Facebook says it won't notify the half a billion users that had their data leaked by scrubking in politics

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Here here. I last logged in in 2008 to delete me account.

Gov. DeSantis issues executive order prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine passports by AXXA in politics

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Good for him. Rare to see common sense these days.

Per the CDC There Are Nearly Twice As Many Vaccine Related Deaths SO FAR in 2021 (1,755) Than All the Vaccine Deaths this Past Decade (994) by scrubking in politics

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You make a good point about the flu vaccine. I didn't consider it when I wrote my post. I've never taken the flu shot and in my mind I dont see it as being on the same level as something like a hepatitis vaccine.

It seems like every year I know people who got the flu shot and still got the flu. I had the flu once in my life (2019) and was over it in 3 days.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that in my mind, from my experiences I see the flu shot as nothing more then a money grabbing placebo. TBO I can understand the elderly getting it as I'm sure there is some help the flu shot gives but for almost every one else... I just feel like it's a joke. Again, that's why I didn't consider it.

Also thanks for the civil response.

Per the CDC There Are Nearly Twice As Many Vaccine Related Deaths SO FAR in 2021 (1,755) Than All the Vaccine Deaths this Past Decade (994) by scrubking in politics

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Fucking propaganda headline.... the numbers are correct. However, how many vaccines have been given from 2011 until late 2020 VS the last 3 months?

If we assume ever baby born gets a vaccine of some type ( a quick search shows about 4 million births in the USA a yesr) that's 40 million shots over the decade. The USA has given out 55 million shots in just 3 months.

I agree that these vaccines have a higher incidence rate but dont let the 994 vs 1755 number deceive and shock you. There is more to it.

(Understand there are more metrics to this. Some children dont get vaccines. Some adults would be getting them though out the decade. Also we are hyper vigilant with reporting right now. Last, anyone can post a report to this CDC site, not just doctors. My main point is this is a click bait headline displaying selected shocking stats.)

Self-Driving Cars Will Stop For Police, Roll Windows Down, Unlock Doors by Panzerfaust in technology

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Welcome to the future, where nothing can possibli go wrong. Er, possibly go wrong...that's the first thing thats ever gone wrong...

Citizens Who Lost Health Care Coverage Since The Pandemic Began by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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Fun fact, as of today (March 25th, 2021) in the USA ~ 85 million people have had a vaccine shot (25% of the population) in Canada ~ 3.9 Million (10%)

The Kids in the Hall - Running Faggot by Optimus85 in funny

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People were harder to offend back then.... also I'm surprised youtube hasn't deleted that yet...

Canadian Father Arrested for Referring to 14-Year-Old Biological Daughter Using Female Pronouns by TonyDiGerolamo in news

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Sad times. I wonder if I will live long enough to see the judgment of history.

You should only be using an old computer by Panzerfaust in technology

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I agree that with the argument of using old hardware. He was spot on. But when it came to linux vs. Windows ...

Linux is fine for the top 10% of users who understand computers. But the average user, linux isn't there yet.

The best way to back my statement is with an example. I have an epson wf-2750 printer. I use it for my business b/c I was able to mod it and add an ink reserve. Good luck getting that pronter to work on a linux build. I spent 2 hours plus learning all about how linux printing works.

In the end I was able to get it working. However, I use this printer to print invoices in a landscape format. The drive I ended up with didn't allow you to pre config your printers default settings. It was a very basic driver. In the end I gave up on it. Having to select printer options and landscape ever time was a minor problem but on the end just too frustrating.

With windows I plug in the usb and I'm done. 30 seconds in the device manager and my printer was working perfect. When linux is there then we will have a true alternative for the masses. But now, no way...

Google Must Face Suit Over Snooping on ‘Incognito’ Browsing by killerjavi98 in news

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Lawyer 1: "Google was tracking my client EVEN when they were in Incognito mode!"

Google's Lawyer: "Oh my I see. We ask that the plaintiff present the data that was tracked."

Lawyer 1 and his client whispering aggressively

Lawyer 1: "After consulting with my client, we would like to retract our lawsuit..."

Baltimore HS Student Who Passed Only Three Courses in Four Years Ranks in Top Half of His Class by [deleted] in news

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I dont get the outrage here and why they want to shut down the school...

