2pac was another faggot nigger rapper groomed by jews by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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I object! Autism should not rule your life!

Have you ever had real balsamic vinegar? by Musky in AskSaidIt

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Will do!

Have you ever had real balsamic vinegar? by Musky in AskSaidIt

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Yes I have. I'm currently searching for a brand of something similar that doesn't cost as much.

I used to have a source for a California made "balsamic vinegar" that was on par with the best legit balsamic vinegar I've ever had. I mean for comparison the next best I've had cost close to $200 a bottle and the cost was only something like $10 a bottle at first, it went up to $28 by 2020 when they finally went under.

It's one of the businesses lost due the the pandemic that I most miss.

IN HIS HEAD - American man had migraines caused from a parasite in his brain. How did he get it? This article suggests it was from eating pork: non-crispy bacon. by In-the-clouds in news

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Another reason to eat kosher/halal. Praise Allah/Yahweh!

Taylor Lorenz dances at the Pornhub awards by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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"No actual intelligent person in modern society can call themselves a Conservative or Liberal. If you call yourself either one, you're likely an idiot." Agree or Disagree? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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I don't think the statement is contradictory any more than saying "I'm a pirate and I've never even been to Pittsburgh" is contradictory. You could also be someone who downloads content on the internet, or someone who raids ships off the coast of Somalia.

The terms liberal and conservative are simply colloquial terms and are only used that way in ONE of dozens of English speaking nations. In most English speaking nations in fact the liberal party IS their right wing party.

I am a liberal because I believe in the political philosophy of liberal. That's a more true definition than the loose term in the U.S. that vaguely means someone who is left wing, even though liberalism isn't even really on the left right spectrum but an entirely different axis of being anti-authoritarian.

I guess in a way that does make me an idiot though because I will die on this hill. I want to bring the term back to it's actual meaning. The left stopped being liberal the moment they started pushing for socialism and wanting to enforce speech laws.

"No actual intelligent person in modern society can call themselves a Conservative or Liberal. If you call yourself either one, you're likely an idiot." Agree or Disagree? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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I identify as liberal. I don't identify with the modern left or the Democrat party.

Liberal doesn't mean what most Americans think it does. Liberals believe in capitalism, free speech, private property rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press. These are all things the modern left doesn't believe in, yet they are called "liberals" still.

Taylor Lorenz dances at the Pornhub awards by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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I don't know who Taylor Lorenz is and I don't care to find out.

Are you here because Reddit banned you? by TheBlackSun in AskSaidIt

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We'll just have to agree to disagree about that 90%. The same polls almost always show twice as many pro-choice as pro-life people but as you said they may be wrong.

It is also medically possible to approximate what trimester a pregnancy is, there is no need for the woman/mother to state when she was pregnant, and therefore no risk of a lie making a big issue. There may be a week or two of gray area, but it's about as cut and dry as sex itself is.

The biggest issue imo is the beginning of the 2nd trimester. Amniocentesis is not possible until part way into the 2nd trimester. It's only after Amniocentesis that we know whether or not most serious health issues will affect the baby. However at this point fetuses have also been shown to experience empathy for their twins. This is where the debate should be taking place imo. This is where it REALLY gets messy.

Again though, we disagree and that's fine. I get the pro-life argument and think it's totally valid. I just happen to not share the opinion that an unborn fetus is equivalent to a whole human life. It's a difference of perspective.

Are you here because Reddit banned you? by TheBlackSun in AskSaidIt

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Gallup polls disagree or at least did at the time. I included them in the post that got me banned. Almost 80% are neither pro-life nor pro-choice. They accept abortions in some circumstances but not all.

They are just less vocal.

Are you here because Reddit banned you? by TheBlackSun in AskSaidIt

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That's how the more extreme pro-life people feel, because they are thinking critically, but the majority would easily support protections. I am merely talking about what a viable pro-choice strategy would be. You are likely pro-life and view abortion as murder. You are part of a rapidly growing minority that is growing because your strategies have been better the past few years.

Are you here because Reddit banned you? by TheBlackSun in AskSaidIt

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I'd like to think so.

My political compass has me at 0.63 left leaning and 5.03 liberal/libertarian.

On reddit this makes me an alt right nazi. On here, sure I am slightly to the left, but we bond over our mutual hatred of the modern left's insanity.

Also I am apparently transphobic because I believe in logic, truth and free speech. I'm cool with gender and sex being separate concepts, but the left and TRAs don't stick to their guns. A trans woman would still be a male and a trans man would still be a female, and regardless I should have the right to use whatever pronouns or words I want. Also transitioning is not medically beneficial, it doesn't save lives it increases suicide if anything. But apart from this, I don't think adults shouldn't be able to live as the opposite gender if they want and a respectful person should make a reasonable effort to honor their pronouns, but that's out of politeness not legal mandate.

Are you here because Reddit banned you? by TheBlackSun in AskSaidIt

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Ehh. Sort of.

I'm here because reddit banned TumblrInAction which was one of the best communities on Reddit.

I have been banned from many subreddits though for stupid reasons.

I am banned from /r/pics for saying that Kanye has mental health issues and should be treated as such.

I was banned from /r/TwoXChromesomes for saying that a better strategy for the pro choice crowd would be to first get protections for first trimester abortions and abortions in case of rape so that if/when roe v wade is overturned they don't lose everything. With this they could gain momentum and fight for the more extreme viewpoints. They shouldn't have gone all or nothing.

I was banned from /r/UpliftingNews for saying that it doesn't make me feel uplifted to see someone's life destroyed just because they are on an opposite political side from me.

California Man Caught 'Eating' Severed Leg of Pedestrian Who was Struck by Train by P-38lightning in news

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What did it taste like?

Americans don't use the metric system by P-38lightning in memes

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Guns and Drugs teaching American's the metric system since 1957.

Microsoft Has Fallen to 0.0% (Zero Market Share) in Mobile, Tablets, and Consoles by PanzersGhost in technology

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They currently have the highest market cap of any company on earth... I think they are doing alright.


Meta and Mark Zuckerberg must not be allowed to shape the next era of humanity by PanzersGhost in SocialMedia

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Before Occulus got bought by Meta/Facebook I was working on getting them to do pretty much this. We were actually using them for therapy, but I was designing them to do both a form of hypnosis/meditation therapy and to do brain stimulation therapy using visual fields.

