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    Amen, brother.

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    Can I have a side of pro-Asian fries with my anti-White propaganda? I'm trying to bulk.

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    Hello, socks.

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    On the off chance this isn't just trolling or bait, no, son, Hitler wasn't a good guy. It's great to always give someone the benefit of the doubt and want to see things from their perspective, but, no, he was bad.

    Also, he did tell his side of the story. He wrote a big'ol book about it.

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    Oh yeah I believe the lies of the kikes with no proof that defy all logic and even the laws of physics just because they say so. That's literally all they use for what they want us to believe is proof: because they make a claim it has to be true. In fact that's all they presented as evidence during the Nuremberg trials. No physical evidence, only their accusations. The judge even said it happened because we said so so no evidence contesting it was allowed and no evidence supporting it was necessary. A complete hoax that never happened, but should have.

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    He wrote two books, the second one was published after his death.

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    Let's bring this into today's context.

    Do we think Putin is a bad guy or a good guy?

    Do we think Xi is a bad guy or a good guy?

    Do we think Biden is a bad guy or a good guy?

    Do we think Trump is a bad guy or a good guy?

    All these questions suffer from the same problematic premise. Unless we have direct contact with one of these men (rare), we have no clue who they actually are or were. All we have is reporting about them. "History" is written by the winners; it's been true since the beginning of the universe. The current moment we have is equally filtered by middlemen.

    We take opinions that others have about a person and adopt those as our own.

    I am confident that Hitler was not "Hitler". The amount of propaganda value that "Hitler" has is beyond measure. As such, the persona attached to the man has become mythological. Take all the evil we have experienced any individual capable of, and that is now summed up as "Hitler". He was a politician and the leader of a powerful movement. That makes it likely he was a royal asshole. But any more of an asshole than all the other politicians and leaders of powerful movements? (Looking at FDR and Churchill here). Seems unlikely to me. The difference is he lost, they won.

    The truth has very little to do either with history or with our current moment. It's always been so. Money talks and bullshit walks.

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    Hiter was a villain but was set up by the Weimer Republic which failed the economy and forced the people to elect Hitler to power to fix the economy.

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    I don't think that there are good guys and bad guys. I think that's a very childish way of looking at the world.

    That said, I think you are both right and wrong. I don't think Hitler had bad intentions, and I also agree that going with his desires probably would have lead to him being much more or a benevolent, perhaps even humanitarian leader.

    But that's actually a LOT of what if's that were never going to happen.

    Hitler was wrong about a LOT of things and he doubled down on them when confronted. That's the problem. It's self-righteousness. It almost always is. The worst atrocities in human history are almost always committed by people who are convinced they are on the side of righteousness and doing a greater good. That's how the atrocities become justified to their psyche. That's how they can avoid questioning or challenging their beliefs. There is no "too far" when the end goal is righteous.

    This is the same problem with religion based atrocities. 9/11, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades all done for a righteous cause.