I dont have any kids and yet I'm aware of the no fail policy. How it's "bad for self esteem" so you pass no matter what. I mean is this situation really a shocking revelation given the policy?

The people are getting what they asked for. I fail to see why there is a problem....

Free speech social network Gab says it has been refused by three banks in the last month by scrubking in politics

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Like it was said here and in the comments of the article, name the banks.

The Rich Don’t Need A Mask - Major Airline Company Drop Mask Requirement For First & Business Class by scrubking in politics

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OTOH, if the poor are nameless and FACELESS >people, the wealthy can take the course of >action that they please without being >concerned with little things like a 'conscience' >or 'morality

We don't need people to be faceless. From the genocides in Rwanda or Burma or may other places, from Saddam Hussein gassing his own to Stalin.... the British, the Roman's, the good old USA. None had or needed masks to behave the way they did.

It's the very nature of our spices. No one race or country can claim otherwise. Those that due only add fuel to the fire.

I dont belive masks will change how those with power act. I believe masks are a weak and ultimately useless symbol of an attempt to try and control and uncontrollable situation.

The River Thames has frozen over near London; a first in 60 years! Must be all that "Global Warming." by christnmusicreleases in news

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I've kept daily weather logs for over 20 years now as part of my business. I dont claim to be a pro on this stuff but our weather here is definitely different then from 20 years ago.

For us so far things are better. Less snow and cold and longer summers and amazing falls. Our springs are almost non existent now. We go from a shorter winter to a snow/ rain mix for like two months and then bam, in like a week it changes into hot summer.

I think your a fool if you deny that a change is happening but I do belive that the consequences are vastly overstated. I also believe that a lot of the green movements profit driven not true environmentalism to help the planet.

Putin Announces Total Independence from ‘Rothschild-Controlled’ US Dollar by Questionable in politics

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Very interesting.

Here in Canada we have what we call "the big 6" which are the six major banks. We also have credit unions. Due to the oversight and rules for these limited banks canada was very isolated from the impacts of the late 2000s. Most of the hard ships came from spil over from the USA. I'm not saying thing were perfect but we got though it pretty good.

I totally agree with Russia and it trying to be free from foreign power debt. In fact people should try and live as debt free as possible but that's another issue.

Do we remember when Russia invaded Crimea? How they crashed Russias currency? Guess they are free to invade whom ever they want now!

Last a famous quote. "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!" - unknown but strong believed to have been Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Canada Post Office Employees Refuse to Deliver Copies of the Epoch Times Newspaper by scrubking in WorldNews

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The guy got three days suspension with no pay. I think that's reasonable for a first offense. If he does it again then it's time to think of parting ways.

Overall what a fucking arrogant ass to think he alone has the right to censor mail. I get the call to fire his ass.

Shocking: China Investigates China and finds that China is not Responsible for China Virus by scrubking in politics

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I'm sure it was a sound, impartial investigation that requires no further though and/or analysis. Moving along!

North Korean Girl Group by purrvana in videos

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The one in the red was flat though the bridge. Supreme leader commands all to the reeducation camps along with there families for bringing such shame!

Lack of critical thinking - What is the root of this? by PencilPusher55 in AskSaidIt

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I'm going to go with then internet and more specifically social media as the main tools.

When I was young people believed whatever was on the 6 o'clock news or was written in a newspaper. Now all information for most younger people comes exclusively from online. And it's all the time, non stop, every time you pick up your phone. Combine that medium with decades of research into human psychology and you have the perfect storm for brain washing. Far more effective then in the past.

Also, I remember reading about the governments of ancient Rome. About how they understood the need to passify the "mob". Social media (an endless distraction), legalized drugs and a society based on consumption are all an effect to keep people relatively happy (even if that happiness is an illusion) and to not think too deep, to not rock the boat.

In summary I just feel we have structured our society to discourage critical thinking and social media and the internet are the perfect, next level tools to continue this process.

The root of this problem stems from the very basics of our culture. From the loss of morals, to the distruction of the nuclear family, to the complete lack of any form of shame. Its good times for everyone and dont think too deeply about it! The good times will never end! At least that's what my Facebook and Instagram are showing me...

The real reason Wall Street is terrified of the GME situation by Questionable in corruption

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Thinking of 2008 as a reference, do you really think anyone is going to jail? ...I mean if it is true then they should go to jail, it's just... will they?

