DNS) requests. When a URL goes in the address bar, they see where we go? But I don't know these people. Should we trust them with our internet use history? by In-the-clouds in Internet

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Secure DNS is a good thing, but using it from a DNS server that you don't trust 100% is seriously dangerous.

You are putting your secret letter into a safe, then shipping it out to someone to who can open the safe, read your letter, put a reply in the safe and ship it back. Your letter being locked in a safe secures it for travel, but the person you sent it too and allowed to open the safe, can copy every letter you sent, then sell that to people who would also buy it from other other possible people you might send one to. They put it together, ensure they all match up from coming from you. Then you have government level a for profit industry anyone can buy.

Critical WebP bug: many apps, not just browsers, under threat by SoCo in Security

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I liked this guy's info, but here is a more formal source:

Reddit will no longer let you opt out of personalized ads - The change is rolling out over the coming weeks. Users in unspecified ‘select countries’ can still opt out. by neolib in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Translation: You cannot opt out of being spied on and having your personal information monetized. You are in danger, leave that website.

The Capitol Police Chief testified last week, that he spoke with Nancy Pelosi (ultimate head of security as speaker) multiple times on Jan 6th, contradicting her false public denials of doing so. by SoCo in politics

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I'm sorry you fell for such low-effort propaganda and have reacted so emotionally to learning about what happened during the 2016 election and how it was 100 times worse.

When you view the actual video of day on Jan6 2021 (that they allow us to see) or read the actual indictments, there was very little violence, a very diverse set of people there, and no guns.

A few people were arrested for having concealed weapons or leaving one in there vehicle. There were several veterans and off-duty police for instance. Yet, there was no AK47 waving infantry storming the Capitol, like you seem to have imagined.

There were a few security who made poor and pointless decisions to attack large amount of protesters, whom were exerting their Constitutional rights. This ended badly for them, but none were seriously injured. One died a week later and the media pretended it was somehow related, but it was not. A couple security personnel committed suicide later, but no one feels good about being a Brownshirt oppressing the public for a banana republic.

Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers while building real estate empire by ActuallyNot in news

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This judge has banned almost every possible defense, sanctioned his lawyers for making a defense, and now....the judge has made a summary judgement, based on nothing useful, with no real rebuttal, no expert witnesses, and deprived Trump of his right to be tried by a jury of his peers. Instead, the judge chose at a whim, then will have the jury simply choose the damages...

They've failed to define an actual victim or crime.... They haven't even checked with the bank the loan is from, reviewed the loan contract, aside from Trump's side with a legally enforceable disclaimer. The bank could have been just fine with the negotiation. It is not a crime to give poor quality data, if that is acceptable to the bank, whom knows good and well how to get or require an appraisal before entering a loan contract.

This prosecutor and judge are simply guessing at valuations and not even considering the difference in time-frame. They have totally botched most of their guess values, which is why they seem off.....

$12 million for Mar-o-lago.....when single plots in the area are worth > $100 million. I don't know if you've seen that place, but it likely has a valuation well over $1B. It is a whole resort, with many acres, and sits on a peninsula, with water on both sides

The only fraud I'm seeing is the court...

This reminds me of the journalism rights destroying Fox News case. The judge ruled they could make no defines, then summary ruled against most of the case, forcing them to simply settle. The judge in that case banned all defense arguments, declared a bunch of ridiculous things to be facts that can not be disputed or disproven in court, then summary ruled on most of the case, planning to have the jury simply choose the damages... Fox News should have went down with the ship, to help protect the country's dwindling Constitutional rights, freedom of speech, and journalistic protections. They pussied out and fuck the public over by doing so.

Ukrainian children as young as 4 months old are being forcibly taken to Russia. Officials don't know what is happening to them. by ActuallyNot in news

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I guess no one remembers back in 2017, when the Keiv side's shelling of Eastern Ukrainians caused worldwide concern for the Ukrainian children living where they were the Ukrainian government was bombing, due to access to water from infrastructure destruction.

You might remember around that time, there also being concern of Ukraine's bombing of Easter Ukraine's world wide concern for poisoning the whole water table in the area and even a nuclear contamination scare.....also due to Ukraine shelling infrastructure in Eastern Ukraine. This was due to water pumps that must keep active and retired mines from flooding, which would bring poisonous chemicals from the mines to the environment. This includes one Eastern Ukrainian mine, which stores Russia's left over nuclear waste from WW/coldwar era. I remember the whole world was pissed at Ukraine for risking the whole region to kill Russian speaking Ukrainians who rejected the election and both Ukrainian sides breaking multiple peace accords.

You might also remember that this is a re-occurring topic recently, about child being displaced. Back in 2022, when the UN decided to align with the US propaganda and pretend the Ukraine war just started, the UN reported that, "One month of war leaves more than half of Ukraine’s children displaced."

Yet, some of us still remember that Ukraine has always been a central hub for human trafficking. Here is how USAID puts it:

Ukraine has been a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking since the early 1990s. Men, women, and children are trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and begging and sexual and other forms of exploitation. The main countries of destination for trafficked Ukrainians have been the Russian Federation, Poland, and Turkey, as well as internal human trafficking within Ukraine. The problem has been exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Yet, some of us remember this problem farther back, maybe not the 1990's, but more of this era:

2016: "Ukraine's Shame: An Epidemic of Human Trafficking"

Ukraine remains one of Europe's most notorious sources of human trafficking.

Since 1991, more than 160,000 men, women and children have been exploited for labor, sex, forced begging and organ removal, according to a mid-2015 report {PDF} from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

I also remember many reports of Eastern Ukrainian children having to walk through mine fields to get to school, set by the Ukrainian government, back in the same 2016/2017 area, lamenting how it would be a hazard for decades to come. Now both sides covered the area with mines and most of Eastern Ukraine is rubble, for the 2nd, 3rd, maybe even dozenth time, as the shelling and fighting has continued for 10+ years.

Where did all of the reddit conservatives go to? by Barcodetilter in whatever

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I recall several big user purges. One that got me was when their 3-rd party 2-factor authentication partner had a data breach. They suspended my account, despite never enabling 2FA, with the only way to rectify it to verify my account with the email I signed up with.....which was on a domain that got swooped up by squatters 10+ years ago, not long before that purge.

