"15 day to flatten the curve"..."Just a bit more time"....."It's just a mask"......."Everyone must wear goggles" by Orangutan in politics

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Vaccines would seem that way.

Wanna help this site? Stop focusing on Reddit and start focusing on posting some truth. by mongre in SaidIt

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Get this site listed on the AddToAny app. That makes sharing stories much easier, or posting them. Great app.


I've tried and failed.

On Meth and Fentynal, Floyd had 10+ Year Criminal Record by beermeem in politics

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I agree his "arrest" was a public lynching in my opinion played up by the media worse than Jussie Smollet. But ignoring all context in the case seems more like a tactic of propaganda then genuine journalism. Similar to 9/11.

On Meth and Fentynal, Floyd had 10+ Year Criminal Record by beermeem in politics

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Most people don't even know what he was arrested or apprehended for. Should his criminal record be outright ignored by the mainstream media? What was his job in Minneapolis? Is it okay to investigate coordinated orchestrated media events like this. Jussie Smollett have any updates on his case?

Is this true: https://files.catbox.moe/438dbg.jpeg

I am proud to announce Saidit and Notabug.io have formed a decentralized federation, mirroring each other's data in real-time. Announcing the DFF: Decentralized Forum Federation by magnora7 in SaidIt

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De-centralization, very interesting concept that probably will do a lot of good going forward. Thanks for implementing this safety gaps or whatever they are called. The internet and power of this type of social media can not be overstated, evident by the censorship tactics in place and loss of so many comment sections over the years on so many websites. Peace man. Wishing and hoping for all the best.

I just passed 10,000 post karma in a year of posting. Thanks for all the upvotes everyone! by Chipit in SaidIt

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Mark me up for the 10,000 club as well. Woo hoo. Meaningless nothingness. Education.

A former club owner (Maya Santamaria) in south Minneapolis says the now-fired police officer (Derek Chauvin) and the black man (George Floyd) who died in his custody this week both worked security for her club up to the end of last year. by Orangutan in politics

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Some anomalies of the George Floyd death that could indicate false flag and fuckery:

  1. There is a gap in the surveillance videos, somewhere in between initial contact and when he is led across the street to the police cruiser

  2. George Floyd falls down, on his own, unassisted, when he gets to the cop cruiser

  3. He died at the hospital later, not on the street. An ambulance came and got him

  4. the cop is just kneeling on his head, without moving, even though he is being filmed. Who is that stupid this day and age?

  5. The cop, Derek Chauvin, his neighbor didnt even know he was a cop. Note: this WAS most likely his house, but assets are known to stay in location for years until needed.

  6. This happens 3 days after Bidens "you aint black" gaffe which needed a distraction.

  7. This happened THE SAME DAY as the white dog walking lady in central park happened

  8. This happened 4 days after the black guy who beat up people in a nursing home was arrested

  9. This happened a week after the black jogger lost traction in the news cycle

Trump pushes conspiracy theory about MSNBC host by Orangutan in politics

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Is CNN accurate when they say there is no way Joe was even in the vicinity of Lori when she died or was found dead?

Some tips and tricks for browsing saidit by magnora7 in SaidIt

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This place is pretty cool. Thanks.