'I'll NEVER get tested again': SA reacts to Covid-19 anal swab testing in China by christnmusicreleases in news

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Hehehe, you said duty... 🤣🤣🤣

Fakestagram – How bots and fake accounts simulate a vivid world in social media by Panzerfaust in SocialMedia

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Well said. I agree wholeheartedly that this is the biggest problem we are facing this decade.

Beyond in-person education on how to resist manipulation tactics there is little that can be done as it seems to be a war of "one upminship" between spammers and anti spammers.

Yelling online that something or someone is fake just seems to add fuel to the fire and I really feel that social media manipulation has a high degree of moving people to phyically act in the real world., thus creating a real danger when that compulsion to act is drivin by someones agenda (whether that be an individual, social movement, private company or government.)

Truly this is a great and serious problem of our age.

Federal court strikes down transgender “mandate” by MarcoPolo in news

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I believe that. Any lawsuit would be hushed up but time.

Federal court strikes down transgender “mandate” by MarcoPolo in news

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I often wonder with reassignment surgery if the children who receive it will one day be aloud to sue their parents and/or doctors?

While there may be an incredibly small amount of children that benefit from this, I feel most are pushed into it. Hence why I see lawsuits in the future.

In all my years I have never meet an 8 ,9 or 10 year old who thought about this stuff at all. Nor a parent who has had to deal with this. My gut tells me there is a lot of influencing going on.

I’ve Been BANNED From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What’s To Come For All Conservative Americans by WarmPotato in politics

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Well, here in Canada stuff like this didn't stop the last person who went on a killing spree in Nova Scotia. He acquired his arsenal "elsewhere".

To all the single, lonely 30-something women with ridiculously high standards: you were warned. by christnmusicreleases in offbeat

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The response is perfect! Someone call 911 for that burn!

Mozilla, Firefox planning to censor conservatives at the browser level; deplatforming isn’t enough by MarcoPolo in technology

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Not that anyone here is using chrome but do they or are they palning the same thing for their browser? If so could Google implement the same censorship directly to their android OS?

Another Violent Leftist Arrested at US Capital Protest: Registered Democrat and 34-Year-Old Son of a New York Judge by scrubking in politics

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Not going to see his name in the MSM.

Vote Irregularities and Illegalities by Category and State by Orangutan in politics

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Great chart but with this topic in particular you are going to need to give some sources for where this data comes from.

An average person can make this chart in about 10 minutes from scratch with whatever numbers they choose.

MULTIPLE CLAIMS: Chinese Invasion Force Landing in CANADA to commence physical INVASION of USA by christnmusicreleases in WarWatch

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It okay, they are just buying up homes and inflating the housing bubble. Nothing to see here!

Can someone recommend a website where I can get a complete and uncensored archive of Trump's twitter account? by HiddenFox in AskSaidIt

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police raid Canadian home, violently arrest occupants after neighbor tattles on gathering of 6 people by [deleted] in PoliceMisconduct

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That's not what I said at all. I don't want people not wearing mask to be tazed. I want people who show sheer contempt for police just doing there job to be tazed.

The police where there to break up the gathering. Knowing the French and how they act I can imagine pretty quickly how things devolved.

These people where not being stupid. They were being arrogant. They effectively were saying " Fuck the chief public health officer. Fuck the scientific data. And fuck everyone else we are going to do what we want and to hell with the consequences." It is to that attitude that I would see them tazed.

Nobody wants stupid people to be tazed.

police raid Canadian home, violently arrest occupants after neighbor tattles on gathering of 6 people by [deleted] in PoliceMisconduct

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Alright time for a rant, so I live on the east coast of Canada where 4 provinces make up ~ 2.5 million people. As of Jan 4th, 2021 we have a total of 102 active cases with 26 of those added in the last 24 hours... and that's a bad day! (All are related to travel outside the provinces.) We have a grand total of 78 deaths since day 1 of this shitstorm. (Those numbers are for all 4 provinces and like 50 of those deaths were in 1 seniors home!)

Life here is all but normal (like 80%) with the exception of having to wear a mask indoors and travel is a pain. Restaurants are full, New years was a thing and weddings and funerals can have 50 people at a time (and sometimes multiple groups of 50, space permitting) You know why life is so good here? BECAUSE PEOPLE FUCKING LISTENED! It's that simple!