Shortly after, Reddit partnered with the Hillary Clinton campaign's Correct The Record (CTR) lie factory. They immediately purged moderators from large key subreddits and installed their own. censorship began then and the very conservative Reddit, turned to a low-info strictly one-opinion allowed liberals-only heavily censored rage fest.

That was over the period of 2014 and 2015. There were some later ones and they slowly slayed subreddits not consistent with the political messaging over time, with the help of persistent troll attacks and their false-flag hate-posts.

The Capitol Police Chief testified last week, that he spoke with Nancy Pelosi (ultimate head of security as speaker) multiple times on Jan 6th, contradicting her false public denials of doing so. by SoCo in politics

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It wasn't great, but it was a standard American shit-show of civil disobedience. The mostly non-violent and somewhat bipartisan Jan 6, 2020 protest and civil uprising over ignored election problems, was simply misleadingly portrayed and framed by corporate media, to appear horribly violent. No one was chucking frozen bottles of water at security/police, like was popular in 2017.

You must have missed the Jan 6th, 2017 riot, breach of the Capitol fence, protesters disrupting the count attempting to blast through the doors into the electoral count room (from the Capitol visitor's area where they were permitted to protest), and then two protesters infiltrating the electoral count room with the legislators, when the 2016 election electoral count had to be rescheduled to a special session, due to disruption by protesters and 11 instances Democrat legislators stalling by making invalid efforts to reject electors...

DOJ corruption is the only possible reason no one was even investigated for the super UN-American Hamilton Elector's scheme to over throw the 2016 election, by overtly intimidating electors to vote against their constituents' vote.

All major ISPs in South Korea have blocked Cloudflare by PanzerDivision in Internet

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I just spent 2.5 hours clicking the cloudflare check box to log on, before it finally let me (while doing other things). I'm read for bed now, lol. I wish we could get by on the Internet without cloudflare fingerprinting and deanonymization us.

SK is probably protecting their citizens from data harvesting, something our US government doesn't protect us from, but instead encourages and is one of the largest customers of that data.

This War Wasn't Just Provoked — It Was Provoked Deliberately. The US intelligence cartel was fully aware that the US was taking actions ensuring that that would happen. Off ramp after off ramp was sped past by the US war machine at a hundred miles an hour on its beeline toward a horrific proxy war. by Chipit in WorldNews

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There were many public statements from US officials about preparing Ukraine for an offense, several times, back in like 2019 and 2017. They were planning for a 2020 offensive, but I think Trump being elected threw their plans off a bit.

Yet, everyone should remember very well that Ukraine hasn't stopped attacking Eastern Ukraine since 2014. The war is really with Russian speaking Ukrainians who rejected the legitimacy of the US/UN installed interim president, followed by, Zelensky, chose from the US/UN hand "vetted" candidates, while the US/UN ran the election, after most of the other candidates were jailed or ran off and their political parties banned.

It kind of pissed Russia off when Zelensky increased his offensive against Russian heritage Ukrainians. Russia felt it was genocide and went to Geneva, trying to play by the rules, but they laughed him out of the place and the US/EU media reported mocking Russia for it, like it was a joke.

BEWARE: Biden Camp to Launch Disinfo Campaign in the Guise of Fighting Disinfo by zyxzevn in propaganda

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I'm not sure I have the patience to listen to someone talk on a video, but....

While two levels of courts had ruled there was significant evidence that the Biden Administration's censorship campaign had violated the Constitutional free speech rights for political gain, filed an injunction legally barring them from continuing, then up holding it...

Biden's dubious emergency appeal to the Supreme Court, arguing they can't do enough to protect the country, despite those things being specifically allowed by the injunction, bought him a week with the injunction lifted, while they decide. This gave him a chance to further manipulate the public and coming election with a fire storm of demands to news outlets and social media, hoping to quell his own criminal liabilities and impeachment:

BREAKING: Project Veritas suspends all operations effective immediately. All investigations halted as of today. by P-38lightning in news

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Fox was controlled opposition ever since the evil mouse's money got involved with Fox. They can't risk actual news coverage souring that lucrative partnership, through negative association when group-attacked by the state media cabal, so they fell in line with all the other state medias.

If the public wasn't so misinformed, there would be a bipartisan boycott of Fox News, for hurting America's journalism and speech rights, by not fighting their clearly protected speech attack lawsuit from Dominion, no matter how unfair and manipulated the crooked judge made the court case, with his the crazy summary judgement and ridiculously broad encroaching rubber-stamping of discovery subpoenas. They allowed the court to roll them, then leak their communications that the judge should never have approved, without context and spun in a gaslit deceptive way (same trick, different partisan court). They should have died in battle, now they are a shame who hurt whole the country's freedom.

Site_rly_sux is a gish galloping troll that just wants to waste your time - don't engage by ID10T in whatever

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I gave him way more of a chance than I should have. He wasted so much of my time pretending to not understand things. Eventually had to block him. He has that one-trick Reddit troll tactic.

Mods as bots / trolls : r/Libertarian running a troll operation for the secret police and the concentration camps by Cancelthis in Libertarian

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Ukraine has been forced to launder UK "green energy" hand-outs to support their war against Russian speaking Ukrainians since around 2015.

They are like the street beggar whose is forced to say he needs money food, rather than drugs.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Banned Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes — 'Good Intentions Never Override the Law' by P-38lightning in news

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Wisconsin found that nursing homes and dementia ward nurses turned in absentee ballots en-mass, side stepping legally required election official presence, during the 2020 dumpster fire pandemic election. Nursing homes stone walled investigations into it, election officials scoffed at the legal requirement, and the state was found to have lacking subpoena powers to sufficiently investigate. Elections in battle ground states as usual..

Trump Says There Are 'Very Fine People On Both Sides' Of Baby Murder Issue by Tom_Bombadil in WorldPolitics

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I thought he was referring to the public, when saying that, specifically people with "right wing" political leanings, due to the scheduled Unite The Right event, which was heavily sabotaged. Right wing political leaning is about half of the country, and especially prevalent in the older adult and people-of-color demographics, despite rampart propaganda demonizing and conflating moderate right, with only hypercritically and exaggerated extremist far-right ideas.