At the time I was under the employ of a psychiatrist who had basically been doing this using regular monitors for decades, but we decided to stop working on this once they got bought by Facebook, partially because of the moral implications and partially because they removed several key features like eye tracking that we wanted to implement in our final product.

Trans rights vs gun rights by Musky in TumblrInAction

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Yup and it was bullshit then too. It makes no sense to anyone who thinks about it for longer than half a second.

Trans rights vs gun rights by Musky in TumblrInAction

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Guns don't have a single right. They are property.

Trans people can vote, get jobs, have children (before they mutilate themselves out of it). They literally have every human right that has ever existed.

I've never understood this bad faith argument at all and I'm fairly liberal.

Hypothetically, what would a athletic, fit, handsome guy who's between 6'1" and 6'5" have to be in order for the majority of modern women to not be attracted to him? (Not about me.) by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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I don't know if things have changed, but in my day that wasn't NEARLY enough. I couldn't get girls for the life of me.

  • I'm 6'2"

  • I was a millionaire by age 20 (This was 15-20 years ago so millionaire actually meant something at that time)

  • I drove a really nice luxury/sports car

  • My brother and uncle were both male models. My brother for Abercrombie and Fitch and my uncle was Play Girl man of the year. I'm not far off from them looks wise.

  • I played water polo in high school and college did triathlons. I was a beach lifeguard in my teens. I had a six pack until I was 26. I was FIT.

  • I had a reputation for having a big donger because of some pictures of me in a speedo. It's not really very big, just very slightly above the national average. I just got lucky with the photos.

My game though was AWFUL. It wasn't until I watched Real Social Dynamics (their early stuff was really helpful, later stuff not so much) that I finally started being able to pull women. I think I did best while actually being slightly overweight.

These things you are listing are not the end all be all, they are just going to make it a lot easier IF YOU HAVE GAME because girls are more likely to reply to your first messages. That and they are more likely to want to bring you around her friends which you need to do for social proof. Immature girls especially want validation in the guys they date. Validation from their friends.

The other thing that helped was I was a filmmaker and at the time social media influencers were not a thing so being able to put a girl in a movie was kinda a big deal. That definitely got me laid a couple of times, but less than you'd think.

Rebooted Queer ‘Green Lantern’ Comic Flops Hard as Writers Calls Comics Fans ‘Haters and Queerphobes’ by RR_2023 in NotTheOnion

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Alan Scott always seemed pretty gay though. LOOK AT THAT COSTUME!

I'm pretty sure that wife was just a beard forced upon him by 1950s morality and values. :P

Rebooted Queer ‘Green Lantern’ Comic Flops Hard as Writers Calls Comics Fans ‘Haters and Queerphobes’ by RR_2023 in NotTheOnion

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They already have one since 2012. Simon Baz

He kinda sucks.

Rebooted Queer ‘Green Lantern’ Comic Flops Hard as Writers Calls Comics Fans ‘Haters and Queerphobes’ by RR_2023 in NotTheOnion

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John Stewart (black green lantern) was actually pretty cool though. It was a good way to reset the power creep that Hal Jordan had been getting.

Why is it illegal for some American states to boycott israel? by Oyveygoyim in politics

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By "it" do you mean his father's penis, on the nightly?

Trump too senile to remember when *he* was president. by ActuallyNot in politics

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I don't think this is true at all.

Biden has referred to Kamela Harris as president at least twice, he has forgotten when he was Vice President.

They are both (Trump and Biden) senile, but more so they are both under unrealistic scrutiny. Any person would make some of these mistakes senile or not.

🎃HAPPY TRANNYWEEN GUYS🎃 by Clown_Chan in funny

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A man, dressing as a girl, dressing as a boy, with a girl's name.

Why do you still use this site knowing it's just a third party using pre-scripted responses through bots? by winkot in AskSaidIt

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The most bot acting one here is /u/winkot, if only because he draws random conclusions from thin air much the way chat gpt often seems to.

Seriously, I left reddit because the people sounded like NPCs, but the level of conspiracy theorist here is so low level. Your conspiracy theories are even less fleshed out than woke logic.

You can't just come to a conclusion based on a hunch, present the same "evidence" that inspired your hunch and expect people to get it without any break down or explanation at all. Who do you even think is a bot and what exactly about how they are talking makes you think they are bots? (This is rhetorical in this case, because I honestly give zero fucks)

I know for a fact /u/musky is not a bot, I also am like 80% sure I know /u/chadwickofwv in real life, granted I'm really surprised that former "Teemo skin salesmen" as he once described himself would be on this site, but I'm glad you are.

They had a Walmart in Acapulco, Mexico.... but will it ever be rebuilt? [video] by In-the-clouds in news

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Jeez. Amazingly I have heard almost nothing about this until now. The damage looks extensive. Over 27 dead so far.

The cloudfair shit isn’t bothering me. And all the accounts complaining are like 3 days old. by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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The only thing that bothers me is that the android app doesn't work anymore at all. I'm having no real issues with the site whatsoever but I primarily use the app not the site.

What’s going on with saidit? New security stuff? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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What’s going on with saidit? New security stuff? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Is anyone able to access the app anymore? Is there something I should be doing to get the app to work?

People from Nigeria are referred to as Nigerians and people from Niger are referred to as Nigeriens. by Zapped in TIL

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Fatherless bastards.

CloudFlare check sucks by binaryblob in AskSaidIt

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I can't seem to get the app or the chat to work.

Netflix documentary already in the works for Diane Feinstein by Oyveygoyim in funny

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I hope they cast Ru Paul to play her.

Jury Finds Former Loudoun County Superintendent Guilty Of Crime Stemming From Trans Rape Coverup by P-38lightning in news

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Well argued. You have changed my mind.

Jury Finds Former Loudoun County Superintendent Guilty Of Crime Stemming From Trans Rape Coverup by P-38lightning in news

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I feel like the word troll has lost it's meaning since sites like reddit started using it just to describe anyone with alternative views.

I'm not 100% sure I would call him a troll, though it's certainly more apt than how reddit uses it, because I have no doubt he's hoping to provoke a reaction. I just think his views seem genuine and pretty much exactly in line with leftist beliefs. He's either someone who understands their views REALLY well, much more closely than your average troll would be or someone who genuinely believes that stuff.