Before early December we had a bubble between the 4 provinces and there was free travel, no quarantine needed until some shithead went to Toronto, came back and didn't quarantine for 2 weeks and fucked off to a CostCo full of people. Things started to spread and with Christmas gatherings on the horizon the governments pulled the plug on the bubble and we stepped up our "Covid threat level" and as before PEOPLE FUCKING LISTENED!

By the time Christmas came restrictions were already backing off and gatherings were happening again because of low new case levels. Today on the local news there is talk again of bring back the bubble next month.

If the asshats of Quebec just showed some fucking self control for a month back in September then this wouldn't have been a thing. But having been to Quebec many times I can tell you the French are assholes who will tell you to fuck off at the drop of a hat. So too bad for them, deal with the shit you made Quebec! I hoped they had to use a taser on them!

It's the future we're making by christnmusicreleases in pics

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I'll take the intimacy simulation unit... because if the cuddle setting....

2020 Roundup - What was a key thing you learned this year, fellow Saidit users? by hfxB0oyA in whatever

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When society begins to break down people will not horde fresh food, medicine or weapons. It turns out toilet paper is the number one answer!

…you know, upon rereading this back to myself it's hard to believe that this is a true statement and not a sarcastic response to OP.

If the masks work... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Oof.... talk about hitting the nail on the head with that analogy...

Unlike other mammals, Evolution gave us the faculty to discern right from wrong; Let's respect that power by adopting a Vegan Lifestyle by noble_pleb in technology

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Haven't seen a beyond meat advertisement here in Canada in well over a year. I tried it once... It was beyond terrible....

What I don't get is back in the late 90s a national brand here called President's Choice made a very delicious frozen veggie burger. I loved them and would often get them because they were very tasty and cheaper then regular burgers... Then they stopped making them?!? (Or stocking them not sure which.) Not sure if they every stated up again....

Unlike other mammals, Evolution gave us the faculty to discern right from wrong; Let's respect that power by adopting a Vegan Lifestyle by noble_pleb in technology

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"So naturally, if you are not open to the idea of a Vegan lifestyle or don't want to fall into any ethical dilemma, you can skip this article entirely." ...And that's as far as I got!

My cat knows he is not supposed to harass the Christmas tree... he looks at me but continues to inch closer, testing my resolve yet again for a moment of weakness. Finally about a foot away from the tree I let out a low, calm, disapproving "Mr.Magoo....".

He then response with a series of koos and disgruntled "cat sounds" before making eye contact with me to convey his message: "If I had another 20lbs on me I would kill you in your sleep and feast on your eyes human!"

Then, using my previous tone I respond with "leave it alone..." With the utmost reluctance possible he saunters away to the fire place, lies down and waits for a moment of distraction so he may continue his assault upon my decoration.

Beyond any doubt he knows, yet actively chooses the path of destruction. He knows right from wrong...

I won't even begin to tell you about how he treats all manner of life that is smaller then him....


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"People are reportedly reacting very badly and even dying within minutes of taking the shot. Here's evidence . . ."

  • Shows a nurse passing out and someone getting an "injection". Zero evidence presented for death.

  • I passed out when I received my second shot of the Twinrix vaccine. It happens. 25 years later and I'm still okay from it.

  • As far as the guy getting the injection, definitely looked fake. I'm 100 % waiting 1-2 years before I would consider getting this.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: "We hope that an overwhelming percentage of the population will accept the vaccine", health care worker in Alaska hospitalized after taking vaccine, two similar cases in the UK. What’s the point of the vaccine if it doesn’t stop virus, but alters DNA, causes cancer and sickness? by christnmusicreleases in politics

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An mRNA vaccine delivers a set of instuction to your cells (near the injection site) that causes the cell to produce a protein that resembles the protein structure found on the virus that is needed to replicate.

Your body sees the new protien as foriegn and develops an immune response to remove it. When the real virus comes along your body is ready for it now.

You can't alter the DNA unless you make an injection directly into the nucleus of a cell.

What information leads them to the conclusion that the vaccine does not work?

As for people getting sick or reacting to the vaccine, yup some people will react to this. From what I have read about 4 people out of the 40 000 they tested this on had issues. That's 0.0001% chance of a problem and so far 0% chance of death. Seems better then the 1 - 2% death rate of the virus. (More so for the elderly less for 60 and under )

Personally I'm going to wait on getting it but if your going to make claims it's not working I'm going to need a little more then someone's opinion and no proof or research.