Because She Did Such a Bang-Up Job With the Border: Chlamydia Harris to Lead Regime’s New Unconstitutional Anti-Second Amendment Rights Office by boston_blackie in news

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Dems have no actual issues to push for. All of their long standing policies were implemented with this administration and they were all proven a huge disaster, not to mention unpopular in the real world. Biden forgot that those policies were meant to be bait to garner low info new voters, and not actually implemented. The public support for them were all a Cybil attack of propaganda, hoping making it look already popular, so would get some really people to follow.

This is why they bring out commu-social-ist Bernie sanders at the beginning of every election, then quickly put him back in the closet before the election starts. His Vanguard talk is like heroin to low info college freshmen and the Internet propaganda addicted of the over-worked working class, with no capacity for deeper understanding of the issues. You are just supposed to remember to not actually do those dumb childish virtue signaling things after it garners you an election win, so you can re-use those positions again later.

The only policies the Democrats have left after these fake pie-in-the-sky positions, is they same old no-real-answer gap-fill issue, where they are stuck with the opposite position of their rivals:

  • abortion - when does killing unborn babies become legal, necessary, reasonable, or hip and trendy, and no longer the legal and personal responsibility of the mother.
  • nanny-state pre-crime/safety - we are all much safer to ourselves and others if disarmed and caged in a concrete box from birth.
  • excess spending - special interest cash handouts to buy electoral support, just ensure it is a virtuous cause and that the money is wasted so that cause can be re-used later.

White people of saidit apologize for slavery by zherka in whatever

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Michael Brown from Ferguson doesn't get enough mention.

The police officer chased him down with a hail of bullets, while he ran for his life in flip flops. He lost the first flip flop dozens of feet back, before he was laid in a pool of his blood with 4 bullets in him, and the finally cop caught up to him, then at nearly point blank, he finished him off.

Too bad it wasn't an election year. No calls for justice from Democrats, smeared in the media, and a white washed Hunter Biden-like trial for the cop. No one even rallied a riot or even cared to steer the BLM into breaching the white house fence like in 2016, burning historic buildings in DC, nor holding state workers hostage in a surrounded building.

Google’s cross-examination of Google ad executive Jerry Dischler has focused on the ways Google tries to bring value to both users and advertisers in its search ads. At one point Dischler said: “We believe it is actually a worse user experience to not have ads on the page.” by PanzerDivision in Internet

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Crack pushers, can't understand why everyone doesn't want crack pushed in their face....

Never ever do I want to see an ad, ever. Every time I do see one it costs me money. My bandwidth, my time from a slow loading page, my system CPU and memory usage, my mental abuse inflicted by the ad, and my privacy being attacked by the advertiser's abusive spying, fingerprinting, and tracking.

If our government was in any way for our own benefit, they would make the kind of hacking, spying , and stalking that advertisement does a very serious crime. Those that track you across many platforms and pages, while on different devices, are a crime against humanity and the most dangerous risk to democracy and the free human race.

Immigrants can now receive weekly spending cash if they make it to California, even if they do no work. by In-the-clouds in news

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Homeless people starving, but gives tax payer money to illegal

$300 per week is quite a lot!

That's enough for dope, gas money, food, and a night out every week.

They will live better than you off of your hard earned money!

Tax Cuts Are Primarily Responsible for the Increasing Debt Ratio by cunninglingus in politics

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Totally insane nonsense, of course.

This article is blaming you for the government being in debt, for not paying more taxes....

Democrats bought the Covid election with your tax money and still had to do a bunch of shady shit to win. Then, with the country's credit cards maxed, Biden did the most irresponsible thing possible, dumped a ton more tax money into poorly thought out extra society changing attempted spending, his Build Back Broker massive spending spree, with the second credit card he got, since the other was maxed.

They are always manipulating the figures though. Every bill, tax or otherwise, gets a projected cost. Democrats like to make terribly though out and implemented bills, which are click-bait-like virtue signaling to the public, then pretend it will magically cut costs over time. Then, the cost cutting long term cost savings of GOP bills, get the side-eye, assuming no savings and extra costs. Stacking the non-partisan federal positions with partisan hacks will give you such preferential treatment.

This guy didn't forget, but ignored the part that Democrats extended, added to, and changed all those tax cuts. Bush's tax cuts were changed, extended, and added too multiple times. Biden made permanent and increased some of Trump's tax cut.

The corporate tax cuts were to make our country competitive again, which hints at the real reason the revenue is low....

Democrats keep destroying US industry and business. Jacked up taxes, excessive, expensive regulation, ridiculous liability expansions, forcing terrible policies, and in-equal application of law have devastated all of US business. The only ones that can effort in most industries are the monopolistic conglomerates who can afford the regulatory capture.

The US hemorrhaged business to over seas. Once Trump got things turned around, US businesses got smashed by Democrats again; war on oil, lock-downs, vaccine mandates, woke cancel culture attacks, crazy attacks on crypt-currency, threatening to make every fast food cashier register as a money exchange, if applied evenly to all.

Dems keep wasting money like crazy too, no matter what that article says. Covid bailouts were transparently buying the election. Most of that money was wasted and defrauded. Democrat states absorbed that money, but had nothing to show for it, still massive pension budget deficits. Hospitals absorbed that money, but had nothing to show for it, still insignificant surge capacity, and medical mistakes are still one of the top causes of death in America.

Biden stole your tax money, to bet the farm on electric cars...then a huge chunk of that went to Chinese companies, before they noticed and tried to fix they broken hand out. Of course, electric cars are a total and obvious dumb investment.

Now we are tossing hundreds of billions at the climate change scam. While climate change is real, but the details are arguable, your tax money is being wasted and funneled into kickback pockets. None of that is being spent on something useful. Our water is polluted, our food is polluted, half the consumer products are poisoning us daily. Instead, we've signed up for the Greed New Deal, promising to dump tons of your tax money onto...other countries.

Same shit, different day. We are reading shitty propaganda, in today's flood of "no the economy isn't that bad, and if it is, it's not really our fault."