A species of jellyfish carrying one of the most deadly venoms in the world is capable of learning despite not having a brain, new research shows by hfxB0oyA in whatever

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I fail to see how politicians relate.

Unlike these jellyfish most politicians haven't proved they can learn yet.

Why do I not give a single fuck that Feinstein is dead? by thomastheglassexpert in corruption

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I remember vividly being dragged to a rally for her where she shat on Bush and his unjustified war, calling him a war monger. That was pretty much the only thing she said. I remember Pelosi and Boxer being there too.

I'm not 100% sure whether it was Iraq or Afghanistan, but I think it was Iraq because I seem to remember someone asking the question what Iraq had to do with 9/11 at the rally, I wanna say that was Barbara Boxer, but again I was a teenager and not exactly thrilled to be there even though this was at a point where I was the most left wing I have been in my life.

All I'm saying is at least publicly she was anti-war at one point when it served her interests. Her voting record might contradict this though. She's always been a hypocrite.

The Supreme Court Will Decide if Texas Is Allowed to Kill the Internet by [deleted] in Internet

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Here here.

Any of you guys get an invite? by xoenix in whatever

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Why do I not give a single fuck that Feinstein is dead? by thomastheglassexpert in corruption

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She was anti Iraq and Afghanistan for a while, but not very long.

Trans violence is violence - Middle school trans-identified male beats up girl (Video) by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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You destroyed nothing except for any belief I had that you were capable of critical thought.

Also exactly, that's the same tactic the SJWs and woke crowd use. Just pick some placeholder word that inspires and emotional reaction, pedophile, heretic, homophobe, transphobe, racist, apologist, fascist, racist. Pick from the list, mix and match for added benefit. It's so easy a child can do it! Then you don't have to make a single argument or risk thinking.

My point was to posit the following question.

How does the fact that Dr. Money was a horrible person relate to his work? Do you understand how those are separate things. Sure he was horrible for the sake of accomplishing work, but that doesn't invalidate the results of the work itself.

Secondly I actually said his work sucks too. Ya might have missed that, like you missed most nuance. It's just that once again you show not enough familiarity with the work, because that would require critical thought, so you revert to an ad hominem attack to avoid it.

The fact you are unable to understand something doesn't make it wrong, but in this case I refuse to admit it's possible for someone who isn't mentally handicaped or below the age of 10 not to understand. It must be obstinance. There is no other way.

Trans violence is violence - Middle school trans-identified male beats up girl (Video) by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Ok buddy.

Everyone is wrong but you.

You literately argue JUST like a woke SJW and it's frankly kinda hilarious. You fail to grasp nuance even when walked through the process. It's like you can't risk opening yourself up to nuance because it might change your opinion.

It's ok, some people don't have the brain power to understand the world in anything but black and white. Some people need to think of the primary colors as red, blue, and yellow, because they can't understand how additive or subtractive colors, or they still think the tongue has regions for taste. As full grown adults they still think what they learned from a grade school teacher is more "right" than an entire community of experts who spend their entire lives working out the minutia.

Also did you really think saying I'm defending a pedophile would make me walk back my argument? This is the same tactic SJW's use when they say you are a homophobe, or you are defending a fascist. It's an attempt to create a statement so emotionally overwhelming that people disregard logic and reason and just want to distance themselves from the damning label. The tactic is played out, y'all need to learn a new trick.

Educating disadvantaged children in Uganda is a priority of the Emka Foundation by richardbeckham in news

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Why do people make life so miserable on purpose? by zherka in AskSaidIt

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This is the lowest effort troll account I've ever seen, and somehow it still seems to work every time.

Trans violence is violence - Middle school trans-identified male beats up girl (Video) by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Fair enough.

If he isn't he should be. For uhh... gender affirming care reasons, and not at all so that he can't reproduce.

Trans violence is violence - Middle school trans-identified male beats up girl (Video) by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Yes and Henry Ford was a Hitler supporter, Ghandi was a sexual abuser too. The fact someone did something awful doesn't discredit their body of work. In the case of Dr. Money his work itself is deeply flawed, it's his WORK you should attack on it's lack merits.

But the distinction he drew between sex and gender is one that has caught on. You can argue all you want, but the world moved on past that decades ago. It is the current meaning of the two.

Also there has ALWAYS been a distinction between man and male. You don't have man cats (unless you're a furry) you have a male cat, a female cat. Similarly you don't have the man part of a garden hose and the woman part of a garden hose, you have the male and female parts. Man and woman have always been relatively loosely defined, but it roughly means a male and female (respectively) that are specifically human, and specifically adults. Adulthood itself is also a human construct based around a physiological trend. For most of history in most civilizations adulthood started at the beginning of puberty, around age 13. It's really only in the past 200 years that it's come up to mean 18, only the past 100 that it has come to be so rigid as to really by 18 on the dot, and only the past 20-30 that the consent thing when it comes to sex has been taken all that seriously. As late as the 80s there was little to no social stigma around what would be called ephebophilia (14-19), and Hebephilia (11-14) was where people began really drawing that line. Pedophilia up until really quite recently only described an attraction to people 10 and under. Technically it still does.

This is why of all the things Dr. Money did wrong, this distinction isn't really one of them. He didn't so much make the distinction in a vaccum as to distinguish what used to be a vaguely defined term and hone in on the distinction that was already being used without people really being 100% aware of it.

Also you totally missed the point of my comment entirely. Which was to explain basically exactly what you said "a male is a male and a female is a female" and to say that the language is confusing because this is a complex topic.

People who refuse to discuss and debate the topic on either side are equally complicit in making it confusing. We don't have to agree on the conclusions in order to agree on language enough to at least have conversations.

03:58 Musky It is not logical to hate white people, but hate Niggers is normal. by SkankyDick in whatever

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If we put the two together we could have an alcoholic councilor.

Trans violence is violence - Middle school trans-identified male beats up girl (Video) by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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I think it's the opposite of what you are thinking. The language tripped me up too.

It's always difficult to tell, because both sides of the debate refuse to speak using the same terminology.

But generally the anti-trans people are a little more consistent with language than the TRAs who like to constantly violate their own rules. When sane people say male or female they are talking about the biology, their birth sex or as the trans people like to try to say their "assigned" sex.

Man and woman or boy and girl conversely can be "gendered terms" depending on who is using them.

A trans man is a female.

A trans woman is a male.

Still confusing, but at least this language is consistent.