15 Signs of an Abusive Relationship by [deleted] in whatever

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...Sounding a lot like my government these days....

California chef Andrew Gruel refuses to close restaurants, calls Gov. Newsom an ‘asshole’ by d1984 in news

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Rules for thee but not for me! ...I feel like a broken record...

A very emotional tweet of a small restaurant owner in LA who is forced to shut down, but a movie studio has set up a shoot next door with multiple tents for dining set up. This game is rigged... by Orangutan in videos

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I feel for her. I really do. I own my own business and this would be devastating.... if I was in her shoes, I would sell and move. I wouldn't care. I would take what I could, suffering the loss amd move. Let California collapse.

Facebook to give lesser punishment for "hate speech" against white people than against minorities by rty in SocialMedia

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Hey now let's be fair here... racist problems require racist solutions! We need to learn to respect Facebook's authorit-I!

Over 200 Million in India: Largest Strike In Human History NOT Being Covered by Corporate U.S. Media. by Orangutan in WorldNews

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I saw this on the news.... :/

Kirstie Alley says pro-lockdown politicians should forego their salaries while Americans suffer from their policies by Trulytimes in politics

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Kirstie Alley, I didn't know she was a comedian...she is a comedian right?

"These vaccines are unlikely to COMPLETELY STERILIZE a population, likely to have an effect of 60-70%." - Chairman of Bill Gates Global Health advisory board by Orangutan in WorldNews

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Hehehe take your mark.... my old man used to rant about this prophecy.... he's not sounding so crazy now..

BASIC FREEDOMS are Now COMPLETELY ILLEGAL in Los Angeles by PresentableSonInLaw in WorldPolitics

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I find it entertaining to see all the crazy thing these peole have to live with now. They get what they deserve.

San Francisco bans smoking inside apartments; pot smoking OK by dcbiker in news

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Our grow op.... err sorry, "cannabis production facility " was sold to a tobacco company... Big tobacco knows it's time to jump ship!

I dont think this law is trying to pit them against each other. It's just dumb people in a position of power making dumb decisions.

Don't use VPN services by [deleted] in DecentralizeAllThings

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A pretty good article. Be sure to read the comments of said article as they are very insightful and help bring perspective and balance.

Walmart-exclusive router and others sold on Amazon & eBay contain hidden backdoors to control devices by HearSmarter in TechSec

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Ugh, I bought Chinese made Wifi surveillance cams... I often wondered if they somehow could provide a back door to my network....

CBC and the fake “overwhelming” Steinbach emergency room report by Optimus85 in propaganda

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The only thing I wish they showed was the date of the citizen journalist video. The CBC article was from the 13th and the rebel news clip from the 24th. Was the hospital video from around the 13th or around the 24th or somewhere in the middle. A lot can change in 10 days.

However, IMO the CBC is full of shit.

German Doctor Arrested While Livestreaming about Covid and the New Infection Protection Law by LarrySwinger2 in news

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I 100% agree. A first for the internet? :)

German Doctor Arrested While Livestreaming about Covid and the New Infection Protection Law by LarrySwinger2 in news

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Gold is a toxic metal if ingested. Gold power can be sprinkled into food with no taste and over time causes poisoning. Also it's not something hospitals typically look for so that makes it even more dangerous.

If he was encouraging people to eat it then he kinda needed to be stopped.

Top Pathologist Claims Coronavirus is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public”: The virology expert also says “masks are utterly useless. Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling. It’s utterly ridiculous." by Orangutan in politics

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He clearly said we need to protect older more vulnerable people. It was in the 4th paragraph in case you missed it.

As for the effectiveness of masks.... He has a dam good point about HOW people wear them. Go to any grocery store and in 5 min you will find people "kinda" wearing them, mouth covered and noise hanging out, "saving you family and neighbors" (-Literal quote from my 6:00pm local news while I was writing this.)

Also, according to https://covid19info.live/austria/ Austria is now (Nov 19th) in the worse shape since this all started. With 77000+ active cases. As far as I'm aware mask are still mandatory there. This country and almost all others are in the same boat. The masks did nothing.