Special counsel's office obtained 32 direct messages from Trump's Twitter account - The direct messages represent a “minuscule proportion” of the total data provided by the company, prosecutors said in a newly unsealed court filing. by neolib in SocialMedia

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That would be terrible and the end of democracy. Hopefully, someone chooses the higher path.

What are the ways to disempower the 1% and empower the 99%, non-violently? •/s/WritingsOnTheWall by EddieC in politics

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No. SaidIt is hosted on a centralized server, where the owner(s) have full control. A decentralized platform would be one that is peer-to-peer, usually fully encrypted, with no central server, owner, or company in control.

We are entering the age of Digital Autonomous Corporations and algorithmic decentralized...everything. It cuts the Big-Internet out. It cuts the government spying, censorship, manipulation, and stalking out. It cuts the bankers out, their fees, and the other useless middle-men who are trying to get money for nothing, doing what can be better trusted to be done with a ridged algorithm.

1/3 of Americans earning $150,000+ a year say they're living paycheck to paycheck by hfxB0oyA in finance

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A lot of them are sank on loans, house, car, student loans, credit card, etc.

They are also in the painful in-between place of taxes, where they pay the brunt. Remember, every time a politician rallies people to "tax the rich", they really mean the middle class.

What are the ways to disempower the 1% and empower the 99%, non-violently? •/s/WritingsOnTheWall by EddieC in politics

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Decentralized alternatives to social media, chat, messaging, content sharing, text-messaging, voice/video calls, etc.

There are many of them and they all seem to strive for some niche, but social media struggles with a liquidity problem, making it hard to move: Being on a better social media, isn't very useful if all your friends are on a different one.

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

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Trump was convicted by a jury of shoving his fingers into a stranger's underwear It's a factually true statement.

No, it is actually still a factually incorrect statement.

I posted the actual quoted jury instructions, long ago in this drug out, time-wasting-troll comment train......if you recall, that was the main topic of this whole thread, which you keep forgetting, before saying the same dumb thing over and over again.

What are the ways to disempower the 1% and empower the 99%, non-violently? •/s/WritingsOnTheWall by EddieC in politics

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A Decentralized currency and more use of decentralized communications would be a good start.

Cryptocurrency mining companies in Texas filed applications to connect new facilities to the grid with a projected demand of nearly 42 GW of electricity in 2027, enough electricity to power more than 8.3 million Texas homes during periods of peak demand. by PanzerDivision in cryptocurrency

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The majority of most crypto-currencies are using, or working towards moving to, quantum-proof algorithms. Bitcoin has been pondering this for years.

I don't know if that is how it stands now, only at some point previously, or even when all the quantum-proof adjustments are done... but quantum computers are thought to change some things. Like, you would not be able to re-use a Bitcoin the address more than once, without incurring risk. Wallets mostly work like this now, not reusing addresses unless made to, by rotating change addresses, but the usage workflow of not reusing a receiving address could be cumbersome in practice.

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

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Incorrect: It was the corrupt judge, who lied and said that the jury ruled this happened....but the jury did not.

No one can know what happened, but if you listened to the accuser, you would heavily question the accusations.

One more last time for the slow kids in class...

The jury technically ruled on no specific acts. The judge instructed the jury to include things much less sinister than that particular act, to be sexual assault. Yet, the judge said that act was required for sexual assault, contradicting his instructions to the jury. Then the judge, knowing bot that the jury makes no specific rulings, and that he wrongly instructed the jury to include acts other than that act in their sexual assault ruling, then lied to the public, by declaring that the jury... having ruling in favor of the likelihood of sexual assault under the judges instructions... that the jury implied that they were ruling that particular act had likely taken place. This conclusion is willfully faulty and could never be rationally assumed, when knowing the Judge's instructions to the jury.

‘EV house of cards collapses’ by PanzerDivision in technology

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It is time to swing the environmental blame towards car manufactures, and their market manipulation sales tactic of car dealerships. Gas efficiency hasn't went up in decades. Dealerships stash millions of new cars on their lots, to help inflate prices with artificial scarcity, despite the supply of cars, when considering one sitting on dealership lots, are probably enough to stretch to the moon. Many of those cars will become outdated and undesirable before they sell. What happens to all those expired, rotten, cars? I think they might be trashing them, hiding them, or other wise shielding the public's knowledge of the massive waste and excess.

Chance of August Global Warming in Colorado by P-38lightning in news

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It snows in the mountains, sure.

After the extreme El Nino, there is an elevated chance of a following polar vortex. We had one int he US in 2020, but we should probably expect one this winter, or even a bit late into the spring of next year.

"It's not the jews" ADL Caught Illegally Spying on Millions of Americans Via Secret PlayStation Backdoor by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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Creepers spying on kids with a game console back door. ADL are probably just pedophiles...

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

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Seriously, are you talking about the same case as me?

I actually listened to the testimony. She testified that she felt she initiated it. Hence the romantic evening.

This was not two strangers who met in a department store. This was Trump taking some lady on a Disney-level romantic whirl in a closed department store, for her own personal princess-like romantic shopping spree.

you said the judge lied, because the judge gave....jury advice...that would also be applicable to unwanted elbow touching....Your argument make no sense and you have still not clarified.

The Judge said by ruling of unwanted elbow touching, that the jury implied finger rape. This was wrong on multiple technical reasons. This is a lie and a defamation of character.

If you still don't understand how I proved the judge lied.....after I've quoted, explained, cited the court document, quoted again, and explained fiver more times... are obviously a time-wasting playing dumb troll, so I don't want to bother farther...

This conversation is over.

Trump Will Be 'Imprisoned With Ivanka' Says Maxine Waters As Trials Delayed by PanzerDivision in politics

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Maxine Waters, the one who rigged the Democrat primary.....

Special counsel's office obtained 32 direct messages from Trump's Twitter account - The direct messages represent a “minuscule proportion” of the total data provided by the company, prosecutors said in a newly unsealed court filing. by neolib in SocialMedia

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They got Trump worse than Nixon ever did with his petty tape recorder. They got every bit of Trumps private messages, all his phone logs, text messages, all of his financial records, all of his business's financial records, his home security videos, all of his Constitutionally protected communications with his lawyers, all of his Constitutionally protected communications with White House staff and other members....