The perpetrator is a male who identifies as a woman, AMAB, MtF whatever you want to call it.

"She" has a penis. "She" is still a male regardless of whether or not "she's" a woman.

This is why people here want "her" held to the same standards of violence against women a cis man would be. Because no matter how she feels or identifies, her body is still male and caries the same strength advantages of being a man.

Magnora7, please add more content admins. by LarrySwinger2 in SaidIt

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Also ban /u/alexfordaf.

The cities are dying. Target says it will close nine stores in major cities, citing violence and theft by P-38lightning in news

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How many times did you post this story?

How can we abolish women and end feminist tyranny? by Adventurous_Ad6212 in AskSaidIt

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Q: What's a Jewish woman's favorite wine?

A: I want a Mercedes

Q: How many Jewish women can you fit in a Mercedes?

A: Depends on whether or not it comes with an ash tray.

If you could have sex with anyone now or in history. Who would it be and why? by IkeConn in AskSaidIt

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Man you're pretty!

Do you think Hitler was a bad guy or a good guy? by zherka in AskSaidIt

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I don't think that there are good guys and bad guys. I think that's a very childish way of looking at the world.

That said, I think you are both right and wrong. I don't think Hitler had bad intentions, and I also agree that going with his desires probably would have lead to him being much more or a benevolent, perhaps even humanitarian leader.

But that's actually a LOT of what if's that were never going to happen.

Hitler was wrong about a LOT of things and he doubled down on them when confronted. That's the problem. It's self-righteousness. It almost always is. The worst atrocities in human history are almost always committed by people who are convinced they are on the side of righteousness and doing a greater good. That's how the atrocities become justified to their psyche. That's how they can avoid questioning or challenging their beliefs. There is no "too far" when the end goal is righteous.

This is the same problem with religion based atrocities. 9/11, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades all done for a righteous cause.

How long have you been on Saidit regardless of how many user names you've had? Serious replies only.(just kidding) by Site_rly_sux_rly_sux in AskSaidIt

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Twenty-five years...

and my life is still...

Trying to get up that great big hill of hope

For a destination.

What is a good dinner idea? by zherka in AskSaidIt

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Beluga Caviar, Foie gras, Black Truffle topped Romanesco, Miyazaki Wagyu Tare Tare/Yukue

Male threatens to self-delete if his friends don't find him a woman to date by Christmas. by P-38lightning in TumblrInAction

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You know 20 years ago, I would have assumed that was just some monster out of Dungeons and Dragons or something.

I still kinda do, but I used to too.

One third of Democrats will vote for Kennedy if he runs as Independent … by [deleted] in politics

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Does anyone?

Neither party means anything, they are just two place holders for opposition that attempts to sway a little over half the country.

Now there are people in charge trying to dictate what that ~50% thinks and often heavily manipulates primaries, but Democrat abd Republican don't actually really mean anything.

Liberal means something, and that something is definitely not what the modern Democrat party represents.

Conservative means something, and MAGA Republicans don't really all practice that either.

A republic and a democracy both have meanings too, but they also have no specific association with the parties of the same name.

If not for my cat and weed I'd be in a real dark place right now by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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Thanks man, that feels great to hear.

Yeah, I really don't hate trans people, nor do I deny they exist. I know people who have transitioned and are living their best lives and are now relatively well adjusted. Some of these people, I never would have guessed in a million years.

I hate the movement because it's harming everyone imo, including LGBTQIA+ people.

I hate that gender questioning people are encouraged into life altering decisions. I want the care to be accessible, but when we have a surge like we do now it's dangerous, especially with shrinking birth rates.

One of the strongest arguments imo for LGBT rights has been we were overpopulated. We still are, but 1st world countries like the US all now have shrinking birthrates. This is not the time to be overly focused on LGBT issues. Let them be, but don't push it too hard is all.

I hate that we are all told if we don't 100% just accept them as being not just the gender, but the biological sex associated with said gender, we are bigots. It reminds me of the there are four lights torture scene in Star Trek.

I hate that the quality of discussion is so limited because it's an ever changing maze of acceptable conversation points that are designed specifically to ensure an end conclusion regardless of whether or not it's valid. If it were valid it could stand up to some scrutiny. There is a difference between having this discussion online which really should be a safe space (in the opposite direction of what they consider a "safe space") for debate and intellectual exercise. We should be able to say anything that isn't a direct call to violence or violating someone's personal information online. We should be able to state opinions no matter how controversial. Hate the Jews? Ok online is your place to vent that without much in the way of real world consequences. I don't, and I fight regularly with people on this site about it, but I think they should be allowed to talk it out and I should be allowed to issue my counterpoints, and not just scoff or ban.

I hate that the downsides of transitioning are downplayed to the point of sounding more like a miracle cure to any form of identity crisis rather than a process that comes with real and serious downsides. Some of them are social and forcing people to pretend like it doesn't bother them isn't going to fix that. Some of them are just inescapable. Messing with your hormones will cause mood swings in 99.99% of cases even with expert medical care. Having surgery will basically cut your ability to enjoy sex down to near nothing. Your health with get worse in either circumstance. You will never be able to get particularly close to being the opposite sex in any way much more significant than cosmetic, and if somehow a medical breakthrough happens in the next few years that can get you there or close, chances are pretty good that whatever you did before invalidate your candidacy for that procedure or at least make it more difficult.

I hate that they separated sex and gender, yet refuse to put in the leg work to define gender in any meaningful way, furthermore they cancel people who make any real effort even if it is intended to be inclusive.

Side note: I actually like the distinction between sex and gender and see some potential value in distinguishing the two. In my mind sex is like hardware gender is like an OS. It's a set of rules, protocols, conventions and guides to a system designed to be optimized for a particular set of hardware. It gives you a set of options on how to act and others a set of familiar protocols on how to treat you, all designed to work best for your body. A female can be a man much the way a PC can run OSX, but she is going to run into a lot of stability issues, and she will miss out on all the advanced features that make a Mac unique. People won't always know how to treat her and that's no one's fault but hers for choosing to mess around with things that are mostly going to make the user experience worse. This example has gotten me banned from reddit for not being inclusive enough. Yes really. To all the people on this site that probably seems like bending over backwards to accommodate them.

Billionaire jew Leon Black accused of raping autistic teen in Jeffrey Epstein's home: lawsuit by Oyveygoyim in news

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I mean, if you can't rape autistic teens why even bother becoming a billionaire?