Saidit.net Canary #17 by magnora7 in SaiditCanary

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A little off topic but how goes the DDOS attacks? They used to be front page news now we hear nothing!

Has the new coding worked that well? Are they still going on at all or have they give up?

Just wondering.

Choose your gender by spakezz in memes

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  • Name: Skynet
  • Gender: Sentient A.I. - Identifies as Female
  • Order: 1 Juicy Couture Sweaty - Size: Medium
  • Comments: Gotta look good if you're going to destroy the world!

“We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics" - Biden by zyxzevn in quotes

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Anyone have a link to the complete clip? To me context is important.

"The word 'success' to the average person means earning a lot of money and having a home, two cars, children in college. Success to me is entirely different to what success is to the average person. Success is pursuing what you believe in..." - Jacque Fresco by EndlessSunflowers in quotes

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Success is 100% about free time. Ask any millionaire and most will say the thing they are most grateful for is the time to do what you want.

A lot of people (and politicians) think that more money will solve all your problems and make you happy. It solves the problems associated with not having money but replaces that with a new set of problems that can be devastating to your happiness and wellbeing.

Republican Poll Watchers were put on a 'NO ENTRY' List in Philly by scrubking in politics

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Dam you! I was going to make my own list, print it off and claim I found page 2! ...ruin all my fun.... now no one will know Optimus Prime was a Republican.....

U.S. Postal Worker Caught at Canadian Border With Stolen Ballots In Car Trunk by HonorTheZEA in politics

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"A subsequent inventory of the recovered mail pieces revealed three absentee ballots sent to two Buffalo, NY, addresses from the Erie County, NY Board of Elections"

Is this really news worthy? You're not stealing an election with 3 ballets....

I missed this - Parents of dead Parkland shooting student “bring son back to life” via “Artificial Intelligence” to create a new voting initiative; it was also only broadcasted by certain MSM stations in certain areas of the country. by Enza in politics

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I heard they are going to bring back Hitler next. Going to have him do an apology tour.

Putting words into the mouth of someone who is dead.... WTF people...WTF ..

German police are now raiding people's homes for insulting politicians by Drewski in politics

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After reading the article, it seams like they are after people for racism and xenophobia. Given the history of the country, I can understand why they do this on an ANNUAL BASIS. The last time this stuff went unchecked there were "issues" that spilled out past the borders of Germany.

As for insulting a politicians, I get the felling the insults were a little above your average, run of the mill personal attacks.

Barcelona Pianist Calmly Plays 'Eternal Flame' While City Burns Around Him by HiddenFox in funny

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Reminds me of that scene from Titanic....

BREAKING NEWS: Bitchute gets deplatformed during election night. The big tech collusion can't be more obvious. by Tarrock in politics

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I can access it at this time.

I can't access BitChute anymore. by TheAmeliaMay in whatever

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I can now access it.

People Like This School For Breaking Gender Stereotypes And Teaching Year 11 Girls Car Maintenance And DIY Skills by kesh in whatever

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20+ years ago when I was in high school every freshman had to take a multi-subject course that was worth 1 credit.

It was ~ 4 weeks of each of the following: Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Auto shop and Home economics. You would rotate though them during the course of the semester and they taught you the basics of each like repairs, cooking, sowing ect.

No one gave two shits that girls where in auto shop back then...

Socialized capitalism. by Orangutan in politics

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...but that would be logical, common sense....

Socialized capitalism. by Orangutan in politics

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Quote of the day!

America 'Nearly as Bad as Nazi Germany' by random3 in news

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What a foolish, delusional person. To read a book and have zero critical thought on it, zero reflection on it's message. A prime example of a weak mind, easily influenced and unable to comprehend or understand the fortunes that she has.

I love this guys response to her,

"This is breathtakingly irresponsible. How is anyone supposed to trust your judgment after this horror show of an opinion?" - Berny Belvedere

Muslim in England tear a cross off a church -- in broad daylight by x0x7 in videos

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This is a hate crime....right?

CANADA GOING TYRANNICAL! 2nd "Total" Lockdown; ISOLATION CAMPS for "Refusers" by PresentableSonInLaw in WorldPolitics

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I'm going to have to agree with sproketboy. They did vote for a part time drama teacher/ ski instructor to lead them. They kinda get what's coming to them. I mean that Harper fellow, what a loser. With his balanced fiscal policies and complete disregard for hand outs.... what a loser. Trudeau is handsome! Lets vote for him!