...and they still don't have anything close to a real case against him. Their illegal dragnet has failed. If the rule of law isn't completely broken, those who broke the law, betting fully on finding Trump to have done something actually wrong, will find justice in their own criminal convictions.

Trojanized Free Download Manager found to contain a Linux backdoor by PanzerDivision in Security

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I found it kind of interesting that the app's maintainer claimed (linked at the top of this article) his investigation found that his website was exploited and that the maliciously modified page had a list of Bing and Google IP addresses. It would then would only server the malicious version to IP's not from them.

'Utter destruction:' Derna left like a war zone by Libya's catastrophic flooding by Cancelthis in WorldNews

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Libya was the original Ukraine....

Our buddies in France were super pissed that Gaddafi was offering a gold backed currency in northern Africa, which threatened France's Colonial strangle-hold legacy over the area, with it's debt-based Franc fiat currency.

So, in response to the France's UN outcry for blood, then Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton, went over to Egypt{--1--} to talk with anti -Gadhafi rebels, who were likely the precursor to those we call ISIS now, but we called them "Operation Dignity" forces, back then.

They worked up a covertly US support regime change that US historians call a civil war, where fed weapons and supplies to the terrorist looking to topple the Libyan government, ie Gadhafi.

They went too slow, so the US and other UN allies do-gooders sent Air Force bombers to lay waste to the country with 100+ bombings. In 2011, French bombers killed 9 civilians and 2 toddlers.

All of the bombing was a huge screw up, as US/UN involvement in the coup was supposed to be covert, so it could be pretended to be a civil war/revolution/"Revolution of Dignity". We knew optics were really important and had plans for public optic moves after we ensured Gadhafi was dead and his government coup'd.

After Gadhafi was murdered, and the Libyan government toppled, Libya failed to form a new government. The power vacuum turned most of the county into an endless war zone that lasted for a decade and still continues. The US pretends it was only involved from 2015-2019.

In 2015, the UN decided they had created a mess and tried to clean it up. They attempted to guide the creation of a government in Libya, but the people there kind of hate us and it never went so well. Not nearly as well as in Ukraine, who we had revolution-coup'd just there year prior, and where we orchestrated their entire election and hand picked ("vetted") the candidates.

As massive warring continued, especially in Benghazi, that is when Hillary cut security funding to our US embassy there, hoping the attack, killing our US workers, would be another Pearl Harbor moment allowing for the US to take better control. Instead, she found blame directly, but was to well connected for any sort of criminal or ethical results to her actions.

Libya continues to be a war torn mess to this day.

Hunter Biden charged in special counsel David Weiss investigation: Live updates by Brewdabier in news

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I knew something was going to happen soon, the corporate news stations were flooding even more insane nonsense than regular since yesterday. They manipulate the public with a Cybil attack, knowing that naturally if a person hears something from enough seemingly authority-based sources, that their brain can't help believing it most of the time.

One blamed investigations into Bidens on a secret Trump-led conspiracy to get retribution for the election. Another cited the IRS whistleblower's own notes supporting hist testimony, as proof against it. Several deceptively reported on the seemingly recent testimony of some other IRS guy, who seemed to not remember anything (but didn't take notes), and suggested that this proved the whistleblower wrong. A few others about how terrible it is that Biden's are being investigated and how terrible the timing is, not mentioning that stalling and stone-walling is mostly why they are here.

Same old AI conjured spins that some percentage of the population was expected to fall for. They will trick you out of all your rights soon...if we even really still have any. When the media and big internet companies work together, they control all our sources of information. There is no telling what is simply a mirage...

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

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The jury sat through testimony of a whole romantic evening and more. The jury rejected several parts of the testimony. A lot of it was contradictory and hard to find credible. None of it had any evidence, just her word, and contradictory words of two random people that are hard to find credible and fall near the activist lines of interest in the issue.

I don't think anyone is accusing or criticizing Carol of cornering Trump, despite her testified worries that she 'led on' and 'initiated' the evening, but then later regretting it.

So I am still waiting for you to put forward a sensible argument, for why it's actually okay to <do something bad>.

Standard gaslighting troll technique of small-minded people with no argument. I say the Judge lied, so you gaslight that I support the nefarious alleged crime. Pretty lame.

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

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As I've explained and proven extensively through the court documents that plainly outline know that whole thing this comment chain has been about..

This is your 6th reply on this comment chain, where I've explained 5 times what the judge said, what the lie was. I've also quoted the lies twice and linked to the court document proving it.... way at the beginning.

You were too busy trolling to pay attention. Stop wasting my time.

Trump's people also breached voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan and Fulton County, Pennsylvania, as the special counsel election probe continues. by ActuallyNot in politics

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No. It is a fact that votes were flipped due to human error, for a preliminary result.

No one suggested that the entire US government being hacked for most of the year is related to Diebold-Dominion.

Only that it was the corrupt CISA's job to protect the nation form this hack, but they were too busy coordinating censorship and otherwise interfering in the election. Before laughably saying the election was 'the most secure, herpa der,' CISA them selves were hacked and so was all of the government under their watch. They have zero credibility.

The 2020 election has a ton of proven anomalies! It was the biggest dumpster fire of an election in the middle of a pandemic that could be possible..... There is just a strong corporate campaign to urge people to ignore them and react like a fool when they hear about them. Small minded people fall for the corporate propaganda every time, consistently.

No - the ENTIRE government was not hacked, nor is this related to Dominion voting machines,

Yes, it was only MOST of the entire US government and big corporations. We still don't know how much total it encompassed. These are just the ones they told us about, as they kept a lot of the embarrassing details classified:

(It sure looks like the ENTIRE US government to me)

  • CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)
  • National Finance Center
  • National Telecommunications and Information Administration
  • National Nuclear Security Administration
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Department of Justice
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Department of State
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Department of the Treasury
  • Administrative Office of the United States Courts - Case Management/Electronic Case Files
  • Parts of The Pentagon
  • Parts of The National Security Agency
  • Parts of The Defense Information Systems Agency

A bank from Italy accepts parmesan as collateral for a loan by PanzerDivision in Europe

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It's worth more than the IOU debt currencies that the US and EU use...