Why is hitler seen as a villain but the average woman thinks exactly like he does? by zherka in AskSaidIt

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I don't normally say this, but dude you need to start smoking weed.

How -- after a lifetime of appearing in black face -- does Justin Trudeau get caught applauding an SS soldier who fought with the Nazis, and then instantly starts babbling about "Russian disinformation"? Do you see how Western elites use RUSSIA to blame for all their failings? -- Glenn Greenwals by Chipit in propaganda

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Ok, I hate the guy too, but a lifetime of appearing in black face? Really?

He wore brown face one time like 20 years ago at an Arabian Nights costume party. That's hardly "a lifetime of wearing black face".

I hate the guy, but let's not be as disingenuous with the truth as MSM has been. Two wrongs don't make a right.

The thing that made this so offensive was the hipocrisy of him and others like him canceling others for less. The action itself is a nothing burger as is anyone who did similar.

In the Sandhills of NC, bees produce PURPLE honey. It’s the only place in the entire world where this happens and nobody is certain why. by Musky in pics

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It's definitely not the only place in the world. There is a bee farm in Buena Park California that has several purple honeys from the specific types of flowers they gather nectar from.

To add to the berry theory, at least the story they used was that it came from the boysberries grown at nearby Knotts Berry Farm.

Knott's Berry Farm infamously tried to reproduce this though and failed. They sell purple boysenberry honey, but it's only purple because they add boysenberry flavoring to the honey.

Many Texans had a night to remember.... by In-the-clouds in news

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Haha. I mean they just had Folsom Street Fair yesterday. It doesn't get more Sodom and Gomorrah than that.

When people are so desperate to call a celebrity a paedo that they inadvertently call for adult women to be treated like children. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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The whole obsession with pedophilia is basically to have another way of shutting down rational conversation with emotional overload.

Once it's brought up you can't defend it lest you are seen as one yourself. It's the same tactic they ran to the ground with racist, bigot, anti-semite, transphobic, homophobic etc.

The right is just using the same tactic the left overused. Standards change and recently it's been happening at break beck speeds. 20+ years ago, 16 was basically considered what 21 is considered to us now. Pedophilia is supposed to have a very specific definition of people under 13. Ephebophilia is the attraction to teenagers. Genetically most men are wired to be ephebophiliacs which is 18 year olds were considered the most attractive age for women until basically the MeToo movement when suddenly that wasn't acceptable either.

I will say to me, I tried dating a few 18-20 year olds while I was in my latw 20s and I realized quickly that while I may find them physically attractive, there really is a HUGE difference in our lives and what we have in common. I was even into the whole dependent submissive girl concept at the time, but realized it had it's limits. Girls of that age are really just not ready for real relationships, which is probably also why boomers who on average got married younger than any other group in American history, got divorced so much. Mid 20s to early 30s seems like the statistic sweet spot.

The heresy lable I love that they are trying to set up is centrist. They create a strawman of centrists and always include the phrase "but muh both sides" as if it were irrational to try to look at the big picture. Yes there is a middle fallacy and you can't just always get compromise let alone even compromise. But MOST of the time the middle is more accurate than extremes. Bandwagon might also be a fallacy, but more often than not common belief is also right.

Libsoftiktok: Remember When Canadian Parliament Member Yaara Saks Claimed That “Honk Honk” Was Code for “Heil Hitler” and Basically Accused the Canadian Truckers of Being Nazis? by Questionable in politics

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What? Source please?

Ever heard of Einstein? Von Neumann? Feynman? These aren't even exactly outliers. I hate to use stereotypes, but Jewish people kinda own at math.

Even if we are talking about average Jews they have always scored among the highest on SATs for math just below East Asians.

There are a lot of things that at least have a basis in fact to pin on the Jews. Israel is a pretty damned corrupt country that gets insane amount of US support/funding. Jewish people are disproportionately favored favorable positions in politics, entertainment, finance and even medicine and law. These are all things with factual basis that lead to conclusions I disagree with.

But Jewish person being bad at math is like saying Asians are bad at math, or men are bad at STEM. It's straight up just the opposite of reality.

Also you don't have an "IQ at math" or a scored IQ on that scale in any one discipline. There are scores for different areas, but they don't total to the same scale. The only potential breakout of IQ would be emotional intelligence or EQ, but that's an entirely different scale that some people only WANT to be as relevant or important as IQ.

Libsoftiktok: Remember When Canadian Parliament Member Yaara Saks Claimed That “Honk Honk” Was Code for “Heil Hitler” and Basically Accused the Canadian Truckers of Being Nazis? by Questionable in politics

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First off, I agree with you.

But secondly I think your example actually argues his point. Hard laborors are the backbone of society, without them society collapses.

A parasite would bypass this nessesary component of society and only live in white collar jobs, whereas an intelligent society would understand there is value in both and would reward and encourage blue collar workers. This is how parasites vs host organisms work.

Then again a similar argument could be made about slavery. Except it wasn't so much parasitic as they were brought in to part of an existing whole society not injected into an existing society. Early Christians would probably fit the parasite model of the Roman era though.

This all said, I am not an anti-semite and agree with your key position that they are mad at blacks for being dumber on average and jews for being smarter on average.

If not for my cat and weed I'd be in a real dark place right now by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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Something I have noticed remarkably often is that these people seem to have a fascination with being a child or teen version of the gender they are adopting. This seems ESPECIALLY true with FtMs.

There might be a fomo thing or a past tragedy thing. They feel like they missed out on the defining experiences that make them adults of their gender. I mean puberty and adolescence are really challenging times for most people. Also it's not like people really feel like they are just suddenly adults.

But I think there is also an aspect of getting a redo or second chance, something most people over 13 or so wish for to some extent. I still feel like this is a major underlying component of the trans desire.

Both of these may kind of explain some of the obsession with letting children transition.

From 2000-2012 I was a pretty active member in many pro-LGBT organizations and as such I have had a LOT of trans people in my life. To me one of the biggest reasons I left and why I end up being called a transphobe all the time, is that I feel like a huge majority of them are suffering from a grass is greener and magic pill delusion. I have watched so many of them get worse and lose more touch with reality after beginning their transition journey and improve if and when they detransition. The suicide rate and depression seems anecdotally even higher among people who have undergone gender affirming care or procedures. I think they largely have unrealistic ideas of what gender is, beyond the surface level of penis and whatnot.