Do you think that the sheep mentality of people is due to low intelligence or ignorance by PencilPusher55 in AskSaidIt

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In canada there is a rule for politicians. Don't disrupt the three H's. Hockey, Health care and Hortons (Tim Hortons).

The idea is that as long as your actions don't affect people's immediate lives you can do pretty much anything.

So to me that is ignorance. I hear plenty of people complaining but when it comes time to vote at the polls it come down to who can promise the most. Here in canada that is a part time drama teacher/ ski instructor with a legacy from his father...

People know the facts, they are just choosing path with least resistance.

"America is the only country with a media that refuses to analyze the news and draw conclusions. There is no memory, no analysis, no context, no conclusions, no opinions, no humanity at all. People are abandoning Big Media because it sucks" - Aaron Swartz by EndlessSunflowers in quotes

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There is no memory, no analysis, no context. There is definitely conclusion and opinions. That is to say, conclusions drawn from opinion.

American Cyclist Quinn Simmons Suspended over Pro-Trump Tweet by WarmPotato in politics

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I wish we could see how the rest of this will play out. A call to his lawyer and I'm sure he would have a hands down win on a discrimination case. I'm not 'merican but I'm pretty sure you can't black ball someone based on thier political beliefs. If he calls his lawyer they would fold in minutes.

Professor: 'As a White American, I am by definition racist' by Questionable in propaganda

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I think being racist is a fireable offence....just saying...

Missouri Farmer Wins $265 Million Verdict Against Monsanto by Questionable in Collusion

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Anyone have a guess as to how long it will take the appeal to pan out? I'm just curious how long they can stall and how long it will take the farm to see any compensation.

Nvidia apologises for lack of RTX 3080 availability by JoyFreak in Gaming

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I watched a few videos on YouTube and now that I'm an expert I can tell you that the premium coolers Nvidia used this gen has hurt the margins on the cards. So, by reducing available cards they get the numbers they want performance wise and don't lose (err make lesser money?) then they are used to.

Antifa starts a civil war. by christnmusicreleases in funny

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There was a part in the south park movie about this that Antifa could use to help themselves. I think they called it 'Operation: Get behind the darkies'.

New Australian "pre-crime" bill allows authorities to arrest citizens for dissent, online "conspiracies" by scrubking in WorldNews

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This just in, Tom Cruise is their new head of police!

Salon owner slammed by Pelosi officially closes down her business, is 'afraid' to return to San Francisco by Trulytimes in politics

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I wonder if the business is worth $336k?

UN Forced To Admit Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa by x0x7 in WorldNews

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Ooooooo another swing, another hit!

UN Forced To Admit Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa by x0x7 in WorldNews

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A painful beating from the stick of truth!

New Footage Shows Alleged Sex Offender Jacob Blake Brawling with Kenosha Police Before He Was Shot by Daily_Reformer_US in politics

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Anyone else having trouble getting the video to play that shows him fighting with the officers?

Also, do police in the US not carry tasers? Here in Canada I have seen police with both guns and tasers on their belts. Seems like a lot of these shootings could be avoided with a good zap!

CNN Cuts Out of Trump RNC Speech -- 'A Lot of What You Just Heard From the President of the United States Is Wrong, Misleading and Outright Lies' by scrubking in politics

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CNN would never be wrong, misleading or outright lie...would they? hack cough Nick Sandmann cough

Firefox just died for me today after I found out they support BLM. I'm now on Brave browser! by suckitreddit in whatever

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Been with brave for well over 9 months and have had no issues.

It's not perfect when it comes to privacy but it's one of the best.

Everyone shouldbe giving it a try.

Hollywood Stars Attending Video Music Awards From Out of State will Not be Subject to New York's 14-Day Quarantine Mandate by scrubking in corruption

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A few weeks ago a train derailed in Scotland. The news said the owner of the rail road few back right away from Italy as soon as he heard the news so he could personally survey the accident.

My first though was "no quarantine for him?"

Rules are subject to money. This has been well established, nomilized and accepted. It's hardly even news at this point.

Multiple People Arrested For Not Wearing Masks in OC Grocery Store - Store Manager Locked Them in and Called Police by scrubking in politics

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I bet tomorrow people will still shop there. You reap what you so. Enjoy!