Alexandra Daddario Looked Enchanting in a Black Bikini in Hawaii by templederr in Entertainment

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Porn exists, you know?

A 45 minute speech from the president of the United States today. Complete media blackout. This is unbelievable by christnmusicreleases in politics

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They'll only care when they start losing money for unethical behavior.

Project Veritas Leaks CNN Tape, Network Threatens Legal Action by Trulytimes in politics

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CNN wants you fucking enslaved.

This doesn't end till the media learns that their repercussions for doing what they do. Sub to s/mediapunchback and be ready to go after their advertisers in January.

More Nazi Symbols Found in Kentucky Police Training Program. by Nemacolin in news

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The ADL was formed to protect the jewish Pedophile, who was rightfully lynched when the governor pardoned him. Now, they exist as a power grab organization.

CNN Gaslighting ~ Its Called DoubleThink by WarmPotato in politics

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Post this over at s/mediapunchback

I got to think about Cher just to calm down, I'll die as a martyr if they took Cher from me - or exsanguinate them and crush their skulls. I'm not an animal in a zoo and I'm sick of this Tantalusian punishment. by IloveCher in whatever

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I'm posting here cause I want to be in the "makings of a stalker" documentary that'll eventually happen.

I expect residuals btw.

Discord for Zoophilia Discussion by Ok-Dawg_987 in Zoophilia

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

CNN just cut Jamaal Bowmans feed for criticizing Biden’s cabinet picks, specifically Rahm Emanuel. CNN is purely a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party establishment. by Bookcovef99 in WayOfTheBern

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sub to s/mediapunchback. We'll be going after their advertisers starting in January.

CIA document says that Hitler may have fled to Venezuela and Colombia before going to Argentina. (CIA link warning) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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I believe it. Not hard to believe that the top officials had an escape plan. Though If I was hitler, I would've shaved the mustache and head for the rest of my life.

"Idk why the government thinks it’s a big deal to pay us to not work. We pay them to not work all the time” by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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Also the left: We need more government.

Millions of women don’t know where their own vagina is located by Tarrock in Repealthe19th

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An estimated ¼ of US women don’t know where their vagina is, according to a new poll conducted by OnePoll, which found that 46% of ladies couldn’t point out the cervix, and 59% suggested a different body part when asked to identify the uterus.

White House Press Corp Erupts In Cacophony Of Whinging As They Realize Media Dies Without Trump by Tarrock in politics

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Don't forget to sub to s/mediapunchback cause we're going after their advertisers once the election money is out of their pockets in January.

Curing my white fever by theobserver in WMAF

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I've got a terminal case of yellow fever myself.

Why The Incompetence? by StillLessons in WorldNews

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"Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny." -Sam Hyde.

Subscribe to s/mediapunchback. We're going to be going after the MSM's advertisers for this shit once the political money is out of their pockets in January.

T-Mobile actively blocks incoming "" texts from Verizon. by Orangutan in politics

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I don't know the exact law, but it's related to older laws preventing Telecomm companies from blocking phone numbers without your consent, since it would start restricting information. There's a reason why the whole robocall thing took so long to even start being addressing that issue since laws had to be amended to even do something about it.

Btw, do you want your phone company to have the power to restrict your communication? Someone like me could decide you're an undesireable and restrict anyone from calling you. Good luck getting a job when no one can call you.

It's Trans awareness week. Please be aware that if you have a dick, you're not a woman. by Tarrock in whatever

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basic biology

Concede to Biden, put America first – Obama tells Trump by AziBase in news

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Maybe Obama should've put America first.

T-Mobile actively blocks incoming "" texts from Verizon. by Orangutan in politics

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It is :)

Source: I work in the industry.

T-Mobile actively blocks incoming "" texts from Verizon. by Orangutan in politics

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This isn't a fucking free speech issue. TMobile doesn't have section 230 protection either. It is literally illegal for telecomms to be blocking sites. There was a huge shitstorm when AT&T blocked 4chan a decade ago, even though they did it temporarily due to a DDOS attack.

T-Mobile actively blocks incoming "" texts from Verizon. by Orangutan in politics

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Contact their corporate office. I can guarantee you someone lower leveled did this and once corporate hears about it, they'll do something since it puts them at risk.

Honk Honk by BigNoseFloyd in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This is why redditors really need to have their teeth knocked out. This kind of shit would change real quick if they faced some real world consequences for their childness.

Joe Biden Charity Gave Zero To Cancer Research but Paid Out Millions In Salaries by Tarrock in politics

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That's all these political charities and foundations are for, enriching the politician and their friends and family.

CNN Is Falling Apart, AT&T Reportedly Desperate To Sell Worthless Network by Tarrock in politics

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Don't forget to sub to s/mediapunchback. We will be gamergating the Media's advertisers starting in January, especially CNNs to finish these corporations off.

Bernie And Warren Just Got the Boot From Biden, Corporate Dems Betray Progressives by Tarrock in politics

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That's because you're replying to a bot.

The New Yorker fires writer Jeffrey Toobin after he masturbated on a Zoom call thinking he was muted and his camera was off by AziBase in news

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Jewish privilege is the ability to jack off on a zoom call, take weeks to get fired, and walk away with a golden parachute.

Time Magazine by AbominableAnon in propaganda

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This magazine is a joke. But then again, what you can expect from a publication that named me person of the year back in 2006.