FtMs often think everyone will immediately treat them with respect or listen to them. They think they will be magically more confident and feel safe. When they don't they look for a scapegoat and transphobia or transmisogny make convincing ones. They also never seem to understand or really come to terms with what they are giving up, and when they find this out they seek to "fix" masculinity to make it more like femininity, because that's often their true nature, but they can't admit they made a mistake.

MtFs are similar, but there seems to be far more of a sexual component. They often think they will suddenly be desirable and that people will bend over backwards for them. This is an exaggerated perception of the female experience and one that really only attractive women experience anyways. They are seldom attractive and thus don't experience this. People are still revolted by and feel unsafe by their presence just like they do cis men.

Overall I have no problem with people dressing however they want, going by whatever name they want etc. If a person's asks me to address them by alternative pronouns (within reason, I won't say catself or any really silly stuff like that) I will gladly make my best effort do it so long as they treat me with respect as well. Much like how if a woman chooses to go by her maiden name or her married name, or if a doctor asks me to call them Dr.[Name] I do so. But again this is only so long as they treat me with respect as well. It's a two way street.

BUT, I really don't think it's good for most of them to be so disconnected from reality. Eventually reality will confront them and it's only that much more brutal the more you have deluded yourself up until then.

Did saidit.net redefine "porno"? by DELINQUENTFELON in whatever

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As long as it's still Bone Conducting, I think you'll be fine.

Acqualine Water by acqualinewater in AskSaidIt

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Wow, 10 stages! Coachella only has 6!

When do you guys drop the set list?

Many Texans had a night to remember.... by In-the-clouds in news

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Why do you think the lord chooses to hit red states with overwhelmingly Christian majorities like Texas and Florida the hardest?

Is he testing believers?

Have they strayed from the path? Surely San Francisco is more deserving. Why don't they get an earthquake or something?

If not for my cat and weed I'd be in a real dark place right now by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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That makes way more sense.

If not for my cat and weed I'd be in a real dark place right now by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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"I would love to take her to court to get her to home school him next year for high school"


You want the mom to home school your kid? Like not do it yourself? What do you think the mom is going to teach him differently from school? Pro-trans rhetoric, when you say she's anti-trans and a trump supporter?

Are you at all worried about your son missing out on social skills? High school is generally the worst time to home school.

I'm all for home schooling, but asking the mom to give up her day to home school the kid, especially when you have such a major disagreement with her seems like a unbelievably stupid idea.

I got an emo lawn installed.. by zyxzevn in funny

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Only problem is trans genders usually die by overdose. In fact they usually include recreational drug overdoses in the suicide stats even when there isn't much or any evidence it's intentional.

These are people who don't generally think ahead and take significant long term risk to their body for short term gains. Of course they are going to be druggies too.

The second most common method of suicide for trans people is firearm, just incase you were curious. Hanging is significantly less common than either.

Interesting. Thanks ChatGPT. by Chipit in memes

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Black Angus Matters!

Meet The Press cut first 9 minutes of Trump interview about ‘the rigged election’ … by [deleted] in politics

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Firstly I want to thank you for a well thought out and thorough response. You didn't just "nuh uh" , but you provided a structured argument with supporting facts and examples. You avoided personal attacks and logical fallacies and stuck to the point. I really commend you. This is rare on these types of sites.

I think you're point of view is also valid. However I also think a lot of the basis is from the onslaught of exaggerated media attacks. That doesn't mean that you're examples are wrong at all, just a bit exaggerated and coalesced into a conclusion that comes from bias. That said where you are coming from is sufficiently valid that it could just as easily be my own biases and distain for modern journalism that leads to me being overly skeptical. I think the pattern of attack from the media is obvious here, but I could be chicken and egging this where their pattern is inspired by truths and not as exaggerated as I feel.

I do think you're right about him being a bit blasé about his position. I also think he's a textbook narcissist who looks only out for himself and would sellout the entire country if he believed it would benefit him. However I also think his reputation and legacy is important to him, and I think that's about the only thing that really keeps him from being the evil the left views him as.

I think the examples you've chosen are for the most part just as true with the other president's we've had this side of the millenia excepting maybe Obama.

The fast food and cable news thing is definitely weird, but cable news is how the people are informed. I think it's a decent way to get a gage of what the American people are experiencing and going through, and I by no means fault him for his personal food preferences, no matter how much they wouldn't suit me.

Also I think that with a lot of those, didn't happen examples, they really didn't, at least not the way they are perceived. Again the stories are so exaggerated they may as well be false. Though I will say his "didn't happen" is really more of the same, because they kinda did. It's like the story with poison in Halloween candy. It didn't happen, except that one time where a father did it to his own children. So it did happen, but not to the extent that strangers are poisoning children. When you say it didn't happen you sort of devalue the fact it COULD happen and it also sort of happened. The Muslim ban would be one of my best examples from your list because it didn't happen at all the way public perception of it did, but it also didn't not happen. Russiagate would be another great example here. Russia did meddle in the election, but there was no real collusion to the extent they painted it as.

But overall our economy and our foreign relations improved under him. The foreign policy one is a particularly funny one, because they hated him but he was good at making deals and agreements. Definitely not my preferred method of diplomacy, but it appeared to work to me at least.

I don't know again your perspective seems to be more common among the more rational people who aren't right wing. I'm moderate, but not necessarily a centrist but this does come from an effort to hear both sides out.

Also conspiracy theory-wise, I still believe he was put up to running by the Clintons who were upset that Obama beat Hillary. I think the Clintons knew they could pressure the DNC enough to ensure her nomination and were hoping Trump would split the Republicans. But I think Trump very quickly got away from them because of his narcissism. I think he couldn't resist taking it as far as he could. I think that's why he really wasn't prepared or expecting to be president. I don't think he thought there was a real chance until suddenly there was. I think it took him over a year to even realize what he wanted out of being president in the first place.

I think he's going to win this next election at this point almost for certain and to be honest I am worried about the result of which. I think vengeance and spite is very much part of his agenda. But I think he could be pacified and encouraged to try to act well, and better than his first bout if we give him an opportunity to actually create a legacy. But then again, that's me working my form of diplomacy which is the exact opposite of his. I also though have two narcissist parents and am reasonably used to dealing with similar behavior to his.