Trump's people also breached voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan and Fulton County, Pennsylvania, as the special counsel election probe continues. by ActuallyNot in politics

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You are Incorrect!

That claim was from the Michigan Department of State.

In the end, it was found that the old firmware impacted only the tabulation and only for the unofficial preliminary results. This was noticed and caused a big concern, that the problem may have been in the ballot taking, rather than just tabulation, and concern it may impact the official results. This was a reasonable concern and sparked a large investigation by the state. It resulted in a full hand count to ensure the ballot taking wasn't affected. It was not; the hand re-count found no changed votes, with only minor discrepancy. The state also did a huge forensic investigation using a half dozen experts. Their results are the one I mention.

The state was forced to look by a Antrim County resident, who filed a lawsuit about the election issue. When confirmed a real possible problem, the Judge ruled that the person suing was entitled to the evidence, which he provided to the Trump election integrity team, who allowed experts to review it. The means Trump's team obtained this outright legally, making CNN's paragraph an outright deceptive lie.

CISA's job is to hide election problems and lie. They are in charge of national cyber security and declared the 2020 election the most secure election ever......then less than two weeks later, they learned the ENTIRE US government had been hacked for at least 8 months, from the Solar Winds hack. Talk about having zero credibility and sticking your foot in your mouth, lol!

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

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Trump was found guilty of digital rape dipshit.

You are wrong. You were lied to.

As I've explained and proven extensively through the court documents that plainly outline know that whole thing this comment chain has been about....while you've trolled me wasting my time pretending to be too dumb to understand. Fucking Redditors...sheesh.

It is pretty despicable and normal people would assume a judge would never do something so dirty as to lie and purposely mislead the public for political reasons, in this shameful way.

The IRS is going after 1,600 millionaires who owe hundreds of millions in overdue taxes, and it's using AI to catch them by Cancelthis in WarWatch

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They will spy on every American, to ensure they aren't millionaires with overdue taxes.

AIs will really end up as entities used to control populations - that is what they are being worked on for. by Cancelthis in MediaAnalysis

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Your really think they don't already control the populations? The tech has been there for the taking for decades. It only hit the news because someone made a lame language model, but made it not-half bad. I suspect the really good language models don't get talked about publicly and have been mostly used to transcribe all phone calls made for decade or two. I also suspect that machine learning and AI have taken the place of think tanks and have, like think tanks once did, been manipulating the public, only with excess of success, for a long time.

“Dark” right-wing network recruits MAGA “army” to replace 50K federal workers Trump plans to purge by cunninglingus in politics

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Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

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What is step 3?

He lied by saying the jury ruled implying digital rape.

Why do you talk in circles and pretend not to understand?

Todd Chrisley got TWELVE years in jail for tax evasion. His wife got SEVEN. Enrique Tarrio got 22 yrs for J6 when he wasn’t even there. A man who killed a teen boy for being Republican got FIVE years. A man who raped a 6 & 9 yr old got only 180 DAYS in jail. Justice is DEAD! by P-38lightning in news

[–]SoCo 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

The only evidence they had of the Proud Boys and Enrique, is that they had serious plans to protect protesters.

Yet, some scammer douche-bag, who mysteriously evaded charges in a huge fraud case where his partner got sentenced to decades.....obviously a fed, he has testified something to that effect. So this fed penned a grade-school level plan to take over the Capitol Building and sent it to Enrique. Enrique was working with this dude, who was some flashy scammer with a large following, to work out a deal for getting T-Shirts for impoverished kids. Enrique were talking to this douche through his girlfriend, whom turned out to be an undercover fed too. These feds pushed this plan on them, but they kind of laughed off his crayon plan, while hoping to score some schwag for kids.

They didn't charge the douche bag who came up with the plan and pushed it on people. When questioned about it via tele-trial, he gave an amazingly lame excuse and rolled around on the ground complaining of a charlie horse, making a scene that I'm sure he learned form some lame how-to-be-a-spy books for teenagers.

This was the only evidence of any planning of nefarious...and obvious plant by a fed.

Trump's people also breached voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan and Fulton County, Pennsylvania, as the special counsel election probe continues. by ActuallyNot in politics

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CNN likes to pretend they are trying to do better about reporting fair and balanced, but they continue spreading misinformation and deceptive spins.

Take this misleading omission and spin for instance...

The operatives then produced a report claiming votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in Antrim County. That report was then used as supposed evidence to support the dozens of failed lawsuits that Powell filed on Trump’s behalf alleging voter fraud. The report was since debunked.

Nothing was debunked, they found that failure to update firmware caused 6000 to 7000 Republican votes to flip to Democrat. It was just human error and an isolated event. They did a hand recount and had a very thorough investigation by several experts directed by the attorney general.

In an appearance on Fox News, President Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis said the judge granted their team access to the forensic images as well.


Looks like CNN is gaslighting legal and reasonable investigations into serious election issues as "trying to overthought the election"...again. If they can generate enough public consent, they can inflict legal retribution against those who dared question the flipped votes county of an election (by letting corrupt judges in Michigan charge the lady with a crime based solely on the projected motivations that the media repeated until the public is confined of).

One America News Network and one of its star personalities, Chanel Rion, have settled a defamation lawsuit brought by a Dominion Voting Systems executive over false claims that he was involved in rigging the 2020 presidential election. by neolib in MediaAnalysis

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I saw some of OANN's coverage of the election and it was just endless exaggerated bullshit. They took every real concern people had, spun it into flat Earth and aliens level nonsense and aired that endlessly.

They are obviously controlled opposition, meant to mislead people who question the narrative into going off the insane deep end to never be taken seriously.

This controlled opposition, along with Newsmax, likely another, whom generally fit a more toned down version of the same, both settled out of court, secretly, and did not have their entire company's internal communications wrongly leaked to the public, like was done to Fox News.

Instead of making insanely exaggerated false statements as if they were facts, like OANN, Fox News simply covered the newsworthy statements of others, which is normally protected journalism. They had zero case against Fox News and if it weren't for how corruptly weaponized the trial was, I would blame them for the huge damages done to protections of journalism and free speech they made by not fighting their case. Yet, they were lambasted by the corrupt shenanigans of the activist Judge, whom effectively made a summary judgement and was only going to have the jury decide the damages.

