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"Well like anyone cares about fucking dykes"

Also real answer. It doesn't work with whiteman bad.

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Because nobody cares and it's not important.

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Why is it only important when it's a male abuser and a female victim?

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Because males are much more dangerous to women than some abusive dyke.

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How so? I think you're biased. Somehow being male automatically makes everything you do worse.

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Because when a man hits a woman it actually hurts them.

When lesbians flap at each other, throw plates, scratch and pull hair they both walk away pretty pissed but pretty much unharmed.

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That doesn't add up. Men are more dangerous to each other than women, why couldn't women be dangerous to each other? Or do you think women are incapable of anything truly evil?

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Women are capable of a lot of evil but punching isn't their strong point. They play to their advantages.

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It's extremely more common and therefore a pattern that stands out more. Its really simple and I think you're trying to 'whataboutism' here to lessen the impact of the retardation about "men=bad" that comes from the left.

Not everything women say about men is a "men=bad" argument. Domestic violence by men against women is a thing, has been for ages, probably will always be tbh.

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We just established that lesbian relationships are exponentially more violent, at least according to this thread. You also ignore the fact that women do abuse men but rarely face consequences for it; if anything the man will be blamed somehow. This is itself a willfully ignorant men=bad argument.

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And so what? You're talking about proportions, I'm talking about absolute numbers. Most people dgaf about lesbians, most people are straight, and most domestic violence is a man beating a woman. Simple as. Has nothing to do with men=bad, just a reality of why you don't hear a lot of people talking about DV in lesbian relationships. You asked the question, I answered it accurately.

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I think you just don't want to face the fact that women aren't always innocent angel victims, and men aren't always violent thugs. You blatantly dismiss when women do something bad, but when men do something to women that's the only time you're like "this is some real shit!".

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That's....not where I was going with it at all. I made no absolute statements. The pattern still exists whether you like it or not. There are gendered differences in behavior. And men are on average more violent. I'm answering why people don't CARE about lesbian violence. It's not because they're women, it's because they're a minority that nobody really gives a fuck about. They're not contributing to the gene pool, let them kill each other I guess.

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Nobody cares about them. That's why.

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Doesn't this defeat the feminist narrative that men are more violent than women?

That narrative is just bullshit on its face. Everyone knows that women hit people more often than men do.

I mean, just speaking for myself, my own wives and girlfriends have hit me, collectively, probably two hundred times. I have hit back two times.

The difference is that a lot of times we respond to a bunch of bee stings with a fucking mack truck, and it's those mack truck hits that end up with hospitalizations.

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Once at a self defence class my sister accidently punched me full in the face and it felt like a feather passing my cheek.

She was more pissed that I didn't feel much than I was at getting hit.

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There's the truth and there's the approved narrative. The two are rarely aligned.

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Inconvenient narrative. If they were impartial, they would also mention how most of them have been molested and continue to reproduce through child molestation

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Because it doesn't support the narrative.
Can you imagine how much it must suck to be a lesbian? Men are always perpetrators and women are always victim, so if a woman beats a woman she is still the victim, and the patriarchy made her do it. So when she's finally arrested, she's getting less time in prison on average than men. And the victim will live in fear that the aggressor may leave earlier, and seek her.

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Women suffer less consequences because of people's biological instincts. It's not all because of feminism.

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How did you get these statistics?

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People were talking about it.

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People talk about it. People care deeply and have long, meaningful discussions. But the number of people who care about it are very small so you might have missed the discussion.

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They're a minority. Even if it's very disproportional it logically follows that less people will care about it. I certainly don't because I'm straight. I don't really think about lesbians in my day to day and I honestly would rather not.

Men are on average far more violent than women. See: testosterone. Don't go full retard.

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Have you considered that men on average feel they need to resort to violence more than women? Not only are struggling men never given any compassion or assistance even on the verge of death, but our toxic culture pressures them to act violent to prove their worthiness. Otherwise they aren't "real" men, and get treated worse than pests. Not to mention, men are also the target of far more threats than women; I know all you ever hear about is women getting raped by men, but the fact is men are far more likely to get assaulted or killed. Just so you know, men also feel unsafe walking alone at night; but you'll never hear it from them, because admitting it is one of the many things that will get them assaulted.

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It's a little of that but it's also because culture usually reflects exaggerated differences between the sexes. Culture isn't this separate entity acting upon us, we are in a feedback loop with it, we create it so we can't fully separate culture from nature. Yes, men get killed more but by other men. They tend to be riskier, more competitive, more aggressive, etc. Note that NONE of these words imply "men=bad" although many types of feminists will tell you that (they're wrong IMO), clearly aggression in males has an evolutionary advantage. Just what it is. Studies upon studies demonstrate this.

Now, can we live in a more civilized manner in the modern world where men get more compassion and they commit less crime? Yes, we can do that while ALSO acknowledging that genetic differences exist.

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So I should be judged as guilty simply by association? How is that even remotely just?

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Quote me where I said that.

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Because no one cares accept men who want to use the issue to push some kind of agenda.

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That's pretty hot tbh.

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For most men lesbians are only useful for porn. Alternatively they can discuss how their sexuality is caused by molestation and degeneracy. Truly enlightened minds.

They don't give a shit and neither do you. You only whine about how men are demonized. That's all that matters.

Can't say I feel sorry about men being treated like monsters. You reap what you sow.

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There certainly is an issue of high mental health issues in lesbians which likely leads to some of the violence. Lesbians also have a higher body count on average than straight women which may drive jealousy.

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I didn't think lesbians were known for being particularly sexual, but women can leave lesbian partners off their body count, it's the number of cocks they've had that's the concern.

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because its racist

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Because it exposes the lie that men are the more violent of the sexes and women are pacifists. It's obvious it's the women and they routinely lie about it.

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This fits in the same category of Hillary Clinton and her braindead followers saying, "We need a female president so compassion will be represented." There has never been a more obvious lie told in the world (many equally obvious, but none more so). For Clinton, known for her love of bloodthirsty suggestions while at State, to be equating electing her with compassion is a whopper. And this is why the whole caricature of women that the lunatic feminists (there are many different forms of "feminism" at this point, some sane, some like this) are proposing is a completely dead letter. They are pretending to be precisely the opposite of what they are. This particular brand of feminist is in reality violent, jealous, petty, and stupid, and they get all the press. It appears to me that they are now - finally - in decline. Fading into mocked obscurity couldn't happen to a nicer group of morons.