I don't think the big mouth bass thing is very accurate at all. He's more like a parrot who can't stop tweeting and squawking. But I think the perception most people have of him isn't realistic at all, and to me indicates a lack of understanding of human nature even for as bizzare as he might be.

Why does nobody talk about the domestic violence rate among lesbians? by zherka in whatever

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"Well like anyone cares about fucking dykes"

Also real answer. It doesn't work with whiteman bad.

Meet The Press cut first 9 minutes of Trump interview about ‘the rigged election’ … by [deleted] in politics

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To be fair, apart from the division and the pandemic during the last year, things were definitely better during his presidency than they are now.

I'm not even a right wing guy. I'm a slightly left leaning moderate, and a staunch liberal who voted against Trump both times, but both times I somewhat regret.

That doesn't mean I am pro-trump at all. In fact I think the key job of the president is supposed to be to unify the country, congress is supposed to handle more of what people associate with executive powers. In this one job Trump fails miserably and for that reason regardless of whether or not it's fair to him, I think he's a horrible president.

For a similar reason I think Thomas Sowell, Colin Powell and Barack Obama though they might be considered good to great president's in the modern day, would have been awful presidents in the 70s or earlier, because they would divide the country too much and not act as an effective figurehead. The fact they were black alone would make them ill equipped for the job in that era.

Trump similarly is a horrible president, not because he's bad at the rest of the job. I think if you REALLY look at it from a distance without any emotion and minimal bias, you'd see he actually did a pretty great job. It's just that people hate him too much, and he can't help but be provocative that makes him bad as a president/figurehead specifically.

That all said, in the next election if it's down to him and Biden, I will probably abstain, but if I had to choose, it won't be Biden. At least Trump works towards improving the US's global power and economy. This is what quality of life is based on. You can't have the social programs of the left without a strong economy and relative global stability. Trump handled all that far better.

Also Trump is more of a liberal than Biden or most of the modern left imo. I don't think he would be one reliably, but his policies at least come from a liberal mindset. The DNC and their mindless puppet Biden are social Marxist authoritarians.

I want people to question me by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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When I use my eyes I see my room is messy. I tried closing my eyes, but sometimes I still open them. I hate my eyes, because they show me my room is messy. I'm thinking about burning out my eyes so that I could stop seeing my messy room, but there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me there must be an easier way.

Inb4 you tell me to clean my room, that's slothphobic and you are the problem. It's people like you that are why my room is messy!

Occupy Wall Street was largely a failure, forgotten by history. by Mr9to5 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It was EXTREMELY successful imo.

It marked the beginning of the Socialist/Marxist wave that is the modern left.

It's basically that and Tumblr SJW/Wokeness that defines the modern left.

It also switched from most of the elites being right wing/republican to left wing. The tech billionaires were already supplanting them but this is what caused the institutional change where even the finance bros are largely left wing PC principle types now.

Why do white women complain so much despite being the best treated foids in history? by zherka in AskSaidIt

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Back when TV had only 3-4 channels it was a marvel. There was almost always something on.

When we went to cable with hundreds of channels it felt like there was nothing to watch, or that whatever you wanted to watch was at the wrong time.

Now with streaming we have almost the ENTIRETY of film and television at our fingertips and we still can't decide what to watch and complain endlessly about the new content.

Choice and freedom are not always the blessing they appear to be, especially for those who don't like to make choices. How often have you seen a woman be able to decide where to eat? Yeah apply that to their entire lives.

I'm not trying to be misogynistic, it's just that for the most part women despite always complaining about being told what to do, are absolutely miserable without someone telling them what to do. Men too, but with women it's definitely worse.

With women though it's not thay they actually want to be told what to do, at least not always, it's that they need to have someone besides themselves to blame when things don't turn out well. They cannot accept responsibility for their own wellbeing, they just aren't really wired that way.

The west media actively destroying society by Tom_Bombadil in whatever

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Ok, so let's do some simple math here.

Apparently "at least" 32 trans people were killed in 2022. That doesn't mean because of a hate crime or anything, in total.

26,031 people in total were killed in 2022.

1.03 or 2.6 million adults in the US identity as trans. (though pew research says that it may be as high as 5%)

There are 331.9 million people in the US right now.

So that means regular Americans are being killed at 0.0078%

Trans people are being killed at 0.0012%.

If that math checks out, your average person is being killed at almost 7 times the rate of trans people. Clearly these numbers aren't really accurate, they are fudged so hard to help whatever point they are making.

The biggest danger to trans people is themselves by FAR. Put them in padded rooms if you really care about their safety.

Ukraine Hires Dylan Mulvaney As New Spokesperson by Tom_Bombadil in WorldNews

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They were, but the DNC shoved their dicks so far up Zelensky's ass that it turned the whole country gay. When the dust settles they will pretend they had been pro-lgbt all along and American media will gas light us all into believing it was true.

The world is so fucked RN.

Negro by Tarrock in politics

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Honestly, if we got just a little bit out of the way, they'd have to realize their biggest enemies are within the same movement.

Despite this intersectionality B.S. the biggest enemy of feminism is transgender ideology. The biggest enemy of African Americans is and always has been the Democrat party. The biggest enemy of LGB is the T too.

It's so obvious if they actually gave it any real thought, but they are unified only in their hatred of white people, males, and the right.

Simple method to distill water using the free energy of the sun.... [video] by In-the-clouds in videos

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You literally got your source. It's a finding repeated by professionals and you are STILL ignoring it.

What's next? Telling me you can change your sex just because you feel like it? Doctors assign sex rather than note or observe it?

It's rape if you change your mind later?

You delusionals who ignore reality are literally the worst type of people. And yes, I mean literally, not figuratively. You are worse than pedophiles because you want the world to share your delusions in perpetuity.

Now go repost some more inane memes from 9-gag you karma slut. That will surely give your life meaning.

As parents our job is to listen to our children by clownworlddropout in memes

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Aren't they the same thing?

Well at least you took the time to use her preferred pronouns. Haha.

Rumble refuses to deplatform Russell Brand despite UK Parliament Pressures by [deleted] in censorship

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"Well, now that he's rebranded himself as a health guru, I felt I had to act."

I see what you did there.

Well, this is awkward. by P-38lightning in TumblrInAction

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More trans trenders are women. It's kinda like suicide, more women try it but more men follow through.