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

[–]SoCo 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

No, of course your facetious and purposely erroneous recounting is wrong. I do see that you understood what I said, but chose to ignore that you were shown that the judge lied and the trial was manipulated and unfair.

This judge is technically lying and used his own previous lie as reason to deny this motion. This judge has a long history as a government fixer, to manipulate high profile cases with the desired public performance. Such as getting big coronations off the hook, the likes of tobacco and oil, and enabling Jeffery Epstein related rapist European royalty get a slap on the wrist, but publicly looks like he got the screws put to him.

Despite Carroll testifying that she did not say "no", resist, and that she felt she initiated escalation of the romantic evening, the jury believed her word without evidence, that there was a preponderance of evidence that Trump likely made unwanted romantic advances, such as kissing.

Anyone who claims the jury determined anything more specific is actually flat out lying, like this judge and the media, whom he fed the lie to.

“Dark” right-wing network recruits MAGA “army” to replace 50K federal workers Trump plans to purge by cunninglingus in politics

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Biden demanded all federal workers go back to working in the office, rather than remotely, and mandated the Covid death-shots for federal workers. It was reported that about half of all the federal workers were looking for other work after this.

Biden has stuffed most of the federal workers with unqualified people for demographic statistics.. There is also likely 50K empty federal position still.

One of Trump's biggest mistakes of his first presidency, was having no cabinet ready. He was tricked into appointing Democrat tools to many, which later turned on him, of course. He was swarmed with corrupt Democrat and Republican pecker-heads, whom made him seem involved. Such as the actual people charged with Russian impropriety after the 2016 election investigations, which were long time Democrat lackeys.

Mike Huckabee: 2024 will be last election ‘decided by ballots rather than bullets’ if Trump loses … by PanzerDivision in politics

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Keep ignoring election fraud and it might happen. It isn't about a candidate losing, but being cheated, which would upset the country enough for a massive civil uprising, again.

Supreme Court Will Decide If Trump Gets Disqualified From 2024 Race Under 14th Amendment: Rep. Schiff by boston_blackie in politics

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This has already failed in court at least once. It will require an actual candidate to file the lawsuit petitioning for disqualification. Most legal scholars think that is a crazy far stretch, but corporate media can always dig up some dishonest law students.

Reddit hate machine working overtime by Cancelthis in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Tineye seems to think was the first to post August, 2015... and it does have the Star Of David patches.

Dean Dees. Apparently that artist was hated and prosecuted for his political artwork for a very long time, even kicked out of countries and on the run. He claimed people were trying to kill him, and described being affected with what is now well known directed energy weapons, shortly before he died of years of mysterious medical problems. It seems everyone who knew him thinks he was murdered. "I failed to consider how the parasite controllers cancer out people all the time."

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

[–]SoCo 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

I'm pointing out that the jury did not decide, one way or other, about the accusation of being penetrated with a finger.

While we can say for sure the jury rejected the accusation of penetration with a penis, but we have no ruling about the finger. The only people who made this assertion was the accuser and this judge.

While it is widely understood that the sexual assault charge specifically requires the finger penetration, despite pointing this out specifically, the Judge, LEWIS A. KAPLAN, instructed the jury with an extra portion explaining clearly that this not required and misleading the jury with an extremely wide and vague different requirement. This could easily include kissing, hugging, touching of the elbow even, if the jury could assume it was in a sexy way.

With a long and non-professional diatribe, rather than a ruling, every opportunity was made to insult and disparage Trump, but no attempt was made to address the motion's concerns. Instead, embedded in the 59 page insult narrative, was the confirmation of the concerns of trial flaws the motion brought forth. The judge confirmed that penetration is required for sexual assault in this context, then provides the jury instructions stating it isn't required, then additionally goes on to falsely declare that the jury "inferred" that Trump penetrated her with his finger, by ruling in favor of sexual assault money.

Very much about this trial was very non standard and reeking of bias and a unfair trial. This jury instruction was an insurance plan, ensuring he wouldn't walk away completely vindicated, as anything could be considered sexual assault. Then, after ruling, they brought in a person unqualified for the position, to decide the monetary damages, who suggested an absolutely insanely exaggerated amount, inconsistent with the charges, context, and common sense.

The court trial was a blatant hatched job.

No one can know what really happened, but the accuser has contradicted and denied all these accusations in the past. She had also failed in court previously. She was only trying again because Trump's political enemies pushed her to do so and gave her a very lot of money to do it and cover legal costs. On the stand, she testified that she did not say "no", and that she likely "led him on," instigating their romantic escapade. She presented zero evidence. She made accusations and brought 2 people in who testified that she talked of the romantic night to them so many decades ago, although their testimony made it sound like she was more-so gloating, with an after thought of otherwise.

This was a civil case, a lawsuit. The New York statues of limitations for the criminal charges accused had already expired, so Trump could freely defend himself against the accusation......yet, anti-Trump New York political enemies, specifically changed the law, extended the statutes of limitations, the previous year in anticipation of Trump's lawsuit.

This caused Trump to be unable to defend himself in this civil case. Doing so would only provide testimony that could be spun into incriminating evidence of a very serious criminal charge. Trump had cross examined the witnesses, but did not testify or make much of any kind of defense due to this risk of criminal charges.

The whole lawsuit was a trap, hoping to manipulate Trump in to having only two options: Don't defend yourself, getting slammed for extremely questionable civil accusations, and just sit there quietly being overly and corruptly railroaded...... or open your mouth and get corruptly railroaded into a prison sentence for criminal charges based on the same evidence-less and questionable accusations that changed over the years.

Everyone should have a fair trial; this was not.

Sneaky Biden does dirty attack on Trump....After raping E Jean Carroll, Trump decided to slander her too, so today Trump was found guilty of slander. Sneaky Biden sabotaging Trump's candidacy! by Site_rly_sux in politics

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The Jury did not say what exactly he did.

This Judge said the Jury "Inferred" that rape was committed, by finding Trump liable for Question 2 "Sexual assault", which necessitates "digital rape" in this context. Yet, the previous Judge's Jury instructions bellow, which a reasonable juror might easily interpret the instructions to include a wide array of activities, possibly even including an unwanted kiss. The Judge refused an appeal that the awarded judgement was an excessive amount for the accusations,, based on this point and several others.

