Do Americans have a moral duty to live off welfare? by 14MJOLNIR88 in AskSaidIt

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Before I can answer such questions, so that we're on the same page with our discussion you need to elaborate on what you define to be an American and what is not American.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab steps back from executive post by neolib in WorldNews

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We are developing a vaccine to counter religious fundamentalism by RankAssPalace in conspiracy

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So, basically a bioweapon agent that leaves the target mildly brain damaged.

Driver said he smoked pot oil, took medication before Florida crash that killed 8 Mexican workers by Cancelthis in USnews

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Florida man killed a few illegals? An unfortunate loss of life. Those Mexicans would still be alive, if they never entered the country illegally.

Tokyo battles surge of destructive raccoons that went from pet to pest by neolib in offbeat

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I see no way past this for them than to conduct a sustained trapping, spay/neuter, and cull effort, while simultaneously banning any use of Raccoons and similar looking animals as mascots.

She Played an Iconic Role in an Iconic Movie, Actress Susan Backlinie, 77, who played the shark's first victim in 'Jaws,' died Saturday morning of a heart attack at her southern California home by carn0ld03 in Death

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I'll take your word for it. For some reason, I doubt a guy named musky would likely lie about something like this.

Australians will need a social license to post memes. by PanzersGhost in SocialMedia

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Am I the only person who's not forgotten that Australia was founded as a penal colony by the most criminally inclined population of Europeans? Is it really a smart move to criminalize what is normal Anglo behavior when dealing with a population of people that climb mountains simply because they're there?

Senate Bill Seeks to Place Campus Protesters on No-Fly List by Drewski in censorship

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Hell. When the Jewish and their Zionist evangelical Golem horde go after you, they go after you hard.