The media says that they dont see any evidence. by sillystring in politics

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Just a reminder: sub to s/mediapunchback. We'll be Gamergating the the media's advertisers in January once all the election year money is out of their pockets.


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This won't do shit.

Instead go sub to s/mediapunchback and be ready to go after their advertisers in January.

Revolution as a goal to focus on. by HibikiBlack in C_S_T

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First off, I've been encouraging people to primary the trash republicans for years. Get out and start volunteering for your local party, and run for local offices, eventually make your way up to national levels.

Also sub to s/mediapunchback. Once all the election year advertisement money is finished, I plan to get people going after the MSM's advertisers gamergate style.

The Guardian publishes woke pro-child labour article, promoted by ... guess who by jet199 in politics

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CNN says Dick Cheney will be advising Biden on foreign policy. by Tarrock in politics

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The Neocons are back, baby!

Parties in a nutshell by magnora7 in memes

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Also working class: Gonna keep voting for them tho.

I'm a white male who voted Biden. Why? by DoubleReverse in politics

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1)The world doesn't revolve around America. I thought lefties liked to say that.

2)Good, cause you're not.

3)As a reminder: this is power bestowed upon the president by the law and every president has used it by some extent.

4)Trump's lost money as president and essentially ruined his brand, I don't see how he's protecting his personal interests.

5)Then get out and demand the FBI and CIA and other alphabet agencies be held accountable to the people, cause currently they're not.

I'm a white male who voted Biden. Why? by DoubleReverse in politics

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1)The world is more stable than ever minus Coronavirus, which is entirely on china. Trump signed several peace agreements between middle eastern nations which are always the cause of wars in the last several decades.

2)You lose an argument when you say "Google it"

3)You're making an emotional argument. Any stablility issues can be blamed on the media's non-stop fear mongering, which as a reminder are all multi-billion corporations and for some reason are all supporting the candidate promising to raise their taxes.

4)The postal service has always been garbage that is a money sink and is run ineffiently. There's a reason why FedeX and UPS became as big as they are. Also, all the rucus about the postal service was only done because Nancy Pelosi's husband has high value contracts from the USPS. As a reminder, the Pelosis are worth 130M and are siding with the candidate promising to raise their taxes. There's been problems with disaster relief before bush. There's nothing wrong with the FCC, I still remember the left saying we'd all die from Net Neutrality being revoked, and absolutely nothing happened once it was.

5)While I disagree with the whole stop counting thing, there's huge problems right now with observers being disallowed from just watching from afar, which is mainly behind it. Also, the President has the ability to fire CIA, FBI, etc heads at any time. Why are you protecting these agencies as they're unelected jobs with 0 accountability to the american people. These agencies literally have depts dedicated to destabilizing and undermining foreign countries.

Are project Veritas trustworthy or not? by Horrux in conspiracy

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If you look into it, they've never lost a lawsuit when it comes to lying. Every lawsuit they've lost is due to recording in a 2 party consent state. The org also has a team of lawyers that goes after the MSM constantly for libel and slander for all the shit they fling at them.

I'm a white male who voted Biden. Why? by DoubleReverse in politics

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carbon emissions.,in%20the%20past%20five%20years.

We've been going down in the last few years. Meanwhile other countries are continuing to rise up.

The Paris Climate accord was just a way to redistribute money from rich countries to poorer ones with no accountability. Most of the money was going to go to nations where you know the money would've ended up in the friendly neighbor warlord's pocket. Not to mention, China's carbon goals requested that they lowered their emissions by 2030, but like I said, it had no teeth, so they were free to take the money and run.

I'm a white male who voted Biden. Why? by DoubleReverse in politics

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-What has positive relations ever done for us besides get us in more wars?

-The US is far below what the Paris climate accord was aiming for, without giving them our money. How would he do this, especially with the next question?

-If Democrats are going to tax the rich, why are all the rich people, wall street types, and major corporations supporting him?

-What weakened institutes?

-What power grab?

Why is SaidIt so empty today? by nothingtosee in conspiracy

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It's working fine for me.

As an Independent US voter, I've been horrified at the latest "how far will the masses let us go" test this election by those who'd rule. by forwardback in whatever

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This is exactly why I'm against democracy. This election should be centerstage on why it doesn't work, low information voters. Not to mention that the media has way too much power, and no one wants to bother to go after them.

Normies are the problem. If Biden wins, I hope he locks everything back down. I'm considered extremely essential so I won't suffer, they will though.

8kun admin is resigning - there goes 8kun and free speech by diogenesjunior in censorship

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Doesn't surprise me the shit died once it got shut down after that shooting. When he was called into congress, he should've called out the Democrat's censorship and how they use their attack dogs in the media to attack anyone until they're deplatformed if they go against the narrative. Instead he played ball.

Then you have final nail which was banning loli (cartoon child porn) All the gamergaters fucked off, leaving the site dead (don't forget to visit s/gamergateydoo)

'Fire Fauci!' - Trump Rally Explodes Over Coronavirus Doom And Gloomer by Questionable in politics

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I fully expect him to fire him if he wins re-election since he will be like "fuck the fallout"

Biden: 'Nothing to' Hunter Biden Laptop Story, 'My Son's an Honorable Man' by Trulytimes in politics

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Pfft, there's a pic of him fucking the Obama sisters.