The Lawsuit being referenced:

[...] special verdict governed by Rule 49 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The form of the verdict, including the fact that it did not ask the jury to decide exactly what conduct Mr. Trump committed in the event it found for Ms. Carroll as to sexual abuse[...]

. Jury instructions on sexual assault civil accusation:

[...] intimate part is concerned, the law does not specifically define which parts of the body are intimate. Intimacy, moreover, is a function of behavior and not just anatomy. [...] if he touched any, were sufficiently personal or private that it would not have been touched in the absence of a close relationship between the parties.

Reddit hate machine working overtime by Cancelthis in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The image seems to be against authoritarian establishment democrats to me, the opposite of Reddits normal.

Judge blocks Arkansas law requiring parental OK for minors to create social media accounts by SoCo in news

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The weird stuff that comes out of the cracks when the spying, abuse, manipulation, and control of the largest and most powerful companies get threatened...

Back when this law was pass, it seems everyone had a weird take on it. The Electronic Frontier Foundation opposed it for free speech and privacy data collection concerns.

Then, James Pearson Steyer, the guy who wrote the book

The Other Parent: The Inside Story of the Media’s Effect on Our Children. {--1--}

And who is also the founder of, Common Sense Media, an organization that "provides education and advocacy to families to promote safe technology and media for children."

According to this AP article, they hailed the effort to rein in social media’s addictive features and set rules for litigation....

..but Steyer said giving parents access to children’s social media posts would

deprive kids of the online privacy protections we advocate for.

I'm not sure they gave all the context, but it seems an odd position to take.... children need privacy from parents, while engaging in possibly risky situations?

Judge blocks Arkansas law requiring parental OK for minors to create social media accounts by SoCo in news

[–]SoCo[S] 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

The Social Media cartel really took complete control of this court hearing, twisted the law into a different European law, something it wasn't, then beat that European law up. They totally took over the room and dictated what the law they were opposing was. Then they pretended they didn't know who was included in the law...but the law includes all except exempt. Ultimately, the judge was lulled into the position of thinking that the terms "majority" and "substantial amount" were too vague and needed defined...

What happened here, was the cartel and just discussed what this law "really" meant to do, then ruled on that, rather on the law. The law was shit, though, but that is besides the point.

We are seeing how illogical arguments seem to drive every large court case anymore...

Here is the ruling:

Elon Musk's X wants to collect users' biometric data and education history, an upcoming privacy policy update shows by Drewski in privacy

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Long past time for a pseudonymous decentralized alternative...

"War on Mexico": Republicans ramp up calls for military action as they blast Democrats as warmongers by Cancelthis in Antiwar

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Confusing a figurative war against criminals systematically invading our country, trafficking humans, and killing our people with fentynal.....with actual real war, slaughtering brown people in the Middle East and destroying countless democracies...all for simple political and economic power.

How could someone live with themselves making such a dishonest comparison.

New York police will use drones to monitor backyard parties this weekend, spurring privacy concerns by PanzerDivision in privacy

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FFA drone rules say you can't record private property without permission. These peeping toms need a warrant.

U.S. job growth cooled in August, a sign the labor market is finally beginning to slow in the face of rising interest rates, declining economic growth and chronic inflation. by P-38lightning in news

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Once inflation cools, economic contraction, that is when the economic depression actually starts.

Florida State attorney, fired for refusing to enforce particular laws and joining a prosecutors club opposing some laws, tries to dishonestly spin her firing as being due to prosecuting police officers by SoCo in politics

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Governor Ron DeSantis Suspends Second Activist State Attorney, Who Declared They Wouldn't Enforce Certain Laws, for Neglect of Duty and Incompetence

“Truly Mind-Boggling” Breakthrough: Graphene Surprise Could Help Generate Hydrogen Cheaply and Sustainably by SoCo in Hydrogen

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Safety being a challenge with hydrogen is the no-brain'er first thought everyone gets, when considering the Hindenburg of fuels....but that is quickly dispelled, when considering how long we've been working with hydrogen now.

Safe hydrogen is easy! It just takes massively heavy and thick tanks! From there we've worked to maintain the same safety and capacity, with increasingly lighter and cheaper tanks.

You can see how the US Dept. of Energy's older FreedomCar initiative from 2007'ish, set goals to improve onboard hydrogen storage for light vehicles. It set vehicle hydrogen tank goals to gradually reduce the weight of the system, increase the density of storage, reduce the cost, and reduce refueling time.

Curious as to how the hell is FJB going to mandate and "force" me to be a subject of medical experiments? Nothing on earth "forced" me before and that won't change now. by thomastheglassexpert in AskSaidIt

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Luckily I have an immune disorder, which is an excuse to abstain....

Unfortunately, from the best I can tell, I got it from my first Moderna shot a couple years ago....

I was naive to think that so much overt lying of something so criminally negligent couldn't happen with so many people involved and watching....and if they did, there would be consequences. Like with elections, one should assume that criminality is more empowered by many people being involved, not less and that only those who resisted the criminality will face consequences.

Meet Oliver Anthony: The New Voice of America’s Working Class. “If anything,” he said, his music is “more about the right than the left.” He added: “I’m singing more about, like, a lot of the older, super conservative politicians that brought us into endless war through my entire childhood.” by Chipit in politics

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Normal guy doesn't want turned into a divide-and-concur tool for corporate media's evil ways; wants to be an individual, not projected as either unrealistically fake and exaggerated extremest side.

He's only 30 years old, so all he has seen, like myself, is the US bullying and covertly overthrowing Middle Eastern governments to usurp power and wipe out Arabs, in a show of dominance. Then endlessly dealing with the huge mess that doing so has caused over and over, still 20+ years down the road. I think we happily do this as the war-pigs find occasionally beating up a weaker country to show a display of hegemony. To some degree, we used the public's fear of WMD each time, but that reason was always a lie. It was always those same un-elected people pulling the strings and pushing the unverified intelligence behind the scenes to make it happen, to; the Rumsfields, and Boltons of war.