With women it seems to be more of a cry for attention, but ironically no one wants to give them attention because people know it's just a phase and also think it's kinda gross.

Simple method to distill water using the free energy of the sun.... [video] by In-the-clouds in videos

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You could just say no, you don't know what empirical means.

The primary source would be me and my experience, that's how empirical evidence works. I strongly debated making a tongue and cheek response where I just linked a picture of the sun though since its both the heat and radiation source in a solar still.

But here ya go anyways. Here's a study where others have reproduced my results, though I get a much more drastic relation with my still. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1359431123005768

Tests on solar still with low humidity show up to 18% more in daily water yield.

I think my results were closer to 25% more daily yield, then again my measuring cups that I tend to use are not nearly as precise and flex a bit.

Now kindly stop being an idiot. Go back to Goldberry, she's feeling quite lonely and could really use some lovin'.

Simple method to distill water using the free energy of the sun.... [video] by In-the-clouds in videos

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Do you know the meaning of the word empirical?

Simple method to distill water using the free energy of the sun.... [video] by In-the-clouds in videos

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It isn't though. Temperature is also a key playwer. The hotter the evaporation tank the faster the water evaporated. If your ambient temperature is below freezing, good luck getting this to work at all.

The colder the collection tank or the condensation tube/coil, however you set this up, also the faster this will work. If you have a 212 degree evaporation tank and a 40 degree collection tank this will work MUCH Faster. Though the design in this video cheats that slightly through a mechanical separation of that tube in the bottle. Without that tube, you will never get more than 50% of the water into the collection tank, no matter how long you wait, but with the temperature differential you can even without the tube.

Light is also a factor because you are basically using the greenhouse effect to keep the evaporation tank faster. This is the reason I suspect ambient humidity seems to be a factor. I think less direct light makes it to the evaporation tank. It's a SOLAR distiller. You need SUN. DUH.

It doesn't matter how it works in theory. I'm saying EMPIRICALLY the ambient humidity makes a difference. At the very least there is a strong and obvious correlation. This is a fact, regardless of whether or not you understand why. I've proposed two theories as to why, but neither is necessarily the right answer. My degrees are not quite in relevant fields so I don't know, but that doesn't change the empirical evidence.

Parents Appalled After Biological Male Crowned Homecoming Queen at Missouri High School by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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Well said!

Honestly I have nothing to add, you summed it up perfectly here.

I just wanted to respond because I felt like you deserved it.

Braun forgets that selling products for men is probably best done by featuring men, not mutilated women. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Meh, I really don't care about this one. She's an adult who chose to modify her body, to me that's basically the same thing as getting tattoos or other stupid body mods.

Braun had her in like half a second of the ad, trans men are part of the potential demographic and market for Braun, so I see nothing wrong with that.

If they pulled a Gillette though and said regular men are bad, or tried to run a whole campaign that basically targeted trans men exclusively then I would have an issue.

Pick your battles guys. If you draw the line too far back then there really is no other explanation than you really are hating for hate's sake.

Until they start trying to tell me how I am allowed to think about them, or what language I can use, or try to overly complicate and derail our social systems (which they OFTEN do) then I really don't give a fuck.

Parents Appalled After Biological Male Crowned Homecoming Queen at Missouri High School by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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I think kids today get the feeling like they are a horrible person if they do anything against that person. It's sort of like how kids born in the 90s feel about people with physical disabilities.

Does the bullying still happen? Sure.

But on a scale large enough that they get elected homecoming queen as a joke, hell no. They elected this person homecoming queen so they can all feel good about themselves and feel progressive.

By the way we did a similar thing at my school back in the early 2000s. Not with a Loo Loo Train, but we one year elected a gay guy homecoming "queen". It wasn't bullying at all. We also elected a really nerdy guy as homecoming king a year later who had just had major brain surgery and was at the time partially paralyzed. Admittedly the second guy, despite being nerdy wasn't annoying at all, he was just the really smart type. He looked kinda like John Oliver and acted like Egon. Great kid.

The gay guy was less of a great kid. He was actually kinda an asshole, but because we were a progressive school and this was during the height of queer eye, he was basically excused from everything. Grope girls in public, oh it's ok he's gay. Grope a guy in public, what are you homophobic? Wear daisy dukes, with a jean vest and pink cowboy boots to school, well the dress code about how high shorts can be technically only applies to girls and he's expressing himself.

Fortunately he grew up a lot after high school. I ran into him in West Hollywood a few years ago and despite the fact that gay and flamboyant is still much of his personality, it's way more toned down and human if that makes sense.

Chicago has no grocery stores? by SueBoyle in whatever

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Whereas I entirely agree this is an awful idea, I think the Military (especially military research), USPS, and NASA are all pretty exceptional, despite the fact the first two have a reputation for the opposite. I think the reputation comes more down to people not understanding the scope of what they actually do and the challenges they actually fact to getting there.

If we want to look on a state level, until the 2000s the University California system was also pretty exceptional at what it sought to do and what it accomplished. It's still fairly impressive when compared to the current statr of liberal arts universities on the whole, though it definitely suffers.

That said I am someone who strongly believes in minimal government when possible. Grocery stores should not be one of them. Foodbanks and food subsidies sure. Maybe grocery stores for low income individuals to help prevent starvation inspired theft.

Where I think government does need to step up is in education though in one specific area. The K-12 system must prepare citizens to navigate and survive in the society the government puts us in. They must teach us basic law and taxes, I would even put this above history and arts. I think even math beyond arithmetic is probably less important than the government preparing you to be a citizen. Bring back useful life skill classes like home economics and shop, but turn them back into what they started as. Home economics should focus on finances, taxes, and basic law, shop should focus on basic home and car maintenance, maybe some computer skills too. They shouldn't be gendered because we already decided as a society not to put all our eggs into the two parent two gender dynamic thay worked so well, but maybe require in order to get married you have completed these two classes between you or that you pass an equivalent test. Honestly this is the extent of where I want the government involved in marriage. Make sure the people are able to form a useful partnership, and be productive members of society, then call it whatever the fuck you want, marriage, domestic partnership, civil union, whatever. Solves the whole gay marriage debate too.

Oh yeah and also there should be a similar class on baby rearing. It should avoid hot topic debates, but basics like burping, changing a diaper, parent-teacher conferences so not every parent feels like their child is so special.